Sunday, January 24, 2016



Coming to you, live from Orlando Florida we're kicking off our night with the last man standing match featuring Dean Ambrose versus Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship Title. There will be no pin falls, nor will there be submissions. The only way to seize victory, is to make sure your competitor have been incapacitated before the count of ten.
Dean Ambrose, he's doing a very good job in this last man standing match for a first time. This is an awesome way to set off, Royal Rumble. Dean Ambrose putting his own self in harms way to get Kevin Owens down. A lot of wreckage taking place during this match. You have no choice but to ask, "Will either of these competitors be competing in the rumble later?"
Dean Ambrose defeat Kevin Owens and retained his Intercontinental Championship, tonight. Most importantly, Dean Ambrose survived the last man standing match.


Here comes, Rudy (Kofi Kingston) and Booty (Big E),lol. Where's Tootie (Xavier)? Tootie got a new trombone. What Francesca #02! I can't stand these pie holes. I hope the Usos slaughter them tonight. The Usos challenging The New Day for their tag team championships. Something that neither member deserve. They need to do something about Xavier's ring interference. He needs to be band from ringside. Of course, these dicks are going to continue to win. As long as, Xavier is by there side interferring. The New Day will remain champion. BOOOOOOO!!!!!!


As for this match, anyone can kick this puto's ass. I'll definitely stand behind that person. I don't give a shit about Alberto Del Rio. Hornswoggle could fight Alberto Del Rio. And, I'll still stand behind Hornswoggle. Del Rio is a dick! Yes, I believe we have a new champion/ 2X United States Champion. Kalisto conquering his victory here tonight over the bastard of the WWE, Alberto Del Rio.

MATCH #03; Kalisto defeat Alberto Del Rio for the United Stated Championship

Ok, Rusty Jabbz followers this is the match I've been waiting for. Charlotte versus Becky Lynch for the Divas Championship. Becky Lynch want to capture what Charlotte owns. She kind of feels that Charlotte is no longer a woman that is worthy to carry the precious gold. Charlotte who have been carrying the divas championship for the past 124 days have gone spoiled, bitchy and arrogant towards her former friends. Becky Lynch tonight is out here to prove who's really worthy of being called a champion. What did I mention earlier about interference at ringside. We have the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair giving assist to Charlotte in anyway to help her hold on to her title. Real cheap shot Ric tossing your jacket over Becky's face to block her vision.

MATCH #04; Charlotte defeat Becky Lynch, remaining her divas championship
Look who's back, its "The Boss" Sasha Banks returning off her injury list. Making her statement with the bank statement being planted on Charlotte. A bold and deep message, letting it be known. It's Sasha's Time!

Entry #01 Roman Reigns
I'm sorry I needed to step away from my computer. I wanted something to eat. I don't have a clue who entry #02 happen to be. I'am just glad that I came back in time to see, the premiere of Aj Styles. I was so happy when I seen that. This is his first Royal Rumble appearance. I hope he'll be making a first Monday Night Raw appearance. Aj Styles, it feels good to have some talent on the roster for a change.
Entry #03 Aj Styles his first Royal Rumble
Entry #04 Tyler Breeze his first Royal Rumble
Entry #05 Curtis Axel making up for his last Royal Rumble. Technically, he never entered the ring yet. This have been bothering Curtis Axel for a year now. He finally have his chance to do something about it.
Entry #06 Chris Jericho
Entry #07 Kane his eighteenth Royal Rumble. The best Royal Rumble fighter, known in history for eliminating the most superstars over the years. The total is forty two.
Entry #08 Goldust his eleventh Royal Rumble
Entry #09 Ryback his fourth Royal Rumble
Entry #10 Kofi Kingston
Entry #11 Titus O'neill his third Royal Rumble
Entry #12 R-Truth his eighth Royal Rumble. I swear, what the hell is wrong with R-Truth. Why is the man bringing a ladder out for this match. This isn't a ladder match. R-Truth I get it, you got screwed at last year's Money In The Bank pay per view. You can't wait till then to make up for it. I swear, that man is a moran.
Entry #13 Luke Harper
Entry #14 Stardust his eighth Royal Rumble
Entry #15 The Big Show his eleventh Royal Rumble
Entry #16 Neville his first Royal Rumble
Entry #17 Braun Strowman his first Royal Rumble
Entry #18 Kevin Owen his first Royal Rumble
These were the two superstars I thought never was going to enter the rumble later on. I'am glad to see, both Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose managing to stand on their feet, after a tremendous throw down setting off tonight's pay per view event.
Entry #19 Dean Ambrose his third Royal Rumble
Entry #20 Sam Zaine his first Royal Rumble
Entry #21 Eric Rowan
Entry #22 Mark Henry his eighth Royal Rumble
Entry #23 Broc Lesnar his second Royal Rumble
Entry #24 Jack Swagger his sixth Royal Rumble
Entry #25 The Miz his ninth Royal Rumble, look like he's scared to enter the ring while Broc Lesnar is in there.
Entry #26 Alberto Del Rio his third Royal Rumble
Entry #27 Bray Wyatt, all alone it seems Broc Lesnar eliminated the whole Wyatt family.
Entry #28 Dolph Ziggler his eighth Royal Rumble
Entry #29 Sheamus his fourth Royal Rumble
Entry #30 Triple H his ninth Royal Rumble, this was definitely a shocker seeing The Game enter The Rumble at #30. What a surprise it was, with only 04 men left for him. Roman Reigns being one of those four men left. Triple H managing to toss Roman Reigns over the ring, as well. Roman Reigns is no longer the World Heavy Weight Champion. No one ever expected, Triple H would come out of hiatus and participate in the rumble capturing the World Heavy Weight Championship.

Oh, my lord this match is crazy. It been crazy all evening. I have goosebumps out here. I can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing, Triple H is a 14X Champion. What a marvelous performance every superstar put on. I didn't expect that. To be honest, I don't think anyone did. What away for the Authority to finally screw Roman Reigns out of his title. The match was great up until that I guess you can say. There were its ups and its downs. There were certain times during this rumble where we could of had any member of the Wyatt family as our new World Heavy Weight Champion. Considering the fact that they were the one's dominating the majority of the match. Of course, that was until Broc Lesnar eliminated every single member of the Wyatt family. But, you know the Wyatt's do not play fair and this match is no disqualification. The Wyatt family reentering the rumble only to embarrass and make a fool out of Broc Lesnar with his elimination. I would like to congratulate Chris Jericho for lasting over 50 minutes in this year's Royal Rumble. Also, I would like to congratulate Aj Style for his first time in the Royal Rumble for lasting about 30 minutes. It is not bad for your first premiere. And, to everyone else congratulations, thank you for tonight's performance.