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We've gotten a chance to witness the first-ten years of the future. Remember, growing up as a child and often wondering and looking forward to THE FUTURE. Remember, watching tv shows like "The Jetsons" and movies likes "Back To The Future" and saying, "How cool it'll be to fly your vehicle". We haven't experienced the flying cars as of yet. Who knows someday we may but the first-ten of the new millennium leave plenty more to be expected, both good and bad.

Good morning, everyone this is Dj Handspin Dinero coming to you live with the last issue of the year, the last issue of the decade. We' re going to be counting down the time until the ball drops and within that time reminiscing not only of past 2010 events but events of the decade.

There were a series of things, both good and bad that took place during the first-ten years of the new millennium.

"2000 TO 2010 TIMELINE:"
01. The Death of Big Dog Punisher, February 07, 2000
02. The Death of Johnny "Mausberg" Burns, July 04, 2000
03. The Debut of Rusty Jabbz Newsletter, March 2001
04. The Death of Marlon Brando of the Sporty Thievz, May 11, 2001
05. The Death of E. Moneybags, July 16, 2001
06. The Bombing and Collapsing of The World Trade Center, September. 11, 2001
07. Dj Handspin Dinero being diagnosed with epileptic seizures, September 2002
08. The Death of Barry White July 04, 2003
09. The Death of Half Of Mil, October 24, 2003
10. The Death of Soulja Slim, November 26, 2003
11. The Death of Ol' Dirty Bastard November 13, 2004
12. The Death of Luther Vandross July 1, 2005
13. Hurricane Katrina destroying the City of New Orleans, Louisiana Aug. 28, 2005
14. The Death of James Dewitt "J Dilla" Yancey, February 10, 2006
15. The Death of Lumumba " Professor X " Carson, March 17, 2006
16. The Death of DeShaun "Proof" Holton, April 11, 2006
17. The Death of Rayquon "Stack Bundles" Elliott, June 11, 2007
18. The Death of Pimp C, December 4, 2007
19. Dj Handspin Dinero being diagnosed with lupus, December 2007
20. The Death of Tero "Camu Tao" Smith, May 25, 2008
21. The Death of Bernie Mac August 09, 2008
22. The Death of "M.C. Breed" Breed, November 22, 2008
23. The Death of Party Arty of The Ghetto Dwellas December 04, 2008
24. The Death of Roderick Burton aka Dolla May 18, 2009
25. The Death of Michael J. Jackson June 25, 2009
26. The Death of Anthony "Roc Raida" Williams September 19, 2009
27. Earthquake of Haiti January 12, 2010
28. The Death of Killa Sha, January 13, 2010
29. Lil' Wayne sentenced to 1 year at Rikers Island Corr. Fac. for gun possession March 8, 2010
30. T. I. released from prison March 26, 2010
31. My brother, finally released from prison after serving 18 years April 12, 2010
32. The Death of Keith Edward Elam aka Guru of Gangstarr April 19, 2010
33. TNA Wrestling for the 1st time in Brooklyn live at MCU Park in Coney Island July 2, 2010
34. Rocksteady Crew 33rd Anniversary in New York and New Jersey August 1, 2010
35. T. I. & Tiny arrested for possession of ecstacy September 2, 2010
36. Fat Beats New York Retail Store CLOSING September 4, 2010
37. Fat beats Los Angeles Retail Store CLOSING September 19th, 2010
38. Marley Marl, 50th Birthday celebration at Cielo September 29, 2010
39. Impact Championship Wrestling, returns to Queens Elks Lodge October 22, 2010
40. Lil' Wayne released from prison within in 8 months for gun charges November 4, 2010
41. Kevin Powell's 10th annual holiday party and drive at Touch December 6, 2010
42. Breezevah Flowin 40th Birthday party at Red Star Bar December 10, 2010
43. New York City 1st Snow Blizzard of 2010 December 26, 2010

For all my hip hop lovers that may have never gotten a chance to purchase any of their favorite artists' cd heres a look back to what wuz bangin' in tha "0-10"

01. Lil Wayne "The Rebirth" February 2010
02. Statik Selektah "100 Proof: The Hangover" February 16, 2010
03. Freeway & Jake One "The Stimulus Package" February 16, 2010
04. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins "Some Otha Ship" February 23, 2010
05. Dj Babu "The Beat Tape Volume 2" February 23, 2010
06. Gold Chain Military "Chain Of Command" February 23, 2010
07. Sadat X "Wild Cowboys 2 ep" February 23, 2010
08. Dj Khaled "Victory" March 02, 2010
09. Ludacris "Battle of the Sexes" March 09, 2010
10. Snoop Dogg "More Malice" March 23, 2010
11. E-40 "Revenue Retrievin: Day Shift" March 30, 2010
12. E-40 "Revenue Retrievin: Night Shift" March 30, 2010
13. Meth, Ghost, Rae "Wu-Massacre" March 30, 2010
14. Gucci Mane "Burrrprint(2)" April 16, 2010
15. Cypress Hills "Rise Up" April 20, 2010
16. B.O.B. "Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray" April 27, 2010
17. Bone Thugs n Harmony "UNI5: The World's Enemy" May 04, 2010
18. 8Ball & MJG "Ten Toes Down" May 04, 2010
19. Trina "Amazin" May 04, 2010
20. Nas & Damian "Jr Gong" Marley "Distant Relatives" May 18, 2010
21. Reflection Eternal: Talib Kweli & Dj Hi Tek "Revolutions Per Minute" May 18, 2010
22. Cam'ron "Cam'ron & The U.N. Presents: Heat In Here Vol. 1" May 25, 2010
23. Plies "Goon Affiliated" June 08, 2010
24. Drake "Thank Me Later" June 15, 2010
25. Pack FM "I Fucking Hate Rappers" June 15, 2010
26. Eminem "Recovery" June 22, 2010
27. The Roots "How I got over" June 22, 2010
28. Big Boi "Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty" July 06, 2010
29. Juvenile "Beast Mode" July 06, 2010
30. Paul Wall "Heart of a Champion" July 13, 2010
31. Rick Ross "Teflon Don" July 20, 2010
32. Capone n Noreaga "The War Report" Part 2 July 20, 2010
33. Fat Joe "The Darkside" July 27, 2010
34. Tech N9ne Collabos "The Gates Mixed Plate" July 27, 2010
35. Bun B. "Trill O. G." August 03, 2010
36. Fabolous "There is no competition 2: The Grieving Mixtape" August 31, 2010
37. Dorrough "Get Big" September 07, 2010
38. Young Buck "The Rehab" September 07, 2010
39. Krizz Kaliko "Shock Treatment" September 14, 2010
40. Gucci Mane "The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted" September 28, 2010
41. Ice Cube "I'am The West" September 28, 2010
42. Lil' Boosie "Incarcerated" September 28, 2010
43. Pimp C "The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones" October 05, 2010
44. Lil' Wayne "I'am not a human being" October 12, 2010
45. NERD "Nothing" November 02, 2010
46. Cee-Lo Green "The Lady Killer" November 09, 2010
47. Kid Cudi "Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr Roger" November 09, 2010
48. Twista "The Perfect Storm" November 09, 2010
49. Lil' Boosie, Webbie, Lil' Trill & Trill Fam "All or Nothing" November 09, 2010
50. Cassidy "C. A. S. H." November 16, 2010
51. Nelly "5.0" November 16, 2010
52. Kid Rock "Born Free" November 16, 2010
53. Jay Z "The Hits Collection-V1 Deluxe Edition" November 22, 2010
54. Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Deluxe Edition)" November 22, 2010
55. Lloyd Banks "H. F. M. 2 (Hunger For More 2)" November 22, 2010
56. Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday-Deluxe Edition" November 22, 2010
57. Black Eyed Peas "The Beginning" November 30, 2010
58. Flo Rida "Only one Flo: Part 1" November 30, 2010
59. Slim Thug "Tha Thug Show" November 30, 2010
60. Redman "Reggie" December 07, 2010
61. T. I. "No Mercy" December 07, 2010
62. Diddy-Dirty Money "Last Train To Paris" December 14, 2010
63. Sheek Louch "Donnie G: Don Gorilla" December 14, 2010

I hope you've enjoyed this. This being the final issue of Rusty Jabbz 2010, today being Dec. 31st 2010. In only a few more hours, A NEW YEAR, A NEW DECADE WILL BEGIN.


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E' Yo, this is Dj Handspin Dinero, I wanna just say Happy Birthday and salute my dude, Breezevahflowin' not only for his born but also for being one of the illest emcees in the underground hip hop scene that I knew for the past 15 years. And for throwing one of the best parties that I would probably go to in these last three weeks of 2010.
I just wanna let heads know we got a lot to discuss during this issue. A lot of footages to show y' all so we gonna have some fun. Y' all wanna read about and see some of fun but before we do that. I just wanna send some love to my dude, Breez.

The first time I met Breezevahflowin' was back in the late nineties, Nov. 11th 1998 to be exact. I was djing for an showcase put together by my man, Fantasy of Blackball Productions. At 40 Flavas, (40 Flavas, gotta be an ol' skool kat to remember that venue) I didn't know too much about the New York City underground scene. I was just one of those djs that loved real, street and hardcore hip hop. My preference still haven't changed even to today. At that time though, I was a dj in the beginning and only thinking about myself and not caring nor respecting the emcees on stage like I was suppose too. Until Breezevahflowin' was introduced to the stage. It was from that moment and on, I tried to support Breezevahflowin and most definitely the Stronghold Movement. Ok, I know
y' all can't see me right now but a tear just hit my hand I'm going to chillout with the writing of the sentimentals and move forward with the review.

What can I say about that night, "A BREEZEVAHFLOWIN' 40TH B-DAY SHOW". He had every right to call it what it is, "A SHOW". Party is so called childish and this event had Parental Advisory stamped all over it. Starting off with the theme of the event, ey' thing 40 and to commemorate an Old E 40 oz open bar followed by a 40 emcee live performance. I loved the performance I got tonz of footage so imma shut up soon. I just wanna point out one of the stupidest and at the same time grimiest act committed at the Red Star Bar. I wanna know, how many people like to drink? How many people been to open bars? If you have then you know and understand where I'm coming from. Your average open bars, normally last whether it be inna bar or a nightclub usually last about an hour unless duly noted by club managers to extend it. Now this is gonna trip you up cuz it did to me and still is trippin' me up even after a week later. Who ever heard of a 20 minute open bar? I swear, I kid you not. 20 minute open bar that was some bullshit. You wanna know the fucked up part, I just arrived. Open bar gets shut down as soon as I walk through the door that shit pissed me off I ended up snatching the bartenders tips off the bar. However, I didn't let that minor dilemma get me down. Still ended up gettin' toasted thanx to my dude, Emmo. (Good luckin' on da endo)

How did Bizmarkie always use to sing it, "OH WHAT A NIGHHTTTT!!!!" What a night, indeed. It wuz like a hip hop reunion up in there for me. I ran into cats who I haven't seen in a long time. I ran into cats who I haven't heard perform in a long time.
Phat shout out to my dude, Acelover. I haven't seen this cat for a good long minute and like a ghost he appears from outta nowhere. Glad you came out to Breezevahflowin's 40th born day. Glad I got to see you again. (Qzr will be happy to hear that)

By now muh fuckaz, probably gittin tired of my yappin' Y' all wanna see some flicks added with this review. Yeah man, I hope y' all enjoy the footage. Anyone looking to view what took place that night at the Red Star Bar for Breezevahflowin's 40th birthday. If you would like to see some of the performers and performances your always welcome to visit,

I have other video clips posted on my site and if you like what you see feel free to subscribe. I'm also available for live tapings for any artist looking to market and promote their talent.

I'm going to sign off and let everyone see what I have in store.

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Sak Passe,
I never thought I would be saying that word in public or even typing it on a publication.

Before, I go any further, I would like to thank Kevin Powell for yet another holiday extravaganza. Kev, you really know how to throw a party. Whenever Kevin Powell sends you an evite you accept it. You'll be stupid to ignore the type of events he puts on and what takes place.

Let's take tonight, "Kevin Powell's 10th Annual Holiday Party/Supplies and Toy Drive for Haiti". This event is more than your average party. It's an charity benefit to help rebuild , Haiti. As everyone know at the beginning of this year (Tues., Jan. 12th, 2010) Haiti suffered extreme effects of an earthquake, destroying many homes, schools, buildings, landmarks and various cities. Injuring many lives and taking many lives as well.
It was 200 years ago, when Haiti had their last earthquake and adored these same types of sufferings. Another time and century then, one could only imagine the damages, the heartaches, the pain, the terror. No need for imagination with this one, there are various websites dedicated to the support and preying for the redevelopment of Haiti.
How can I help? How can we help? How can you help? It starts with a visit to (EDEYO in Creole means HELP THEM)
Make your contributions. It doesn't have to be large amounts. You'll be amazed at what the smallest contribution can do for Haiti. You'll also feel blessed knowing that you put someone else's needs ahead of yours. By now everyone reading this is wondering, "What's up with, Dj Handspin? Is he Haitian or something". If your wondering that, the answer is, "NO". However, I do not have to be Haitian in order to love and care for Haitian. What I' am is, HUMAN! We all are human So, lets get together and "EDEYO!"

Now as we move on. I wanted to express my feelings about the whole situation in Haiti and EDEYO foundation. I felt that indeed was a topic of more importance.
Now I would love to discuss my night overall at Touch nightclub during this event.
As I mentioned, earlier whenever you receive an evite from Kevin Powell you accept it. Only retards would delete it thats why on Nov. 21st when that evite came through and I seen the name, Kevin Powell at the top. It's an automatic, reply for an rsvp and of course, thanks for the immediate confirmation. As I read the flyer further, noticing one man djing who I haven't seen in years, The Legendary D-Nice. In fact, I don't think I ever seen D-Nice all my years of street team, marketing and promotions. D-Nice and I never bumped heads. I was so happy to see him and actually witness, The Legendary D-Nice on the 1 and 2s. (Wait a minute, this is the laptop era should we still be calling it, 1 and 2s)

Once inside, Touch I was no longer American. I became a Haitian for one night. Alot of lovely ladies, majority of the crowd of Haitian decent but it didn't matter because we're all African and we're all Allah's children. I don't know where the white people would fit in but thank them for coming out tonight and showing their love and support. Especially with the contributions.

This event was to me the best, Kevein Powell party I've ever been too. Maybe I'm saying that due it being the 10th annual holiday party alongside a supplies and toy drive for Haiti. Do not get me wrong they're have been some great Kevin Powell holiday parties/charity events held within the duration of the past ten years. There is something to be said, about this one that makes it all special to me to be able to touch my heart.

A lot of other factors weigh in as well. An exciting evening with a series of activies and amusement. Activities consisting of "Dance Party", "Live Art", "Fashion Displays", "Main Stage Program with a special performance by The Cast of Fela", "Acoustic Lounge", "Free Massages", "Video Gaming Area" and "Haitian Film Festival; Film Screenings".
I know, not normal for your average nightclub night thats what makes it special and a night both, you and I will never forget. Would you like to know something else that was special. This will only solidify the respect that people have for Kevin Powell. Around, 9:25pm Kevin Powell asked everyone inside the club thats the people on the dancefloor, the people at the bar, the people on the 2nd and 3rd floor. This is a very big club. Keep in mind, Kevin Powell is only on stage with a microphone asking everyone in the club to bow their heads for a 30 second moment of silence to prey for the lives lost and the lives saved during the earthquake in Haiti. Believe it or not people actually bowed their heads in 30 seconds silence. I found that to be amazing because that is something you would not expect in a nightclub. Especially a nightclub when you have drunk knuckleheads who at times attend to get out of line. It was great to witness, Kevin Powell receiving that respect. At that present time, I began to think to myself, "I feel bad that he never won the race for councilman of Ft Greene.... This is O'BAMA LOVE, right here he gettin', maybe he should try next time for that race."

This was a great party my only flaw for the night was the fact that I had to leave a little bit early due to my usual bizness the next day. Well that and the fact that I didn't get any income tax write off receipt for my donations I contributed. Apparently they are only signing tax write off receipts if the products or merchandise donated are worth $100.oo and more. I do not know if this is going to be a annual thing with the tax write off. I notice, Safe Horizon weren't the ones in charge this year. Despite that my time with Kevin Powell, D-Nice and Edeyo was F R E S H!!!

I have exclusive footage of EDEYO children's school in Haiti. Footage of the day before the fatal earthquake that claim their land, go to

If anyone would like to know more about Dj Handspin Dinero and Rusty Jabbz Ent
and is looking for album/single reviews, marketing/promotions, internet promotions or promotional dj see lists below

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Verse Essential - "INGENIOUS" "3.75 JABBZ"

Hello, welcome back its Dj Handspin Dinero here with another issue of Rusty Jabbz. How many people out there currently feel this state of hip hop we are being forced to live in. Some may like the sugar coated hip hop lyrics of today's emcees while real hip hop fans and lovaz prefer the realness and rawness of the truth. Which brings me to an emcee who happen to be a close a friend of mine and former conglomerate of Rusty Jabbz.

As I can see, he moved onto bigger and promising things in the career of hip hop. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you Verse Essential. (Although you can already see that) First off, I wanna start by giving massive props to Verse Essential with the leg work and guerilla marketing you been doing over this album. I'm very impressed. I hope you keep it up its the energy like this thats gonna help you get to the top.
Verse Essential's, album "Ingenious" is now in stores and online but hold up don't go whipping out those credit cards and debit cards yet let's find out if this album is really, "Ingenious". I knew, Verse Essential for 11 years now. I remember that aggressive hardcore flow. Verse had a unique flow at the time that I couldn't even put my finger on. It was indeed amusing I see he haven't changed much. The only difference is his verbal context and his intelligence. He raps a little more intellectual sort of like a teacher. Which is good because in today's hip hop we need a change of pace. This 21 track lp will show you what to look for in Verse Essential as an next millenium, emcee. I believe I can say that this millenium is over and from what I hear, Verse Essential got some more phlavas for us in 2011.
Which is good I'll be looking forward to it but in the meantime look forward to these top notch hits off the, "Ingenious" album..... "Between the lines w/ C ray Walz", "American Nightmares w/ Access Immortal & Conquest", "Old school/New school", "I Man Up", "Heavyweights w/ Karniege, Swave Sevah, Loer Velocity, Vast Aire", "Like It should be", "Now you Know w/ Fess Gotchu & Access Immortal", "More than a Man". These were the joints that stuck and got my attention not that it'll get yours. The point is Verse Essential, he got something for ya and ask everyone to take heed and not hate.
In closing, I enjoyed listening to the cd. I give Verse, a plus for the artwork of the cover. I like the cover. I dig the production of the album particularly by Todd Sykes. I''m not sure who he is but I'll google or twitter him to show him my love. I give another plus to Verse, for the excellent choruses, he written. However, I'm not sure what I should give Verse for the fail attempt of his wanna be club record. Yeah, Verse you had one record on your album that wuz a little too clubby saved dat for Drake and dem boyz. There's a reason why underground emcees don't do club records other than that the album was fine.

Anyone interested in public relations with Verse Essential or the purchase of Verse Essential's "Ingenious" album feel free to contact: