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Hello everyone its Dj Handspin Dinero and I'm back. Its been a long time maybe too long since I put together a REAL NEWSLETTER. But I'm back in business, how was everyone's summer. Settin' it off in the fall and settin' it off right. I'm back with an Rusty Jabbz Xclusiv' interview from The Crowned Prince Of Underground Shit, Cormega. I wanna thank both Cormega and Jackie O of 4sight Media for taking time out to put this inteview together I really appreciate it. Everyone at Rusty Jabbz Ent are happy for this xclusiv'

01. Handspin: How did you come up w/ the name Cormega?
Cormega: It just came to me one day. It's practically from my name which is Cory. I used
to call myself MC Cor before I came up with Cormega.

02. Handspin: What was it like growing up in Queensbridge?
Cormega: I actually didn't grow up in Queensbridge. I was born in Brooklyn but raised in
Co-op City and Far Rockaway. I used to hang in Queensbridge.

03. Handspin: Who were some of your influences that lead to a career in music?
Cormega: LL Cool J, Rakim, T-La Rock, MC Shan

04. Handspin: When you was growing up in traps of Queensbridge? Were you one
cats on the street corner that wanted to use Hip Hop as an alternative to
sellin' crack or did you really want to be an emcee to the heart?
Cormega: I don't know how to answer that one. It's like trying to figure out which came
first, the chicken or the egg. Being a lyricist is in my blood from back when we
used to rock nursery rhymes.

05. Handspin: It's been seven years since your last release of "The Realness"
back in 2002. What was the reason for the seven year hiatus? What you been
up to for the last seven years?
Cormega: It's been seven years since I released a solo album, but my company put out a
lot of product recently. We had Legal Hustle Presents Got Beats and my Who
Am I DVD which took 5 years to videotape and edit. Also, I had a daughter and
I wanted to spend time with her. She's my priority.

06. Handspin: What is the name of your new album?
Cormega: The new album is called, "Born and Raised" and it drops October 20th

07. Handspin: Who are some of the producer's you have working on the album?
Cormega: We got production on this album from Dj Premier, Large Professor, Easy
Mo Bee, Havoc, Buckwild, DR Period, LES, Nottz, Fuzzy Womack, Ayatollah,
Khrysis, and appearances by Big Daddy Kane, Parish Smith, Grand Puba,
Krs One, Tragedy, Havoc, Lil' Fame, Marley Marl and Red Alert.

08. Handspin: Is this album going to be released on your imprint, Legal Hustle?
Cormega: Everything I put out is on Legal Hustle

09. Handspin: Do you still own and operate Legal Hustle?
Cormega: Yes

10. Handspin: Where can your fans and supporters get in contact with you?
Cormega: and

11. Handspin: Do you offer your verses for guest appearances to other emcees
that would like to do a song with you?
Cormega: Right now, I'm not trying to do features unless it's for someone whose music I
respect. Otherwise, I'm focusing on my album and my career.

12. Handspin: Are you planning an album release party? (If so, is it in New York
and can I be on the guestlist? LOL!)
Cormega: We' re doing an album release party at SOBs in New York on October 29th. You
can check their website for info on the show.

13. Handspin: Do you have any shows or tours in the works?
Cormega: I'm always performing. People can check out dates on the myspace page or at

14. Handspin: What can people expect to hear on this forthcoming album?
Cormega: A True Lyricist

15. Handspin: How do you feel about the current state of hip hop?
Cormega: I feel just like how everybody else feels.

16. Handspin: How do you feel about the current state of NEW YORK HIP HOP?
Cormega: My answer to it, is my new album

17. Handspin: Do you believe what the media says about, "New York has fallen
off the hip hop scene?
Cormega: Who believes the media? If you're looking for good music, it's out there.

18. Handspin: What do you think you can bring back to hip hop?
Cormega: Integrity and Lyricism

19. Handspin: What are you hoping to accomplish?
Cormega: To put out a good album, one that's better than or as good as my last album, "The
True Meaning".

20. Handspin: Can we expect more album from you?
Cormega: As long as the fans keep supporting my music, I'll keep creating.

21. Handspin: What other ventures are you looking to get into or have gone into
Cormega: Right now, I'm just promoting the album.

22. Handspin: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Cormega: I take each day for each day

23. Handspin: Do you have any wordz of wizdumz and encouragement to anyone
tryin' to make a name for themselves as an emcee?
Cormega: Stay true to the art. Stay true to who you are as a emcee. Don't follow trends.

This next question is personal, Mega. I know you been incarcerated in your lifetime and I know coming home from doing a football number bid aint easy. This next question I want to dedicate it to, 2 people I love that are scheduled for release from prison within the next year or two. I want to know, do you have any advice, words of encouragement or any message you would like to send out to the people behind the walls that are currently serving their time?

Cormega: I never did a football number bid, but my advise is stay true to yourself
and don't fall victim to the same thing and same people who got you

No doubt, what an excellent interview. Once again, I wanna thank Jackie for arranging all of this and to Cormega for taking time out to do this interview. Everyone be sure to cop Cormega's new album, "Born and Raised" in stores Oct. 20th 2009 and I said cop NOT DOWNLOAD OR BOOTLEG. Actually, get up off ur lazy asses come Oct. 20th and go to your local music store and cop Cormega's Born And Raised. Be sure to check out the SOBs website for the Cormega' Born and Raised album release party going down Oct. 29th. Don't worry Mega, my partner loudMOUF will get the word out in no time. This is Dj Handspin Dinero signing off with another HIP HOP XCLUSIF! LOVE, PEACE AND DINERO!