Thursday, June 24, 2010

RUSTY Jabbz Newsletter June 2010 Issue # 03



Last night may have been the worst and embarrassing moments in life and on this United American soil ever. In the 35 years of my existence, I have never felt so bad, low down and rotten. There are alot of things you do not know about me, thats why I feel its about time Dj Handspin comes clean with everyone. Yesterday, Jun. 23rd 2010 I had my heart set on seeing the performance of legendary rap group extradinaires, The Brand Nubians. I looked forward to this for a month. I been a huge Brand Nubian fan ever since I was a youngun pre and post Grand Puba era. The first time I seen a Brand Nubian performance was on their debut at a nightclub in Sheepshead bay/Gravesend section of Brooklyn in 1990 at a popular club named Infinity. Which was a club for entertainment showcases and concerts. Considering the type of conscious and to the media controversial rap group, Brand Nubian were labelled at that time seeing them perform in predominantly white neighborhood that was heavily into racism and the beating of african-american races a group like that with such heart and knowledge of self would touch any true hip hop lover and make them into and eternal fan. It was more than being a fan whenever I listened to a Brand Nubian album. Brand Nubian was one of the very few emcees where I actually learned something of significance rather than ignorance. You can see how important it was for me to go out my way to see them perform despite my medical condition. I'am not the type of person that wants to let things bring me down or hold me back I like to keep things moving forward.

Before I go any further I would to take this time to apologize to the City Parks Foundation and all of the innocent citizens of the Bronx that I may have offended with my outburst or assault of any kind. I want to apologize and thank the NYC Bronx police dept. First, apologies for the assault on you and the carrying of the conceal weapon. Second, thank you for turning the other cheek and coming to aide and helping as a victim rather than a suspect. Thank you for the lift to the hospital. To Michelle Bennett-Moore, thanking so much for being there at the right time. I didn't think I would see you there especially not in that fashion. I thank you for getting the word out to my family about my whereabouts. Last and never least to the almighty Allah, thank you for always watching over and thank you for always having your angels surrounding me. I know sometimes I do not deserve it but Allah I know you love your children, good and bad. I appreciate everything you provided for me. Allah I may not say it much but its forever in my heart. No1 can take away, the way I feel.

On to the topic of discussion here I' am sitting and waiting ridin' along the # 2 train bumping, Brand Nubians 2nd lp "In God We Trust" having a good time and peace of mind to myself. The train reaches its destination at 174th st-Crotona Park I git off the train like it aint neythin new. Hey, its The Bronx I been hur' before, 'and what! I found Crotona Park around the corner from the train station. What a hella of a journey I encountered as I travelled from one side of the park to the actual side of the park where the Brand Nubian performance was taking place. It turns out I was on the eastside of Crotona park and I needed to walk through the park to get to the northside. The walk took about 35 minutes an refreshing walk true indeed. Normally I'm up for walking its my thang but on a steaming hot wed that was not on my mind at all. I didn't trip I just lift up my 2 feet and got the steppin'. Once I reached over to the northside of the park I began cleaning and setting up my camera. Around about 6:45pm the crowd started forming I wanted to be as close to the stage as possible to get good shots of the performance. As I stood there my mine began to weeble, wooble and wander. I kept noticing too many things for instance where was the opening dj, where were they selling water I needed water and where is the president of City Parks, time is cuttin' close, he should be coming onto the stage right about now to greet the audience. The last thing I remember was looking at my watch and it reading 6:57pm and I do not recall anything after that.
A few minutes later, I woke up to the sound of Bronx spectators and Bronx police officers yelling in my face. My hands being cuffed like a criminal. I was taken out of the park in a FDNY ambullette service van and driven to Lincoln hospital where I later escaped and went home.

Why should I have stayed, I travelled from Brooklyn to the Bronx to see Brand Nubian perform and later I was hoping to spend sometime with a young lady I recently met. Did any of that happen. The answer is N. O. spells no. I didn't travel long distance to have a seizure and be looked after in the er. I can have a seizure anywhere and be looked at anywhere. My day (June 23, 2010) and My night was ruined and it didn't go down how I planned it so I took a page out of the book of DILLIGAF!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter June 2010 Issue # 02


Dj Handspin Dinero back once again on a very special day doing it up for all the men in the world and not just any men.... special men that call themselves, DADS. A dad to me is the greatest man you can be especially coming from a society where I grew up where dads were never around or acknowledged. For me to be the age I' am and to still have a father in my presence and life is a blessing that only Allah can make happen. I want everyone to sit back and read along a passage I' ve prepared. I felt its natural and common to share it with all the men of the world, all the fathers of the world and all the upcoming fathers to be of the world.


I want to thank everyone who took the time to read this father's day message and listen to what I had to say in it. "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter June 2010

RUSTY JABBZ ENTERTAINMENT GROUP presents Rusty Jabbz Newsletter

This is Dj Handspin Dinero here it everyone once again. Its been a minute since I been jibbering and especially JABBING with my hip hop supporters and viewers. I'm back today in honor of hip hop at Radio Star Bar 3 W. 35th st btw 5th and 6th aves. in the heart of Herald Square, Manhattan. What a perfect time to shine some old hip hop light on New York City you know we need it and by god do we need it.

Everywhere I go and everything I read something always come up with a caption stating, "What happened to New York and its emcees". I'm here to let everyone know that New York is still here we aint going nowhere. We birthed dis genre and if necessary New York will be the state to kill dis genre. Right now, New York is on hiatus and in the meantime watching the other states blow up and do their thing. However, there are hip hop poppin' off on New York's soil. Just last week I witnessed, Jay Electronica live in a park concert at Red Park for the first time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Last night I wanted to witness, Nice and Smooth perform live inside of Betsey Head Park but the rain kept them back and called off the concert. Seeing Nice and Smooth would have made my day they were one of my favorite groups back in the late 80s/early 90s. I was so tight that the concert never popped off due to bad weather conditions. I'm not tripping anymore the HEAT just begun perhaps another chance at seeing them live in concert will arise.

Today, I want to bring you to a new spot in Herald Square, the Radio Star Bar introducing a thursday night delight called, "HIP HOP HAPPY HOUR" from 6pm-10pm. All my afterworkers on a thurs night you come on down and listen to the sweet spinning and stylings of Dj Malik Stone, as he plays organic and retroactive hip hop at the dawn of time to the golden area. Is he playing millenium hip hop, I do not have a clue. If he does however, I reckon it'll be HOT.
What I do know is that Dj Malik Stone had the whole crowd fooled even myself as he banged out classic hip hop hits from a computer by using a software called "D.J.A.Y" of his mac laptop. This program doesn't require turntables, a mixer, serato scracthlive and/or serato itch. Its mainly a computer showcasing the software with 2 graphical images of turntables and a mixer with a music library. No additional interface boxes or special interface mixers are made to accommodate this system. This software was designed for that young person who has a vision and a dream of being a dj but does not want to go through the troubles of learning to dj the hardway. Nonetheless, no matter which way a dj learns how to mix his music as long as that dj can ROCK THE PARTY.
The party was rocking for only a brief afterwork party this past thursday. I enjoyed the musical artifacts of songs such as Black Moon "Who got the props?", Busta Rhymes "Put ya hands where my eyes can see", BDP "The Bridge is over", MC Shan "The Bridge", A Tribe Called Quest "Electric Relaxation", Brand Nubian "Slow Down" Nice and Smooth "Early to Rise", Gangstarr "Dwyck", "BIG "Party and Bullshit" and Beat Nuts "Off the Hook" just to name a few. I could go on for days naming all the lovely hip hop memorabilia hits I've heard. I rather you come down and witness it for yourself and enjoy it yourself.

The party is bought to you every 1st and 4th thursday of the month by Stay Thirty Entertainment.
So the next time your in the New York area on a thursday evening, ask yourself "You know I haven't heard real hip hop inna New York minute?" that will be your que to come down and unwind and relive the glory days of the way hip hop was made to be.

This party comes 110 % RUSTY JABBZ CERTIFIED and if you don't know you betta ask sum body!