Monday, July 30, 2012


THE DICE GAME (NEVER GAMBLE WITH SNAKES) WRITTEN BY: crackROAM! INSPIRED BY: BIG L To everyone who do not know me, if its one thing I hate its.... "PANHANDLERS!". That goes for panhandlers on the sidewalks, subway platforms and inside subway cars. Unless your a panhandler pushing something, totally different. Let us take a moment, I want all my readers who are reading this right now, to put their "L's" up. That's right with your thumb and index an "L" in memory of, one of hip hop's illest emcees Big L and no this isn't the deathiversary nor the birthday. Although within the next two days it will be the 12th year to Big L's Rawkus records release of "The Big Picture". "This is a special presentation written by crackROAM! The presentation of the song "Casualities of a dice game". A short story, nicely well written based off of Big L's August 1, 2000 release "The Big Picture". We all remember the song and it's descriptive nature. Perhaps, Mister 'ROAM! took it a step further by writing a mini story and bringing Big L's words to literary publication. Which I must say is probably the best item I ever bought from someone off the subway. Thank you, Crack. Peace! If anyone else is interested in checking out Rusty Jabbz today's issue and would like to have some way of getting into contact with crackROAM! He can be reached at the following... crackROAM!,,
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Saturday, July 28, 2012


SCREENING FOR NUIT #1 WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY ANNE E'MOND, TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2012 AT THE VILLAGE EAST THEATER 189 2ND AV/12TH ST This must be a miracle. When have I ever shown up to an movie screening being the third person in line. Either, this is really my lucky day or this movie is extremely crap. Where not one soul wanted to waste their dreadful little lives sitting through it. Wait, what does that say for me though, I'm here. I guess, I will have to be the judge of tonight's movie display. It's titled, "NUIT #1". I'm not quite sure, what that even means. Hell, I couldn't even pronounce the darn name. I have some slight awareness to what the movie is about. It's a love story between a young man, a washed up, underachieving writer who falls in love with a high strung female. A female who, he met at an rave and had the time of their lives. At least that's what I read and understood. Perhaps I should have clicked onto the trailer. No worries, its just moments the door to the theater will be opening. See, this is what I'm talking about "LARGE BAG OF POPCORN, LARGE CUP OF FRUIT PUNCH" This is living, you know what I'm saying? If my mom was here with me, right now she'll be spazzing out, wilding out over my large butter/ cholesterol intake. Man, some people just don't understand. When you come to the movies. You come to "PIG OUT!"
The movie takes places in Quebec, Canada. It involves two peoples who met for a one night stand. A one night stand that started out as a dream ended up a nightmare. The movie opens with flashing lights, techno music, zombie looking people. Yeah, you've guessed it a "RAVE!" The scene goes on for at least, 2 minutes there is no conversation, no dialogue, just pure dancing, loud techno music and strobe lights. Until we get to the part of wild sex between our two characters, Clara and Nikolai. I could imagine what's going on inside of Nikolai's mind, after a wild, freaky night of cocaine, oxy, gsb and rave music. Bringing a fine ass honey like that back to the crib. All brother's want to smash. What about Clara? What is on her mind? Most girls we normally meet in clubs are fine and are primarily cool with coming back to the man's crib (Most of them are anyway, they're never cool with coming back to my crib. I have to move out of my mother's house soon.) Enough of my personal bickering. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you. This was not a very good movie, coming from my perspective. I never been a fan of movies with subtitles and foreign films. I don't find reading the movies script through the course of two hours is entertaining. Some people may like it and feel strongly about the film, "Nuit #1" than I do. The only thing that kept my interests, were the wild passionate sex. I wish that continued throughout the movie. The movie was more about personal conversation, passionate conversation and arguments between Nikolai and Clara all night. A whole movie of just two people having heated arguments back to back in a foreign languages. I don't want to hear that shit, I hear people arguing in foreign languages everyday in my hood. This whole movie was just one scene (an apartment) I know the budget wasn't too high. The nuit has finally came an end, it was a very long nuit. NUIT MEANS NIGHT IN QUEBECIAN The only thing good that came from this night was my large fruit punch refill. I knew, I should have gone to either "The Watch" screening over at the AMC Theater on W. 34th St. or the "Ruby Sparks" screening. Both, of those movies look way better than this and they're both in english. Keyword: ENGLISH!. Like I said, don't let my movie hatred altar your choice in seeing "Nuit #1". You can see Nuit #1, opening Friday, July 27th at the Angelika Film Center 18 West Houston Street and Mercer Street New York, New York 10012 (212) 995-2570 Despite what I may think of this movie, I still had a wonderful day "A D.J. HANDSPIN DAY" Life was good, today... I drank and ate 3 bottles of water, 2 large cups of fruit punch, 1 can of sunkist, 4 slices of pizzas and a large buttered popcorn bag. Ooh wee that was a lot to digest. I found that out the hardway later on. But my "NUIT WAS STILL GOOD!!!". ________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

Monday, July 23, 2012


HIP HIP HOORAY, everyone!!! I'm on my way to see Monday Night Raw, live in Brooklyn "SIKE!" Yeah, right Vince Mc Mahon and WWE are too bouj'ee and I emphasize the word "BOUJ'EE". WWE would never schedule a live wrestling event in my hometown. Tonight is all for TNA IMPACT WRESTLING!. This is TNA's 3rd year in the borough that's thorough "BROOKLYN!" "BROOKLYN!" "BROOKLYN!". I'm on my way to Coney Island in my Warriors T-Shirt, again. I wore this T-shirt last Saturday for the Busta Rhymes concert in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I decided to break it out for another weekend but this time wear it in its proper environment "CONEY ISLAND!". Coney Island, the home of Nathan's Hot Dog's, Astroland Park and The Cyclone, the NYC Aquarium, Kingsborough Community College and the MCU PARK's Brooklyn Cyclones.
It seems like every year, I get closer and closer to the ring. This is probably the closest, I ever been to the ring (Section 5, Row B, Seat 4). If this was a Brooklyn Cyclones game I would be right behind the dug out. I feel so, out of place on the otherhand. I never gotten a chance to watch, this past Thursday's Impact. Oh God, please don't let me hear background conversation coming from people about this past Impact. I still will like to enjoy the show without any spoilers. Right now, I'm sitting in the stands waiting for tonight's show to begin. It's "MERCHANDISE TIME". Merchandise time, is probably the only financial lubricant that keeps the TNA engine running. Merchandise anywhere from Sting dolls to RVD dolls to Hulk Hogan dolls to replica TNA Impact Championship belts. Right now the crowd is getting crazy. They want to see, who's the livest and the loudest. In order to gain all sorts of prizes. If my hearing is correct, I believe both sides of the stadium won.
1ST MATCH BOUND FOR GLORY SERIES MATCH: KEN ANDERSON VS ROBBIE E KEN ANDERSON DEFEATED ROBBIE E, gaining 7 points in the BFG Series This was crazy. At first I thought it was an mistake coming from Christy Hemme when she introduced Ken Anderson being from the Jersey Shore's of Greenbay, Wisconsin. It may not have been, just part of the segment. Mr Anderson requesting his microphone to fall from the sky. Who knows, I guess he thought GOD would send him one. The crowd is chanting, "there's no MIC!" and the other half of the crowd is chanting, "give him a MIC!" Mr Anderson, he only wanted to know if there was any assholes in the house. C'mon Ken, this is BROOKLYN there's assholes throughout the whole borough.
2ND MATCH: ROSITA with Hot 97's Paul Rosenberg VS GAIL KIM ROSITA DEFEATED GAIL KIM This was something else, another introduction mishap by Christy Hemme. Christy Hemme introducing Rosita to the ring as Brooklyn's own. When in reality, Rosita is from Queens. That is two Christy, what is wrong with you this evening. You and the rest of the locker room were backstage getting tipsy. Gail Kim, I'm not sorry you lost. You should know by now, girls that talk shit get nothing. However, Gail I did love the way you chewed out Paul Rosenberg. Thanks for his new nickname "THE GUY WHO SCREWED UP SUMMER JAM", lmao.
3RD MATCH: KAZARIAN VS ROB VAN DAM ROB VAN DAM DEFEATED KAZARIAN Another wrestler want to come out here and talk shit about us. Kazarian being very disrespectful towards Brooklyn and other New Yorkers. Kazarian not having any kind words towards The Knicks, The Yankees, The Mets and anything else New York related. Kazarian expressing nothing but love for his hometown of California. Rob Van Dam finally comes out to silence Kazarian. Kazarian not pleased at the pop and great reception, he's receiving from the crowd. This is probably the first time, I ever heard any wrestler's entrance music in its full entirety. Rob Van Dam gets a lot of love. I'll be looking forward to the day, he becomes a "HEEL!".
4TH MATCH BOUND FOR GLORY SERIES: AJ STYLES VS JEFF HARDY AJ STYLES DEFEATED JEFF HARDY This is going to be a good match. Even though, I have seen both Aj Styles and Jeff Hardy compete against one another, before. A match like this, there are no such phrases as "FACE" or "HEEL". It's just pure one on one, man on man action going on inside that ring. I believe, the crowd agrees with me. This is a controversial crowd, we have going on. One side is for Aj and the otherside is for Hardy. Are we going to see shades reminiscent at Monday Night Raw's 1000th episode. When John Cena faces CM Punk for the WWE Championship.
5TH MATCH: BULLY RAY VS STING STING DEFEATED BULLY RAY This was another good match. Made this way by the Icon, Sting. Sting getting back at Bully Ray for his immature and hostile behavior. Bully Ray addressing Christy Hemme as a "Skanky Whore" and booting her out of the ring. Bully Ray addressed Earl Hebner as an "Over the Hill referee" and order him to exit the ring. This is when, Bully Ray began with that stupid saying of his "Do You Know Who I'am?". Yeah, we know who you are... "YOUR THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE ON IMPACT!". If that wasn't enough Bully Ray wants to show off his toughness by threatening a bunch of MCU Park toy cops. Please BLUBBA GAY! you want show off your toughness in Brooklyn. Why won't you try wearing either, red or blue in a Blood or Crip territory all by yourself. We'll see how tough you are after that, you FAT TUB OF LARD! I'm just glad Sting came out here and mixed it up for everyone out here in BROOKLYN. By declaring this match a no disqualification, falls count anywhere match.
6TH MATCH MAIN EVENT BOBBY ROODE VS AUSTIN ARIES for the Impact Championship AUSTIN ARIES DEFEATED BOBBY ROODE This is strange, even for Brooklyn. There are some, Bobby Roode love in the house. One side is routing for Austin and the other side is routing for Roode. You wanna know, what's funny. How people can jump on someone's dick as soon as they become a "FACE!" Austin Aries at one point and time. In fact it wasn't that long ago he was just as much an ASS, a DOUCHE, a PRICK as Bobby Roode. It's funny, when things turn around in wrestling. People are quick to stand in line for a blow job waiting to all of sudden follow them. This is a good match a lot of close calls between the both of them. I didn't expect to take this many pictures of one match. Aries and Roode are both, pulling off a wonderful Impact main event to end in Brooklyn.
Gosh, everyone slow down the main event just ended. Sting not even out here yet. TNA have set up a special meet and greet "The Stinger" inside the ring. After, tonight's TNA's performances. As much as, I love Sting I've gotten what I came for. I don't need anything more. Thank you Impact for another exciting TNA Impact Summer in Brooklyn, you always deliver. Now let me get my ass home and watch this past, Thursday night's episode.
Before anyone leave here tonight stop by one of the TNA merchandise table and purchase your Earl Hebner T-Shirt printed "DAM, RIGHT I DID!!". Reference to the man that everyone know's Earl screwed. It look like The Hebners and TNA are capitalizing off the "YOU SCREWED, BRET!!" chants. Earl and Brian Hebner will be at the table signing various pieces of the "You Screwed Bret" T-Shirts and celebrating their 100,000 matches refereed between the two of them.
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Saturday, July 21, 2012


On my way, Uptown to get a haircut, "hehe". When was the last time I walked into a barbershop. Growing up, I can only recall three of my favorite childhood, Barbershop. Let's see, there was Vinny's Barbers on Nostrand & Farragut then later relocated to Schenectady & Ave D. I later found, William's Barbers on Rogers & Beverly, after Vinny's Barbers had closed down. Then surprisingly, I discovered Xclusif Barbers on Flatbush & Farragut and fell in love. I didn't fall in love because of its barbers. Although it wouldn't have been a shock. It was more for the spelling of the shop's name "XCLUSIF". This was an Haitian Barber shop, "XCLUSIF" in english means "EXCLUSIVE". I thought that was an unique spelling and a great expression directed towards the beauty of perfecting heads. For many years the barber shop has been established as the first official "Men's Club". Especially at a time where all men weren't free and allowed to enter any particular men's club. Whether it was over the basis of race, religion, residence, creed, education and so forth. A barber shop is always the place you can count on. What do you expect to find, once you enter a barber shop. First thing your guaranteed to see is a store full of men. Look at that, sounds good already. Unless there are father's on the premise out with their little men for some "FATHER N SON" moments. Having little kids in places like barber shops only gave them another facility to learn. Education does not only have to be within the walls of a school building. You'll be surprise of the things you would hear in a barber shop. It's sort of similar like learning things on the street corner with your buddies. Basically, what I'm saying if a barbershop was actually a school it would be "RATED R" education. Whether everyone who comes to a barbershop knows it or not. The conversations that we speak among each other are "JEWELS"
Give it up, everybody to Denny Moe's Barbers. I'm standing out here in Harlem on Frederick Douglas btw West 133rd & West 134th. What's going down, right now is something amazing to my ears. When it was first introduced to me over the airwaves of Video Music Box. Ralph Mc Daniels plugging the upcoming 48 hour Barbershop Marathon and Healthfair a few weeks back. There is also another Barbershop Marathon and Healthfair taking place as well. It's going down in Queens at Mr Rooney's 110-48 Merrick Blvd btw 110th Rd. & 111th Av. "SUPPORT THE CAUSE: CUT FOR A CURE!"
I needed to see this gathering for myself and if anything possible get involved. I want to do my best to support their cause but I do not know what to expect. I don't plan to stay out here the whole 48 hours. I actually, wish I could do that. I'll enjoy as much as I can before my departure this evening.
I would like to talk if I can about this weekends barbers marathon and health fair. I'm sitting in the shop "Denny Moe's" as I mentioned earlier on Frederick Douglas Boulevard. This store and operation is started by the brainchild Ceo, Dennis "Denny Moe" Mitchell. I understand, this is "Cutting 4 A Cure" 3rd Annual Barbershop Marathon and Healthfair. From what I understand, its purpose is to raise money for the community. Raise money for people of poverty, unemployment and senior citizenship who lack the appropriate funds needed to seek medical attention. This is all, "Cutting 4 A Cure" is all about its just a place where people can come today throughout the rest of the weekend looking to seek health awareness. There is going to be a lot of things happening today and throughout the weekend. Don't just come to Denny Moe's, this weekend for the live performances and then leave. Actually stay awhile and participate and support what they're doing. Because what they are doing, they're doing it for you.
Whoever comes here do not just expect to only pay for a haircut. A lot of what is being offered, pretty much has price on it. For instance there's the "Cutting 4 A Cure" T-Shirt going for $10.00 and there's another design going for $20.00. You have various candy bars going for $2.00 apiece. Next, there is a raffle where you can win various prizes depending on how much your willing to spend per ticket. Anything from an Ipad to an 7 day all expense paid trip to Antigua. I guess, the only thing that would be free here. Are the medical information pamphlet and the condoms, well you can never have too much condoms. They're having testing, different kinds of testing.... high blood pressure, std/sti. Oooh, std/sti I could really use one of those due to my lifestyle but I'll save that for my own primary care. You wouldn't be surprise how many people are not able to say that they have a primary care. That is why, I stress the importance of attending this weekends "Cutting 4 A Cure" 48 Barbers Marathon and Health fair but don't just only support this one weekend. "SUPPORT IT FOR LIFE!"
There did come a time when I finally put the pen down and gotten my haircut. If you were to ask me, when was the last time I've been too a barbershop. I wouldn't be able to tell you. Let's just put today, as my return back to the barbershop. I know, I spoke in the beginning how great a barbershop is to a man. It's like having there own men's club. I guess, you can say for years I've been excommunicated from the men's club. For many years, I trained myself how to cut and trim my own hair and beard. My skills have gotten so great to the point I started to learn how to cut and trim other hair from other parts of my body. This is a more intense and detailed conversation but you get the point. Anyway I'm back and happy for the haircut that I received today. I would like to thank, Trimz who was barber this afternoon. I understand, he owns Trimz Barber Shop in Freeport, LI. He's been a proprietor of that establishment since 1992. Trimz Barber Shop located at 20 Guy Lombardo Ave Freeport, N.Y. 11520 (516) 867-1466 Trimz is just one of the few guest barbers that will be on deck for the next 48 hours. There will be barbers coming from other cities, states and even continents invited to "CUT 4 THA CURE!"
I'm on my way back from Denny Moe's. The rain did manage to calm down. I had a good time today, an edutainment type of day it was. Very inspiring and knowledgeable. It's as if, my mother was there pounding the words of good health, nutrition and exercise on my eardrums. It's okay, at least there was entertainment. Now, Mom why can't your health awareness lectures be this entertaining. I'm just glad, I was able to make my way down here, this afternoon. I don't think, I'll be able to return within the next 48 hours but if I don't I just want to say, thank you to the Denny Moe's/ Cutting 4 A Cure movement for making all of this possible the last three years. I wish you all the best not just in the next 48 hours but I wish you all the best in your continued future endeavors.
I would like to thank all the doctor's who came through today., Dr Cohall, Dr Whai. I apologize if maybe the spelling is incorrect and I'm sorry I can not remember all the other doctor's names who were here and participated and ignited open forums. Thank you to all the performers as well, who took part and showed some support. Thanks for your appearance and performance. Whoever is going to be around tomorrow, there will be some more performers in the house... Nice and Smooth will be here, Ralph Mc Daniels and the Video Music Box crew will be here. Cutting 4 A Cure... "SWEAT 4 A CURE THE SWEAT PARTY will be here, going down around the corner inside PS 92's school yard from 4pm-7pm. Later on going down at "MIDNIGHT" "MIDNIGHT" "MIDNIGHT" "MIDNIGHT MADNESS WITH SMOKEY SUAREZ & FRIENDS" inside Denny Moe's. Sounds like Saturday going into Sunday is going to be a blast. Come out this weekend to Denny Moe's have a good time and in the meantime get some incite on ways you can live and eat better.
Rusty Jabbz will be logging off but stick around with Denny Moe's for the next couple of ????? I never was good at math, let just say continue on to Sunday the 22nd.
For anymore information feel free to visit:, (212)691-0095 "WE DON'T ONLY CUT HAIR, WE HELP SAVE LIVES!"
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


SUMMERSTAGE PRESENTED IN ASSOCIATION WITH GLOBE STAR MEDIA & WBLS LIVE IN QUEENSBRIDGE PARK WED., JULY 18, 2012 "MARLEY MARL & BIG DADDY KANE" It's 4:16pm and it look like its about to "RAIN FOR KANE!". I hope not because that would surely suck. I suppose, I could take a back seat and relax for a day. After, the amount of hours and days I spent on the Busta Rhymes and Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival publication. I'm going to sit back and watch, last night's episode of Covert Affairs and we'll see my mood by the end of the broadcast. Okay, the show is over. We're now in the 5 o'clock hour and the rain is pouring down hard. Hmmm, I'm wondering if its worth it. I know, this is "BIG DADDY KANE", "King Asiatic Nobodies Equal". Who could resist? I understand the concert isn't scheduled to start until 7pm. Which gives me, two hours. I have two options. I can either, stay at home an dig through my crates of cassettes, cds and vinyl searching for as much Big Daddy Kane albums and singles and just enjoy a night alone with "THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS". Or, if the rain manage to ease up and I'm capable. Perhaps I will take that trip to the QBC. I notice the rain have stopped that's a good thing. There may be promise, afterall. I'am aware of the thunderstorm watch up until 9pm. Don't ever forget, who I'am.. rain, thunder and lightning can not keep me away from "HIP HOP!". My seizure disorder can not even keep me away from "HIP HOP", neither. However, I'm thinking about sitting, this one out and its not because of the weather's complications. Its more because I do not want to travel all the way from B.K. to Q.B.C. and upon my arrival I find out that tonight's event has been postponed due to the weather conditions. As much as I love hip hop. There's two things, I don't do and that's waste time and waste money. So, tonight the Big Daddy Kane free concert has been moved to my bedroom. From this point forward, whatever happens between Baby Dayliner and Dj Handspin Dinero is CONFIDENTIAL. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _______ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog: