Monday, June 22, 2015



Match #01: Nuclear Cascerole defeat A. R. Fox and Phoenix
Unusual name, "Nuclear Cascerole!" I admit this wasn't the group I was routing for. I had my eyes on A. R. Fox and his partner. A. R. Fox, you can say he lives up to that name.

Match #02: Dalton Castle defeat Watanabe

Nigel McGuinness Promo, introducing ROH New World Heavy Weight Champion and still remaining Television Champion, Jay Lethal along with Mr ROH himself, Roderick Strong. Nigel McGuinness scheduled Jay Lethal's next fight to take at "Death Before Dishonor!" July 24th... Against, you know it. MR ROH, himself, Roderick Strong.

Match #03: Michael Elgin & The Red Dragons defeat The Kingdom
Adam Cole, possibly betrayed The Kingdom. It seems, things didn't sit well with the rest of the Kingdom. They didn't appreciate the good sportsmanship that Adam Cole made towards the winning team.

Match #04: Matt Sydal defeat Adam Page of The Decade

Match #05: Will Ferrarra defeat Silas Young

Match #06: Jay Lethal defeat Mark Brisco and still remain Television champion

Match #07: The Young Bucks Bullet Club defeat The War Machine with the help from A.J. Styles

Match #08: Cedric Alexander defeat The Romantic Touch

Match #09: Adam Cole of The Kingdom verses Kyle O'Reilly of Red Dragon
Match called for a disqualification, due to interference caused by these two guys, "The Addiction" (Christoper Daniels and Kazarian). The match was restarted and became a two on two tag team match... Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly verses The Addiction.

Match #10: Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly defeat The Addiction

Match #11: Moose defeat Caprice Coleman, Brutal Bob, Silas Young, Dalton Castle and Cheeseburger in a 6 man match
I wish people in this audience would stop screaming out, Cheeseburger's name. They're making me hungry. If I want to eat anything. I'll eat me, some "MOOSE!" OMG, that Moose is soooo sexy!!!

If there's anyone in ROH that isn't sexy. This man, right here is at the top of list: Bj Whitmer of The Decade... What a fart face? Every week during ROH, he's trying to do bodily harm to Colby Corino without actually placing a hand onto him. Bj Whitmer always have these brutal matches for Colby to compete in. Why does it have to be Colby? The kid is only a stupid, sixteen year old. He's not a wrestler. Pardon for that use of the word "stupid". To those who watch, ROH on a weekly basis, you know the deal. Bj, almost did that same deal again, tonight. He was going to place Colby in a guantlet match with four so call individuals trying to break into ROH. You should all know by now, do not trust Bj Whitmer. These guys look like there were football players more than they were wrestlers. Except one, one of them could pass for a sumo wrestler. See this is what I'm talking about, he's trying to kill that kid and Colby not even seeing it. He's running around with Bj and The Decade, as if there are the "A" team in his high school. Thank God for a change, commentator King Corino (Son of Colby Corino) stood up and decided to take a stand against Bj Whitmer. Unfortunately, that stand King Corino have taken almost cost him his job. Nigel McGuinness sent him to the back to cool down.

Match #12: Bobby Fish of The Red Dragon defeat ACH

Match #13: The Briscoes, ODB & Roderick Strong defeat Jay Lethal, Truth Martini, Jay Diesal and Donovan Dijak of the House of Truth in a 8 man tag team match

Match #14: A.J. Styles & Somoa Joe defeat The Addiction
There were so many matches going on here this evening. I enjoyed them all. I must say though, this was the best one of the night. I'm not only saying that because it happen be Somoa Joe's final match ever wrestled here in ROH. Well, that may be part of it. The real reason is. What took place after this match was over. To those who weren't here, you don't know what you've missed. Of course, Somoa Joe and his partner of the night, Aj Styles scored victory on the match. Afterwards, this #200 episode taping wouldn't end.... The cameras kept rolling for "Star of the night, Somoa Joe" A beautiful tribute taking place in the ring.

I want to thank, Somoa Joe for tonight and for being apart of ROH and Impact. Thank you to the other wrestling entertainers that made tonight possible. First off, Aj Styles, Dalton Castle, Matt Sydal, Caprice Coleman, A. R. Fox, The Young Bucks, The Red Dragons, The War Machines, The Briscoes, ODB, Roderick Strong, Jay Lethal, The Addiction, Silas Young, Will Ferrarra and last but definitely not least my babydaddy, "MOOSE". I love me some, Moose, lol!