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RUSTY JABBZ NEWSLETTER PRESENTS ROCKSTEADY 36TH ANNIVERSARY, LIVE AT CENTRAL PARK SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013 STARRING: PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH Uh man, it have been a long time since I've engaged myself into a "Rocksteady Anniversary". It's been about two years. My last journey was to Lincoln Park, Newark, New Jersey. Which was actually my first time attending, Lincoln Park as well. Who can forget that day. In fact, I would like to thank my youtube followers and viewers for those constant reminders of that day. Especially, the performance everyone complimented highly on towards brother, Wise Intelligent. He gotten one of the most views off of my page. Today, the Rocksteady Anniversary is going down, live in Central Park from 3-7pm. I'am on my way there, hoping to catch today's headliners. What does Rocksteady have in store for us, New Yorkers this afternoon. Its everything from the musical to the talented stylings of "Homeboy Sandman", "Torae", "Rasheed Chappell", "Craig-G", "Special Ed", "Brand Nubians" and "Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth". WOW, WHEE ain't it. Another, hip hop classic evening on another weekend. I'm still scheduled to work later as always. I don't know, if I should go to work later. That have been something I've been contemplating on all weekend. We're just going to have to wait and see, how this concert goes. The only answer, I can give you for right now. Worse comes to worse, I may have to take a loss for the night.
There isn't a smile on my face or at least, where it should be. Don't get me wrong, I'am grateful for coming out here this evening to the Rocksteady 36th Anniversary. Perhaps, this wasn't something I was looking forward too, after all. Let's face it, I'm not showing the same passion like I did several weeks ago at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. I know, I said its been a long time since I've attended a Rocksteady Anniversary. I believe now, that was all mental. Just in my head. I knew, I should have listened to my inner-self and stayed home. Despite my misconceptions, I still manage to have a little bit of fun. I didn't do much, video work for my youtube ("Worldwidejabbz") channel. I just focused, more on artists/ performance photography.
I showed up, during the performance of one of my favorite, Arsonist' Q-Unique with Dj Eclipse on the 1 & 2s and Jise One. Is it me, or have Jise One put on a few pounds. He must be eating off his success, both him and Q-Unique. I enjoyed the set of Q-Unique, specifically the song "Street Metal". That was an awesome record. I love the way, Q-Unique was tuning his ears like a radio knob while Dj Eclipse would play various records of various genres. To make himself, sound like a human radio. I like that way Q-Unique challenged his brain between different music. He claims, he hears various music on his daily travels. The inspiration to that song came from an recent tour, he went on with legendary Metal group, Metallica. That's even more awesome for someone like Q-Unique. Especially, being that he's a member of the Zulu Nation. I would take that as some form of pride and honor. To be able to politic with Afrika Bambaataa, one minute and politic with Metallica the next minute. That is something most emcees do not get to do.
I could always use a little refresher course on this subject. Especially if its being taught by this teacher. I was never great in science but there was only one emcee, good at "DROPPIN' SCIENCE!" "THE UNDISPUTED FREESTYLE KING, CRAIG-G" Craig-G, he's someone I rarely get to see. Oooh, I notice he bought a friend along, QB's own "CORMEGA MONTANA"..... Ooooh, Ow!!! How many times have I seen, Cormega? It doesn't matter. The more times I do. The more intriguing it gets. Intriguing like that song, you just performed about numbers. Super awesome, Mr Montana. Cormega did his thing and graced, Craig-G's stage with some fire exclusives. Craig-G, however turned up today's anniversary. Turned it up, another notch. Lettin' out all types of classics and freestyles. They just don't call him, the Undisputed Freestyle King for nothing.
I know, earlier I said I was having doubts about this event and doubts about being here. I know, I said this event perhaps wasn't what I expected. It is true, I guess you can say I should have stayed home. Until, this man arrived and made it all better. My hometown hero, childhood emcee, Flatbush/ Erasmus Hall representer "MR I GOT IT MADE", SPECIAL ED... Whoo, hoo you can see the frown turn right side, up. (Big Ass, Kool Aid smile on my face). Now, I know how girls feel when their panties get wet. I know, guys "TMI"!. Special Ed, set probably was the best here. Even better than, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and we'll get to that later and why. Special Ed came with company, shout out to the Zhigge Crew for coming through and "Tossing It Up". How many hip hop readers, remember that song by the Zhigge Crew "Toss It Up"? That was one of my joints. However, I wish they had the opportunity to perform my favorite record, hip hop dancehall stylee "Rakin' in the dough". That's a Zhigge classic, right there. I wanna thank, Special Ed for definitely coming through here, today and not coming alone either. I know, as people stand here and listen to Special Ed, on stage. Some might be wondering, does he have any new material or is this it for him. Then, on the other hand you have others like myself, who are grateful for his presence and classics such as....."The Magnificent", "Think About It", "Crooklyn Dodgers 93", "The Mission", "C'mon, Let's Move It", "I Got It Made" "AND, YOU SAY NEW YORK CITY!!!!"
A' SALAAM, A' LACUUM "NEW YORK, PUT YA HANDZ TOGETHER FOR THE NOW RU MOB.... ALAMO WITH THE A, SADAT X, LORD JAMMAR AND GRAND PUBA" Unfortunately, Grand Puba couldn't be with us today. That's okay, the X and Jammar, built an name for themselves over the years. This isn't my first, Brand Nubian set minus Grand Puba that I'm attending. I feel a case of deja vu coming on. Doesn't this seem oh so familiar, say two weeks ago at the Brooklyn Bridge Park watching E.P.M.D., live at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, LOL! I'm sorry for the laughter. I will try and behave while the camera is recording. I promise, "NO BOOTY SHAKING" to disrupt the camera this afternoon. Uh shit, they're performing my joint "Love Me or Leave Me Alone". I apologize, if you hear me singing over the camera, LOL! This is my shit, it was only this week. I was coming home from work. I had, Brand Nubian's "IN GOD WE TRUST" album bopping in my ears. I can't forget the way, I was acting once my Ipod reached to "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone". I started, spazzing out on the train, as I began to sing-a-long. LOL, thankfully it was morning and there weren't too many people on the train. I didn't embarrass myself too much.
Okay, Fuck me!! Sorry, Rusty Jabbers something horrible just happened. I don't want to tell you what it is, then you all are going to think I'm an moran.....
You can find video footage of Rocksteady 36th Anniversary at
I'm starting to get a little dehydrated and lightheaded. I know, I don't normally do this and I'm going to regret it. In times like these its an emergency. I need some food, and right now. The only place to get it is from these expensive ass food vendors. Don't get me wrong, as much as I love hip hop. I'm not a fan of crowds and humid sunlight. I have no idea, what I'm eating but it looks decent or at least better than that mushroom crap there pushing. Whatever, this crap is, it look like something more people are choosing to purchase to eat. It doesn't matter, I just need something to quickly rejuvenate myself. I'm going to sit this one out until our main event. I know, I said its been a long time since I've attended a Rocksteady Anniversary. The last one, was two years at Lincoln Park in Newark, N.J. I'm starting to think, there was a reason why they did it in New Jersey for those past few years. I know, there are a lot of people here today, who are happy and pleased with the return of Rocksteady Anniversary to New York City. I thought, I was one of them. I met a guy earlier today, who flew in from Belgium. Just so he can attend, Rocksteady's 36th Anniversary, this afternoon. Talk about crazy. I know, some of the readers may agree with what I'am saying and then there are others who won't. I just want to be honest. I think, Rocksteady should take there anniversaries, back to New Jersey.
Geesh!!!, I swear man this is why, I hate niggers. Niggers are a bunch of bitchaz. A little water, comes down they start crying like babies. Right about now, normally I would be mentioning this is the moment I've been waiting for. It's kind of hard to do so, with all these umbrellas, up in the air blocking my vision and everyone else's vision. We finally, reach to the grand finale of the day, "PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH" and we're blind. See this is what I was talking about, niggers are a bunch of bitches. Muh' Fuckaz, afraid of a little water. Its not even raining that hard. I admit, it may not be sprinkling, right now. C'mon guys, its only a shower. It's not like we're in the middle of a thunderstorm or heavy rain. Calm down you coward ass niggers and lower your fucking umbrellas. For weather like these I swear, headz need to start wearing raincoats. I respect the few people out in the crowd, rocking ponchos. Know what, I'm saying that's the way to go. They ain't come out here with no umbrella with the attempt to block fellow audience members' visions. I understand, that the weatherman said there'll be rain this afternoon. Unfortunately it came at a disturbed time. However, the amount of rain, we are currently receiving isn't necessary for all these umbrellas in the air.
By now, everyone is going to ask " Yo Spin, Why you keep talking about rain and umbrellas instead of the Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth performance?" My response, of course will be, "I can't talk about something that I didn't see." But, to those who were able to see it and kept on blocking my vision with your umbrellas, "FUCK YOU!!!" You sure, didn't show any consideration to the one's denied! Good Night, Rocksteady.............
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm finally inside the arena. I was taking my time outside enjoying the views of the WWE fans and their promo T-shirts. I had a lot to see. I'm sorry, I missed the pre-show. Well, not really I'm actually coming towards the end of the match. How much you wanna make a bet that The Miz is going to be the winner? God Dam, those pyro technics will deafen me throughout the night. If these flashing lights don't give me a seizure, first. I'm ashamed of Brooklyn. The nerve of my borough doing the "Fandango".
I guess, Mark Henry is going to become a face now. After that encounter with The Shield. I guess, that is all it takes to make an asshole like Mark Henry change his roll. Dam, Henry that's sad. You couldn't bring 3 crackers to the "HALL OF PAIN!"
MATCH # 02: ALBERTO DEL RIO VERSES DOLPH ZIGGLER This match have been going on for the past, 15 minutes. I notice there's been "NO AJ LEE' INTERFERENCE" and "NO BIG E. LANGSTON INTERFERENCE". Oops, dammit! I spoke to soon, BITCH!!! Guess who just appeared out of nowhere, ringing the timekeeper's bell. Yeah, you guessed it that bitch A.J. and her gorilla looking bodyguard, Big E. Langston. Both of them, costing the match to stop and delivering a beat down to Dolph Ziggler. Alberto Del Rio, of course leaving the arena with a smile on his face.
Who gives a dam about these guys? Seriously, WWE signed The Shield Part #2, another 3 man group. What the hell is a Wyatt Family? I'm suppose to be happy with what just occurred. The Wyatt Family, eliminating R-Truth for no reason. Unless, its because of that horrible theme song R-Truth keeps rapping. Then, okay. Nonetheless, how am I suppose to be happy. Two, 3 man cracker teams took out two brothers this evening for no reason. It's almost like a blast from the past. I can see, the return of the Skinheads.
MATCH # 03: THE USOS DEFEAT JACK SWAGGER AND ANTONIO CESARO Even sitting here inside the Barclay Center, Zeb Colter still "SUCKS!!!"
MATCH # 04: CHRISTIAN DEFEAT DAMIEN SANDOW I can't believe, Damien Sandow was the winner of "MONEY IN THE BANK PPV". Thank, God Christian won tonight. Damien Sandow, he doesn't deserve to win two nights in a row. But, didn't I tell y'all this was going to happen. I knew, there were going to be some sort of friction between Team Rhodes Scholars. I heard, Damien Sandow, tossed Cody Rhodes off the Money In The Bank ladder, last night and that's how he scored his victory. The funny thing though I thought it would have been the other way around.
MATCH # 05: NAOMI DEFEAT BRIE BELLA Why is Nikki Bella on crutches? Obviously, she's faking. I see, she can still walk. Those crutches probably will be utilize as a weapon to help her sister win the match. SMH! Okay, why did Nikki Bella walk out to the arena on crutches and not utilize it once as an weapon.
It's 10 o'clock. The moment I've been waiting for. I been wondering what have been taking so long for C.M. Punk. It's been two hours, he must really be a face now. A few months back, during his heel days C.M.Punk wouldn't hesitate to start the show. I understand, he been through a lot last night during the All-Star Money In The Bank match. Sorry, Punk don't worry about that you'll get Broc Lesnar and Backstabbing, Paul Heyman, back at Summerslam. Broc Lesnar dismantling the commentary table with the use of C.M. Punk, LOL! I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh, LOL! Technicians all around putting the commentary table, back together during the commercial break. Seriously, I'am sorry Punk for what did happen to you but I give you a lot of credit for your first attempt at Broc Lesnar. Good Luck at Summerslam.
They keep showing this, DAMN, "TOTAL DIVAS" commercial, all night. Some reality show that's scheduled to air on the "E" network starring the WWE Divas. WHO CARES!!!
MATCH # 06: ROB VAN DAM DEFEAT CHRIS JERICHO BROOKLYN IT'S TIME FOR R.V.D. MEETS Y.2.J. A lot of near falls and close calls between the two of them. Probably one of the best matches of the night.
JOHN CENA'S DECISION: Who will John Cena choose to face as an opponent for Summerslam? Right now, the whole WWE locker room is posted out on the stage. They're waiting to hear, who John Cena have chosen. John Cena chose Daniel Bryan, as his opponent for Summerslam. It's been, 3 hours. I haven't seen, no sign of "MR YES YES YES MAN", Daniel Bryan all night, until now. Neither, have I seen any sign of "MR PALESKIN, SHEAMUS" except from that commercial earlier, 1-800-FELLA but that doesn't count. I'm talking about being on Monday Night Raw. Neither, Sheamus or Daniel Bryan had a match tonight inside the Barclay Center. The only time, I got to see them was at the ending along with the other wrestlers awaiting the John Cena decision.
A lot of valid choices by John Cena to face him at Summerslam... Heath Slater or any member of 3MB, The Great Khali, Fandango. Okay, I'm kidding with those choices but these were great choices of mine. Sheamus, Randy Orton and my personal favorite and #1 choice Rob Van Dam but the crowd was non-stop and heavy into WWE promotions for Daniel Bryan. Even, before the John Cena decision segement began they just couldn't stop with the "YES" chants. Even, after we left the arena, The "YES" chants continued back to the subway. I didn't expect to hear, BROOKLYN show so much love for Daniel Bryan. I partly contributed into those chants, the "YES" and the chants for CM Punk. I don't ever want to hear from C.M. Punk saying, that Brooklyn doesn't show him any love. I had a great time tonight. It felt the same way, it always feels on a Monday night in my bedroom watching Raw. Thank you, WWE!
DARK MATCH # 07: JOHN CENA DEFEATS RYBACK John Cena defeats Ryback in a tables match and retains his WWE Championship
"DATS, HOW I DO!!" lmao. Dj Handspin Dinero, starting to feel like last night's loser Mark Henry. This is, what I do. No pun intended. The constant travelling. On the road from venue to venue, concert to concert gathering insight and coverage for monthly editions of my newsletter/ blog. This is actually, my first time inside the Barclay Center. Can I be a little honest with you, I'm not thrilled. Let's face it, you wouldn't be either if you've been rejected multiple times in attempts for employment. However, all of that is in my pass. I'am here tonight to see, Monday Night Raw, live inside The Barclay Center. A lot of interesting things on tonight's menu. First thing on the menu is moi. I hope I can be seen throughout the audience. I want at least one of my homies, to say they seen me on tonight's broadcast. I'm really looking forward to it. Am I just saying that because these tickets cost me $44.58. I know, if I was at home getting ready to watch Monday Night Raw on television. I would have a totally different mood. Let's hope, Vincent Kennedy "Mc Muffin" won't ruin my mood, by ruining his show. Yes, that is right. I called him, Mc Muffin. He's still a muffin and he'll forever remain a muffin. I'm taking my time outside of the Barclay Center. This is something that I most certainly expected. The total mass of people in full array surrounding the vicinity everywhere. Everywhere you look all you see are nothing but WWE promo T-shirts. I admired, the atmosphere among taking my time to enter. I manage to capture a few willing and supportive WWE fans that didn't mind posing their T-shirt for a photo. I even snuck in a few pictures of the traditional signs that our fans like to bring during any type of wrestling event. Signs that read anything from.... "THE CHAMP IS HERE" to "YES, YES, YES" to "FEED ME MORE" to "WE THE PEOPLE" _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog: