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APRIL 2011 ISSUE #04


What a blessed day it was in Jesus name, although the day isn't over. Today is an remarkable sunday to me. For the first time in seventeen years, I awoken myself and went to not only the lord's house but my house as well. The house in which I was baptize at as an infant baby.

I left God's house seventeen years over mediocre things that weren't of significance. However, today is a brand new day, new year, new millennium and I've returned back home. I'm back in the house of worship and what a lovely day it is. I'm intrigued by redevelopment of the church. A lot of things have taken place inside this church throughout my childhood and teenage years. I feel its an honor to be able to return home and see that this place of worship is still standing and forever well accomplished.

I love the decoration of the beautiful sanctuary and altar with flowers to commemorate its season. I also like the accommodations to the elderly and disabled with the wheelchair ramp and elevator stair lift. The projector and big screen on the altar was an excellent touch providing artwork and text at such large enhancement to the people with poor vision. That was an blessing to see but thats only a small portion. The true blessing comes throughout today's Easter service.

The service started off as I remembered it with, The Chancel Choir. What I do not recall are the acolytes leading in front of the choir down the aisle. As I remembered, the acolytes would march down the aisle and proceed with the lighting of the candle rods and opening of the bibles and then proceed back down the aisle. Things have changed now, when I was an acolyte we wore robes. The acolytes no longer wear robes just they're regular garment. The same goes for the Children Choir. I'm not saying that its bad but sure was an nice thing during my period.

During the, "Welcome Announcements", I like the concept of, asking for volunteers of the people who would like to introduce themselves to the congregation. The ones who may have attended the church for the first time and/or who haven't attended the church in several years. I do not ever recall that from my last moments from St. Paul's. Maybe it was something added during my absence. However it was good seeing everyone move around from pue to pue greeting one another. I even seen a few members of the Chancel Choir leave the altar to come down and greet people throughout the congregation. In my past attendance of St. Paul's Fellowship, I do not recall the Chancel Choir ever leaving the altar during an church service. Be that as it may, can't nothing beat a moment like "PASSING THE PEACE!"

Lol, excuse me for that mild laughter. I just couldn't help but to think about something I did during church. I finally found the opportunity to utilize my, "daily bible application" off of my cell phone while reading the premiere bible lessons set up aside for today's service.

Today is Easter sunday and a lot is taking place. Some in which I remember and others I do not recall. I have no recollection of whether or not, what I'm seeing here is an routine operation. What spark a major interests inside of me. Seeing the Children's Choir perform in front of the altar, today's choral selection "Worthy Is The Lamb". I'm not very big on christian music but I know good music when I hear one. The same goes when I'm in contact with good dancing, I would like to applaud the dance ministry as well. What a great ensemble they put on for us. Its ashame I didn't get the opportunity to film the religious singing and ministry. I would of love to post exclusive footage of religious ministries onto my website.

It was all till the moment of truth when we reached our guest minister of the day, Rev George Haigler The 3rd delivering today's sermon, "He Is Risen!" Yes indeed, The Lord Jesus Christ is risen.... "He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay - Mathew 28:6".
The sermon was crazy, Rev Haigler manage to stir up some chaos through the congregation. Sometimes heartfelt chaos in the spirit of christianity are good on special sundays like these.

I had an excellent time today in the house of the lord on the day that he is known for risen. I'm glad I was able to make an impression not only upon myself but my family. St. Paul's is my home and it will always be my home. No matter the amount of times I attend church. God is always with me. As I'am with him. Blessed be thy name... AMEN!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's about 10 minutes to 9, I'm on my way to an, "BK INVASION!" A, BK invasion from non other than, Rah Digga, Young Zee and Tha Outsidaz .... "NEW JERUSALEM COME TO INVADE BAGHDAD!", on the honorable GOOD FRIDAY.

I just can't wait, I've been looking forward to it all month. Although, it may not reach the level in standards in last week's Brooklyn Bodegas "THIS IS HIP HOP!" concert series. Just the same for any hip hop spectacular that seeks an review from Rusty Jabbz must be doing something good, if I'm there.

Other than, Rah Digga and Tha Outsidaz performing tonight at Public Assembly. You, also have an special event put on by Redbull , "RED BULL THRE3STYLE SEMI-FINAL DJ BATTLE" taking place at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. Along with special guest djs:, Total Eclipse and Rob Swift of The X-ecutioners. Also at Knitting Factory, theres an "ZION I & GROUCH are HEROES in the HEALING of the NATION" I'm not sure what thats all about, whatever it is we know its HIP HOP! Sounds like Willie-Burg is gonna be off the chain tonight. Then again, when isn't Willie-Burg off the chain especially when it involves hip hop.

Arrived on the scene, around 9:45pm. Bump into a longtime homie from Stinger club. (Pauly Ethnic)
The place not looking right yet, after all its early. Bump into my homie, Zeps to thank him for the invite. I proceeded to parlay in the meantime. During that time, all the way from Norway. A femme fatale dj team that go by the name, "Oh Mamma". They were rocking the opening set. Just gettin' things amped. The girls dj talent wasn't anything special. They were four white girls in bright color attire kind of remind me of my lil' sis, Amor. However, I do admire their love for real hip hop. Its not too many people that are willing to travel across the world for hip hop. You must love this culture to be really willing to do something like that.

Somewhere around, 10:30pm the show was setting up to take place. We got the Write Bros., Zeps and Stark The Dutch, the hosts and entertainers of the evening along with Dj Round 3 doing their thang on stage. The line up they have in store for tonight is a sick line up. Some artists I'm not too familiar with but some I' am. The line up for tonight: Jise One of The Arsonists & Durte, G.E.D., Kon, Zeps, Johnny 3 Rounds, Final Outlaw & Dj Puerto Rock.
This is what you would call the undercards if we were talking in an boxing dialog. All six hip hop acts did an amazing job. My personal favorite acts and performers of the night were from G.E.D. and later on by, Final Outlaw. I like them, 2 cuts Final Outlaw performed "Hip Hop Forever" and "Unsigned From Uptown". I can relate to a song like, "Unsigned From Uptown" because with me being a writer. I share the same pain your going through. Sometimes I feel, "Unpublished From Bucktown".

I know in the early portion of this review I may have over emphasize the greatness of this event. I'm not saying this event wasn't great its just earlier I did mention a strong New Jerusalem presence. Well it wasn't necessarily correct. Don't get me wrong, Jersey was in the building. Give your applauses to Johnny 3 Rounds, straight outta New Jersey. However I was looking for a more stronger Jersey presence coming from the undercards.

Speaking of undercards I just had to bring this up. This was something I seen with my own two eyes and I thought it was CLASSIC! See there was a point and time where all the performers got to hang out in a little, small, tiny and cramped dressing room. Well, at least they did until the main event arrived. I seen them clearing everyone out of the room to make accommodations for Rah Digga, Young Zee and Tha Outsidaz. I thought this was pretty funny because before they arrived everyone was back there partying and bullshittin' even I was. Oh yeah Zeps, sorry I didn't get a chance to record your performance I was backstage gettin' twisted. Thank you for the invite though.

Anyway, the moment have come. What I been waitin' for all night. What got me to travel all the way to these parts of Brooklyn have finally arrived. "THE MAIN EVENT IS HERE!" Rah Digga, Young Zee, The Outsidaz.

SUMMARY: Things aren't ever how they seem I may push things to the limit during our early prequal. Nonetheless I still had an excellent time and ended up getting what I've wanted and that was "NEW JERUSALEM" performance from both, Rah Digga and Young Zee. Despite the minor mishaps with 5X man and drunken white gurl, they're negligence could not bring me down. I still had a blast. No need to worry about who they were.

I would like to thank, Zeps and Stark for the invite it was indeed a blessing to be invited and attend. I'm always open to receive invites it'll be my pleasure.
I'm not quite finish, I still have the video editing of the show and album review of this exclusive album I received, The Write Bros. Wrekroom Muzik and Stranger Pro present: The Write Bros.
I will do an album review and release it to the public. This will come exclusively from, Rusty Jabbz and Rusty Jabbz only. Aint no other hip hop publication view hip hop like me.

This has been a great night and a great issue to process about the Turntable Izm Show. For more on the Turntable Izm Show, you can visit the following sites...,,,,

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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Before I get started I just want to say something. On behalf of myself and Rusty Jabbz Ent, I would like to say, "thank you to Brooklyn Bodega, Zulu Nation, Santos Party House and everyone involved with putting together an extraordinary hip hop event this past Thursday evening at Santos Party House". I think it is safe to say that, this past Thursday "THIS IS HIP HOP!" event was indeed hip hop. Hip hop in its purists form.
Thursday night was, "the night" I waited for....
you can't never go wrong with an event that has a Brooklyn Bodega stamp on it. I was so psyched about this show but hold up before we go any go any further. I would like to take this time to send my condolence to Shabaam Sahdeeq who recently lost his cousin by slaying from the Sacramento Police department. So, all my Rusty Jabbz viewers on the count of 3 let's honor Shabaam Sahdeeq's cous by reciting, "FUCK THE POLICE!!!" You can recite it as many times as you want. In fact you all can ignore my review and just recite them words in honor for Shabaam Sahdeeq's cousin. Dj Handspin will understand, I never trip I thought it was cool when Sahdeeq had the audience do it for him. Shabaam Sahdeeq, just one of the superior emcees on the extensive roster.

I wanna test everyone's hip hop worth. I'm going to talk about a artist who participated with the, "This Is Hip Hop!!!" event but I'm going to do so by using a hook from another legendary hip hop group's song. I bet anyone reading this will not be able to recall where the hook came from. See going to a place like this, you can't just have any kind of person hosting it. You must have, "a host with the most coming from the east coast" (you like that don't ya, name the group and song) .... You'll never go wrong with Arsonist member, D-Stroy holding down the M-I-C as he move the crowd. Move the crowd, he did. D-Stroy with his bizarre and zanny antics to keep the crowd in tune between sets. I can not forget, Dj Evil Dee on the wheels as the show dj. Much love goes out to him as well.

Let me change gears, I want to change gears. I need to explain something this may get personal but I need to get it off my chest. In fact, I wouldn't be expressing this moment but sometimes in life I feel there are things that happen to people for a reason. I, also feel that Allah (God) have ways of speaking to us, individually. As some of you may know, I suffer from an illness that causes me to get epileptic seizures. This is not something I was born with it just occurred. I' ve been suffering with this illness for the past 8 years. During these past 8 years, this illness have tried to do everything it can to keep a big brother like myself down. It may have put a hold on my dj career but that major set back allowed me to revalue my life and its worth. I still have love and passion in hip hop, literature and entertainment. Despite the circumstances and side effects nothing will stop me from reaching my goal I'm trying to achieve. Your probably wondering, why am I telling you all of this. Well, this past thursday night after the, "This Is Hip Hop!!!" Concert I did have suffering from an seizure attack on my way back home. I want you to keep in mind that I been suffering with this illness for the past 8 years and believe it or not this was the best seizure attack I ever had. Even though I lost my cell phone and digital camera
(sorry I was unable to post footage onto my page because of that) somewhere on Church Street between Walker St and Worth St.
Can't anything bring me down after the night I just had. Sure I stood up on my feet for 7 1/2 hours, legs cramping up but it was all worth it to see the sik azz line up.... K-Banger, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Cella Dwellas, Creative Juices, Channel Live, The Belgium Dancers, Dj Flawless, Dj Evil Dee, Dj Eclipse, Fearless 4, K-Def & Larry O, Nine, Main Source, Lords of the Underground, Group Home and Keith Murray. See with a line up like that I could have cancer and be on a three day death bed and I still would want to be right there smack dab in the front row seeing everything with my fresh eyes. I'm just so happy that I got a chance to see it. Indeed it was a mishap to lose my cellphone and digital camera that had, only God knows how many pictures were taken. But do not believe everything you read about epileptic seizures retarding a persons memory, let me tell you all something as long as I'm alive I will never, ever forget "APRIL 14TH AT SANTOS".

I'll never forget a lot of things about, April 14th... for instance my first time at Santos Party House. My first time was the best time. The ambiance does give you that hip hop show scenery. What a great impression. Seeing, Keith Murray, stage dive that for sure I'll never forget. Everybody repeat after me, "guyz to the front, girlz to the side Keith Murray about to stage dive." lol! Seeing, Fearless 4, Main Source, Nine, Group Home and K-Def and Larry O, thats something I'll never forget. I think it is, what made my night, do you know I never seen anyone of them perform before. Thirty plus years on this planet and this was my first time seeing them perform. This past, thurs. was my first time and I enjoyed it too the max. Probably explain where the seizure trigger came on, from later. In fact, I know where it came on from it came from this man, "the most beautifulest thing in world...." and just like that he got in me (no homo) Once, Keith Murray, started performing, "Get Lifted" that was my key. "Get Lifted", always been my ganja record that record always made me "fire up the funk". Which I did, regardless of the fact that this is my first time in Santos. I'm unaware of the rules and regulations but when chronic is involved and "Get Lifted" playing especially if its being performed by the artist, himself ah man its over. I'm gettin' high tonight. Sometimes radical behavior can lead us down a bad path. But, "THIS IS HIP HOP!"
You know I can go on an on about April 14th. April 14th, is not over the week have just begun. We now move onto April 17th, at BB King's "THE PART TWO OF THIS IS HIP HOP!!!" This I know is going to be even bigger, badder and deffer. You know what they always say about sequels. Take a look for your choosing, and see what's in store for April 17th

This show look like its going to be off the meters. Even bigger hip hop icons at a bigger location in the heart of New York City "Times Square"
"this is hip hop!!!"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


APRIL 2011 ISSUE # 01

Welcome to another exciting issue of Rusty Jabbz newsletter and setting it off this month is none other like no other, yours truly, Kevin Cossom.
This past monday (April 11th) I had the privilege to see him live at Vinnies, Downtown Brooklyn.
Vinnies is your latest urban outfitter market on the fashion scene.
Located 239 Flatbush Ave. Tonight we celebrate the release of Kevin Cossom's mixtape album "By Any Means".... Dj Zeke is on the 1 and 2s here tonight. Since this is an brief gathering, just several hits of Kevin Cossom are being spun throughout the evening.

We have two lines formed together, one is for our Kevin Cossom' supporters and the other is for our CHAIRMAN'S RESERVE-TY KU, STELLA... Yeah, thats right everyone there is an scheduled open bar, you know you can't go into an A+ environment and not have A+ things. I would like to thank, Kevin Cossom, Charles Anthony and Hustlemode Ent. for inviting me this evening. On behalf of myself and Rusty Jabbz, I'm granting your evening an, "A+" night.

Kevin Cossom, mixtape album "By Any Means" is in stores and online now.... his next mixtape album "Hook vs. Bridges 1.5" will be in stores and online, April 26th. For more Kevin Cossom pr, check 'em out at....