Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter Issue #05 "Money In The Bank PPV Sunday, June 18, 2017"

Coming to you live tonight its the Money In The Bank Pay Per View from St. Louis, Missouri. A lot of action taking place tonight, looking forward to the first time ever Women's Money In The Bank match. I have my money on Natalya. Unless, Lana ends up defeating Naomi to become the Women's Champion then my money will be on Becky Lynch.

Kicking things off tonight, its the return of The Hype Bros. We seen Zack Ryder make his appearance this past Tuesday on SmackDown Live.

Awesome match taking place during the kick off show. Great come back for the The Hype Bros.

The Money In The Bank Pay Per View going down, right now....
There have been a lot of rumors, a lot of predictions for what is about to take place in a few minutes.
We waste no time, starting things off with the first ever Women's Money In The Bank match, as Charlotte Flair makes her entrance. Tonight we're creating history.

All girls going for a ladder. Tamina left alone in the ring. Becky Lynch blasting a ladder into Tamina. Natalya and Becky having a ladder tug of war. Now its Natalya that's alone in the ring. Charlotte stopping Natalya from receiving the briefcase. Carmella climbing up the ladder. Charlotte have herself tangled in the ladder. Tamina tipping over the ladder. Natalya from behind taking down Tamina with a ladder. Carmella knocking Becky Lynch off the ladder. Carmella with another attempt to climb the ladder. Charlotte pulling Carmella down from the ladder. Charlotte with a beautiful summer salt off the ring post taking out Natalya and Tamina. Carmella with her third attempt to capture the briefcase. Becky Lynch pulling Carmella off the ladder. Becky Lynch by herself in the ring attempting to go after the briefcase. James Ellesworth pushing Becky Lynch off the ladder. Carmella looked injured. James Ellesworth decide to retrieve the briefcase for her. This is some bullshit, James Ellesworth is a dude and he's not even in the match but apparently its legal. No disqualification. Unfortunately, Carmella is Miss Money In The Bank!

I know The New Day are new on Smack Down but I would be so happy if they pull a victory over The Usos. I think, The Usos met their match. There not fighting the Colons or the Fashion Police. The New Day bringing it to them. Of course, leave it up to The Usos to back out the match.

This is the debut of Lana's first match/ pay per view. I'm not looking forward to that Bulgarian Brute, Rusev showing up helping Lana score a victory.

Carmella and James Ellesworth coming out with her new MITB briefcase during the match.
Naomi defeating Lana by submission.

FASHION VICE: The Fashion Police finally found out who trashed their office.

OMG, it was true I was really hoping this was a rumor. Mike Kannellis  and Maria Kannellis are on Smack Down. Why couldn't this be a rumor? These two pain in the asses, coming here, smh. He's calling himself, Mike Kannellis. I always thought the tradition was for the woman to take the male's last name, smh. Bullshit!

I just want to take this time to acknowledge the Hall of Famers, we have sitting in the audience.... "GREG GAGNE", "LARRY HENNIG", "BARON VON RASCKE", "SGT SLAUGHTER", "COWBOY BOB ORTON JR" AND "RIC FLAIR".

I hope this match end by either disqualification or count out. This is the only match I would want to end by either a disqualification or count out. I can't see, Randy Orton winning tonight by pinfall. I don't want to see Randy Orton get embarrassed in his hometown. Especially, when he has his father there and all these hall of famers accompanying him at ringside. So far it been all, Mahal in this match. Jinder Mahal have the figure four locked in on Randy Orton. I didn't think this could happen but Jinder Mahal is destroying a 13X champion on father's day. Jinder Mahal did some damage to Orton's left knee. Randy Orton establishing some momentum. Setting up the RKO, Orton manage to land it on Mahal. Thanks to the Singh Brothers, he was unable to make the pin. The referee having The Singh Brothers removed from the arena. The Singh Brothers attacking Cowboy Bob Orton. Randy Orton going after the Singh Brothers. Randy Orton making sure that Singh Brothers pay for what they just did. Through all of that turmoil, Jinder Mahal getting the upperhand and capturing a pinfall on Randy Orton. The audience was in distraught. I would to, if my hometown hero lost his match.

So these are the guys who have been trashing the office of the Fashion Police. Smack Down is actually wasting our time for this.

I didn't have much luck earlier with the women's money in the bank match. I'm hoping to see some improvement. I have my money on Sami Zayn for Mr. MITB.

Baron Corbin attacking Shinsuke Nakamura during his entrance theme. The match haven't begun yet. Baron Corbin may have taken out Shinsuke Nakamura. We're currently going with 05 men at this present time.
First briefcase attempt by Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn knocking Kevin Owens off the ladder. Sami Zayn tossing Kevin Owens body into the ladder, dismantling the ladder. Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn trying to race up the ladder. Sami Zayn taking out Dolph Ziggler. Baron Corbin taking out Sami Zayn. Aj Styles taking down Baron Corbin. Aj Styles setting up the ladder. Baron Corbin climbing alongside Aj, Dolph Ziggler climbing over Corbin. Baron Corbin dragged down Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler with a zig zag on Corbin. Styles, Ziggler and Zayn at the top of the ladder trying to reach for the briefcase. Sami Zayn with the sunset flip power bomb wiping out both, Aj Styles and Dolph Ziggler from the top of the ladder. Sami Zayn with a suplex onto Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens look injured. Referees are looking after him. Sami Zayn all by himself climbing back up the ladder. Aj Styles with a phenomenal forearm hitting Sami Zayn off the ladder. Baron Corbin going after Aj Styles. Baron Corbin may have ended Aj Styles with a choke slam into a ladder set up across the commentary table. Sami Zayn climbing up the ladder. Kevin Owens taking down Sami Zayn.
Aj Styles hanging from the briefcase. Dolph Ziggler pulled the ladder from under him. Aj Styles falling flat to the canvas.
Baron Corbin was going to climb up the ladder. Until, he seen Shinsuke  Nakamura.
Shinsuke Nakamura is back! Nakamura takes out Baron Corbin.
Nakamura taking down Dolph Ziggler. Nakamura setting up the ladder. Aj Styles and Nakamura having their private sparing session. Who do you think is best between those two?
Aj Styles begin to climb the ladder. Nakamura begin to climb on the otherside. Both men continue to go blow for blow once they got to the top of the ladder. Baron Corbin pushing down the ladder. There is no one else around. Everyone is injured, Baron Corbin setting up another ladder. Baron Corbin going for Mr MITB and seizing the opportunity.



Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter June 2017 Issue #03 "June 08th, Global Hip Hop Day!"

"A Day away from Brooklyn!" You ever had one of those days where you just want to get away. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do something different other than being in Brooklyn, all day. I was given a chance to witness history on 1520 Sedgwick Avenue. How many of y'all know what 1520 Sedgwick Avenue is? Forty years ago, today it was the home of the legendary Dj Kool Herc. The place where it all began.

The birth of 40 years of Hip Hop. However, it was unfortunate I never actually got the chance to witness the historical moment. Today marks the day of the proclamation and unveiling of "Hip Hop Boulevard!" An investment according to Bronx Borough President, Rubin Diaz, Jr that cost 2.5 million dollars. 1520 Sedgwick Avenue have been declared as, "Hip Hop Boulevard!" Totally awesome! What wasn't so awesome was the fact that I had trouble finding Sedgwick Avenue. This is why I never made the official proclamation.

I manage to go to the Hot 97 Bronx Block Party being held inside Cedar Playground. This was some sort of an afternoon after party. I couldn't network at this event too long. You know, I gotta be at the plantation tomorrow morning. I needed to be back in Brooklyn at a reasonable hour. Despite the minimum time limit. I manage to enjoy myself. I must admit, I was feeling a bit out of place. I guess everyone in Cedar Park knew I wasn't from around here.  It isn't hard to tell, when you have on a sky blue fitted cap on the top of your head that reads, "FLATBUSH!" I wanted everyone to know where I was from. Even though today is about, Global Hip Hop. The day is suppose to be about honor, love, unity, and partying. There's fools in the Bronx. I just wanted to be on point.

I'am just glad was able to take part in this afternoon's event and be apart of history. Even though I missed today's earlier events. I'm glad I was there to witness the dj stylings from some of Hip Hop's elite. I would like to take this time to shout out, Dj Scratch, Dj Camillo, Dj Chuck Chillout, Dj Kid Capri, Dj Funkmaster Flex, Dj Red Alert, Dj Enuff, TT Torrez, Kurtis Blow, Bugsy from Hot 97. There were alot of other people, celebrities, celebrity djs. Everyone came through and represented history.

Welcome to "1520 HIP HOP BOULEVARD!"

For footage of this afternoon's event @ Cedar Playground visit:

Friday, June 9, 2017

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter June 2017 Issue #04 "Raekwon: Meet and Greet, signing of The Wild"

WU TANG CLAN AIN'T NUTHIN TO FUCK WIT, WU TANG CLAN AIN'T NUTHIN TO FUCK WIT, WU TANG CLAN AIN'T NUTHIN TO FUCK WIT.... After, 20 years of dominance on the hip hop mainstream and underground circuit that phrase remains to be true.

