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Dj Handspin Dinero here to bring you another exciting issue of Rusty Jabbz Newsletter. I'm glad to have you back with me. Before we get started I gotta explain the rules to our NEW RATING SYSTEM!

01 JABB =

I review and rate albums on a potency scale of different drugs. The more POTENT the drug the BETTER the album. Always keep this in mind.

My favorite part of Rusty Jabbz where I get to listen to various independent artists and projects and decide whether or not they will get the priviledge to be reviewed and rated and later posted to my blog for the world to view. On this segment of "WHO'S ON THE CORNER?" feature the ep of "THE RECAPTURE THE ESSENCE By Jonathan Thomas & Midi Marc and the ep/dvd collaboration of "THE NEW WORLD SIDE ORDER" By CONCEPT, Crazy E and Dj Quazzar.

Original lyrics by: Jonathan Thomas
Production by: MIDI Marc & DaGOD Knowledge

A collaborative effort of dope lyrics and beats. Jonathan Thomas coming str8 outta B'More and MIDI Marc coming outta South Cakalak. Following the old hip hop tradition of 1 MC/1 Producer. "Intro-No Money Down", is a lyrical preface of the emcee. "Wonderful Game", the song is a mello beat, kinda humdrum, no real lyrics not a good start for this ep. On the song, "That's How It Is" is where the artist picks up the pace, its the 3rd track on the cd, although the beat is wack his lyrical concepts on the song make you 4get about the lame beat and focus on the lyrics only. On the song, "Do I Have", the 4th track on the cd is where the ep hits it BIG with a stronger subject matter and a way betta beat. So far what I'm hearing is this artist still got a long way to go to be concerned with becoming THE GREATEST EMCEE! He is on that that right path. "Recapture The Essence", a str8 up lyrical gunplay explaining the concept on the title track about the title track. On the song, "The Symptom/The Now", the artist does an excellent job on this track which maybe the best track on the ep. Actually it is the best track on the ep. On the "Outro", the artist is shouting out all his gratitudes and thank yous toward some of his family and friends. The Recapture the Essence Ep is a good listen for the boomboxes and the ipods.

MINDspray records
3.25 JABBZ

Phat shout out to Concept and Elaine on their next step in their lives. Congratulations to the both of you. All the best and may y'all two have a blessed marriage life.

Now onto to this hip hop marriage of CONCEPT, Crazy E and my very own Rusty Jabbz potna, Dj Quazzar creating a excellent collaborative album. Together CONCEPT & Crazy E spit dope lyrics with ill concepts and thoughts. A brief ep/dvd thrown 2gether 4 what I thought was on a humhum but the 2 show seriousness as if this is an official release. It goes to show that tru hip hop is not to be taken lightly but tightly. I've heard so many MINDspray collective work. I neva say one project is better than the other. Every project is something different leaving listeners satisfied & wanting more. I knew Concept and the MINDspray family for quite sometime. I never really focused on Concepts and Crazy E's rhymes before. However, there was this one time I seen Concept perform live on stage at Lafayette Grill down in Tribeca. I liked what I heard. I normally feel MINDspray and its other members usually as a solo or duet efforts. This is one duet effort that caught my eye. The overall packaging of the cd/dvd release, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the cd casing in black n white glossy cardboard cover. The artwork of the aliens/martians I thought looked good as if I was a child. "PEEP GAME!" wouldn't it be so ill if an artist releases an album with black n white artwork more often or every once in awhile to allow fans and supporters to use their creativity and color in between the lines creating their own type of cover for the artist. I recently gave my little cousin the cover of this cd and a pack of sharpie markers and we sat around and colored in the characters on the cd cover. It looks so cool the way we did it. I think its a good idea. I hope other artist reading this will take heed and give a thought to it. Anyway, back to the cd itself, "THE NEW WORLD SIDE ORDER". I'm not quite sure of the science behind the ep but you can listen to it and make several guesses and come up with your own final diagnosis of what the ep is supposed to be about. Whatever you come up with it will be good. This ep and dvd is another MINDspray classic to be added to their archives. Concept, Crazy E and Quazzar keep doing what yall do best. Yall betta hit the streets with the fulllength album don't come up in here with a great ep and then leave us hangin'. If they do I want be surprised just like MINDspray always leaving the crowd wanting more.
Anyone looking to know more and become part of the NEW WORLD SIDE ORDER MOVEMENT!
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It's the first of the month gotta get it, gotta get it, gotta get it its the first of month. Dj Handspin Dinero in the building just opening up with a lil' clip for the old Bone Thugs n Harmaony single from '94. I was bumpin' their 1st lp earlier so I'm kinda inna Bone Thugs n Harmony mood. We're going to jump right into the mix of action settin' it off with one of my favorite segments.... "WHO'S ON THE CORNER?"

Before I go into that I must always explain our new rating system for things have changed. The new system is as follows...... 1 JABB IS NICOTINE MUSIC, 2 JABBZ IS GANJA MUSIC, 3 JABBZ IS METHAMPHETAMINE MUSIC, 4 JABBZ IS CRACK-COCAINE MUSIC AND LAST THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGHEST 5 JABBZ IS



Coming str8 from New York but its not a borough. The Day Laborers, 2 working class blue collar emcees from Long Island, NY out here on the daily grind of NYC dealing with
the harsh realities of NYC turmoil such as the financial bedlam and record industry bedlam. Despite the ills of 2008 hardship of New York, The Day Laborers, 2 up and coming emcees bought to me a maxi single that I was pleased to hear. I'm always pleased to hear innoviative and creative hip hop. This single may lack creativity to some. You think its outdated or unfinished but in all actuality to me its more of a hip hop tribute. Settin' off the single with the 1st cut, "Came In The Door", using the Rakim lyric sample as the hook. A good way to rep hip hop and Long Island with having your fellow Long Islander on the hook of the song. A good hardcore track to set off the maxi single from that song gives you a direct idea of where the 2 stand. "Burn One f/ Mac Lethal" , a song with a mid 90s hip hop feel. The beat of the song has a sound reminiscent to a Brand Nubian song not sure which one but a song off the "In God We Trust" album. The Day Laborers showing luv to real hip hop by the intro which starts with a diss aimed at the Ying Yang Twins. This is a track where The Day Laborers wants you to clean out you ears and check the words as said by Phife Dawg on the hook. This next song, "When it rains it pours" is probably my favorite one off this single. I would definitely bang dis in da club in fact its already in my serato and ready for my next gig. The song has vocal samples of 3 of my favorite emcees, I want you to sit back listen and tell me if you can name these quotes. "Life can get all up in ur ass", "The jewel gotta have patience plus persistence" and "It's my world and I won't stop". These quotes were blended perfectly for the hook of "When it rains it pours". The last track on this single, "Facing days". "Facing days" has a bluesy feel to it probably the most original track on the single. The Day Laborers have the funk of the beats and mic skillz to solidify themselves a place in hip hop. They may not ever reach a gold and platinum status but The Day Laborers they got sumthin and only time will tell.


This next emcee on the corner of the Brooklyn is a unusual emcee but humorous. MC Too Tall coming str8 outta Marlboro Projects, the Gravesend-Bensonhurst area. I never thought I be rating and reviewing a artist from this part of town. But as this segment goes its to see whats on the corner and what can git off the corner and into record stores worldwide. This is a 2 part single, the 1st songs on the cd are performed by MC Too Tall and last 2 are performed by Mr Danceman. Let's talk about MC Too Tall first with his 1st single, "If you come around my way you might git shot", this single at first listen will have listeners confused. The song sounds more East L. A. than East Coast giving it a boricua style, spanglish rappin w/ comedic humor. Its like a parody of gangsta rap except its not aiming any direct shots at it per say but it gives that sound by the hook and the humorous lyrics of the song. The 2nd single, "Happiness" has a rock, country, blues sounding w/ rap lyrics about gaining happiness by either thru luv and/or money. On this song, MC Too Tall is on a search to find happiness.

This is where the cd shifts gears over to anutha artist on the cd that goes by the name of Mr Danceman that takes up the last 2 parts of the maxi single. This song I know you'll love its a definite club banger its banging in the clubs right now. Its called, "Girls That Swallow", an 80s retro club sound. Not so much of a song More of dance. The chants of "Girls that swallow" being repeated thru out the the interlude. Which lead to the last track of the maxi single, "Ova There" another 80s style club record with no lyrics just a club beat playing as the hook repeats, "Yeah Over There", numerous times. Whoever this Mr Danceman is, he's obviously a producer on the same label as MC Too Tall which lead to this compilation single released by Crowned Eagle Ent.

This end this entry of my Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Blog Magazine June 2009 Issue join me tomorrow as I will be reviewing more emcees throughout the city, the state, the country that are on the corner.

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