Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I don't know, much about high school except the one I attended, LMAO!! I hope that joke made y'all laugh. If not, then let me stick to my day job, "Journalism". Tonight is a special screening of the movie, "High School" taking place at the Regal Union Square theater. The movie is scheduled to air, this Friday, June 1st at local and nationwide theaters everywhere............ I'm going in, on this popcorn and the movie haven't even started yet. Just trying to get my monies worth. What would you do, if someone offered you a free refill to a tub of popcorn that was purchased. I can't even eat all that popcorn but its FREE, that's all that matters. I went for my refill and what do you know, back on time to catch the opening of the movie. Although, it seems that room #5 is having a bit of a problem with its projector and audio sound system. These L-Train winners aren't very happy as we sit here in the theater in midst of technical difficulties.......... Right now, we are in the middle of watching a silent film/ blooper. Reminiscent to the classic, Charlie Chaplin films. At least that's how it feels. Okay, FINALLY we have sound. After, 10 minutes into the movie. The projection room was nice enough to restart the movie........... I want to give a little brief summary of this evening's screening of "High School". First thing's first, originally I may have mistaken or assumed that tonight's movie would of been a musical. When I received the email confirming my invitation. When you see, "High School" as a title of a movie. There are only two past flicks that may run across your mind... "High School Musical" and "High School High". Nowhere does this movie show any comparison of being a musical. As far as, Jon Lovitz's "High School High" it falls in line with it. Some may probably say, its a rip off due to similarities. Other's may say, its an much better remake (if it was actually a remake).............................. The movie is a comedy with a strange twist for an ending. That for sure is an, surprise ending. That what makes this movie a must see, not just for its ending. There are a lot of bizarre and spontaneous looney tunes going on throughout the movie. If anyone of my viewers ever seen movies such as "Half Baked", "Friday", "Harold & Kumar" then you are getting the understanding of what I'm saying, right now. The movie, basically are about these 2 former friends who happen to attend the same high school. They were friends at one time in they're adolescent years. When they were close but they have grown astray from one another. All it took was a marijuana conspiracy targeted at there high school, arranged by the two of them to bring them back together. That is only one piece of the story, the marijuana conspiracy came into play. When the dean of there school, Dr Leslie Gordon organized the first ever drug screening at Morgan High. The students and the parent's of the students were against it. Dr. Gordon was so sick and tired of the usage of marijuana being bought and sold in the school. Dr. Gordon has good intentions in what he is doing but he's only doing it for the media coverage of the school and to boost his male ego. Stories like this, look good to an Executive School Board. If you really, think about it his intentions aren't too legit. This is where I stop. I can't let too much of the cat, out of the bag. However, if you want to know more about, "High School" the movie will be officially in theaters, this Friday June 1st. Go check out the film because Rusty Jabbz says so....... After, watching this movie. I sure wish my whole high school was high on marijuana, faculty and students just like Morgan High was, It would have made those four years go by smoothly ............... Anyway, before I go. Would anyone like to see my old, high school, New Utrecht. Yeah, it wasn't my #1 choice or my 2nd or 3rd choice. It was actually, my 9th choice. The first 8, didn't want me but that's okay in due time I learned to love New Utrecht and appreciate it for it's worth, value and everything it offered. I still wish, I have went to James Madison but that's okay (crying) things happen for a reason......................
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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Look like there is going to be no "TRAFFIC" tonight. Just a wet ride to, The Ritz. This month, I would like to introduce everyone too, our monthly gay networking party. Normally, events like these I would keep to myself. This is more on a personal nature. I just took it upon myself to share tonight's "MEN event" with everyone and what the Times Square Social has done for me. How it changed, my life. I've been coming to this event for the past, four months. I look at events as such, as a way of getting in touch with our inner queer and queer alike. I had an, wonderful evening. I broke out my baby (my new fujifilm camera). I finally have my lil' sidekick back along with me. There were a lot of cute, handsome, professional gentlemen in here. Then again, Times Square Social always bring out the cuties. Even with the heavy rain, you still manage to have a significant amount of dignified guys. Hot males anywhere from freelance to self-employed to blue collar to white collar. This is the place to come if your looking for "Mr Right" or "Mr Right Now". Or, if your just simply looking for a new friend. The MEN event is a social networking party set up on a monthly basis. Throughout the evening your entertained with professional d.j. styled mixing and professionally served bar drinks. This was my first time being in The Ritz, I heard so much about this place. I wasn't impressed at first, well not like last month choosing of XL. I just figure since The Ritz was one of the most legendary and hottest gay nightclubs in the city, I expected something a little more lavish. I still enjoyed myself regardless despite the disgruntle party attendants that didn't want their photographs taken. I was going a little too hard with the paparazzi. If I did offend anyone and/ or unlawfully took your picture please accept my apology on behalf of RJE Media. I would like to thank the people, who did want their pictures taken and didn't mine the exposure... God Bless You!!! Also, I would like to thank Troy aka Mr Pennsylvania and Michael aka Mr North Dakota of who were in the house. Be on the look out for gayusa, airing this fall. Keep checking the website for updates. Thank you to Nic Dris and HHC Marketing for the grand prize that was given to me from the previous, MEN event. That's another thing that is offered, when attending the MEN event you can participate in their monthly raffles and maybe you to can be a winner. The next, Times Square Social MEN event is a Pride Week & NYMF Special, June 21, 2012 going down at Dave and Busters 234 W. 42nd St. New York, N.Y. rsvp:
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Oh My Head! My Head! Those are the words I expect my love companions to say. "Oh My Head!" "My Head!" are all familiar sounds from an open bar time. A time when Dee, Sha, Q and myself got pissy drunk at these type of parties. This evening, brings me back to Triple 5 Soul's monthly open bar parties on Lafayette St. I promised myself, my mother and my doctor I would cut back on my alcohol content due to my illness. I've been successful thus far until tonight. There comes that one day, where a person relapse. I'm here tonight with my brethren D-Biggz of Duke Gordone Ink at the Above Allen at the Thompson LES Hotel. Whatever that means, truthfully from what I read in my email's subject line "Rules Of Attraction". I assume there will be some freakiness going on. The only thing, freaky going on is the two hour open bar by Tito Vodka. I done had like seven drinks, I don't think my liver can take anymore. What I did tonight was not a wise move. If you would have seen my response and the way I tried to walk back towards the 1 train. I made a right turn, somewhere on La Guardia Place and East Houston. I was accused of stealing a chair from a restaurant. I was so smashed. I couldn't move anymore. I'm standing on the corner of La Guardia and Mac Dougal starving. I needed something to eat so I went to Percy''s Pizza and ordered 4 slices. I figure with some food in my system it'll help calm me down a bit but the pizzas were taking too long. During my long wait, I manage to slip off my chair and bang the back of my head onto the radiator nearly cracking the skull. The pizzas, finally came. Once I was done eating them. I still was tore up but it did help, I sat in the pizzeria for quite sometime until I was ready to move again. Let this be a lesson not just for me to anyone who drinks. "NO YOUR LIMITATIONS AND DON'T GO PASS IT!!!" CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1347789-4543 Cellular: 1646339-4981 Cellular: 1347902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog:


FREE CANDY THE BLOCK PARTY WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2012 BY SOUTH SHORE SOCIAL CLUB I didn't come out here to blog tonight. My main objective was to only test out my birthday gift. I bought myself a Fujifilm Camera. There will not be much writing off my blog. Just showcasing the pure art creation layed out on the walls. Everyone enjoy the artwork and the hands of my Fuji.
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Friday, May 4, 2012


My journey to Happy Ending, almost didn't have an happy ending. I spent thirty minutes wandering around the streets of L.E.S. I seem to have forgotten the location. The last time, I've attended Happy Ending was two years ago for the release of Adrianna Nicole's Dangerous Mind DVD. Tonight is the scheduled monthly, "Red Umbrella Diaries" on the first Thursday of each month. I eventually, remembered and found the location. I would like to thank my dude, Dee for forwarding me the information to tonight's event. That was very nice of you, especially knowing I would enjoy something like this.
This evening was my first time. I got a chance to witness gay art and erotics at first hand. This evening's theme "LIKE A VIRGIN!". Kind of made me fit in, right at home. Only less than a year to my coming out. I'm standing in a room among the finest and the sexist gay alum. Sure, I may have slept with a few guys while being inside the closest. But, child let me tell you something, that don't mean a thing in our sex industry. Around here, d. l. brothers gets no love. I guess, coming out last year was a wise move for me. Since the day of my new birth, a lot have changed. I became a man that is no longer ashamed to admit that he loves to "SUCK THE RAW COCK!!" and/ or "TAKE IT IN THE REAR!!"
Let's talk about tonight's event the, "Red Umbrella Diaries"... ooooh la la we we, diaries I have plenty of those. I don't know, if I will ever be willing to stand up in front of this audience and recite passages taken from queerazspin. Queerazspin, is a gay erotica blog site I created to create gay literature and art. That's what sparked my fascination in coming here tonight. I wanted to learn more to help in the expansion of my site... Well, that and get intrigued by the verbal penises. I have to admire the craftwork of tonight's speakers.... Van Gogh, Mike Albo and everyone else who spoke up at the podium. They're diaries were personal but subject to be release through certain limitations. All the diaries that were read here this evening, showed a sense of comedy and suspense and most importantly GAY PORNOGRAPHY!!! After night's performance I will be looking forward in returning on June 7th for another Red Umbrella Diaries event. Next months theme "God and the Devil", stories about religion and the sex trade. Can't wait, I already have it programmed in my G2.
"TOP 10 TIPS TO FOLLOW FOR BECOMING A MALE STRIPPER" 01. Be flexible 02. Find your niche 03. Learn two boring stripper dance moves 04. Learn, how to dance masculine to hardcore masculine music 05. Have a secret social network account that's only provided to your fans and followers. 06. No how to take a lame compliment. 07. Forget, how to speak English. When someone in the club ask you a question, your only response should be "YES!" as you point to your sock of cash. 08. Don't get merciless 09. Get along with your fellow dancers. You never know, when they're assistance will be needed. 10. Be yourself and have fun.... SEX IS AWESOME!!!
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