Sunday, May 22, 2011


MAY 2011, ISSUE# 04

No one knows, how your day is going to turn out from the moment you've awaken. I wake up this morning, with a main agenda to enter, "THE BROWN BAG SEASON!" Live today at the Fat Beats Pop Up Shop. Fat Beats were two words that I thought I would never hear again in this hip hop media. After experiencing, the closing of both the New York and Los Angeles stores last summer. I thought Fat Beats would become nothing more than just memories to keep a legacy alive.

Today, I have the chance once again to relive, the realness of reality hip hop. Hip Hop for the conscious. Hip Hop for the talented. Hip Hop for the culture. Fat Beats have a lot in store for us this afternoon. Scheduled performances are Has-Lo, Blitz The Ambassador, Dinner At The Thompsons, Brownbag Allstars, Sucio Smash, Kooley High, Q-Unique, Erin Barra and Bio Ritmo. A lot of these artist I'm very unfamiliar with but I do not despair, unfamiliarity its a plus in music. Especially in Hip Hop music, its always good to learn about and discover new talent and sounds. As you've witness in the beginning of my editorial, a collage of the truly gifted and innovative artists. My only regret was not being able to get, The Brownbag Allstars placed within the collage. I missed the Brownbag season due to an impromptu event that tooken place earlier. This goes back to what I mentioned earlier about not knowing what to expect in a day once you've awaken in the early morning. I want to send my apologies to The Brownbag Allstars for missing your performance at the Fat Beats Pop Up Shop. I would like to think I have a good relationship with The Brownbag Allstars in terms of music. I really dig their music, videos and website. I knew them from the NYC store. Seeing they're squad always reminded me of how, young rusty jabbz began and the several other hip hop squads that elevated up, beneath the crevasse.

That is why we are here today, to witness, acknowledge and show gratitude to the men and women that are scheduled to perform here today. What you see here on the stage today, is only a beginning of what's yet to come. There is talent everywhere in the United States and outside of it.

Fat Beats have introduce to us the following in which I was fortunate in seeing and gaining pleasure from their music. The first group I witness of the day were, Dinner at the Thompsons. A rather unique and somewhat strange name I'm not quite sure where the thought of it came from. The music, however is rather a combination of funk and soul. Dinner at the Thompson's are a 2 person group, one male and one female. A similar comparison to the r n b group, Groove Theory. The female entertains with her vocals and the male entertains on machines. Machines such as mpcs, keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and so forth. Together the 2 are splendid. The group being operated by vocal percussionist, Lucielle Tee and Machinist, Fab Live.

Another artist of great interests which I later found out is managed by an old friend, Fiona Bloom (formerly of Subverse Music) of the Bloom Effect. What a blessing it was running into her, its been a decade since I've seen her. It felt good to see her again. Right now, one of Fiona's artist is on today's roster. She goes by the name, Erin Barra. Erin Barra has a rock n roll, hip hop soul vibe. What amazes me is her Alicia Keys like abilities to play an instrument and sing at the same time. Its not as easy as it sounds thats why I try to acknowledge professional people who are able to hold a note and play a key at the same time. The only thing, Erin's form of playing is similar to a dj as she bang them keys on her board. She really let loose.

This next group I wasn't too fond of not because of their music because they were "RUDE!" The group is named, Bio Ritmo. Earlier, during Erin Barra's performance each member of Bio Ritmo kept walking back and forth in front of my camera while I'm trying to film Erin's performance. They knew I was there but they walked anyway and neither one of them bothered to duck down or apologize for disrupting my view. Those mistake will not pass judgement onto their music. Their music was spectacular, a Brazilian style bachata that will make you get up and move. Their music is def, literally deaf I thought I lost my hearing after their performance was over. The guys really went in on their set. I seen instruments I'm unfamiliar with and some I'am familiar with. By this part of the event it was just getting warmed up because after Bio Ritmo's performance playtime was over. It was time to get, "RUSTY!". Yeah, I said it time to get, "RUSTY!"

You know an event is going to get rusty when hip hop is involved. You get no more rustier than these characters... Q-Unique, D-Stroy, Jise One "THE ARSONISTS!"

Koolie High, from Raliegh, Va now residing Bushwick

Blitz The Ambassador with special guest dj, Hard Hittin Harry. Ghana's own, Blitz The Ambassador partially new to me but familiar with his material. This is my first time witnessing his performance and a moment in time since I've seen a past homie, Dj Hard Hittin' Harry who've dee jayed his set. I've heard many good things about MC Blitz The Ambassador, one of which the capability to spit dialogue in multiple languages. Followed by the art of bandship who is not present with us here today. Blitz and Hard Hittin' Harry are going to take it back to the original form of hip hop. (2 turntables and 1 mic) To witness Blitz The Ambassador in future performances with his band, he has upcoming events at the following locations......

June 4th at the Brooklyn Museum 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11238, Blitz The Ambassador will be performing

August 7th at Lincoln Center 70 N. Broadway and W. 66th St. New York, NY 10023, Blitz The Ambassador will be performing

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who came out here today. Thank you to, Dinner At The Thompsons for an excellent performance for details on DATT you may continue to check 'em out sun., May 22nd @ Pianos (LES) and mon., May 23rd @ Fat Baby (LES). For further details see,

Thank you to Erin Barra for her performance. Your performance allowed me to reunite with a good friend I once knew in Fiona Bloom. Fiona, glad to have run into you after all our time apart from the entertainment. Its nice to see you still got the same ol' "Bloom Effect" somethings just do not change.

To everyone else that participated... Bio Ritmo, The Arsonists, Koolie High, Blitz The Ambassador it indeed was an pleasure, thank you.
Peace to my dudes, Emmo and Sun for runnin' into them. Glad you both had an good time. Especially, my dude Sun I know we'll build again.
Peace to Joe, founder and proprietor of Fat Beats for putting this event together today. Thank you so much, definitely looking forward to any future shows to take part of in the spirit of hip hop.

01. June 04, 2011: Blitz The Ambassador live at Brooklyn Museum 200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11238

02. June 06, 2011: Erin Barra live at The Dubspot "THE GODDESS EVENT!" 348 W. 14th St.
New York, NY 10014 Doors Open at 6pm

03. June 18, 2011: Erin Barra live at Frank's Lounge "THE GODDESS EVENT!" 660 Fulton St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217

04. May 20th - July 5, 2011 Dinner At The Thompson's OFF THE GRID U.S. TOUR!
May 26, 2011 2Boots - Bridgeport, Connecticut
May 30, 2011 Bourbon Theatre - Lincoln, Nebraska
For more show dates: and

05. August 07, 2011: Blitz The Ambassador and his band live at Lincoln Center 70 N. Broadway
New York, NY 10023

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


MAY 2011 ISSUE# 03

It's about 8:24pm, I'm on my way to "QUEENS DAY!" thats right, "QUEENS DAY!" May not be the official name but thats what I choose to define it as especially with a line up in store such as: Neek The Exotic, Large Professor, Mic Geronimo, Royal Flush, Tragedy Khadafi, Cormega, Mr Cheeks, Ju Ju of The BeatNuts and plenty more "Q" boro veteran emceez. To me, its a gift and a curse. I can not wait to walk through them, Tammany Hall' doors. Originally, tonight's event was supposed to place at The Santos Party House, where Brooklyn Bodega and Zulu Nation threw their, "This Is Hip Hop!" extravaganza. I don't know, what took place in the changing of the location. What I do, know is that tonight "Still On The Hustle" album release party for Neek The Exotic and Large Professor better be RUSTY!, it got to be RUSTY!!! You can't have hip hop without, THE RUST!!!

Arrived at 9:10pm, the party has just begun. Lord Finesse on the set, blazing classic material. Big Jeff, the host with the most holding down the fort on the m. i. c. Although, its now 10:49pm Big Jeff is gettin' frustrated due to the fact that no one in the crowd is participating. Big Jeff would like to see the audience members, singin' along and dancing. Big Jeff insulting us by calling us a country western crowd rather than a hip hop crowd. Pretty insulting, if you ask me. Even, Lord Finesse got in on the insults saying we're a bunch of "Fonzies". I mean, come on now no disrespect Lord Finesse the crowd here are indeed enjoying the music you have been spinnin' but this is not what we came out here for. I'm a big, Lord Finesse fan I'll like to hear him anytime but he's been spinnin' for damn near 3 hour plus. I don't think people came out here too jam this long. Normally, a dj usually opens up their set for about an hour before the show starts. On a special night like tonight you wanna make changes to the schedule.

The show, eventually did begin around 11:20pm. Big Jeff introducing the host of "Queens Day", Cormega. Cormega, introducing the first performance of the night: J-Love (I never knew, J-Love was an emcee and a pretty good one) After, J-Love's performance next to enter the stage, The Wasteland affiliate emcee, Royal Flush and he bought on to the stage the Southside Jamaica, Queens emcee, Mr Cheeks. From there the stage began to get flooded with various emcees taking part in the "Queens Lounge". Emcees like Mr Cheeks, Cormega, Neek The Exotic, Craig G, Stachel Page, Lord Finesse, Steele from Smif n Wessun and Mic Geronimo.
Everyone came out here tonight to support in the release of the new, Neek The Exotic and Large Professor "Still on the Hustle" album release party. Technically, this is what the event is but calling it "Queens Day!" puts a much better spin onto it. Especially, when your in an vicinity surrounded by Queens emcees. My only downfall was coming out, "Yankee Fitted" I should have been "METS FITTED" in these kind of events.

Needless to say, this event was a good gathering I would like to thank my friend, Michelle of iFocus Entertainment for putting all of this together with the assist of Big Jeff. Thank everyone for coming out like D-Stroy, Ultramagnetics, M.O.P. and Cappadonna. Yes, that is right The Wu was in the building, even though he showed up late he still manage to stage a freestyle session towards the end of the night. Leave it up to Donna Kappa Goines, to always make an impression everywhere he goes. Speaking of impressions, I know I made one I got excellent footage of the event and waiting to share it with my RUSTY JABBZ Public.


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Friday, May 13, 2011


MAY 2011 ISSUE# 02

Last night, I've tooken the liberty of being invited to an pre-screening of the movie, "Priest". I was not sure what this movie was about or whether or not if I was going to enjoy it. Let me be honest though when do I ever know about a movie screening before hand. I'm usually happy to attend such an event. It's been about two years and a half since I've been invited to an movie screening so you can imagine my excitement.

The movie stars Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q and Lily Collins. Paul Bettany plays the lead and title character of the film. A veteran priest, who finds out that his daughter (Lucy) has been abducted by vampires and taken to an alternate world. He wants to find away to retrieve his daughter and bring her back to safety. Priest must first find a way to work around the threat bought onto him by the priesthood. Apparently, he is not to make any attempts at any rescue of his daughter or else he'll be exclamated from the clergy. Against the priesthood orders, Priest took it upon himself to go out on this voyage in search of his daughter, Lucy. Along this journey, Priest seeks the assist of Hicks, a wasteland sheriff and a former, Warrior Priestess in the rescue of his daughter and the elimination of these blood sucking vampires.

I can see, why this movie was made in 3 dimension. To make the violent scenes look more intense and gratifying. Watching this film in your standard dimension would only make this film look average.

The film, Priest primary basis evolves around an Korean comic of the same name. I may seem unfamiliar with the comic but watching the movie you can kind of sense a comic relief throughout the film. My only complaint are whether or not 3D glasses were necessary for this film. I know to some watching a 3 dimensional movie is even more exciting than me waiting to attend a movie screening. However, those glasses were quite uncomfortable and every time I place them on I felt a sudden pain across the back of my neck. I had to engage in the art of 3 dimensional footage for limited scenery. Even though, it still was an excellent movie and I encourage all of interests to take part.
3 1/2 JABBZ!

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Monday, May 2, 2011


May 1st, have always been a special day for me rather than my regular birthday. On past, May 1st I tried to endure all of which this day brings to me. On past occasions I had the liberty to always come across excitement such as May 1st, 2004 witnessing the release of Kanye West's "College Dropout" album and tour live at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

I remember, May 1st, 2009 where I engage myself in a private sexual escapade with one of my homies, best strippers on the market at that time.

May 1st, 2010, last year I got the opportunity to attend Highline Ballroom for the release of Ghostface Killer's album "Ghost Dini Wizard Of Poetry" and now tonight here I am back with yet another opportunity to endure birthday excitement.

I have the honor and privilege of the night to witness a historical west coast legend, Del.
Thats, Del for "DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN!" thats right y'all performing tonight live on stage at Bb King's in Times Square. I don't know how I do it but it seems to be a pattern with me. Especially around my birthday it seems I always find something in relation to a hip hop concert to attend too around this time. You can call me, a "hip hop opportunist" I don't take things for granted.

Today, I would like to say was a beautiful day. Although I thought maybe this day will be just a regular day. You know theres an moment in your life where you come to realization on birthdays. As a youth, we love birthdays and look forward to them just as much as the christmas holiday. But when you reach a certain age, a birthday may not seem relevant or significant to you as much.

Until, today I will never forget "MAY 1ST, 2011" as long as I can breathe. This has been a great day for me. I owe it to,... First, people like my mother who had the big vision to throw a birthday dinner for me. I really appreciate the time and work spent in preparing such a great meal for me. I'm not saying, I do not deserve to have said, accommodations. I didn't want to put my mother through all of the manual cooking duties. My mom does plenty for me, she doesn't need to go over the limit for me if she don't have too. Mom, I thank you for everything tonight it was indeed a blessing and comfort to my heart.

To my homie, Tex I thank you for coming out with me. I know fam this was some straight spur of the moment event. But knowing you and I respect for the essence of hip hop. I just knew that you wouldn't resist a live Del The Funky Homosapien concert at Bb Kings.

This was spur of the moment to me but thanks to Brooklyn Bodega on making it possible with the guestlist. My thanks to Brooklyn Bodega for making my birthday night something special. I had an great time. To think, it was only the day before when I submitted the answer to the contest not expecting to win but I did. It was a blessing to be selected to attend and witness tonight's event. My potna, Tex and I had a blast. This is only my second time seeing Del perform within the last 10 years. He's so amazing, I still find it hard to believe he's Ice Cube's cousin.
We arrived at Bb Kings at 10:14pm, perfect timing Del was being introduced to perform. He rocked for about an hour. After his session the concert was over because this was who we came for and the audience can second that because the crowd cleared out with us once the party was over.

My night wasn't over though it was still early. Receiving the news at 2am of Osama Bin Laden's death at a local bar in the east village, later on seized the day and added the icing to my birthday cake. Making this a birthday, I will, NEVER, EVER, FORGET!!!

Well written news caption I ever seen: "BREAKING NEWS: OSAMA BIN LADEN HAS BEEN KILLED!"
You gotta love it. Everyone must salute the United States Navy Seals for taking out and eliminating public enemy #1 (and I'm not talking about Chuck D)
If there wasn't a time to be a proud American before, now is that time. You don't know how it feels to hear news of this nature on your birthday and then witness the solidarity taking place by the American people down in ground zero. It felt like a new day, a fresh start. Born again into civilization amongst people that know the actual definition to the first "5" letters.
Last night, they're weren't any white people, black people, spanish people, asian people only our people "AMERICANS!"
My pride will continue for as long as I can walk and breathe upon this earth.
oes the same goes for the other fellow Americans?
Let's continue to love and respect one another. Let's not make this moment of peace and solidarity just a one night stand.