Saturday, February 14, 2015


I never did, retrieve the almanac like I lost, last time being out here with my jabbers. They had everyone remainding on the line including myself to be sent back home from Project Almanac. Tonight I happen to be on a new race to the theater, literally speaking. An economical race to help rebuild your community. Tonight's project is called, "PROJECT: MC FARLAND USA".

Mc Farland USA, screening taking place this evening at the AMC theater on 34th street. It have been a very longtime since I received a complimentary movie ticket. I'm just happy to know that I didn't need to be placed on any waiting list. Before the movie begins, you know my daily routine but wait I believe I'm receiving a call from mother nature. Let me go handle that and I'll be right back with you.

Tonight's movie screening is Disney's "Mc Farland USA" Starring: Kevin Costner. A film based on a true story about the poorest town in the United States. At least that's how some may see it. Mc Farland happen to be and this is more accurate a, family farming town. The film begins in Idaho, 1987. Coach Jim White is chewing out his football team, before a big game. The aggressive and violent ways of Coach Jim White. Are the ways that bought himself and his family deep down into these pits known as, Mc Farland. Which is an, "Fair Land" for a man who was on his last limp of life. Mc Farland is a simple town made up of simple people who live simple lives.

Of course, Coach Jim White has his vision. I'm not sure where he is looking to develop his vision. I can see, Coach Jim White haves other hidden plans and agendas. These are plans that don't perhaps involve the Mc Farland Cross Country Team that Coach White put together.

I only wish I could have stayed for the rest of the evening. However, I'am thankful and grateful for tonight's invitation. I'am happy that I, "seen it first". However, I liked the moment and time I spent inside the theater. I enjoyed, the brief footage of what I saw. "MC FARLAND USA" IN THEATRES SOON!