Sunday, September 20, 2015



The new, Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens first title in WWE. The rake of Ryback's eyes capturing his victory.

Shoeless, Summeraye was banned from ringside, LOL! Costing Rusev the match. Rusev have left without Summeraye. Dolph Ziggler have left without Summeraye. Bye, bye bimbo, lol.

THE DUDLEY BOYZ DEFEAT THE NEW DAY BY DISQUALIFICATION. Xavier Woods was making sure that The Dudley Boyz weren't going to walk out of tonight's arena with their titles.
WHAT HAPPEN TO SAVE THE TABLES? All of a sudden The New Day with an attempt to rip off The Dudley Boyz trademark. The Dudley Boyz having their last laugh on The New Day. Xavier Woods, paid for it.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, it finally happened. Nikki Bella tapped out to Charlotte's figure four lock coming off of her bad knee. Ending, Nikki's record on her 301th day. THANK YOU, CHARLOTTE!!! I COULD KISS YOU .
I have tears of joy as I type, this. Oh man, y'all don't know how much that BITCH, Nikki got on my nerves.
Ric Flair is soooo proud of his lil' girl.

Chris Jericho the mystery partner for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.
Chris Jericho faded..... Jericho will look back on this tonight and realize. He made a mistake. Roman Reigns had everything working in motion until Jericho decides to tag himself in. Chris Jericho is disappointed by the loss of the match. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns showing their gratitude towards Jericho. Chris Jericho is being Chris Jericho. He doesn't care. We can sit here and blame Chris Jericho alnight. What you should be asking yourself is, "HOW DO YOU STOP, BRAUN STROWMAN?"

Let's be honest, Rollins is not losing both titles in one night. A man with a huge ego like Seth Rollins could care less if he lost the United States Championship that mean very little to him. However, I can't see Seth Rollins agreeing with WWE HQ to lose his WWE World Heavy Weight title tonight. We don't know when that man is going to give it up. I hope it's soon because like Nikki Bella, his bitch ass get on my nerves just as much or more.... smh.
John Cena always chasing after, Ric Flair. WWE Universe say, hello to our 5X United States Champion. Ric Flair who once held the United States Championship 6X's.

DUH!!!  This was a no brainer. Anyone who betted against Rollins need to have their brain checked. I never, ever thought I would be saying that for Seth Rollins but everyone who knows me. Know that I speak the truth. I'm just glad Seth Rollins was able to get what he deserves in the end with WWE's special surprise. Oh I loved it. It made my dick hard. Seeing the return of the Demon Kane seek revenge on the bastard Rollins. I admit neither, Sting or Sheamus manage to capture the WWE World Heavy Weight Title. Knowing that Seth Rollins won't be leaving the Toyota Center in a pleasant mood makes me feel good. "DEMON KANE IS BACK" "NO MORE COOPERATE BULLSHIT!!!"

Friday, September 18, 2015


How many of my American, Rusty Jabbz readers out there have an American dream. If you happen to have one. How many of my American, Rusty Jabbz readers know what the true American dream is. Believe me, there are many dreams that come true everyday. Also, there are many dreams that turn into nightmares.

Which brings me to tonight's screening of "99 Homes!" You would think, a film with a title like this would be about multi- platinum artist, Juicy J. If anyone I can picture owning, 99 homes it would be Juicy J, lol. However, on a serious note. Tonight's film happen to be about one of New York's major problems, the homelessness. Well, not specifically New York. The homelessness is a serious problem and have been a growing problem for many years. That was the one thing I loved about this film is its keypoint where the homelessness began.

Most people that we come across whether they happen to be sleeping on a park bench or sleeping on a subway bench. A lot of us, do not know where these homeless people came from. We like to automatically assume the negative thoughts and say things such as, drug addict, alcoholic, hoodlum, any form of dead beat. Thanks to the pleasure of tonight's screening, "99 Homes" showing us how a large percentile of Americans are vacated off their property on a daily basis. It's a real tough situation your placed in being shut down by the banks and denied by the judges for no second chances. Having to deal with being forced out of your own property by the Sheriff's office deputies. It's a real embarrassing situation you and your family are placed in.

Tonight's screening find two people who were once on opposite sides of the universe. Now, they are on the same side, working, side by side.

The film began with a bunch of c- cyphers and bill powers. Mainly, bill power #1 Richard Carver to represent this movie. Richard Carver was also the representative of the banks that foreclosed on people's homes. Richard Carver has only one job and its the cruelest job for any human being to take. No matter, how much money they are in need. Richard Carver's main responsibility is to see to it that all of the home owners vacate their premises. That is some, co- operate bad guy, lol.

Sounds pretty simple but its not, at least not until he met his former or ex- home owner, Dennis Nash. That is another thing, what do people like Richard Carver call someone like Dennis Nash. I guess, it would be best to refer to them as client. However, considering the hostile, mentally-brutal and embarrassing situations these people have to go through to try and save their home. I'm afraid that calling them, clients is a bit too much. I am not trying to be funny. I'm only being honest considering the type of work it happen to be. I think, "VICTIM" describes it best.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very embarrassing situation. It was Dennis Nash and his family. No one wants to go through something like this. Having a bank representative and two sheriff deputies finally arrive at your door on "D" day. What is "D" day in the banking industry? There are many forms of "D" days? This particular "D" day in which I'm referring to happens to be "NOTICE OF VACANY".

Richard Carver and his two-armed Sheriff deputies at the door of the Dennis Nash residence, ready to vacate him and his family. Richard Carver and the deputies gave Dennis Nash and his family such a harsh time. Only two minutes to gather the important belongings to take with them to a motel. By the end of the afternoon, the rest of the Nash's belongings and merchandise were just sitting all over their lawn. Richard Carver, the asshole that he is in this movie giving the Nash's 24 hours to have everything removed off his former property. Straight up, dick! The movie have just begun that's how I knew I was in for a big surprise this evening.

Wow, this is a great movie so far. It has a very deep message and concept. These are the films, we should be viewing more often. I would like to take this time and thank my homie, Sha. Thank you, bro for forwarding this email/ ticket information on tonight's screening of "99 Homes". I know, fam it is because of you I am able to see movies, as such. Movies that you have low standards of. Thsnk you, bro for feeling that way about certain movies, lol.

I would love to talk to you more about tonight's screening of "99 Homes". Somehow, I feel that I've said too much already. I don't want to spoil anymore. Now its your turn. You have to shut down my Rusty Jabbz Newsletter and take my word for it and see it on the following date below.....

"99 HOMES" Starring: Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon and Laura Dern IN THEATERS, SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2015