Wednesday, November 21, 2012


WHO SAID, I WAS LOOKIN' FOR LOVE. I'M ONLY OUT FOR ACCEPTANCE!" Catchy title, huh! Yeah, that is all I ever wanted. Sure, who wouldn't want to be in the arms of someone special that you can only call your own. Right now, I'll settle for the acceptance of my peers. I have heard a lot about this place, "The Hangar". I passed by several times on Gay St. on my way to Rock Bar. Tonight was those same exact nights. My interests was geared towards Rock Bar, a rough n rugged predominantly, white gay bar targeted towards the rock, metal and Bear Pride audience. Unfortunately, Rock Bar was not scheduled to be open this evening. It's scheduled to be open tomorrow. It look like they're doing something big here tomorrow evening "BUTTERBALL WEDNESDAYS!" Sounds freaky and traditional in the spirit of Thanksgiving all at the same time. I'm unaware if I will be able to attend tomorrow evening. I decided to go head and try "The Hangar". You must keep in mind. Although, I'm gay I do not practice its culture like I should. For instance, it have been a very long time since a man poked me. Unless you count facebook, lol. Okay, as clever as that was I'am talking about physically being poked. I tried not to pay too much attention to my thoughts in my head. I walked inside, "The Hangar" with a smile on my face and a touch of confidence. I manage to sit next to this cute guy named, Michael. I'm not going to say, we spoke for the whole night because we didn't. However, it was the whole night for me. I needed to leave to go to S.O.B's for this Hot 97 & Joey Badass concert. Which never actually happened with me. I'll speak on that later. During my time spent at "The Hangar" with Michael was much better. It was mainly the 2 of us getting to know each other. He seems to be a pretty cool guy, very funny and a sharp dresser. Then again, all of us Queers are sharp dressers "BOOYA!" I did, like the tie he was wearing. (Dj Handspin, The BIG Tie-A-Holic) Michael, at times was being harsh because of my love for white men. LOL, I must apologize to Michael I don't think he was being harsh because of my attraction towards white men. You can correct me if I'm wrong though. The amount of times I attended a predominantly white gay bar compared to the amount of time spent at an, African-American gay bar. I have been hit on more times by white males than my own brothers. I'm being honest with you all. This is my first time inside "The Hangar". This bar looks predominantly all black. I did, rather enjoy my one brief evening of menage-a-tois. I would like to thank, Michael for our wonderful evening and the lovely kiss we shared inside the bathroom. I wasn't expecting the remarkable tongue action. I can see, Michael your a man of many surprises. I see, I may have to come up with some surprises of my own. Maybe I should have stayed a little longer instead of going to S.O.B.'s. I did have my heart set on seeing, Joey Badass perform tonight but I think I may have found my own "JOEY BADASS!"...... xoxoxo. Only time will tell if we will meet again. I may not of found love this evening. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt. I found at least acceptance. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

Sunday, November 18, 2012


CHASING ICE AT THE CINEMA VILLAGE 22 EAST 12TH STREET NYC I can use another attempt at capturing "ICE". Last week, I never fully captured it all and on top of it I did manage to get myself into a minor confrontation with a grumpy old geezer at the theater. I'm kind of no different than, James Balog "I NEVER QUIT!" The only difference, my knowledge of glaciers stem from Raekwon The Chef "Glaciers of Ice". I was given another, opportunity to witness the screening of "Chasing Ice". Thanks to Beanie Brady, Dorit and Greg I. Hamiltion for this chance. All I needed to do was promote for my free tickets. I had to get on my old school, "We Are The Streets Promotion" shit, ya feel me. Basically, encouraging neighborhood passer byes to purchase tickets for tonight's viewing of "Chasing Ice". Chasing Ice will be in theaters until Thursday (Thanksgiving). After, Thursday the film will no longer be in theaters. This film "Chasing Ice" is not to be confused with any Cash Money/ Young Money hoopla, lol! The film speaks on a topic that I hear a lot but still is not familiar with "global warming". I know, what global warming is but then again I don't know. Chasing Ice is here to fill in any gaps and misconceptions we may have about global warming.
The documentary is about 70 minutes and within that amount of time. The film stresses the importance of global warming, climate changes and the calving of the glaciers. The calving of glaciers are when it splinters or rather detach. Before I go any further, I don't want to say I'm stupid or anything but I'm watching a film that is pretty much above my education level. I'm keeping it real. A few years earlier, you would never catch me watching a film with such magnitude. I'm trying my best to keep up with the film. I always find that the best ways to grasp any concept of anything would be through analogies. I heard two analogies throughout the film and it probably helped me to understand things a little more clearer. This film wasn't created to show documentary proof on how to "STOP" global warming. The film's sole purpose is to show everyone that it exist. The film is based on the work of Geomorphologist' James Balog. A Geomorphologist is the study of Geomorphology... the scientific study of formation, alteration and configuration of landforms and their relationships with underlying structures. James Balog, conducted a study consisting of two Glaciolist. They formed a special survey unit: E. I. S. (Extreme Ice Survey) and for months and months they began they're survey of studying glaciers and climate changes. I just want everyone to know, this all occurred in 2005 (That's for the people who didn't see the film) Every six months, James Balog and the E.I.S. Unit will travel back and check the cameras. Yeah, that's right they had automatic recordings set on their cameras to record any changes to the earth's climate. The first, six months was a failure to the project. None of the cameras recorded and it was due to its "voltage regulator". A "Voltage Regulator" is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. I felt kind of bad for James Balog when that occurred. Your waiting six months for evidence or some kind of proof but there's a glitch in the system that really sucked for him. Once they corrected the problem they were able to score footage on their next journey. They traveled to Greenland, Alaska, Columbia. By 2007, the glaciers started dying and you can see the ice melting and forming stream-like rivers of ice. You can even see the greenery on the mountains. To me and I'm sure everyone will agree. The best part of this film happen to be the ending. I believe they were in Columbia, glacier watching aka watching ice. LOL, that is so funny because the closest most people ever came to watching ice is window shopping, lol! New York City or Manhattan which ever one you want to choose. We're such a small state with huge office buildings and apartment buildings. I don't know, what's more horrifying. Imagine buildings like the Empire State Building tumbling down or a 300-600 feet glacier that's stretched out to 5 miles finally calving down, right in front of your eyes. That was some scary shit and probably the best way to end the film. The glacier took about 75 minutes to calve. James Balog, finally got to record a calving of a glacier and witness various climate changes within that course of time. The only downfall to that James Balog didn't get to see it from a physical stand point. He had to sit that one out due to his fourth knee surgery. He sent the other member's of the E.I.S. Unit to cover it. James Balog, a man on a mission. He just wouldn't rest until his project was a success. DETERMINATION I admire that in a man. Why can't I find a man like that. Anyway its been a lovely evening. I would like to thank once again... Beanie Brady, Dorit and Greg I. Hamilton for tonight. To Cinema Village and Lincoln Center for viewing "Chasing Ice". Be sure to catch some ice by Thursday before the film is removed from the theaters. This is Dj Handspin Dinero, "Your Favorite Writer's Favorite Writer!" until next time.
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Friday, November 16, 2012


FADER and NEW ERA EVENT WITH DJ ANDREW KUO AT THE NEW ERA FLAGSHIP STORE 9 E. 4TH ST. N.Y.C., 10013 Thursday, November 15, 2012 7pm-9pm with complimentary open bar
I'm in a rush to go somewhere. I have major plans for this evening. First I wanted to try and stop either, at Bed Bath and Beyond in the city to purchase something for my goddaughter. This past, weekend was her 2nd birthday. I was unable to make it due to other circumstances. Still I haven't forgotten about her. I'm supposed to be meeting her father later (My homie, Dee) this evening. I figure whatever I get I can give it to him, this evening. I need to stop by, Rock-N-Soul in Herald Square, first. This somewhat puts a damper onto my plan. Even though I'am grateful for being picked as one of the winners for their raffles. That's really, cool I actually forgot all about that contest they did at Rock-N-Soul. According to Chris of Rock-N-Soul, I won a pair of Bullet earbuds. Whoa, like I can't get enough of those. They're only making me more deafer. I guess, the louder the buds... "the better"!
"PINK!", I swear sometimes The Lord is listening to everything I say. This was actually, the pair of earbuds I had my eye sights on. I thanked, Rock-N-Soul so much then I proceeded to this, New Era Store. I arrived a bit early. Earlier than usual. Early to the point, where I found me and my homies, Dee and Polarity at the beginning of the line. Whoa!, you know that's rare. How often you see us at the front of the line for anything. We posted up in here for quite awhile, then my homie Polarity had a gig tonight over at No Fun in Les. Dee and I, promise to come through for a few minutes to show a little love and support but first there was something else popping in les.
Over, here at Reed Space on Orchard St. They had some ol' skool movie night, Eddie Murphy "Beverly Hills Cop 2". There wasn't much going on except FREE CANS OF BLUE RIBBONS AND POPCORN! The popcorn sucked only white people and bou'ge black folks can dig the taste of caramel, cheddar, kettle and bacon popcorn. Seriously, bacon popcorn! How do you combine the two? I admit. I may have over indulged in some caramel popcorn until it made me sick. That was only a substitution because they didn't have any buttered popcorn. People and their figures and staying in shape "BAH HUM BUG!!!. You can't tell a man like me who enjoys free liquor and booze about good health. To me, free liquor and booze = A GOOD NIGHT! It was good getting up with my homies again. I been tossing it back at open bars for dolo for sometime now. Every now and then you must get up with your homies and toss a few back with them.
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Monday, November 12, 2012