Tonight everyone is gathered here at Urban Outfitters to witness one of the hip hop's finest emcees, Raekwon The Chef. Performing here with us, the 2017 release of The Wild. I just want to thank my man, D for letting me know about tonight's event. I wish you were here, bro. I know you wouldn't want to miss something like this.

The show haven't taken off, as of yet. People are still here standing around in determination. The same goes for myself. I made big plans to cover this event. I definitely have my heart set on what's about to take place inside Urban Outfitters.

The event finally jumped off. I figured I seen Rae, earlier coming out of the jeep. I didn't want to believe it was him. Sun, put on some pounds. Talk about big belly mon, lol. Anyway, as the show began. He kept it short with a few exclusive off the, Wild Lp. He didn't want to perform too many songs. There were alot of people who came out this evening, who actually purchased "The Wild" LP from the store. They were seeking autographs from Raekwon. I didn't purchase, "The Wild" LP. I previously downloaded the album, back in April. The only thing I wanted to do this evening was capture as much pictures of The God. Which you'll get to view throughout the article. 

To see footage of the events that took place here this evening, visit:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter June 2017 Issue #02 "WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View"

Welcome back, Rusty Jabbers join me as we get ready to experience, Extreme in about an hour. Tonight is the Extreme Rules Pay Per View, going down live in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. Joining us, right now at the kick off show panel, Renee Young, Sam and David Otunga. Look who is with us, welcome back to David Otunga joining us this evening.


Okay, its time to get EXTREME!!! Who's with me. Of course, how did I know this will be the first match. The Miz must always make an entrance and start off the show. Major stipulations in this match against Dean Ambrose. If, Dean Ambrose is disqualified, he automatically loses the title. This sucks, what are the major stipulations against The Miz. There aren't any.

MATCH #01 "Intercontinental Championship"
The Miz doing everything he can to get Dean Ambrose excited. Smh, Ambrose is crazy going for the chair. He need to watch that anger of his. The Miz applying some pressure to the injured leg of Dean Ambrose. Ambrose can barely stand up. Dean Ambrose with his own figure four being planted on The Miz. Dean Ambrose being forced to break the hole. The Miz telling Maryse to slap him. The referee witnessing outside interference and sent Maryse back to the locker room. The Miz pushed Dean Ambrose into the referee. We thought, the referee was going to disqualify Dean Ambrose until The Miz scored the final pin. The Miz is now the 07X Intercontinental Champion.

MATCH #02 "Mixed Tag Team"
I'm glad they decided to put this match on the main roster rather than the kick off show. This have been an interesting feud over the past few months. Somewhat similar between Davey Richards and Angelina Love Vs Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards. The only difference, Rich Swann and Sasha Banks aren't lovers. Rich Swann capturing a victory in his hometown of Baltimore, WOOOOOOO!!!! Now, Swann and The Boss are going to dance.

Elias Samson promo about the filth that is Baltimore.... I don't know if I should laugh. Afterall the man singing is horrible, lmao.

Bayley, I'm relying on you girl. Don't let me down. Take down that Alexa BITCH!  Bayley, I heard you earlier in a interview that you was inspired by Wonder Woman. Show me girl your Lynda Carter abilities.

MATCH #03 "Raw's Womens Championship/kendu stick on a pole"
BULLSHIT, this match sucked. Bayley didn't get any chances to use the kendu stick. I don't believe that Bayley was relentless in using the stick. Raw is so against Bayley. Let's face it, they don't want Bayley as champion again. It's because "BLONDES HAVE ALL THE FUN!!"

MATCH #04 "Raw Tag Team Championship/Steel Cage Match"
We are now on our 04th match of the night. There haven't been anything that impressed as of yet. I can not call, who will come out on top. My money is on The Hardy Boyz. Jeff Hardy is out of the cage. Matt Hardy left alone inside the cage. It's a 02 on 01 match going on inside the cage now. Jeff Hardy want back in this match. Sheamus won't let Jeff in. Jeff Hardy from the top of the steel cage with a swanton taking out Sheamus and Cesaro. Jeff Hardy putting his body on the line. Matt Hardy dragging his brother out of the cage. Sheamus and Cesaro manage to climb over the cage, before The Hardy's to become the new tag team champions.

MATCH #05 "Cruiserweight Championship"
Austin Aries have his third opportunity tonight to end the 126 day reign of the Neville level. I'm counting on you, bro don't let me down. This haven't been an awesome night. Something good must come out of this match. We already seen 03 faces loses their titles tonight. At least make one heel lose their title for the night. Neville is really fighting hard not to tap out. Neville thinking about this past, Monday. Avoiding the tap out. Neville manage to tap out, unfortunately it was outside the ring. This pay per view sucks. I should be watching, Henry Danger than this bullshit, smh. Both shows suck. After watching tonight's pay per view of Extreme Rules, Henry Danger is looking good. Sad but true.

I have my picks in this match. What does it matter, after the crap I seen tonight. I'm not sure he will even win. My money are on two opponents, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Everyone else, whatever. The rules to this match are simple.  The first man to gain a pinfall or submission on their opponent will face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam for the Universal Championship.

MATCH #06 "Fatal 05 Way Match"
Bray Wyatt and Somoa Joe dominating the match together taking out the competition. Roman Reigns is back in the match. Where's Rollins? Roman Reigns have been taking out again through the announce table. Seth Rollins getting back in it. Bray Wyatt with a Sister Abigail attempt on Seth Rollins. Here comes Somoa Joe from behind. Somoa Joe and Bray Wyatt alliance finally falling apart. Finn Balor, back in. HOLY SHIT, TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Roman Reigns with a spear of Finn Balor and Somoa Joe through the barricades. Seth Rollins flying off of the ring post onto Bray Wyatt through the announce table. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns going after one another in the ring. Bray Wyatt, back in the ring. Finn Balor, back in the ring. Roman Reigns with a superman punch for Seth Rollins. A superman punch for Finn Balor. Somoa Joe locking in the coquina clutch on Finn Balor, scoring the victory.

Okay, yes Booker T you called it. You said, it would be Somoa Joe, you happy now. I'm not!

SmackDown's Money In The Bank Sunday, June 18, 2017

Raw's Great Balls of Fire Sunday, July 09, 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter June 2017 Issue #01 "Best Of The Fest!"

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter Presents... Best Of The Fest-Free Screening in Sunset Park, Saturday, June 03rd.

Oh what a day. This wasn't a day as planned. It started out earlier this morning with a appointment with one of my doctor's. The appointment never took place. These are typical things that occur when attending a doctor's office for its appointment. It's such ashame that the patient have to fall victim to it.

I felt that perhaps this evening's Screening in Sunset Park will put a smile back on my face. After being on my feet from morning I figure I can use that smile. I have made plans to go out for the evening. Which I actually did but you must realize how things can suddenly fall apart.

I have made the plans to meet one of my homies but he was unavailable for the moment. He told me, he was tied up in Queens and he had no idea when he'll be getting back to Brooklyn. This is a very familiar road, a little bit too familiar. I understand what I must do here. This isn't the first time I had to travel to a event by myself and I know it definitely won't be the last.

This afternoon's event is being held at the Sunset Park Center Lawn. Keep in mind, I don't have any knowledge of this community. Sunset Park is like the Twilight Zone to me. The only time you can catch me in this area is during pride week. Speaking of pride week, just 02 weeks away until June 16th. I can not wait! But, today didn't feel anything like pride week to me. I got that exact same feeling that I always had as if I'm arriving in Tijuana, Mexico.

I feel like I'm in some sort of little Mexico, surrounded in a park with a bunch of spics and chinks. I'm the only nigga up in here. I did, possibly see one or two niggas, maybe. I'm not sure if they were niggas. For all, I know they could have been Dominicans.

I know by the ink of my pen it may seem as if I have no interest in what tonight's event is offering. The complete opposite, its just I've been sitting around waiting for this "Best Of The Fest" screening to begin and it still haven't. Originally the time was set for 5pm to 8pm then they changed it to 7:30pm to 10pm. Now, I just found out they're not going to begin at 7:30pm. They decide to start the Fest, after sundown. They're talking about 8:20pm, smh.

I can't take this. This isn't looking good to these guys for their first review. The only thing that looks good happen to be the park. I'm feeling the whole atmosphere of Sunset Park minus the excessive staring from the people. There is alot going down in this park, this afternoon other than the film screening. There is a volleyball competition taking place. I notice the handball courts is flooded with participants. In my hood, heads don't even get on the handball court anymore. I notice they got a pool. It's not open today. It's a nice looking pool but this isn't a pool day.

I got more enjoyment off of my tour of the park than waiting around for nothing. I'm getting fed up. My homie isn't here yet. He's still in Queens taking care of b.i. This is what I meant, when I mentioned earlier about things suddenly falling apart. The moment have passed. I didn't care for the screening anymore. It didn't matter, what time the event started now. I made my exit.