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PILLARS OF HIP HOP 3: CARIBBEAN CONNECTION TO HIP HOP I had plans today that I thought would have lasted throughout the day. I wanted to spend sometime with my father at Graceland Memorial Park in Kenilworth. Things didn't go quite as planned. My trip wasn't well planned at all. It's been seven months since the demise of my father. A burden its been on me and the rest of the family. Instead of remaining in this sulking mood. I decided to do something, the only thing that Dj Handspin Dinero would do and that's take his father out for a night on the town. I'll just celebrate his life and memory as if he was here. I don't want to be at home alone tonight on my father's birthday. C'mon, Dad let's bounce!
Where can I go tonight? Hmmm, I have an interests in making a Caribbean connection, this evening sort of like the same Caribbean connection my father made when he met my mother, 37 years ago. Except, this will not be a romantic Caribbean connection. This is an, "CARIBBEAN CONNECTION TO HIP HOP!" This is great, I can't wait. The last time, I heard one of those was '96 Big Pun's "Capital Punishment" album, LOL! However, I think Fokus may have something great in mind with the theme of the evening, "PILLARS OF HIP HOP 3: CARIBBEAN CONNECTION TO HIP HOP!!!"
I came in the door, no, no, no, that's Rakim's line I can't use that. Okay, I got it. How about, I kick through the door, no, no, no, that's Kay Slay's line. What am I smoking? Jacking a line from Kay Slay. Okay, got this for sure. I crept through the door, after a 20 minute walk from the westside to the eastside.... thanks once again our beloved NYC Transit System for the removal of the 4 and 5 trains this weekend. I loved it so much that it cost me a shot at being apart of this evening's panel. I'll try and fit in 10 minutes of left over panel time in my issue.
I may not have much to discuss. Why should I let that get me down, might as well get drunk take some pictures. I notice they are a lot of hip hop archives hung throughout the room. Speaking of room, you people don't crack windows anymore, lol. It's boiling hot in here but don't let that take me away from what I was talking about. Archives of hip hop's early years in the BX. I'm not sure if I should to take any pictures. Due to the type of camera I'm carrying. It only seems right though to take a few pictures. A lot of the pictures showcase artists and djs, well mainly djs from the early 70s all the way through to the early 80s. To think, a lot of this was taking place when I was between the ages of 5 and 6. I didn't know anything about hip hop at those ages. My favorite record, back then was Olivia Newton-John "Let's Get Physical". Which would explain a lot. I always wished I was born a little earlier, I would of love to partake in pretty much everything that I'm seeing on the walls in these photographs. There no different than the photographs I take today of a hip hop emcee and dj performing. The only difference, to me... I would have been apart of history. One of the originators that created our culture. Can't anything beat that.
Forgive me everyone if I start slurring my words. Uh, man what am I doing? Who mixes Oreo cookies and Red Stripe, massive internal injuries later on. So if you come across any misspelled words in this issue perhaps its due to my intoxication. I gotta give a shout out though to, Mi-Isla Coquito, thank y'all for the delicious island beverages. I loved my Oreo cookies! I want to thank Fokus for the meal if that's what's its called and cinnamon sticks. Although, I don't know anyone who sucks cinnamon that is not................ You know, what that's a conversation for another blog. Let me saved that for queerazspin.
Through the course of the evening I seem to be having a bit of a problem. I'm noticing on certain photographs I can't help but to see the reflection of the ceiling light appear in a few of the photographs, hanging on the wall. Forgive me for the poor quality, you know Dj Handspin Dinero delivers much better than that. I will make it up to you in forthcoming issues.
The time is whinding down, I been here half the night. Once again, I apologize for my late arrival. I just wish I could have been here for the panel talk. I was here all night... taking notes, taking pictures, getting drunk and not a peep from me. Being, "THE INCOGNITO BLOGGER" I'am, it's almost a shame to leave but a wiseman once said.... "IF YOU FIND SOMETHING, YOU LOVE TO DO. YOU'LL NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE!!!"
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THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL DIRECTED BY: JOHN MADDEN I've been spending too much time in the Times Square section a lot lately. I haven't spent so much time in this area ever. A lot have been going down in Times Square. For instance, I would like to extend my hand of gratitude toward the MEN Event, specifically for this past monday's event. The 8th year anniversary that took place at xl. Thank you and xoxoxo for an wonderful evening. This evening, I don't know what's going down but I hear there's sex in the city. I can partake in some of that, right about now. Live screening of "THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL" showing at the Regal-E. I'm not sure, what the film is all about. I'll find out, once arrived. The only thing I do know, it sounds FREAKY!! Thanks, once again MEN Event y'all really know how to hook a brother up, smooches. The Best Exotic Marigold stars Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Dev Patel, Tom Wilkinson and Maggie Smith. Can anyone tell me, what is an marigold? Do anyone know, what a marigold is? Don't rack your brains, I didn't know either. Marigold's are several unrelated golden-flowered plants of the genus. To those who may not understand, what a genus is? A genus are the class or group of individuals of species consisting of a family or sub-family classifications. If you are still puzzled by the definition I will clear things up through the course of this review publication. Yuk!, excuse me I'm not referring to the film I just saw. That was in reference to the large tub of popcorn soaked in butter. Talk about high cholesterol I keep forgetting, I'm not your average New York City movie goer. I did, enjoy my large cup of root beer along with a refill of fruit punch. I enjoyed the movie as well even though I missed the opening credits. I just want to start by saying, immediately.... what makes tonight's presentation so splendid to me its because it's not my typical entertainment line up. I find it best, when once in awhile we step outside of our original boxes and go in search of new discoveries. You will be amazed at what you come across. Take tonight's broadcast screening. I, for one thought the title fit the premise "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". If you can recall earlier in the issue. Yes indeed, I had my heart set on some sexual healing. I must apologize to the MEN Event for assuming the contents of this film were homosexual due to the type of organization. My total mis-expection triggered the curiosity even more. The movie is supposed to show something that we as people take advantage of most frequently. No, its not love neither money. However, love is something that is taken advantage of as well. This movie doesn't focus on the basis of love. The main concept of the movie, "ELDERLY!" Okay, before everyone start to get on the internet and phones, reaching out to support groups and activist groups for my politically incorrect use of the word. People hear the word, elderly and all of a sudden they start to get the heebee geebeez. An elderly person should be a respectable person with years of history, knowledge and wisdom to share from generation to generation. Often times its never that way. This is what, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" is all about. The movie shows, spearing and restoring their or whatever lives and moving it forth to a new life. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, is an metaphor to mean elderly heaven or elderly paradise. Although at the early onset of the movie it didn't seem much like paradise once the residents arrived. You have seven individuals from England who were sent to India to seek residency for six months under doctor's orders at this, "MARIGOLD HOTEL FOR THE ELDERLY AND BEAUTIFUL". Only when they arrive the place isn't what they seen in the catalogs and on websites. The owner of the establishment, Sunny who is this overexerted, over enthusiastic entrepreneur that never got the place looking the exact same way he photoshopped it online. By the residence arrival, Marigold Hotel was still under renovations. Everyone there basically had to rough it out. At that point of the film. I like the director for its approach. The movie shared an resemblance with the 48 year old sitcom classic "Gilligan's Island". Sherwood Schwartz, I see your seven castaways to John Madden's seven retirees. How about Gilligan's Island to Marigold Hotel, both in which shows a sense of vacancy and abandonment. Both, also showing that they were able to cope through the hard times and difficult situations. The end result; love and success. I'm not just talking love for themselves or within there direct family. At the start of this movie, you had seven individuals. Okay let's call them strangers because honestly that is what they were. Each party had there own doctor. Marigold Hotel was supposed to be some sort of retirement village prescribed by there doctors. The uniqueness was how they met. Each family flew into the country on the same flight, coming from England. All of a sudden there flight to India is delayed. Now you have seven total strangers sitting side by side one another in a row, stranded in a airport with there outgoing luggage waiting for the continuing flight. This is the example of a "MARIGOLD" and "GENUS". I don't want to get to carried away next thing you know I'm telling you the whole movie. If anyone has any interests, whether you seen tonight's screening or your looking forward to the opening date May 04th. You can visit I thank everyone, who came out here tonight to see this film. Whether you like it or not, this was a good flick there's no denying that. I just hope that everyone that did come out here for this free screening, remember the film opens May 04th so hopefully you'll come back and support it. I know, I will and trust me. I wouldn't say that if I didn't think this was such a great movie. Before, I go... I would like to recite these last words: "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT IN THE END IF ITS NOT ALRIGHT THEN ITS NOT THE END"........ SUNNY CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1347789-4543 Cellular: 1646339-4981 Cellular: 1347902-4543 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Vlog:

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OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PRESENTS GROOVE MUSIC the art and culture of the HIP HOP DJ by Mark Katz Have no idea, where I'm going this evening. So many things going down this evening. I can't be in two places at once, two weeks prior was invited to tonight's press conference at Oxford University Press for the release and Q n A of Mark Katz's GROOVE MUSIC the art and culture of the HIP HOP DJ. Then, this morning I received an invite to the Apple Store-Soho location for the S.W.V. press conference of their new album, "I Missed Us". Sometimes I wish I had a twin brother or at least a clone. A clone would really help me especially with me being a bi-sexual. I'll have the clone on the "female team" and I'll continue on the "male team", lmao. Anyway about tonight's event I taken an interests in Mark Katz's new book. I would like to hear about it. As well as, what was written about the history of the dj. A lot of my viewers tend to forget that I'm an d.j. I know, its been a moment since "Your Favorite Dj's, favorite dj" blessed the one and two's and the crowds. Have no fear, Dj Handspin Dinero will be back faster than y'all can pronounce the word "LEVETIRACETAM!"
This isn't what I expected, then again when is anything, something I expect. Don't get me wrong, I knew a party was going to take place within the compounds of the Oxford University Press. I just, never figured it would of been the whole evening. I guess its okay, who can resist this spicing beef and chicken on a stick... "WATER!" "WATER!" I need water. Just kidding, I'm actually having a good time. We have beer, wine, water, hors d'oeuvres being served by servers. Okay, I do not know much about this scholar, Mark Katz. Whoever, he is... he's getting first class treatment tonight. If he's a writer and some sort of scholar, I suppose he's use to this first class treatment. First class treatment is something I rarely receive. I should be thanking him and the Oxford University Press for making this night happen. Okay, Mr Katz let me check out your book here. I see plenty of your books lying around. Thank you for the promotional gift of your book. I would love to rate and review this book but come on everyone knows me and books. Even my own my mother, she was shocked I was coming out this evening to an event that involves literature. I will eventually get to the book but at my own leisure. Okay, this is where I say, my goodbyes. I have another engagement to attend too. Which doesn't lessen the value of this event. It's just how I roll, Dj Handspin Dinero "MULTI-BLOGGER!"
I know, I had a good time at the Oxford University Press. I'm just, sorry I had to cut everything short and leave. I needed to get down to the Apple Store. S.W.V, had made a come back and they're having a press conference at the Apple Store on their new album. It didn't mean anything though, once I arrived. Introducing, S.W.V. new release "I Missed Us". Which was pretty much what happen with me. I missed them. Everything was over. That Dj Handspin clone would have came in handy for an evening like this. I would like to thank, the Industry Co Sign for inviting me this evening. I'm just sorry, I couldn't kill two birds with one stone. To Lana Goldsmith, thank you love for the invite and for a lovely evening. To Mark Katz, the man of the hour, thank you for that shout out... WOW! I didn't expect it considering it was our first time meeting, this evening. You shouted me out along with hip hop pioneer dj, Grand Wizard Theodore that was very nice of you. This night I will never forget. To the Scratch Dj Academy for your support and contributions with this evening's affairs. To my readers and viewers, the one's who make Dj Handspin and Rusty Jabbz, the blog that it is... I'll forever love y'all.
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Nas - Another Black Girl Lost.mp3 - Hulk Share - Music Distribution Platform

Nas - Another Black Girl Lost.mp3 - Hulk Share - Music Distribution Platform

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_Hottest Out

_Hottest Out Brand new from Kanye West and Big Sean the hottest out, besides your favorite site

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BROOKLYN BODEGA Presents HEAVY D: THE OVERWEIGHT LOVER TO NOTORIOUS B.I.G. They always say, "curiosity kills cat!" I don't know, anything about curiosity killing a cat. What I do know, is the last time a brother like myself had a touch of curiosity. I ended up, playing on both fields if you get my grift. Nonetheless, I've been sitting and thinking for the past hour or so, whether or not I should attend the Heavy D Tribute that Brooklyn Bodega was nice enough to set up for another one of hip hop's finest emcee and entertainer. I decided to attend, I wanted to show my appreciation to the late, great Heavy D. A man, I admired my whole childhood along with others. This is how the game is played, we're here one day and gone the next. It is only right for anyone via fan, friend, family, confidant or business associate to come out tonight and pay your homage to the "OVERWEIGHT LOVER, HEAVY D!" The show is wrapping up soon, I'am super late. I'm sorry jabb viewers its my fault. I got lost, I walk to Cobble Hill, instead of Brooklyn Heights. Can you blame me? This is all new to me, boo'gee white people, boo'gee black people living in brownstones. The closest I ever came to this neighborhood was from watching, The Cosby Show and Living Single. What the heck? You mean to tell me, I rushed down here and its almost over and they don't even have the decency to serve refreshments or beverages. Well, there isn't much I can say, in only ten minutes of a presentation. Wait, I almost forgot whose typing this. They don't call me, "Your Favorite Writer's Favorite Writer" for nothing. If anyone can make a ten minute viewing of this evening's press conference and make it sound like I've been there for the whole two hours..... Well, I hate to braaaagggg!!!! but its me. As much as I would want to, it is improper and goes against my journalistic integrity to embellish an issue. Besides its not fair to my viewers. I would like to thank, hip hop icon Dj Marley Marl and journalist icon, Datwon Thomas the guests on this evening's panel and to Wes Jackson for leading the panel. Since I can't talk about what happened at the press conference. However, I can talk about "the man of evening.....HEAVY D" and what were my thoughts about him as an emcee, entertainer, actor from 1987 to 2011. Let's just say, I bloomed onto Heavy D at an late start. I never had an awareness to the "Livin' Large" album. I always thought, "Big Tyme" was his debut album. What a great album it was, not realizing its his sophomore presentation. The "Big Tyme" album hit stores everywhere in 1989 scoring a remarkable platinum success. In them days, an artist or fan didn't know anything about gold or platinum successes. The only thing, we cared about were the music and the artist's lyrics. The selling status of an artist that wasn't something we had to worry about until this person showed up and infested hip hop for several years. However, everything previously involving hip hop ran on a smooth and talented pace. I use the word, talented because emcees, back then that's what they were. Take Heavy D, he was an extraordinary performer, dancer, you name it. Just a hell of an entertainer or entertainment multi-tasker, lol! Let's face it, the man rapped, sang, danced and my favorite the rub o dub style. All molded into one humanbeing. No disrespect to Biggie Smalls, no matter how great he was I don't think anyone ever seen Biggie do half of what I mentioned about Heavy D's talent. No one can not say, they seen The Big Poppa dance on stage, sing (without using autotunes) and most definitely no one ever, seen Biggie rub o dub. The closest, Biggie came to a rub o dub was when they threw bottles at him in Kingston, Jamaica during a Stone Love Sound Clash. God still bless the dead. I didn't come here to throw dirt onto The Notorious B.I.G. I love, Biggie Smalls just as much as anyone. I'm only making comparisons among the two. Afterall, tonight is called "FROM THE OVERWEIGHT LOVER TO NOTORIOUS B.I.G.!" These two individuals were so uncanny from the emergence of Heavy D in 1987 to the emergence of Notorious B.I.G. in 1994. Heavy D, put in fifteen years of success, before Notorious B.I.G's debut. It was as if a prequal to what's about to come. It's a shame, though that Notorious B.I.G. couldn't put in the same amount of veteran years as The Hevster due to his untimely death. 1994, may have been the best of Heavy D with the release of "Nuthin' But Love". I have a feeling, Heavy D may have seen it himself. After the release of "Nuthin' But Love" there was a three year gap period. Where Heavy D, returned to the music industry and hip hop scene in 1997 with "Waterbed Hev". There were label trouble I expect. He was no longer carrying the Uptown/ MCA branch. By then MCA has defunct and Universal taken over all there projects and client lists. Still, Uptown though. By 1997, the game have changed dramatically and drastically. We are talking about a culture that was born in the streets and is known for its arts, lyrics, talent and respect. Later became a hip hop version of Sadam and Gomora. Where all that mattered was, how much units you think we can move? How much do you think this artist is worth? How much you sold on your first week? How much you sold this week? It gotten more about the business and less about the culture, so less that even the artist themselves were hypnotized. Artist starting getting more business orientated and forgetting about the ethics of hip hop. Despite all the corruption taken place within the hip hop culture. "THE OVERWEIGHT LOVER REMAINED IN THE HOUSE!!!" Heavy D, remained in the house for another fourteen years, before his unfortunate death. During that time, he manage to release three albums of an acquired taste nature. The reason why I say that acquired taste because hearing Heavy D's last three album releases. You must understand, your average Heavy D fan, the one who grew up to his music may not be acceptable to the direction in which he was going. On the otherhand, you'll have your longtime Heavy D fan, who is so happy to hear his music once again despite his new direction. I never gotten a chance to hear all three. You have "HEAVY" his 1999 release on Universal. Then, you have "Vibes" his 2008 release and "Love Opus" his 2011 release. "Love Opus", was released last year only two months prior to his death. Heavy D did manage to get off nine albums in his twenty four years among other things such as movie and tv deals. The last television performance I can recall seeing, Heavy D in was Law and Order:SVU and I'm not going to ever forget that line he made famous on the show. It was a scene where, Det Benson had pulled him over in his SUV and he commented by saying "Your going to give me a DWB.... Driving While Black". Lol, that was funny. My favorite, Heavy D roll was when he played a drug dealer in New Jersey Drive. I didn't know, he can act that hard. I found it intriguing, sort of similar to his hardcore appeal in the "Who's The Man?" video. A rough and rugged song completely opposite of Heavy D but as I mentioned earlier the man had talent, he made it happen like that. It truly is a loss in hip hop to be losing our well established artists, our well respected artists and can't forget our well talented artists. I do not have a problem with mourning the loss of a true blue, heartfelt emcee and writing about it. It's the garbage emcees you'll never hear me speak about. Heavy D is far way from garbage, nuthin' smell bad off of him. I take pride in honoring the man known to us all as THE HEVSTER!!!!!
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DJ HANDSPIN DINERO INTERVIEWING DUJEOUS I would like to thank everyone for being here. What you are about to see is probably one of the best interviews I ever done. I'm not just saying that either, what makes this interview the best. It's been quite some time since I had the opportunity to sit down with an official hip hop live band or hip hop anything. Dujeous are one of New York's pioneers and greatest. It feels good to be among pure hip hop elements. The whole nature of my interview, its not even gonna be a interview. It's just going to be Dj Handspin Dinero hangin' out in the dressing room, kickin' it with Dujeous, before showtime. Now can y'all dig that. I was hoping everyone would have been back here. Mas D, stepped out. Who else is missing, I believe Taylormade, Daveguy, Tomek. With us, right now we have Mojo The Cinematic, Rheturik and Apex. Right now, I think I done stepped in a pile of shit. I'm in a room with a bunch of dudes getting themselves ready for tonight's album release party to their release "Day In Day Out". They just got themselves finished with the soundcheck, now there in the middle of putting together tonight's rsvp list, (an updated version). I'll try not to get in their way too much. 01.SPIN: The computer giving you problems over there. 02.MOJO: Nuh,its the powersource. You have a mac? 03.SPIN: Nuh, I wish I kinda been stuck with PCs all my life. 04.MOJO: I like mac don't get me wrong but the powersource on this shit. My shit is old anyway. It gives out mad quick. 05.SPIN: Oh Dam, cause I was gonna get a mac. Cause my pc gives out too much. 06.SPIN: Word I haven't heard D'Angelo in a minute is he still alive. 07.MOJO: He is still alive, he is actually back alive that muh fuckah like was close to not being alive. 08.SPIN: How long is your set? 09.APEX: An hour 10.SPIN: Is that one of your videos? 11.RHETURIK: Yeah! 12.MOJO: Where you from? 13.SPIN: I'm from Brooklyn. 14.MOJO: What part of Brooklyn? 15.SPIN: FLATBUSH! 16.MOJO: FLATBUSH! 17.SPIN: Quazzar, he had to move to Atlanta. 18.MOJO: Oh, he moved to Atlanta. I didn't know that. 19.SPIN: Oh, he got married, recently. 20.MOJO: Quazzar, that was my dude. 21.SPIN: He been living down there for like the past two years or maybe longer than that. He been down there for awhile and my other partner, Amor. She does Rusty Jabbz too but she does it on tumblr. 22.MOJO: She does it, I didn't know Rusty Jabbz was still around. 23.SPIN: Yeah, but we do it on the internet. We just don't do it on the newsletter. Like I do it on blogspot. She does it on tumblr. 24.MOJO: So you gotta split it up on Rusty Jabbz still, that's crazy. I used to be like into that newsletter. 25.SPIN: I'm just like the only one that's doing the journalism part of it. Amor just doing the photographs. I do, both the photography and the journalism. Which I don't mine, I love writing, writing is like talking. I like to talk and I like to write. 26.SPIN: Hold on, so you guys going on at 27.MOJO: Yeah, Yeah we goin' on by 10. 28.SPIN: So you guys got any openings acts, before you. 29.MOJO: Nuh just djs.... Dj Parlay and Dj Concern are goin' to get on. 30.SPIN: So you guys doin' the whole night. Isn't that kind of stingy. 31.MOJO: I'm sayin' yo, it's a party. You know how long it took to do this record, yo. 32.SPIN: Nuh, I'm just messing with you. 33.MOJO: Seriously, though I think the party part..... 34.SPIN: Nuh, that's even better. I rather just see one act. 35.MOJO: Yeah, I can't wait to perform and do that and everything for the people but the party part of it. Is like, its supposed to be a celebration tonight, I just wanna make sure. 36.SPIN: Because if you have too many acts. Then you got one act hogs it more than the other, everybody want to steal the spotlight. Yeah, you can't have too many of those. Too many of those opening acts. I want to thank, Mojo and I apologize if maybe anything that you said, was printed on this blog. You see what I just done. I created, a pre-interview of Dujeous. When in actuality, all it was a recording of a one on one conversation between Dujeous member' Mojo and I. Why, I did this you may ask. Well I seen that Dujeous was on a time limit. I had fear that, the interview wouldn't be possible. I had to play my F.B.I. role. It is things like these that makes me, "Your Favorite Writer's Favorite Writer!" We can actually move onto to the official interview. Dujeous, manage to squeeze in some time before the opening doors to knock this out. DUJEOUS INTERVIEW BY DJ HANDSPIN DINERO 01.SPIN: It's not much questions. I would say, introduce the members of the group but um half the group is not here. Introduce who's here and who's not here. 02.MOJO: Mojo The Cinematic, one of the emcees of Dujeous 03.RHETURIK: Rheturik, another emcee 04.APEX: Apex bass player/ producer and not here. We have Taylormade, guitar/ producer, we have Mas D, one of the emcees, we have Tomek Jones work on drums, Dave Guy on trumpet. You know, once you get to all of us. Your intro gets warmer. 05.SPIN: I basically wanna talk about the album pretty much. You know, I'm not going to be like most journalist and talk where you been. I'm going to talk about tonight's performance because that's what I'm focusing on. Because after I leave here, I'm going to go downstairs and prepare tonight's article because that's how I do, Word. So, you know let's talk about tonight and the album. You know and what do you guys expect from tonight's event. 06.RHETURIK: Well if the rsvp list is any indication. We are expecting a good turn out tonight. Drom is a cool venue I seen a couple of other artist here. The sound is good, the vibe is good. We just gonna enjoy tonight you know and celebrate the fact. We actually pushed this ah baby out. Which is day and day help. 07.APEX: IT WAS A BREECH BABY!!! 08.MOJO: that was a official fucking, C-SECTION, yo 09.APEX: complications but its looking like its going to be a healthy baby album. 10.SPIN: LOL! DAM! I'm dying to hear it you know. I think the last product I ever heard from you guys I believe um... I know it was a mixtape. I know, you guys put out a lot of mixtapes. My man, Quazzar could vouch on that. I know, if it wasn't for him. I would have never heard of Dujeous. He was the one that put me on to you guys. 11.MOJO: Yeah, Yeah, no Quazzar was always that cat, always that cat that would be outside the Dujeous's Show with the boombox so the show can continue. 12.RHETURIK: Always in our corner. "PEACE TO QUAZZAR!".... many, many freestyle cyphers over Quazzar's beat box, I could promise you that lol. 13.SPIN: So, what's the album about? Is this a member of Dujeous? 14.DUJEOUS: (simultaneously screaming)........ JONES!!!! 15.SPIN: What's up man, Dj Handspin 16.SPIN: What kind of liquor you got?.... Don't worry, this is not P.G. This is RATED X! This is blogspot I curse on the blog. My viewers, you know they know about me. You don't gotta worry about that. 17.DUJEOUS: RATED X!!! 18.SPIN: Ok, let's talk about the album. You guys wanna run down the songs or certain songs. Or you know.... 19.APEX: We got some ill guest on the album for sure. You know, our first album didn't really have any guest alright. No guest. 20.SPIN Actually, that sounds like a plus. I hate guest, man. You making it sound like a bad thing, lmao. 21.APEX: Nuh!, Nuh! not at all. 22.MOJO: I agree, here's the thing. It's like we've been doing this for a real long time. When we did that record I was from city limits, it was like very, very personal. Where we basically, locked ourselves in the studio like every weekend and like we be there overnight. The next day and overnight again and come out like vampires and shit and like. You know, we just did it ourselves whatever. But from doing this music as long as we have we just created a lot of good relationships. Instead of it being like, yo like we need to get this person on our record. Like how much can we pay to get a Cam'ron verse. Like, I was just saying Cam'ron. But it was more like you know natural. 23.JIGSAW: I feel like the mob, duke coming in through the kitchen. 24.MOJO: (screaming) JIGSAW THE PUZZLER!!!! 25.DUJEOUS: Peace to Jigsaw, he's on the register. 26.SPIN: Yeah, I seen him on the register.... Peace fam, Dj Handspin! 27.JIGSAW: Dj Handspin, nice to meet you man. 28.SPIN: I remember you, for the first time I seen him at Demerara's. Dam, I mentioned Demerara's that makes me feel old and shit. I'm not even gonna mention my age or anything. 29.DUJEOUS: Wow, you went back 30.APEX: We're all teenagers here. We're all teenagers here. 31.JIGSAW: We all still in that time, right. 32.MOJO: That's the thing though its like whatever we created, the relationships that we're able too. The collaborations that we have on the record ended up naturally happening. Instead of it being like a crazy, wild.... 33.APEX: like reach out, like yooooo get on my record yooo please 34.MOJO: It always happen like that, lol 35.JIGSAW: You don't gotta reach out like that. It's always a natural progression. 36.SPIN: So, where you guys hail from? 37.MOJO: I'm from East Harlem 38.SPIN: Oh, Oh your from Harlem is that the reason why you like Cam'ron because of Harlem, lol 39.SPIN: This is Dj Handspin Dinero of Rusty Jabbz/ RJE Media...right I'm kicking it backstage in the dressing room of Dujeous. Just moments away from their album release party. Speaking of album release, we have the members here autographing copies of the "Day In Day Out" cds. 40.MOJO: It's rare to autograph cd's in New York 41.APEX: We got some pre-orders DUJEOUS "DAY IN DAY OUT" ALBUM RELEASE PARTY @ DROM 85 AVENUE A NYC What was so different than my typical Tuesday night. You can normally find me, in front of the television. I usually call that "SUPER TUESDAYS!" sitting at home in front of the television watching my star powered shows. Tonight though the star-power goes to DUJEOUS. I would like to thank, Apex for the invite and for giving me the chance to interview you guys. Although it wasn't much of an, interview but still good none the less. I got a chance once again to hang out with one of hip hop's pioneer live bands. I got to see, how they live from the start of sound check from earlier to the opening of the doors on Drom. However, the interview didn't go as planned so some of my readers and followers may be a bit disappointed. Have no fear though I will make this an exciting review and article based on tonight's homely evening of Dujeous "Day In Day Out" album release party. YOU GOTTA BE OUTTA YOUR FUCKIN' MIND! I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. I want to order a cheeseburger, french fries and a sprite. According to Drom's waitress that's $15.00 plus tip and gratuity already included. I told her, "Your looking at a meal that cost $21.08. Why would I pay that much for a burger, french fries and soda meal here. When I can go up the block and pay $7.61 at Mc Donalds." Sorry, I didn't mean to burden any of y'all with that. I didn't come out tonight to bitch about Drom's enormous prices. I came out to party with Dujeous and celebrate their new release "Day In Day Out" I return back to Drom at 10pm, nice to see the club go from empty to full in a matter of 60. I knew it, the band I believe they're expecting 500 deep tonight. I see my nemesis is here, he's one of the 500 deep. I won't mention any names because it seems that every time I mention this person's name either him or his crew takes my words the wrong way. I'm not going to start any trouble. Tonight is all about Dujeous. If anyone knows, know..... the show is about to go down. The best part of the evening, I shouldn't say that.... the party been up on arise up until this point. This beer challenge will only make their party, how Lil Jon used to say it, "CRUNK!" A male and female participant called to the stage to chug a lug off of Dujeous, "The New Beer Song". I thought that was awesome. Hey, Rusty Jabbers I think, I found me a personal beer anthem for my night's with the boys. Oh shit love that name wherever I go. Hip Hop heads can't get enough of THE IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE!!! Technique performing alongside with Dujeous. This night is just getting better and better. I'm having a great time tonight. There have been many times where I didn't have this opportunity to stay out this late because I always had to work the next day. I'm sitting in Drom during a Dujeous, album release party. Seventeen years ago, I never had this opportunity. I always had to leave by 11:30pm, never was able to see the full shows in those days. My alternatives were always weekends, holidays, spring and summer breaks. It is funny, how my life have made a 360. I'am very appreciative to the free time in my life but not appreciative to the way I achieved them. Dj Neil Armstrong, leading us into "THE FUCKIN' DUNGEONS OF RAPS!" Great show, fellows now I can put this pen and down and mix with this grown-n-sexy crowd. Dujeous, I would like to say Rusty Jabbz have been to and reviewed a lot of different hip hop shows, wrestling shows, art shows, screenings, parties. What makes this particular event resemble an wrestling show, if you guys were veteran wrestlers standing in the middle of a ring. The crowd, be screaming and roaring at the top of their lungs "YOU STILL GOT IT!" "YOU STILL GOT IT!" "YOU STILL GOT STILL GOT IT" and y'all really do. Thank you for tonight. Ceo: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: (347)789-4543 Cellular: (646)339-4981 Cellular: (347)902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Vlog: