Wednesday, January 30, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY RUSTY JAAAAAAABBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS!!!!!!!!!! I know, it may be a tad late for an New Year's day salute. Perhaps, 30 days late. Trust me, I assure you there's an logical explanation for it. I will be more than happy to tell you, just as soon as I come up with one LOL! Anyway I would like to apologize to all my jabbers for its delay on my return. I also, would like to apologize for cutting the month of December short. I know, I only delivered two issues for that month. So many things happened during the month of December apparently I can not remember them and that's not on the count of any epilepsy thing talking. C'mon let's not dwell on my absence. The most important thing, I'am back "FINALLY!!" At this time I would normally ask, how was everyone's holiday.... Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year but for some reason it seems rather irrelevant communicating about those events on January 30th. Besides we're over the internet its not like anyone of you are going to reply with a comment. None of y'all ever do.... UNGRATEFUL JABBERS!!!!:-P but, I forgive y'all. It's just sometimes it'll be nice to receive love from my followers and readers. However, I won't sit here and dwell on that neither. I'm just happy to be back and I got my heart set for TWENTY 13. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: (347) 789-4543 Cellular: (646) 339-4981 Cellular: (347) 902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog: