Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Okay, I lied!!! I know, last week I've said I will be taken a break from the movie screenings, after seeing the "Black Sea" and look. Here I'am again. I'am looking forward to another night of movie premieres. Hey, hey, what more can I say, except these weekly movie premieres got me hooked like a fiend.

Let's just see, if tonight's screening is worth the drug. I would like to thank, everyone who came out to the Sunshine Cinema, last week for the viewing of "Black Sea" and thank you to everyone who took the time to view my blog, of my editorials written about the "Black Sea".

I would like to thank, gofobo for tonight's invitation of "Project Almanac". I'am looking forward to it.

Perhaps, I spoke too soon. The screening didn't take place for some of us. The theater, eventually booked to capacity. While we were left waiting in the cold. No big deal, things like such are meant to happen on occasion. Perhaps its an higher power from up above, helping me to keep my word in laying low off of the movie screenings.

Well, whatever it maybe. Tonight is still Wednesday and the night is still young. I apologize, Rusty Jabbers for the lost issue but I'am not going to make this a lost night. Until, next time.

"PROJECT ALMANAC", in theaters January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015


"BLACK SEA" Screening tonight, January 21st at the Sunshine Cinema 143 East Houston St., NYC @ 7pm

Black Sea, why does this movie sound racist? I'm just saying... Why is it, every time they put the word "BLACK" in front of another word, its guaranteed to mean something negative. That just make African-Americans look bad. It is very offensive.

I apologize I didn't mean to get all political and emotional over the word, black. Those who watch this film will see the blackness come out of it. They always say, "A film means a lot by its name!" You will get the full definition and comprehension of what, "Black Sea" is all about.

The movie involves nine former, Russian and Scottish Naval soldiers. You have, Robinson he's the leader of the so call team. Robinson, a former submarine technician with the Navy have been out of work for quite sometime. Apparently, the cost of not being employed is not only getting to him. It's also getting to a few of his former Navy soldier. A plan was arranged to score big among the team. They were placed on a mission to search for hidden gold at sea. I found that hard to believe. First of all, I didn't know how much gold they were going to find. Either way, if so how are they going to get the gold onto the submarine.

I was right, too. Submarine filled with gold, crazy! You wanna know how much the team came across, 182 million dollars worth of gold. This was actually the best part of the movie. OMG, seeing all that gold just made my dick hard.

It was to bad the gold was too heavy to lift onto the submarine. Tell me that doesn't suck. You and your boys are on a mission in search of a treasure that your not even quite sure that your going to find. But, when you do, you come across an obstacle like this. They manage to get the gold loaded onto the submarine, but the obstacle wasn't over. See this why, the movie is titled, "Black Sea".

There was never any gold. There weren't any intention to have Robinson and his team keep the gold. They were only being used as muscle just to find and retrieve the gold and bring it to Lewis and Agora. Robinson, wasn't going to let that happen. He already started losing his mind ever since he got this gold assignment. In the midst of all this, six of his men were killed at sea. The Russians have gone bezerk. I bet that's a familiar phrase you heard before, lol! I just knew, there weren't any gold getting split evenly among the team.

I think the story line itself was awesome but okay, I may sound a little pussy. I do think the film was a bit too hard. I can't believe I'm saying that. It's true, a little too much explosion and foreign profanity. I just felt the film was a little too intense.

Another screening, taking place this evening, smh! I really need to do something with the attraction of all these pre-screened movies. There isn't anything wrong with getting the special treatment that comes along with the movie service. It's just when a person like myself, who happen to be on the waiting list and doesn't own a direct complimentary pass for entry to the film, it's very hard to attend such event with a straight face. Especially, after the position I was placed in this evening. I should perhaps take a break from the movie screenings. Anyone would feel this same way had they sat way in the back. In the last row, sitting right next to a garbage can. This must have been their best seat in the house, lol.

However, it is kind of romantic. It's only a 1 row/2 seater. I manage to score myself a date for the evening, although I didn't know him. I wish it was my official boo, boo sitting down be side me for the evening.

I would like to say, goodnight and I hope everyone enjoyed tonight's screening of the "Black Sea". Don't forget tomorrow, join us for another exclusive movie screenings to, "The Americans" Check it out at Nitehawk Cinema, Williamsburg,Brooklyn.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


I really must need to do something about getting myself unclawed from this computer of mine, lol. I swear, all this week. My bottom been glued to the upholstery of this chair. As well as, my eyes being glued to the screen of the PC for the last 3 days. Don't get me wrong its not as if I didn't like this week of events. I absolutely enjoyed everything I've done, this week. It just came to my attention and I must admit this. Your, Dj Handspin Dinero is getting up there in his age. I haven't done things like this in such a longtime.

Tonight I'm putting myself out there again. I have no idea, why. Okay, Rusty Jabbz if anything happens tonight. It's all my fault. I should have chosen to stay inside the crib. I've been invited by Blacklist NYC for a stand up comedy night at John Jay School of Criminal Justice.

I really, don't know why I'm going there. Unfortunately, the only thing I could think of, is getting out of my house.
I don't have anything planned, neither is this a scheduled Rusty Jabbz review. Tonight is just your typical night on the town. It's effin' cold out here. I don't have the foggiest idea, who are performing tonight. Whoever, they are? They better at least, be half as funny as Mark Curry, lol.

So I did make it. Thank, God for this. I didn't want this to turn out to be a lost cause. This is my first time ever inside the halls of John Jay of Criminal Justice. I'm not sure, exactly what's suppose to take place. I hear that no one will be going any place during the taping of the show. They'll be conducting a live recording of tonight's performance. This shouldn't be allowed, being held captive like prisoners. People can't be able to use the bathroom or leave for the evening. Let's say, someone doesn't want to stay for the whole night. It doesn't matter, they can not leave. I guess the producers and directors don't want anyone caught on film walking out on tonight's performance. It looks bad on their part.
They better hurry up and get this show on the road. And, stop playing these dam musical chairs. My ass don't wannabe on television!

I wanna say, what's up to this dude who I haven't seen in a very longtime. I'm staring down at him, right now. My former Big Dawg Pitbull Dj Cypher Soundz. Hot 97 own' Dj Cypher Soundz, in the house tonight hosting our affair with a little bit of comedy. He's not bad for a comedian. Don't tell me, Cypher Soundz have his back up career on the dl. I was so happy to see him. It's always good to see a former, Pitbull.

I told everyone from earlier about my mood for tonight's comedy. It haven't changed. No one on that stage proved me wrong except one man. I had mentioned something about coming at least half way funny as Mark Curry. Our first comedian of the evening, will leave Mark Curry in the dust, lol! Rusty Jabbz introducing "SHANG!!" I never heard of him until this evening but he is funny as hell. After tonight, I don't think anyone is forgetting the man named "SHANG!!".

Now, the second comedian I will do my very best to try and forget. I'm not saying, he wasn't good. Perhaps his jokes are required by another audience. Yeah, that's right I'm thinking it, "a Intellectual Crowd!" There were just something about this other comedian that completely threw me off. One, he's Asian, there's really nothing wrong with that. Two, he's a bit over his time (middle-age) to be still doing stand up. Three, and last he's a midget. If you want to throw in a number four, his jokes seem to be a tad intellectual. I'm pretty sure, he worked hard to come up with these jokes and its punch lines. Something tells me, a joke isn't that funny if you have people stuck and thinking on it. That's exactly what this guy was doing. People shouldn't come out to stand up comedy events and thinking about the comedian's punchline. Comedians have to be able to tell a joke that the audience is going to get, not fly over their heads.

It ended up being a not so bad evening after all. I would like to thank, Blacklist NYC for the invite to tonight's taping. I really appreciate it. Let's do this again. To Shang, thank you for a lovely evening of bizarre humor n comedy. To Cypher Soundz, it was lovely and a blessing to see you again "BIG DAWWWGGGG!!!!" To Nick Anderson and Paul, thanking you as well for this evening.

Friday, January 16, 2015


"SPARE PARTS" movie screening starring; George Lopez, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis, Carlos Penavega and Alex Vega
Spare Parts that's an odd name. That sounds like a horror flick. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a Halloween flick. Well, you know having the Halloween icon, Jamie Lee Curtis co-starring in the movie kind of give it away, lol. George Lopez, also starring in tonight's screening. Excuse me, by the way I pause. You would perhaps do the same, during the course of this film. To my understanding, George Lopez is playing a very serious roll in this film. LMAO, why am I laughing because its funny. I seen a lot of George Lopez projects and this is probably the first one where he never act like an moron.

The movie is based on a true story about four inner-city students from Phoenix, Arizona. These four students are under privileged but they are destined to be the next engineering team signed up for the Underwater Robotics contest. This was actually a pretty good movie. I feel guilty about missing the first 10 minutes of the screening but you know how that goes. Sitting inside of a movie theater with no popcorn and soda, that's illegal, lol. I would like to thank, gofobo for tonight's invite of "Spare Parts". Although, technically I should thank my brother, Sha for loaning me off the ticket. Peace fam and God Bless! I know you weren't into tonight's screening. Thanks once again, wish you were here with me. I wish someone was here with me. Specifically, someone who can explain to me what is going on. I have no idea, what underwater robotics is? I don't think I should know, anything pertaining to water. Considering the fact that I can not swim, lol. It was good however, I did get a chance to see how things are recorded while underwater. I assumed a camera happen to be used. I just never seen exactly what an underwater camera look like, specifically.

George Lopez in this movie (Spare Parts) plays Dr. Cameron an out of work engineer between jobs. Who happen to be struggling not only with the bills in his life but with the baggage on his back, as well. Dr. Cameron haven't been the same ever since he lost his 3 year old daughter, run down by a Range Rover. Dr. Cameron have taken on a position at Carl Hayden Community High School as an substitute teacher until he can get back on his feet again. The movie isn't only about Dr. Cameron. There's four, Carl Hayden high school students who are looking to form a robotics team to enter an Underwater Robotics Contest. First you have Oscar Vasquez who is currently in the middle of a threat of being deported. Next, you have Lorenzo the substitute criminal. Lorenzo, the one who lacks popularity around his school due to the fact because other students think he's a criminal. When in actuality, he's obeying his father's rules. The real criminal of his family is his little brother Romero. Lorenzo happen to be the one taken all the rap for his younger brother, Romero. You can say, he's basically babysitting his little brother, lol. Next, Christian, there weren't much about him. Well accept the fact that he's real smart (nerd) and that he got picked on by a particular bully throughout the movie. I do notice that during the film, Christian have some kind of a moment with Dr. Cameron. Like a father/ son moment. Now, our last student Louie. Louie feels as if he's stupid. At times he considers himself to be slow. As you see, Louie wasn't placed on the robotics team for his intelligence. Christian asked him to join the team because one afternoon Louie happen to be inside the cafeteria and rescued Christian from a bully. I guess placing, Louie on the robotics team was a way of showing his gratitude.

Now that you have met the team. Now its time to meet "STINKY!",LOL... Stinky is the name of their project that they're entering in the contest. The 5th Annual Robotics Competition, where Carl Hayden Community H.S. will be the only high school going up against six other colleges. They'll be facing Virginia Tech, Cornell University, Duke University, Stanford University, Florida University and the reigning champions from the previous year, M.I.T. Carl Hayden Community High feels that this is there year and that they can take 'em. This is where my time started to get limited. Once again I apologize but I couldn't stay for the screening any longer. I agreed to stay up until the part of the movie when it was time for the contest. I wanted to get a look at this for myself, this whole underwater robotics I'm not quite sure if this is real or not. It is something interesting. It look like some kind of a sport. That being said, M.I.T. manage to put themselves back in first place with 85 points. It was not something I wanted to hear. Carl Hayden High coming in at fourth place and that was it.

I'm sorry guys I needed to go I couldn't stay until the ending. The movie is in theaters, this evening whoever gets a chance to go out and see this movie. Feel free to email me the rest of the movie's results at;, lol.


Kevin Hart "The Wedding Ringer!!" How do you, kill 2 birds with 1 stone? That's a question most often asked by many people and even their selves. It's a very interesting metaphor. Tonight I'm going to find out, how that concept is done. Beside, Kevin Hart being on my mind for tonight. Brooklyn is also on my mind. Well, Brooklyn is always on my mind. Everybody throw ya' handz up and salute "BUCKTOWN'S rezidents Smif n Wessun. Celebrating their 20th anniversary to their Duck Down records debut (Jan. 10, 1995) "Dah Shinin". I can't believe it. It's been 20 years already. What an awesome night, tonight will turn out to be, going down at SOB's. Before, I get into any authentic street hip hop. First, I must indulge, myself into an authentic urbanized comedy blessed by the one called Kevin Hart, lol! Taking place at the 34th st-AMC theater. I'm on my way to meet my brethren. I have my stone ready to be aimed so to speak......

Unfortunately that isn't what's going to happen here. It look like there will only be 1 bird getting killed, this evening. After receiving the ax for tonight's "Wedding Ringer" screening. OMG, no disrespect I mean nothing by it but seriously. I never knew, Kevin Hart get this much love. Oh well, no need for the bicker.

It's time to go, where we really came to go tonight "BUCKTOWN!" Smif n Wessun's 20th anniversary, live at SOB's but first before we go. My lungs must touch the greens to get my mood and attitude, right for tonight. You know attending, a Smif n Wessun concert or any concert of real hip hop value. The one thing your surely going to lack and that's bitches. Unless you want to count the so called tomboy/ b-girl type females you'll notice running through tonight's venue. Don't let me take that away from you. If that's your poison. Hey, go head have fun, lol.

A person on stage having a little too much fun. I'm not saying, he doesn't belong on stage at SOB's for the 20th anniversary of " Dah Shinin". What I'm actually saying is? "EVIL DEE, WHEN ARE YOU GETTING OFF YOUR LAPTOP?" Lol, I almost wrote "wheels". I got to remember this the Y2K's. Turntables have been considered obsolete. Anyway, as I was saying, its been like dam, near an hour and change. What the hell is Evil Dee playing, his whole catalog or something. We don't want to hear his whole catalog. I don't deny the skills and talent of Dj Evil Dee. I would simply like to get this show on the road. As much as, I love Duck Down records and Smif N Wessun y'all gonna have me out here all night standing on my feet, breaking my lower-back. I'm going to need me a couple of beers to toss during my wait. I hope I don't get too drunk. I want to be able to sing along with "Dah Shinin".

Here we go, Rusty Jabbz its about that time. The shows about to begin. It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Peep the pictures of tonight that tell a story of "Dah Shinin" anniversary.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


What a Happy New Year it begins to be for me. My 2014 year ended with WWE in my hands. What an excellent wrestling occasion it happen to be. Here we are again, tonight in 2015 setting off the year with TNA Impact. Oh boy, I can not wait. I've been having my heart set on this for the past 30 days. I'm looking forward to the TNA Impact premiere at the Manhattan Center and can not forgot there premiere to the Destination America channel. Welcome back to television, TNA! I was really surprised earlier, this afternoon by the Impact marathon being found on the Destination America network. I would like to thank the promo posting on facebook. Thank you so much! I had an understanding that Impact will return to television and its new network, January 16th. Which happens to be next, Friday. But, going down tonight you can capture, "Impact" live at the Manhattan center being televised tonight for Destination America. For my optimum heads, you know where to find Destination America at. It's located on channel #172 for the one's who do not know. As far as my, Time Warners, Fios, Dish Networks I can not help y'all. I have no idea where it is. Y'all got to find it on your own. I'm currently sitting on the train. I'm just one more stop away and I'm almost there. Oh baby!

I hope I didn't miss anything. I just walked in. It look like I'm on time. A match happen to be going on. I caught myself in the midst of an "Kurt Angle vs MVP" match. I'm starting to love this crowd. I'm feelin' their animosity being raised in the air. I know, normally I don't care for degrading and bogus wrestling crowds. I just couldn't help that one chant being repeated.... "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY", "M.V. PUSSY" "M.V. PUSSY" LMAO, y'all could repeat that as many times as y'all want that nigga, MVP is a fuckin' PUSSY. That's why, Kurt Angle kicked his ass and laid him out tonight, lol.

The Revolution are still champions, no thanks to the interference coming from the other half of the crew, Sanada and Manik. The match wasn't a total loss. I did love those dives, now I don't know which Wolf it was that did them. However, those triple dives from the ring unto Abyss up against the guardrail were fuckin' bananas.

OMG, look everyone its Seth Rollins, lol. No, but I swear he's just as annoying or equal. The 2 pain in the asses in each wrestling organizations. I agree with the people, who are chanting, "You Can't Wrestle!" I just want to know, since when did people start chanting, "Yes You Can!" Come on guys let's be serious. If your going to chant, " Yes You Can!" for EC3. Then you might as well chant, "You Bought In!" for Seth Rollins. I already got a sample of that last month.

Austin Aries became the new X-Division Champion. That's just nice to see a title change hands on the Destination America network premiere. Well not only that, the title went to an upstanding/ worthy competitor in Austin Aries. The match went crazy, you wouldn't believe it. Of course, the crowd wasn't any help they're mainly the cause. I'm just saying, I could hear one side screaming out, "ARIES!" "ARIES!" "ARIES!" and then the otherside screaming out, "LOKI!" "LOKI!" "LOKI!".... See me, I don't know who or what to scream for except "HOLY SHIT!" "HOLY SHIT!" "HOLY SHIT!" Believe me that sounds much better.
This is awesome, again. That's all its been so far, well minus the EC-Geek sketch, lol.

Taryn Terrell seizing the victory of the knockouts battle royal when it came down to our last 3 knockouts. Taryn Terrell manage to eliminate both knockouts at the same time and become the winner of tonight's knockout battle royal. Everyone in the audience was pleased and excited except one person. It didn't sit well with soar loser, Havoc. Havoc came back inside the ring with frustration only to inflict punishment onto Taryn Terrell. Until the lights went out. For a minute there I thought it was Sting but then I said, "Wait, why would Sting have his business in the Knockouts". Although there are a lot of nasty guys sitting around me, who would want to have their business inside of the Knockouts. Well, if its not Sting. It's somebody and it could be Bray Wyatt. He does the "light" thing too. You never know one day his bum ass might get dropped from the WWE. Anyway, as it turned out to be "AWESOME KONG!" was back in the house. Ready to have it out with Havoc. Only Havoc saved this fight for another day.

Wooo Hooo, another title exchange live on the premiere of Destination America. I should be proud of it, however I can not show any type of love towards it. Especially what took place during that match, I swear. Just as I been praising TNA all night. I get hit with a blow. Make that a low blow. This match sucked towards the end. I was so into it and feeling it until this happened. Not only did a title change take place. A "triple heel turn went along with it. Tell me that's not a super heel turn. Three heel turns in one night. Rusty Jabbz I would like to introduce Impact's newest roster.... "Sellout Somoa Joe" for linking himself with MVP & his goons. "Soarloser Low Ki" another one I wouldn't be surprised he did this due to the loss of his X-Division title, earlier tonight. "Backstabbing Eric Young" this one was a pure shock. I have no idea where this came from. I can't believe Eric Young would do something like that to Bobby Roode.





I had myself a wonderful night. I couldn't believe the turn out of it. I don't know, tonight happen to be TNA Impact's world premiere on Destination America not to forget there visit to New York City. Which will continue for the remainder of the week.... "TNA IMPACT LIVE AT THE MANHATTAN CENTER 311 W. 34th ST. NEW YORK, NY 10001 (212) 279-7740 THURSDAY, JANUARY 08th AND FRIDAY, JANUARY 09th" After what I went through this evening. I think, it'll be even better throughout this week.