This is now, day #02 and I'm at it again. Another attempt at finding, this Luna Park, Cai Park. I know yesterday I failed but today I'll try much harder to find my correct team. Let's see, West 10th St. and Surf Ave are where I'm supposed to meet them but I do not see any tent out here. Got Dam, I'm burning up out here. It's fucking hotter out here than yesterday. I'm going to have to remove this dickie. This is for future reference. I shouldn't be wearing anything called a dickie not unless I'm getting those first four letters, lol. I eventually, finally found Luna Park and the Coney Island Recovers Organization. I like these guys no pussyfooting, soon as I met up with them and the rest of the team gathered. The team captain took us up to the boardwalk to help complete yesterday's job of removing all of that piles of sand and debris. Today was a little bit different than yesterday. Yesterday, I mention "Coney Island Clean Up" involved NYC Parks, CAI Parks and Worksforce1 but today looked more community base on top of organization. I'm not saying that is a problem but if you were on the boardwalk and seen the amount of people. The amount of people shoveling sand. I believe the capacity was in its thousands and on top of that they had a dj playing music for us. This is the boardwalk's normal capacity (or more) on a regular day. It was great to see this many people come out to lend a helping hand. Once the boardwalk was finally cleared it was like magic, a mission being accomplished. I know I was proud of what I contributed too. Our next task, was at 2866 W. 16th St. & Mermaid Ave. clearing out the basement of this person's home who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Coney Island Recovers are a non-profit organization/ relief fund that provide service to the residence of Coney Island who suffered during the hurricane 2 weeks ago. Coney Island is going through some hard times and they need all the support and people power anyone can give them. There are still a lot of businesses after 2 weeks that haven't been reopened. A lot of lights and gas that haven't been restored. This weekend, I wanted to share my support and lend a hand and let them know that I care and that I'am on their side. Despite the floody, gewy, basement covered in damp and damaged mildew and sheet rock. There are people out here suffering who lost everything. I'm standing in a basement with a team and we're helping the owner's place their damaged property onto the curb. I received a lot of sand in my sneakers. A lot of filth and all kinds of gunk on my clothes. I'm sweating all over. This was not your typical day in Coney Island. There were NO SURFING, NO DIVING, NO HOVER BOARDING, NO NUDE SUNBATHING. Just pure hard work and labor from dedicated volunteers to help rebuild, Coney Island for 20-13. We had a lot of people from different places come out here today just to get involved... Australia, Venice, Ca, Los Angelos, Ca, New Jersey, Queens, Williamsburg, Park Slope, the N.Y.C. Council were out here. The Coney Island Dancers were out here. Sandy touched a lot of people and motivated a lot of people and with that motivation it gave people the strength to come out here and do things like what we are doing here this afternoon. Or, the motivation to start non-profit organization and funds in support to the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Anyone interested in learning more about Coney Island Recovers visit, other contributing websites: HURRICANE SANDY NEW JERSEY RELIEF FUND make donation at:, THE MAYOR'S FUND TO ADVANCE NEW YORK CITY, TEXT nycfund TO 50555 TO MAKE A $10.00 DONATION I had a great time it bought a smile onto my face. Once I seen the boardwalk, finally cleared and free to walk for the neighborhood pedestrians.... "DOING GOOD BRINGS JUSTICE TO MY HEART!!!" ____________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:


If you were to see, Dj Handspin walking through the hood on a Saturday morning sporting a dickie suit, carrying a shovel and a grabber. You would probably think, one or two things... "look like someone is about to make some money today". Or, you may think something foul like this perhaps, "Wow, what did Sun do to get himself into community service?" Both of those thoughts would be totally wrong. This morning, I'm actually dedicating myself and my time to the NYC Parks Department to help clean up Coney Island, after what was done to it on behalf of Hurricane Sandy. There isn't any payment involved but I do hear whom ever happen to work and put in at least 4 hours of service will receive a free wrist band to Luna Park valid anyday during 2013. To my surprise, this morning you have various clean up crews out here helping out. I never got a chance to meet the crew I was supposed to link up with. I ended up working with the NYC Parks Dept it felt like summer all over again. I was scheduled to be with Cai Parks. I didn't have any clue who that group was between a shit load of NYC Parks and Workforce1 volunteers who could sort them out. Apparently, the group I was supposed to be with (Cai Parks) handles Luna Park. I was actually supposed to meet them on Surf Ave & Stillwell Ave not the Boardwalk. Once I retrieved, this information it was too late. I figured, why bother I have already stood 40 minutes on the boardwalk with the "Green Team", lol. Yes, the green team. NYC Parks divided us into colors at least I hope that's why they did that and its not because of the color of my dickie. We had, I believe the green team, the orange team, the red team, the yellow team. They made it feel more like a contest as we cleaned up the beach and the boardwalk. Sort of like a scavenger hunt to see who can pick up the most debris. The only thing we weren't winning any prizes but that's okay. Today wasn't about gifts and rewards. The day was about relief and cleanliness and doing something good from the bottom of your heart. Last weekend, I was out here in Coney Island more on a news media scale and I seen the damage and this weekend I wanted to come back and do something about it. I wanted to try in anyway and assist in the Hurricane Sandy Relief Program, not just Coney Island for anywhere. I want to offer my blood, sweat, tears and labor to anyone who is in need for it but only to those who are victims and suffering due to Hurricane Sandy. My telephone number where I can be reached at RJE Media & Services (347) 789-4543, (646)339-4981. Anyone looking to donate to relief funds......HURRICANE SANDY NEW JERSEY RELIEF FUND: make donation at and THE MAYOR'S FUND TO ADVANCE NEW YORK CITY or text: nycfund to 50555 TO MAKE A $10.00 DONATION ________________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:


ELECTION DAY CELEBRATION AT SOB'S TUESDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 06TH "ELECTION NIGHT IN AMERICA!" Since, when have election night become a sport. Or, at least it feels like one. I can sit back inside, SOB's and watch their "BIG" screen for tonight's election results. Barack O'Bama and Mitt Romney going neck and neck in the poles are like John Cena and C.M. Punk going blow for blow in the ring. Becoming the next, President of the United States have gotten to be so competitive as if there competing for a World Championship title. Ten, Twenty years ago would you ever find me in a place like SOB's for anything other than hip hop. Speaking of hip hop, it is very funny SOB's security didn't search me tonight. "Why Is That?" Oh I see, it's "ELECTION NIGHT!" Everyone is free and not searchable except when its hip hop. Whenever SOB's does a hip hop performance or showcase everyone must get pat down, "POLITICS GOOD, HIP HOP BAD!" that's how SOB's is playing it tonight. Anyway I'm not here to point out SOB's ignorance towards my genre of music. I'm here to support and encourage the re-election of my "Black President." You know, watching all this election coverage can be confusing especially if your me and your watching it for the first time. I'll admit I never been the type to sit down in front of the idiot box on election night and wait until the election night results are complete. However, something about this election is different. This election is history. The re-election of a African-American President is something twice as monumental as the election of a African-American President. I most certainly wanted to be apart of it this evening. From what I'm seeing it looks like Mitt Romney is ahead by 51% in the "POPULAR VOTES" only leaving President O'Bama behind 48%. Whatever that means? Popular votes, electoral votes I don't have the foggiest idea. Excuse me, rusty jabbers for not being politically inclined. Here's something that's cute and funny. You have Mitt Romney on the electoral map representing the "RED" and Barack O'Bama representing the "BLUE". I don't think, "The Bloodz" were very thrilled with Governor Romney representing there colors but I know, "The Crips" were thrilled with President O'Bama representing there colors,"C's Up" fool. Towards the end of the evening I started getting a little dozy. Now I see why, I don't watch these election coverage they eventually get too long and boring. Maybe some people can bare with it and stick it out but not me. I was dying to know who our new president is. President O'Bama still kicking ass in the election. I see, he won Philadelphia. Philly does have a large African-American community that's pretty much a no brainer. Thanks to these following states, Ohio, Nevada and Colorado they were the one's responsible in re-electing President Barack O'Bama to a 2nd term. Colorado is most grateful to President O'Bama for the legalizing of medicinal marijuana. I wish I lived in Colorado right about now I could go for some marijuana celebrations. OBAMA: MASSACHUSETTS, MAINE, OHIO, MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, NEW MEXICO, WISCONSIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE, PHILADELPHIA, NEVADA, COLORADO.................... ROMNEY: OKLAHOMA, GEORGIA, NORTH CAROLINA, MISSOURI, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEW JERSEY, ALABAMA, VIRGINIA, PENNSYLVANIA, KANSAS, LOUISIANA, NEBRASKA, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, TEXAS, WYOMING, MISSISSIPPI, COLORADO POPULAR VOTES: ROMNEY 34,346.594 O'BAMA 32,401.573 ELECTORAL VOTES: ROMNEY 203 (RED) O'BAMA 303 (BLUE) CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT O'BAMA YOU'RE BACK!!! __________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog: