Sunday, September 30, 2012


Budlight Lime Presents "END OF SUMMER" Featuring: Swizz Beats, Jermaine Dupri, Araab Muzik and Dj Kiss @ The Beekman Beer Garden 89 South St.,N.Y.C. 2pm-6pm Oh man, oh man I gotta hurry up and get outta here. They always say, black people are the one's who are primarily late. I'm here to correct that ignorant statement. Black people aren't the one's who are primarily late. BLOGGERS! We are the more suitable choice of people for being late. For instance, look at me I was scheduled to take part in an "END OF SUMMER!" event sponsored by the Budlight Lime, over at the Beekman Beer Garden. I have no idea, where that is but anything with the word "BEER" in the name shouldn't be a bad place. Well, unless that place happens to be in Brownsville or East New York, then we talking about something serioussss!!!! Okay, back to what I was saying, I'm needed over at this Beekman Beer Garden and it's 4:05pm. This event is scheduled to shutdown within the next two hours.....
Today is suppose to be some big end of summer celebration with Swizz Beats, Jermaine Dupri and Araab Muzik. Too bad, my end of summer celebration ended at "The Dome" August 22nd with Pete Rock Vs. Dj Premier. This here is more of a courtesy call. The only thing good about Swizz Beats is Alicia Keys. I have my heart set on seeing, Araab Muzik, again. I recall, the first encounter this past, June at Red Hook Park with Das Racist. They did a marvelous performance. I'm hoping for that same kind of mass appeal. I wouldn't mine seeing them perform again, this afternoon. Providing that they will be there.
See, I'm not that late. It's only, 4:45pm. Which gives me an hour and fifteen minutes to get wasted. Too bad, part of those minutes went into finding this place. It's been so long since I crossed, South Street. The last time was the summer of 1999. I was down here during a South Street Seaport Concert, promoting Epic and Atlantic recording artist(s) Cha Cha and Lil' Cease' debut releases. Yeah, yeah I know I should be ashamed of myself. "BLA!" Today, I return 13 years later only for one thing and one thing only "OPEN BAR!" No business, no entertainment even though I do have my camera with me. Let me just deal with one thing at a time. Let me, "GET WASTED!"
Dam, this place is fucking packed. I know, I just showed up but dam how much beer bottles and cans did I just step on. You know, if this was still summer and this gathering was taking place at Prospect Park. I would be the one in the park cleaning up after a event like this. Seriously though a beer party in a Brooklyn park will never happen anyway, not with all them knuckleheads out here. Besides if ever they were to decide and do a beer party in Prospect Park. I'am the last person you would find cleaning up after it.
"CAN'T KNOCK HIS HUSTLE!" That was sweeeeet, Mr Bartender Man. I loved what the bartenders have been doing. There tipping technique. For all who don't know, this event have been running all afternoon down here on the pier. Open bar, the whole nine yards. You have a Saturday afternoon event with four hours of open bar. I know, some people gotta be like dam, how they gonna make money? You know everyone doesn't tip. Which is true and that is why I loved there technique. In order for anyone to retrieve any alcohol substance from the bar. Your permitted to one bottle of Budlight Lime, tipping is optional. However if anyone comes to the bar asking for multiple bottles of Budlight Lime. Then you are required to tip no questions asked. Now depending on the size of the tip, determines how many bottles of Budlight Lime the bartender will give back to you. That was such a brilliant plan too bad it only lasted till 6pm. After that the bar went cash and I went home.
Well not quite I manage to stay a bit to catch some of the festivities that were going on. I may have missed a lot of things. Apparently I'am not the only alcoholic in New York City. As I can see these people weren't very fond of the idea of the bar going cash. I'm starting to see the crowd's capacity subtract. I just would like to thank whoever invited me here this afternoon. I don't know, who that is but keep me in mind for your next event. I would really appreciate it. You can always invite me to more gatherings such as this. I'm always more than happy to attend and even gracious to blog about it. This is Dj Handspin Dinero, signing off at the South Street Seaport.
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Saturday, September 29, 2012


if you having girl problems I feel bad for ya' son, Brooklyn haves 99 problems and the "BARCLAY CENTER, AIN'T ONE!!"
9 28 12, were the numbers I heard constantly as an reminder of this day. Pain in the ass, annoyance similar to the one constantly heard two years ago by TNA's Impact's Bound For Glory 10 10 10. If I was a lottery player, these probably would be numbers I'd consider playing. Who knows I may win for my first time. A lot of things happened to me, after my first time. What a night? It's finally here! It's the moment, we've all been waiting for. Hold up, correction "It's the moment you all been waiting for." I, on the other hand is only here as a mere spectator. A paparazzi if you must... I wanted to take part in the unveiling of Brooklyn's newest and destined to become a monumental structure. News have been circulating over the grand opening of the Barclay Center for months. Just look at this crowd for the so call, "King of New York" Jay-Z. I hear, this is only the first day of the concert. According to this, Barclay Center newsletter. The residence of Brooklyn will have seven more days to endure the delight of Jay-Z and friends. The crowd is definitely enjoying themselves and soaking up its atmosphere. I believe I soaked up enough of this atmosphere. I'm getting ready to head over to some bar, any bar until tonight's after party. There's an after party, tonight you'll be sure to run into someone handing out a false flyer. Only I, know the official location.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


MOBILE MONDAYS; ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at the Bowery Electric with Operator EMZ, Natasha Diggs & Dj Muro along with other special guest djs throughout the night I'm not quite sure, whether or not, I want to go out, this evening. I've been invited to attend the one year anniversary of both, Operator EMZ and Natasha Diggs "Mobile Mondays!!". I hear there's a big line up taken place tonight. A row of guest dj's from Chairman Mao to Rockin' Rob to Boogie Blind to Spinna to Just Blaze to Large Pro and of course my personal favorite, Dj Scratch. I guess, I couldn't miss it.
What a roster for tonight and to think they all will be spinning vinyl. At least, I hope, you never know a dj can get lonely tonight and decide to break out their "ones and nothing". Come on guys, we want a clean and fresh night. Which means, "NO LAPTOPS!!" I'm loving this, "Midnight Marauder" parody photo used to signify tonight's gathering. What a perfect touch of hip hop and creativity.
Right now, I'm early. Super early to be exact, I was told that the usual "Mobile Mondays" will not be partaking up here. They're still currently in the middle of setting up everything downstairs. I hate to admit but I'm not too familiar with this establishment. This is only my second time attending, "Mobile Mondays" but I would like to reminisce to the first time I witnessed, Operator EMZ and Natasha Diggs. It's only a short memory, let's rewind back in time to two months (July 11, 2011). It was the Scratchvision & Best Buy showcase at the Best Buy' Union Square store. What attracted me, was seeing this beautiful lady. Who goes by the name, Natasha Diggs looking all fine and good with her dress, hair all flowering and fluffy as it waved during her session. But, it was more than her looks that just appealed to me. Her looks I guess you could say is her swagger. It was mainly the music, coming from both her and her partner, Operator EMZ. It was the type of sounds they were playing and what those sounds were coming off of. Both, Natasha Diggs and Operator EMZ, were spinning on 45s. Which is something I thought will never be done again. I started my dj career off 45s so excuse me if I sound a bit emotional. Spinning dancehall reggae through various clubs in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. This was before I graduated to 12" vinyl and more diverse genres of music.
There's something about this situation that drives me crazy. Perhaps its my recent call back to the turntables because of "Mobile Mondays" 365 day longevity night. They have me interested in returning to my roots in which I came. I mentioned earlier, how my dj career began off 45s. Lately it seems that have been my key point of interests. I don't know, it could be a fever. Perhaps, even some sort of fad. The one thing I do know, the three times I witnessed, Natasha Diggs and Operator EMZ, this year. I know it changed me to the point where I'm willing to shut down my laptop and return, back to vinyl. (7", 10", 12" all the inches, wait that didn't sound right... Rusty Jabbers, I want y'all to know. I'm actually talking about vinyl. Well, this time I'am.) I owe it all to the djs of "Mobile Mondays" for letting me see and feel the magic taken place tonight. Also for letting me know there's still hope and that we can return home again. From what I'm witnessing, right now. There are still people who want to enjoy that authentic audio sound. I would most definitely like to be one of those djs that gives it to 'em. God Bless and thank you for a lovely night, and I'll see you in 365 more days for anniversary # 2.
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Friday, September 21, 2012


Now, this is something I have never heard of before, "GGBNY"... GUERILLA GAY BAR NEW YORK taking over New York City making its launch, this evening at The Galway Hooker. Located at 7 East 36th Street btw 5th Av. & Madison Av. I have no idea what to expect, except cute guys all dolled up and dressed in RED! RED is the color dress code for the evening. When I heard that I was skeptical about my attendance. You know, the whole blood and crip thing. Anyone would be a fool to wear their colors especially us, gays considering the heat we already get poured down on us. I decided to take a chance and go regardless. If not for the men, then for the thrill. I'm all "RED" up from head to toe. You wouldn't mistake me for a banger. This is crazy, I'm wearing all red, in a Crip neighborhood just so I can be able to attend a gay party. Isn't this something, it better be worth it. I've been anticipating over this affair for at least the last three months. It's been put together by the MEN Event. What I understand, this Guerilla Gay Bar New York is going to be a monthly event. It's a group of gays placed all together, once a month in the city and we take over the most popular straight bar in New York. It does sound kind of fun and exciting. So, you see my anticipation. I hope for the best and a good turn out. This is cool, totally not what I expected. When I arrived at The Galway Hooker, there were these two gentlemen outside of the bar. When I had asked if this was, "Guerilla Gay Bar", I thought I was about to get stomped out by their reaction. Apparently, they knew nothing about tonight's gathering. The security at the door was well aware and he let me in. As I entered through the door, thoughts of a room filled with hot and hunky men. All shapes and sizes dressed in red, as it ran through my mind. This was not the case though. It was a room filled with straight men and throughout this room, we needed to scope out anyone wearing red and ask, "if they're Guerilla New York" or "GGBNY" which ever one you prefer. I manage to pick out quite a few, "REDS". A lot of reds showed up. It was as if, I'm really in a room with a bunch of bloods except we're all gay. My only downfall of the night, besides not meeting anyone. Is the fact that my phone broke, it cracked when I sat on it in Burger King. I left my phone in my back pocket and once I sat down, it "CRACKED!", dam, hard plastic chairs, FUCK! This is a brand new phone, a Samsung S3. I can't walk around with a cracked S3 screen. Other than that I had a great time. I'll be sure to return next month and I'll go easy on the "RED". Ya, kiddin' me, I freakin' look like a fire engine. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


"OPEN ROAD FILM SCREENING OF "END OF WATCH" Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at AMC EMPIRE 25 THEATRE 234 WEST 42ND STREET NYC @ 7PM Things are never how we plan them. I just got finish watching an episode of "Major Crimes". This particular episode consisted of L.A.P.D. brutality. Here I'am now receiving a call from my dude, Sha King about a movie screening tonight taking place at the AMC Empire 25. It's unfortunate my dude had to transfer his ticket over to me for tonight. I understand, my sun have to work tonight but he could have simply just ignored the email rsvp. Instead being the good, gracious friend that he is. He took it upon himself to transfer the ticket to me. I'am truly grateful but come on, another cop movie. Another cop anything, when dealing with me. I probably have a cop fetish so big and deeper than my usual cock fetish. I've been a fan of the New York's blue and white... L.A.'s black and white. My love for police programming and crime dramas go back to the days of "Charlie's Angel", "Starsky & Hutch", "Miami Vice", "Hawaii 5.0", "Hill Street Blues", "N.Y.P.D Blue", "New York Undercover", "Law Order", "SVU", "Criminal Intent", "CSI", CSI N.Y.", "CSI Miami", "Criminal Minds", "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior", "Cold Case", "Flashpoint", "The Closer", "Psych", "Dark Blue", "The Wire", "Southland" "Rookie Blue", "The Glades", "Body of Proof", "Hawaii 5.0 2K10(revisted)", "Rizzoli & Isles", "Unforgettable", "Common Law", "Major Crimes" These are some classic crime dramas that I adore but tonight I'm sitting here live in Times Square. Word has been on the street all week about the best cop movie ever made. It's from the creators of both, "Training Day" and "Fast and the Furious". I've seen, "Training Day" but never seen neither of the "Fast and the Furious" series. However, I'am aware they produced bangin' soundtracks. I hope this, "End of Watch" movie comes with an bangin' soundtrack. Just in case the movie turns out to be not so bangin'. I'm all set. I got my large soda, my large bag of popcorn and hot dog. I'm set for the evening.
The movie is about two L.A. police officers who like to live on the radical side of their law enforcement duties. Ghetto Gun Fighters if you will. It seems both, Officers' Taylor & Zavala one caucasian and one latino. They believe to be doing the citizens justice. Or, perhaps this is just all ego to the both of them. When you watch this movie you won't know for sure the initial purpose of why, Officers' Taylor & Zavala are doing this. Actually throughout the majority of the movie you can say, their both assholes and class clowns not only in the streets but in their precinct, as well. There were parts of the movie where the two reached a breaking point and hit a nerve. I mean everything, bad isn't necessarily bad. They're came a time where they showed real sensitivity and compassion for their actual neighborhood beat. There was the scenes where they rescued multiple children held tied, taped and hidden in the closest to crackhead parents. There was another scene similar, nearly risking their own lives and putting it on the line. When both, Taylor and Zavala burst into a burning home to save a mother and her children. Shortly afterwards they both, were awarded, "Medals of Honor". It's the things like this, that make us love and respect our police force. Shooting down unarmed suspects, (specifically African-Americans) does not help in anyway, in the gain of the people's respect and trust. Besides those conscious moments during their shift. There have been other times, where both officers experienced some gruesome and horrifying sites outside of their jurisdiction. You can tell and even see it in Officer Brian Taylor's eyes that they may have reached a point beyond, no return. You can see, he wanted to slow down and possibly change his direction of life. As he prepare for a new one with his fiancee, Janet. See, what started out as the traditional "Ol' Skool" cowboy cop turned into something way too big for only two officers to handle. The saying, still goes "YOU REEP, WHAT YOU SEW!". See, what Officers' Taylor and Zavala were trying to accomplish was something totally off protocol from their police force. They saw themselves more as some type of "GHETTO SUPER HEROES!". It came right back at them and bit them in the ass. That is something you get when you fuck with a Cartel's three ghetto food groups... "DOPE", "MONEY" and "GUNS". Should I feel sorry and show compassion for these ruff, tuff and rugged cops for getting what they deserve. Or, should I simply tell 'em to "REST IN PISS", like La La said. During the ambush of both, Officer' Taylor & Zavala by the Mexican cartel. Both, officers are down and out and bleeding and holding onto their last breath. Officer Zavala tried so desperately to help Officer Taylor hold on. While that was going on, Officer Zavala mentioned, "you cant die, GOD LOVES COPS!". I think, GOD, loves cops too. However, I don't think GOD, loves cops who use their badge as means to abuse power, excess force, harass and target inner-city youth, unlawful frisking. That is not something, GOD will love the police for. Overall, this still was a good movie just super intense, super violent, super stereotypical and SUPER RACIST!. Trust me, your going to hear a lot of nigger this, nigger that, spic this, spic that, cracker this, cracker that and the majority of it will be coming from the officer's mouthes. My only downfall to the movie. It would have been nice if, The Blacks got their revenge. They never got a chance to seek revenge on the Mexicans who attacked them at the early onset of the movie. Another, downfall to me in the movie. Everyone thought they lost both, Officer' Taylor and Zavala at the aftermath of the attack by the Mexicans. Subliminally, film and television are still up to their old tricks, ("WHITE COP SURVIVES, LATINO COP DIES"). At the end of the day, or "END OF WATCH" as its referred.... Officer Zavala probably deserved to die considering he was the biggest asshole of the two and throughout the whole movie. I did, enjoy the ending of the movie the most out of anything else. The whole police recession kind of reminded me of my father's funeral, last year. The stream of police cars trailing behind the hearse as it entered the cemetery.... CHECK OUT, "END OF WATCH" STARRING: JAKE GYLLENHAAL & MICHAEL PENA... IN THEATRES FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST .... 3 JABBZ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _______ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

Monday, September 17, 2012


Feels like I've died and gone to heaven. It must be, because only in heaven is where you'll find as much food as this. Taking place every Saturday, the residence of my borough of Brooklyn will get to experience fine mobile dining from various food trucks and carts. Prospect Park and the New York City Food Truck Association took it upon themselves to provide a weekly food truck rally of different foods of your choosing. If your a person who enjoys anything from dairy to protein to vegetable to organic. They even have native delights: East Indian, Mexican and Korean. But, where's my people though. I don't see any Soulfood trucks out here, or any West Indian trucks out here. This food truck rally could even use some, down home trucks on the scene. However, I will not let the lack of my primary truck choices interfere with the choices of the people. I'm only here today, as RJE Media to show my support to my man, Will and Will, lol. That's funny, you know what that reminded me of. I don't know if anyone remember the Bob Newhart Show. There were these three character's on the show, "Larry, Darryl and Darryl". Everytime, Larry would enter a room, he introduce himself by saying, "Hi I'm Larry and this my brother, Darryl and this my other brother, Darryl". By now, your wondering what the hell I'm talking about. I'm sorry if I changed gears for the moment. I just found it a bit amusing the way, I mentioned that I was here this weekend for Will and Will. You know, I have a lot of slow people that follows my blog and if I don't break down certain things they'll be stuck in the twilight zone, lol.
Let's get back into what I was saying, this event. The food truck rally have been taking place once a month, every 3rd Sunday of that month since June. I believe its scheduled to end in October. Only leaving the weekly food truck rally, which takes place every Saturday from 7am-5pm. This is only its second Saturday and its scheduled to run until November 24th (Thanksgiving weekend). You already have an idea about Thanksgiving weekend. You never know there maybe special holiday meals being sold. Let me not jump the gun too quickly. I still would like to focus on what is taking place in the present.
Before, I go because I'm getting tired of taking pictures of all these trucks and taking notes. What I should be doing, is what these people are doing and that's getting my grub on. I would like to first give shout outs and salute to some of the mobile food trucks that are on site this weekend.... Big D's Grub, Bongo Delicious Cuban Food, Cool Haus Ice Cream, Domo Taco, Green Pirate Juices, Gorilla Cheese NYC, Kelvin Natural Sushi Co, Kimchi Taco, Mexicue Catering, Mexico Blvd, Milktruck, Phil's Steak, Red Hook Lobsters, Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, Souvlaki GR, The Morris Truck, Valducci Original Pizza, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream,. Okay, ENOUGH! time to go eat. Enjoy my blog and the photos.
PROSPECT PARK ALLIANCE FOOD TRUCK RALLY EVERY SATURDAY AT THE ARCH ON GRAND ARMY PLAZA 7AM-5PM... DIRECTIONS B41 TO GRAND ARMY PLAZA, 2 & 3 TRAIN TO GRAND ARMY PLAZA ........ PROSPECT PARK ALLIANCE FOOD TRUCK RALLY EVERY 3RD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH AT THE GRAND ARMY PLAZA ENTRANCE 11AM-5PM... DIRECTIONS B41 TO EASTERN PARKWAY, 2 & 3 TRAIN TO EASTERN PARKWAY _____________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: (347) 789-4543 Cellular: (646) 339-4981 Cellular: (347) 902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog: