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Dj Handspin in the house bringing you anutha Rusty Jabbz Entry Issue. I'm going to do sumthin' different from my traditional hip hop album reviews. I'm going to do sumthin' that Rusty Jabbz very rarely git a chance to do. I'm going to review a hip hop play that was performed live on stage at Medgar Evers College. I received this email last week and I wanted to check it out and see what it be about and if I like it. I write about it on my blog. Well,
to the producers, writers and directors of this play, "A NEW DAY". Obviously I liked it so here I am. I hope you enjoy my reviews and respect my criticism.

Wed., April 29th, I had the pleasure of visiting the institution that was named after one of our blacks leader, Medgar Wiley Ever. I received an evite to attend a viewing of a play titled, "A New Day". A film produced by Jamie Hector of The Wire/Heroes fame. I was surprised to receive an invite considering I never been to or even know anyone that attends Medgar Evers College.
The play was performed in the auditorium. I walked in kinda late so I might of missed the first half. From what I seen the basis of the play is about 3 inner city youth growing up surrounded by "D"evils and illegal temptations. The play does not follow the traditional cliche of urban art. The play sheds alot of education than entertainment. Where y
ou have 3 young boys that have a chance to make it out of the trap and into a direction of positivity. Chance, one of the characters of the play has a Martin Luther King esque persona. Chance preaches non violence and black pride and unity but preaching is easier said than done. Especially when you have constant threats and torment by a local street thug that goes by the name of Frisco. (Another character of the play)

Chance and his older brother, Lotto and a neighborhood homie, Conz have a chance at stardom. Lotto who is the older brother of Chance and neighborhood Mr Popularity man. The 3 enter a Hip Hop competition where they have to practice their dance and rap routines. Everything seems all good, don't it but the drama in between is what almost took a toll on the 3 of them almost getting disqualified from the competition.

In the midst of preparing for the competition the 3, mainly Chance had to undergo the everyday trials and tribulations of the ghetto. Chance always running into Frisco whether by accident or on purpose. Frisco is always looking for a fight but Chance wants to live
by his code of non violence. Until that one day when Chance had it up to here with Frisco and decides to give Frisco what he's been wanting which was a street fight that lead to Chance's old brother, Lotto shot in the arm and Chance's homegurl, Nadia shot as well. All this maylay happens only a few days before the Hip Hop competition. After spending the time preparing and rehearsing for the event. Chance mind is boggled when thinking of fallin victim into temptation. Chance worried about his brother being layed up in the hospital, Nadia being layed up in the hospital and also having to forfeit the competition. The pressure is thick on Chance. The one thing this play teaches you is to always have faith and stick what you believe in. Just when Chance was on the verge of mental breakdown. Both men, Chance and Frisco squash their uncook beef and Chance's brother, Lotto made it out of the hospital allowing Chance, Lotto and Conz to perform and win the Hip Hop competition. The play has a very happy ending. It was a cool play that was put together. I would like to thank Miles Mc Afee and Jamie Hector for inviting me to witness this play showcase.

Now where about to shift back to the hip hop lane and see what emcee are out there.....
We find a new emcee that goes by the name of E-CASHES.

E-CASHES - "LIFE TO THE FULLEST" Produced by Alter Beats

A hardcore street anthem that describes the goals and aspirations of E-Cashes. E-Cashes is on a road to the riches and he wanna live the life to the fullest. The beat is a definite mixtape banger and potential club banger. E-Cashes need to focus more on the art of production with his team to grasp the chemistry. When you hear this record your going to hear the same ol' thing. But he's new and he got lots more to learn and if he stays focus. He'll have it all in no time.

d by Alter Beats
This next jam is a little more friendly gearing it towards lovely ladies. Every artist gotta have that friendly record to appeal to the ladies. On this one, E-Cashes goes in a little deeper and shows off his songwriting ability and stick to a concept and subject matter. Although the song maybe friendly that doesn't mean its radio friendly but with the right push in the right direction it can be that radio hit. If I was E-Cashes, I would focus more on stepping up the songwriting and building more of a fan base and some sort of street credibility.
Artists nowadays lack the street credibility and the art of battling. I know this is an era of the cyber emcees but we can't forget what makes an emcee a emcee.

(written and produced by: Live One)
Peace to my dude Shawn J. (and no I'm not talking about Shawn J. Period) I'm talking about my big homie, Shawn J (from da plantation) aka Live One. Dis is the, "WHO'S ON THE CORNER?" segment. The corner is where I found half man, half amazing emcee, LIVE ONE. The corner is where this star was born. Hiding his lyrical skills and poetic technic is sumthin' rarely done. Sum1 with mic talent and songwriting ability wouldn't want to let that go to waste. Whether you wanna, "RHIME OR WRITE!" Live One hailing from the borough of Queens. He's THE DESERT'S BEST KEPT SECRET. Str8 outta Jamaica comes Live One to do sumthin' that is rarely done nowadays, drop knowledge, spit barz and write superb lyrics. Alotta NYC media execs claim New York has fallen off and how New York is soft. New York aint soft, New York still gots talent. Live One shows and prove that there is still fire burning. I've known Live One for a few years now and I was recently given the priviledge to sample some material for his forthcoming debut album. The first thing I said after I heard the cd was, "This nigga is not from Jamaica!" No disrespect to Jamaica, Queens but I never heard a emcee from Jamaica spit like this before. Live One sounds more like an emcee coming str8 from the Northside of Queens. Hearing his lyrical finesse made me think of emcees Live One would be well insynced with. Emcees like The Intelligent Hoodlum (b4 he became Tragedy Khadafi), Phife Dawg, Large Professor, Cormega and the LYRICIST OF ALL LYRICIST, NAS! Just solely on the basis of their "Neo-AfroHipHopSoul" swagger.
I'm only talking about the lyrical side of Live One. Live One is also a producer extradinaire soon to rub elbows with the greats like Pete Rock, Skeff Anselm and Extra P. The album is solely written and produced by Live One, hey can you blame him with lyrics like these only an emcee would know how his music should sound and how the arrangements should be layed out. Live One coming thru with a 10 track album leaving you wanting and fiending for more. I have a few favorites off the album, my turntable spinners would be the songs, "Never Fall" and "So Cold". There are 2 others that I like, the songs, "The Payback" this particular record I like for the production. It has a ooooohaaaaa sound in the background as the cymbal smashes against each other. My other fav' would the posse cut, "I'm Back F/ Grandz and Lou Harvey. This song has an Harlem B-boy appeal although the beat shifts off course during the hook giving you an eerie feel as a saxophone plays. There is the song, "Soul Story" some may git confused by the sing songy hook. People often mistake songs with singing in the chorus a tad r & b-ish. "Soul Story", is more prophetic and testimonial. A good majority of the songs on the album are not meant for young listeners. They're not meant for IG-NANT listeners. You gotta be very open-minded and well educated to grasp the intellect and lyrical prowess of Live One. Dis is whut the game's been missing. Live One, THE DESERT'S BEST KEPT SECRET. Pretty soon that secret will be revealed.

Well Dj Handspin Dinero wrapping yet anutha exciting Rusty Jabbz Issue thank you all for joining me and I'll c u next time. Any emcees looking for publicity and promotions hit me up at

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Dj Handspin in the building. I'm on the road today doing it up midwest style. Over the years the Mid West or Central America which ever your terminology preference. I'm going to say Mid West, Mid Westurn emcees have been very influential in hip hop as well as contrib
utors to the genre of this culture. Many Mid Westurn emcees such as Common, Twista, Kanye West, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Shawnna, Ludacris, SpeedKnot Mobstaz, Nelly, Chingy, J-Kwon, Rich Boy all represented hip hop culture to the fullest and did it with great success. Today, I want to talk about another mid westurn state that git lil' props and rekonization for their hardwork and skillz but yet still manage to keep their success. So are you ready to roll with me if so let's go.......

Well, Rusty we're n
ot in New York anymore. It look like we ended up in OZ (Kansas) 70 years later from the movie. Aint no wicked witches around hur' but the corner got wicked bytches, dem hoes probably burning. There's a sound in the air. It sounds like STRANGE MUSIC!!!

Hey look Rusty, do my eyes deceive me, EMCEES and with emcees comes djs comes breakers comes bombers. Put em altogether and you got HIP HOP!!!
Hip Hop in KANSAS who wudda thought. But since I've been hearing about this emcee that goes by the name of Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne who been in the rap game 4 the last 13 yrs been very active from various albums, compilations, mixtapes, collabos, tours, magazine ads but yet I've bared no witness until Apr 26th. Just 2days b4 the release of Tech's latest & newest album, "Sickology 101". I finally heard Tech N9ne in the full. No freestyles, no collabos, no neighborhood street talk about his lyrical skillz. I actually sat down in fro
nt of my computer and listened to his brand new release from the start to the ending and I was impressed. I didn't expect to find real emcees out in the mid west. (Of all places )
So you know me, when Dj Handspin Dinero is feelin' sumthin' imma feel it until I can't feel no more.
Keep in mind this is still all new to me. Tech N9ne coming threw with his team of microphone slingers.... K-Dean, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Potluck, Ron Ron, The Popper, The Boy The Boy Young Mess, Big Scoob, Cash Image, D-loc, The Chop, Craig Smith, Nesto, Big Ben Shadow, 57TH Rogue Dog, Rob Robeck, BG, Bulletwou
nd, Paul Mussan & 816 Boyz. The team is lyrically strapped trading either barz or bullets. Aiming and maiming all sucker emcees from the east to the west, the north to the south and everywhere else in between. To the Strange Music famlee, competition is none.
Tech N9ne delivers a
nutha banger for the streets and the traps of Kansas City, Missouri and to the hoods all over the world. This is Tech's 9th album yo, and I aint here not one. Dj Handspin Dinero is ashamed of himself I usually stay on top of trill niggaz.
The album is a lesson plan of "SICKOLOGY" after hearing it ya whole swagger wud go from flossy to SIK WIT' IT! Normally during this part of the review, I wud point out the songs I like best off the album but I don't know or think I have a b
est song from the album. All the songs on the album are good but what really put the icing on the cake of the album are the skits. The skits are funny as hell. (You will be LYAO) Very rarely do emcees nowadays make skits for their album. My funniest skit off the album would be the "Grammys" and the brief intro and outro on the cut, "Areola". If I was to choose a favorite song off the Sickology 101 album, it'll be "Red Nose". "Red Nose", thats the truest thing to me cuz I can dig it. The whackest song on the Sickology 101 album would be, "Ghetto Love", that sounds too lovey dovey & gay 4 my taste. Overall, dem Kansas City Boyz got SUMTHIN'!' They spit dat real shit just New York spit dat real shit.
So, no matter where we are Rusty theres no place like home. And the home, I'm talking about is HIP HOP!!! And hip hop is STRAANNGGE MUSIIIIIIIIIC!!!!

IN CLOSING: I'm glad you enjoyed this review. I just wanna start off by saying, what separate
s Tech N9ne and the rest of the Strange music roster and family. Is the fact that they do not rhyme like, flow like, act like or sound like your typical mid-westurn, southern style emcees. No, No Limit bout it, bout it shit. No Cash Money bling, bling shit. You won't hear none of that. Tech N9ne and the Strange Music fam sound kinda like the way they're expected to sound. Being from Kansas City, Missouri and fallin' in the middle of The United States, they pretty much feed off both the east coast and the west coast and the durty durty south.
I'm going to being real and let you know, the rap/hip hop alliance I would compare or put Strange music on the same level with would be crews like Wu Tang Clan and The Dungeon family. Liste
ning to this Tech N9ne, Sickology felt like I'm listening to some Wu shit or sum Dungeon shit. So everybody out there its time to git SICK!
4.50 JABBZ

It's Dj Handspin Dinero and Rusty still on our Mid-Westurn tour trying to find real hip hop in the Mid West. We just got finish reviewing my man, Tech N9ne and the Strange music clan.
Me and Rusty, we're now in Chicago, Illinois about to check out these new up and coming underground emcees that goes by the name of No1 and 2nd Thought. The
album belongs to No1 and 2nd Thought is doing a guest appearance on the album. I'm not sure if No1 is actually from Chi-town due to the heavy U.K. accent but his right hand man 2nd Thought reps the Windy City. I kinda figure that out from the city anthem, "Chicago" that 2nd Thought spits off the album. The album comes fully equipped with raw, uncut productions taking back it to the good ol' days bringing you that generic feeling of hip hop. After listening to this album you would be a b-boy in ur b-boy stance on 1-2-5. Its a blast from the past but a move toward the future. Whether No1 and 2nd Thought would have a hip hop mainstream future. It doesn't matter because they currently secure a seat in hip hop. The songs on the album are good for that traditional backpack, nerd rap. My 2 favorite joints off the, "Global Warming" cd, that I love to bang and burn in the club are the radio attempts of "Around The Block", a solo joint by 2nd Thought and "Bumpin" by No1 f/ Agelikki. Those are the only club bangerz on the album so you see there is potential for mainstream success in the future but right, No1 is gonna spread his, "Global Warming" str8 thru underground.

4.50 JABBZ

Hey, Dj Handspin Dinero and Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group is about get up out of here ending yet another entry of our April 2009 Rusty Jabbz Blog Mag.

Remember emcees keep dem albums coming for review and ratings by your Favorite Writer's Favorite Writer , Dj Handspin Dinero

Before, I go I wanna send a birthday shout out to my maker. Happy Birthday Dad. Happy Birthday to Too Short and Big Gipp of The Goodie Mob.
Till next time we out! PEACE!!

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What's poppin' its Your favorites writer, favorite writer, Dj Handspin Dinero up in hur' to wish everyone a happy good friday and a happy easter fo' show.


I wanna give a phat shout out to JADAKISS new album in stores this week (April 7th), "THE LAST KISS". This is not even an official review this some impromptu shit I wrote. Str8 off the head cuz dats how ILLY I'am with the literature. Jadakiss, 3rd album release. Jada supplying fiery of the east coast with New York raw rhymes. An exceptional emcee that should be on the ballot for KING OF NEW YORK. Jada comes with tight production provided by Swizz, Alchemist, Poobs, The Inkredibles and others. The album is a grand slam. I give it 4.5 jabbz, I would of gave it 5 but alotta rap and bullshit on the album for the radio kinda fucked up his lyrical vibe. Jada did keep his word, like he said on Dj Clue's Professional 3 album. "Learn how to switch ya style up and go southpaw". Which he did but the illest east coast/southern collabo was when Jada teamed up with Mr Young Money, Lil Wayne on the grand finale of the album's cut, "Death Wish". Be on the look out for OJ Da Juiceman in the near future. OJ who traded verbalz with Jada & Swizz on the song, "Who's Real". I don't know who's real but I do know OJ Da Juiceman in a couple of more months he will be DAT DEAL! Da album gave da listeners on whut a New York Emcee should sound like for New York or to represent New York. A well crafted mix of the streets, the parties and the bitches. Can't forget da bitches. We need da bitches cuz with out them whose gonna buy the album.

Let's step away from Jada for a minute and talk about Def Jam records. I notice alotta changes in the Def Jam office administration and alotta ex fans disappointed with the once A-LIST label. The new Def Jam are making the legacy of the original Def Jam crumble brick by brick. What is happening with rapping? Muh' fuckaz can't put profanity on album covers anymore. The original name of Jada's album was supposed to be called, "Kiss my Ass" but due its graphic nature it wasn't suitable for the public. A fuckin' album cover, do you how many artists released albums with a derogatory title in hip hop history. Since when does hip hop care about the public. I thought hip hop was the voice of the young, the voice of the streets, the voice of trappers, hustlahz, gangstas and thugs. Since when did hip hop start censoring album covers. It began in 2008 with Nas. Def Jam would not allow Nas to title his album, "Nigger" because of all the controversy around that word. Black people been called the word NIGGER for so long we think its our name. Theres worst words we've been called before to me the word, NIGGER is PG13. We been called all types of shit from JIGGABOO, PORCHE MONKEY, KUNTA, KOON, SAMBO, BO' JANGLES and the list went and goes on and on and is still going on. Them CRACKAZ hate us, they call us everything disrespectful and derogatory so don't start acting like a BITCH over the word NIGGER!

Whats up with B. E. T., they lost their soul just like Def Jam did. I know its a quote on quote supposedly family network. But come on, they need to stop tripping over this censorship mess. Which I find is odd. B. E. T. syndicates past shows from primary networks like The Parkers, Girlfriends and The Game. Everytime your about to hear simple curses or swears. Words like DAM, HELL, BITCH. These are PG curse words not as harsh and vulgar as the word SHIT, FUCK or MOTHER FUCKER. But B. E. T. edits those words. See the odd thing is all those shows that B. E. T. syndicates came from regular network television. (FREE TV TO BE EXACT) Networks like MY9 and CW allowed those words to be aired live. B. E. T. network which is a cable network of all places for GODSAKE doesn't allow it. You would think there would be no restrictions due to the fact that there on cable. It just amazes me at times, how NETWORK TV IS MORE REALER AND THOROUGH THAN BASIC CABLE! (You would think it'll be the other way around.)










Those are our Black Entertainers who are or haved celebrated there birthdays so far for the month of April. Stay tuned till next time. We'll bring more celebritty birthday shout outs.

This will do for now until next time stay focused on RUSTY JABBZ the magazine about HIP HOP, CULTURE, POLITICS AND ENTERTAINMENT.

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Dj Handspin in the place to be once again bringing exciting hip hop blogs all through the month of April 2009. Today our first entry of the month feature will be focused on the MEGA MAN, Cormega Montana but before I do that I gotta send phat shouts to all my peoples that are celebrating their birthdays this month.


1. Lance Heller April 3rd
2. Chantilly April 4th
3. Francina Girard April 7th
4. Jason Joseph Wright April 27th
5. My Dad, April 28th

Happy Birthday to a few of my peoples that celebrating their birthdays for the month of April so far. The month aint over. Surely I will have more April Birthday shouts outs as the month goes on.

See this man up above stay focus on the realness and QB's finest, CORMEGA MONTANA!


This is Dj Handspin Dinero reporting to you live from SOBs on this Wednesday night, April 8, 2009 on the dancefloor waiting for the rebirth of Cormega Montana. (Y' all remember him the Underground King Of Rap Shit). It's been a minute since 'Mega dropped an album. Approximately 7 years since his last album. What Mr Montana been doing for those last 7 years. I don't have the foggiest idea but what I do know Cormega did have a child within that 7 year hiatus time (a daughter I believe) as well relocating to HOTlanta. Where the bitches and the cars drive around all year with the titties out.

Tonight is a special night for Cormega. It's a press release party set up by my homegurl, Jackie-O. Yo Jackie good looking out on tonight cuz ma, you didn't have 2 hook a brutha up but you did, dat wuz peace.

I arrived up in SOBs at 8ypm walking into a realm of real hip hop as Dj John bang out the GOLDEN ERA classics although the fucked up when he played that Bone Crusher record, ehh bad move. Needless to say it wuz a good feelin' everytime I heard the bass heavy real hip hop pounding wall to wall. Its been a minute since Dj Handspin been in da public eye it wuz a great experience. It's nice to know I still got the New York B/D-boy look. You know, jeans-sneakers-hoodies-and the icing on the cake the B-ball cap. Aint no attire is complete without da B-ball cap on da domepiece.

I'm having a good time listening to the fiery of old school and throwback jamz but the downfall to coming 2 a real hip hop event is da lack of TAIL! Neva enuff tail in da building.

This show will showcase a few of Cormega's new material from the forthcoming album, "BORN AND RAISED". (Date To Be Determined). Right now I'm gettin a lil' tipsey and politikin and building all through the crowd. I'm really enjoying myself but inna few minutes imma have to raise up and head back to MEDINA. You know da deal, I'm a slave, I gotta be at THE PLANTATION 2mmorrow by 930 or else my slave master will dock my pennies. You know how dat goes. So if I don't git 2 hear any of Mr Montana's new material, it doesn't matter cuz I know 'Mega and I know his work so I know it'll be good. I alwayz supported Cormaga. Well, except dat 1 time but come on let's be real, 'Mega vs Nas (yeah right). I know you didn't think you wuz gonna win. Although I did like that 1 line from the song, "Get Out My Way" that went like this, "Stop screaming what set you claim if u don't come around the way no more". I like that line cuz I dedicate dat line 2 alotta niggaz dat still act like my hood still luv them.

Aint this about a bitch, just when I said I wuz about to bounce here comes Cormega to take the stage. Once dat happened the amped up crowd wuz in da building but paparazzi wuz out of da building Mr Montana made it clear he aint want no pictures or filming of his performance due to leaks on the internet. You know how grimey New York niggaz git. There wuz a time during Cormega's performance where SOBs security toss a kid out the club 4 attempted BOOTLEGGIN! I feel 'Mega, the god is blessing us with the event it was a priviledge to us New Yorkers to hear some exclusive Cormega in the works. I was hurt too the fool didn't want me to give him an interview so I feel y' all. But you gotta respect the artists wishes.

Cormega began his performance settin' it off with the Dj Premier produced, "The Streets is a dirty game" an old Cormega song. I musta heard like 6 exclusive Cormega joints before I made my exit back to BUCKTOWN. The best songs I heard wuz this Pete Rock produced track called, "Live and you Learn". It wuz a hard thumping boom bap beat with repetitive chants for the hook that recites, "IT IS WHAT IT IS, IT AINT WHAT IT WAS". I like that record that wuz one of those wild out records to spazz too. There was anutha song Cormega had that was produced by Ayatollah dedicated to all the chronic smokers which wuz cool. By the way AYATOLLAH was also in the building. Cormega had 2 more tracks I like 1 wuz done by Havoc, a song he dedicated 2 his newborn lil' gurl and there wuz a Lil' Fame track that wuz off da chain, it wuz jazzy track with alotta saxophone percussions in it (Fizzy Wo steppin' it up on the production tip) I just don't know the name of any of his songs. Its funny, Cormega performed alotta songs from his upcoming album but didn't mention the names of the songs he wuz performing. Cor' wuzn't playin' when he said, he wanted this performance discreet only for a chosen few heads that got 2 witness the exclusives. Duke didn't even have test pressing copies printed up of his album. 'Mega wuzn't playin' he's making sure his album don't git leaked.

I wuz sorry, I had to bail on the show but u know da deal. I'm not fortunate like Cormega to git paper and not even have to go to a 9 to 5 to git it. But be on that look out for CORMEGA'S HIGHLY HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ALBUM, "BORN AND RAISED" dropping sometime this year. The album comes fully equipped with production from some of the greatest producers whoever touched a board: Dj Premier, Large Professor, Havoc, Lil' Fame, Pete Rock and I'm not sure if he mentioned J. Love or J. Waxx did work on the album most likely its J. Waxx Garfield. I know 'Mega worked with J. Waxx in the past.

Before I go I just wanna say I enjoyed myself. I had a great time listening to parts of the album and watching Cormega's performance. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the album and spread the word as well. To Jackie O, I wanna thank you once again and give you much love and respect 4 hooking me up so I can be able to do this review. DAT WUZ REAL TRILL OF YOU!!!

Dj Handspin Dinero