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Dedicated To My Father, Samuel Marvin Wright Sr.

Rest In Peace: Samuel Marvin Wright
April 27, 1934 to September 13, 2011
I love you, Dad wherever you are this was not the news I wanted to hear waking up at 9:55am tuesday morning. The death of my father, Samuel Marvin Wright came as a blow to the family. I never felt a knockout punch from Floyd Mayweather and I hope to God I never will. I can imagine the blow is just as brutal. Pain is Pain, whether physical, mental or emotional it hurts the same way and it cuts like a sharp blade just tearing out the insides of your intestines.

My brother, Shawn called me with the news to alert me. Our goal was to make a journey out to New Jersey to view our dad's body and be with our grieving family. I was looking forward too seeing my father in the hospital morgue before they place his chosen funeral burial suit on him. Just one final look at my dad that's what I wanted. It would have been a blessing and a educational experience. I understand, the distance between New York and New Jersey was something to consider. My brother and I didn't want to hold up the family there were a lot to be done in terms of preparations for my dad's memorial.

I'm sitting here, stuck inside my apartment all alone. My mother who been at my father's bedside since sunday inside the hospital. My phone ringin' off the hook with people who found out the bad news. I appreciate the condolences and concerns towards my family. Even from my followers on facebook that showed me love.

I haven't gotten the opportunity to mourn yet. I mourn different than everyone else. This morning I had made plans to do some errands but once the news about my father's death was received I was willing to put it on hold to travel out to New Jersey and be with my family. Since I was told not to bother to come out to New Jersey, today. I decided to go about my business and proceed with my original plans for the day. I can not sit inside this house saulking and tearing over my dad, he wouldn't want it like that. My dad would of want me and all of us to get up and move on with our daily lives.

Once all of my errands were done for the day, I came back home to greet my mother and my brother. My mother arrived back home from New Jersey. Now is the time for me to truly, mourn. To celebrate the life, memory, legacy of my father Samuel M. Wright. I did a lot of stuff this evening that I know my father would not approve of but everyone mourn differently.

Before I started to compose this post I sat inside my room going through various hip hop cds. Mainly looking for artists who has tribute music. Artist like 2pac who is famous for that his music is perfect for a time like this. I smoked several blunts and poured out some liquor for my dad. While marinating to 2pac's music and thinking about my father today at the same time. The irony of it all during that whole time I spent inside my room I didn't realize that today was the 16th year anniversary of Tupac's death. I'm not comparing my father to Tupac Shakur but to have two of the realest men I ever loved demise on the same day is an honor to me.

Right now, its me, my mother and my brother we're enjoying the company of my Aunt Jennifer and my Uncle Michael, they came over to console us in our time of need. Out of respect for my mother, they realize she needed consoling in her time of need. We spent this evening reminiscing about my father's life and going through classic photograph's of him. I picked out a few photos of him that would go along perfect with this post.

Just 24 hours and change into the dreadful news of my father's demise. The phone keeps ringin' with callers calling to shed some light on a dark area. My facebook page still buzzing with notifications from concerned friends about my well being. Last night, I did not get any sleep. What little sleep I manage to get, my father was always in my dreams. He'll forever be on my mind. Next to my mother, I lost the best thing closest to me. I learned a lot from that man, whether or not I decided to take heed to his wisdom was up to me. My dad was like a human-search engine. Any information you wanted or needed he would provide it for you on any topic and if he didn't have the information at that present point and time I guarantee, he would be back within five to ten minutes with the correct information your looking for. That is an amazing quality to have, providing information to people based off of books you have read.

My dad, had an unique form of intellect his "Knowledge Ran Supreme Over Nearly Everyone". A great mind set with a great lesson plan to those who wanted to listen and learn. My dad, stayed clean cut, so fresh and so clean like a million bucks. His clothes were so dapper... suits, hats, ties, shirts and all. With those stylish clothing you just needed one more material to match and they were vehicles, Cadillac vehicles. My personal favorite was the long orange caddy, str8 pimpin' taking it back old school. I recall my high school graduation, when my dad lowered the top of the roof of the car cause for a celebration and driven my mother, my grandmother and myself out to dinner. That was the first time I ever driven inside that particular Cadillac with the top down. Dad always told me, one day I would get my chance to experience that and his word he did, keep. Keeping his word was another good quality that my father had and fulfilled on many occasions.

There were many occasions when I was younger I spent weekends at my father's glass shop in Springfield. Me and my brother, we used too go there all the time. There was an particular day, I recall playin' inside of my father's van parked right in front of his shop. The van was parked directly in front of the shop to where he can see it. He was inside sitting at his desk talking on the phone with an customer, I believe. I'm inside the van, horsing around playing with the steering wheel not realizing that the keys are still in the ignition. I accidentally moved the gear and shift it into reverse and the van began to roll backwards towards the street. My father seen it from the window from inside the shop and came busting out the front door and jumped inside the van to stop the van before it rolled any further into the street. I felt that as a good, "father save son rescue moment"

Everyone knows my dad for being a sharp dresser from head to toe. The one thing specifically I liked about my dad's attire were his tie collection. He had an extensive tie collection different styles, colors, designs, fabric you name it he got it. I always wanted an extensive tie collection so I began to follow in my father's footsteps. I remember, a silk tie that my mother bought me. It was a beautiful tie and one of my very favorites but something happen to it. So, my father went into his tie collection and gave me one of his ties. See this is where my father's unique intelligence I mentioned earlier comes in to play. Apparently the tie, he have given me was a complete replica to the one that I may have lost. I don't know, how did my father know that or was it just a coincidence. My father also has that unique sense of paying attention to details. Always on point and razor sharp.

There were other, Samuel Wright moment's in my life. Time spent with me, my mother and my brother on certain Sunday night's in the mid 1980s. We had our dinner night outs at the Arch Diner. This was routine for us and at the time, The Arch was one of the most respected restaurants in Brooklyn. I'll never forget those nights at The Arch.
Other, Wright family days were trips to Flemington, New Jersey. When the time came for back to school shopping.
My brother and I, also enjoyed the times my father used too carry us to amusement parks like Kiddie Land and Bow Craft. Those were exciting places and times two boys love to spend with their dad.

The moment of truth have arrived. The final day, where we lay my father to rest. It had not been a week yet. Only six days of pain, sorrow, happiness and memories. Today, on Monday September 19, 2011 will be the day everyone in my family come together to say their final good byes. It still seem so unreal that my father is no longer with us. I can't believe its been a whole week and I wasn't able to call my father's residence. I won't be able to call my father ever again. Nor will he be able to call me. Never will I be sitting at home watching tv or on the computer and a phone call comes in with my dad's phone number popping up on the screen. I will never again be able to send my father a birthday card, father's day card or christmas card.
Never will I hear, my dad had a famous nickname made personally for me. Never will I hear my father call me, "Jay Bird".

Advice was something that my father was always famous for. It was nice to know, Dad was always around whenever you needed him. Advice he always had for me especially on one's pertaining to my medical illness.

Am I prepared for what's in stored today. Do I actually want to see my father lay to rest. I only been to, three funerals my whole entire life.... Rest In Peace to my Uncle Ralphael, Danny Durham and Joshua "Leftist" Crouch.
The first time I ever been to a funeral was for my Uncle, Raphael who lost his life to cancer. The second time I ever been to a funeral was for my homie, Danny who lost his life in a car accident and then two years later I lost another friend, Joshua "Leftist" Crouch to a hit n run accident. As you can see, I experience a decent amount of death. I love everyone in my life that past away and I still carry their memories with me. I just never thought, this day would of ever came. The day, Jesus called my father home.

I ask the question again. Am I prepared for what's in stored today? I'm going to be honest, the correct answer is "NO!" No, I' am not prepared for what is about to take place this morning. I must hang in there and be strong. I'm not even being strong for myself. I'm being strong for my mother, she needs it the most.
I do not know, what to expect out of today's service. The one thing, I do know I' ve been up since 5am anticipating today's funeral proceedings and I tell you this there's nothing that will stop me from paying my last respects to the man that made me.

No one said, death is easy especially when its someone you truly love. At the very beginning during everyone's arrival. I walked into Aenon Baptist Church, seeing my dad laying inside the coffin its still unreal. I know, I've been saying that word throughout this blog but it still seems that way. I was absolutely right though I was not prepared for this. I sat inside the pue with a blank steer on my face and a burning hole going straight through my chest. I felt like there was something going on inside of me. I said, I wanted to be strong for everyone but even strong people get weak.

Although the pain was tearing me up inside I could not help but to notice how peaceful and handsome my father looked. Well my dad was always a handsome man but this was different his face was shining and glissening, eyes sewed shut. My dad's dressed up in his favorite tuxedo along with his favorite ring, "the Star of David". What he always wanted to be buried in.
I just want to thank the Plinton Curry Funeral Home for doing an excellent job with the up keep of my father's body. I can't forget my sisters, Pamela, Valerie and Stephanie who were the ones that dressed my father in his tuxedo before today's proceedings.

At this time, I would like to take the time to acknowledge some people. To Rev John H. Armstrong for delivering an tremendous eulogy that was so inspiring and uplifting to hear. Definitely a eulogy for my father, I loved it and as you can see my family loved it. To Rev Marvin Wright, thank you for giving me the chance to express myself with a proper send off for our dad, you probably know I was nervous but with God, he'll pull me through a lot of things. To my cousin, Addis for that wonderful performance you presented on behalf of my father, it was a blessing to witness something like that, you have an wonderful voice. To my Aunt Verona, who song a wonderful song in remembrance to my father today, I loved her singing as well she has such excellent vocal chords and really knows how to hold a note and she did it all for you dad. To Rev Copeland who also performed with such a powerful voice, daddy you had a lot of singers today. They all sung for you daddy.

I have more acknowledgments to spread.... I'm going to run a few names of people that I can remember that showed up to pay their respects to a great man.
To, Uncle Ozzie, Aunt Phylliss, Addis, Janeice, Aunt Enid, Aunt Paulette, Tyree, Kimone, Uncle Michael, Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Verona, Crystal, Conroy, Audra, Maimee,

To my brothers, sisters and their wives and husbands: To Samuel Marvin Wright Jr and Patricia, Michael G. Wright Sr and Tina, Shawn A. Wright, Valorie D. Wright, Pamela L. Wright, Stephanie A. Wright-Moffett and Robert.

To my nieces and nephews or at least the ones I can remember, oh my god it was so many of them. That is a beautiful thing when your my father, considering the fact you grew up on a farm in Macon, Ga with fifteen brothers and sisters. But our Wright legacy continue, my father raising seven children. Who later in life continued the offspring with fourteen grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren. As you can see the tree keeps growing. My only regret is, I never made any attempt to add grandchild # "16". I would have love and wish my father lived a little longer for that to happen. I never knew my grandfather, either according to my dad he passed away before Shawn and I were born. Now it seems like the cycle is going to continue. If and when I do have a child, my child will grow up without ever knowing who his grandfather was. I have no one to blame but myself. As, Rev John H. Armstrong mentioned, earlier in his eulogy about time. Time is precious you can not get back time that you lost. Indeed there were a lot of time that was lost between my dad and I. I wish, I spent more time with him and the family. I always wanted to attend the traditional Wright Family Reunion along with him but never got the chance too. I owe a lot to my father and to the Wright family, its up to me now to represent for my father and I'm willing to do so to carry on the tradition.

If you would like to talk about time. I think the best time spent with my father was on Sunday, October 19, 2008. My mother was in Lutheran Hospital at that time having a knee operation. My father spent sometime over here in New York until the day my mother came out the hospital. In the meantime, I wanted to tidy up our apartment by compressing some of the excess amount of the stuff we had in our apartment. I went out and purchased a bookcase from Target. I wanted it to be a surprise gift for my mom, before she came home from the hospital. I only had a few days to put this bookcase together. I layed everything out on the dining room table and proceeded to start putting together the bookcase. My original plan was to put this bookcase together by myself. My father who sat in the living room and recognized that I was having trouble got up and offered his assistance. Together, we were able to get the bookcase built. That was the type of person, my father was always lending a hand to help others. Whether it be family or a friend. My dad was a loving and giving person.

My father lived a full life. Seventy-seven years of life, although it may seem full he still had a lot more living to do. My father was not ready to leave the earth as of yet. According to my mother, she sat inside the hospital with my dad. My dad was talking about all the recent improvements to his body he had done like his teeth and eyes. My dad have gotten his eyes fixed, he was able to see again. He told my mother, "Vy, I will be driving back over to New York again". My father was even telling my mother, how he finally obtain a passport. My dad was looking forward to visiting Jamaica to see my Grandmother (My mother's mother) All the years, I known my father he always respected my mother's mother. He treated her as if she was his own mother. When my father was ten years old, he lost his mother. He lost his mother around Christmas time that's why Christmas was not a very good holiday for him. He always thought about his mother during that holiday season.

My last conversation with my father I remember him mentioning to me about his families life expectancy and according to him he said, he has eight years left of living. We also, discussed the Wright Family Reunions. I was letting him know that I wanted to attend the next reunion. I needed to stay more in contact and in tune with my Wright family tree. My father told me, I can come along with him to the next reunion. When my father said, yes this was not the reunion that I had in mind.

It did, finally feel good to meet some of the Wright family members too bad it was under intense and sad circumstances. We will all miss you dad. Everyone here today admired something about you. Whether it was your intellect, your intelligence, your etiquette, your whitt, your sense of humor, your sense of style. All of these traits are an reflection that you left on your seven children, fourteen grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren. Through all of us, dad you shall live.

I would like to take this moment and express this poem over my blog the same exact poem I express at my father's funeral...
It's called... "WHAT MAKES A DAD?"

God took the strength of a mountain.
The majesty of a tree.
The warmth of a summer sun.
The calm of a quiet sea.
The generous soul of nature.
The comforting arm of night.
The wisdom of the ages.
The power of the eagle's flight.
The joy of a morning in spring.
The faith of a mustard seed.
The patience of eternity.
The depth of a family need.
Then, God combined these qualities when there was nothing more to add... He knew, his masterpiece was complete and so he called it GOD!!!

Thank you, God and father for giving me the strength to stand up and speak on your behalf and spread these kind words of wisdom and love. It took me quite sometime to find the right words just for you, father. I greatly appreciate everyone in attendance at the funeral service who loved these words I shared.

Dad, today you had a wonderful funeral service I know your in heaven smiling down and looking down on us with tears of joy. Getting over a person's death is a process but knowing that in the meantime we've issued an outstanding send off from the earth is some what reassuring for the time being. We still wish you were here but knowing in our hearts you've gone to a much better place now is a blessed assurance.


Saturday, September 3, 2011



Late Summer Sounds: A Concert in Downtown, Brooklyn
Saturday, September 3, 2011@ Albee Square
I'm on my way to the, "Last Summer Sounds Concert In Downtown Brooklyn". The time reads, 5:15pm. I'm 5 hours late, the concert have been jammin' all afternoon since noon. I digress, I only have my eyes set on one. In fact, I'm doing this also for my lady oversees, Cecile who is unavailable to attend this evening. So, my eyes are set for the both of us. We have our star attraction. It's the main event of the evening, Blitz The Ambassador scheduled to go on at 6:30pm this evening ending in what I assume is a spectacular event.

Me and my french connection, Cec are huge Blitz The Ambassador fans this is how we met and became good friends. We both, admire the man and his music. Seeing that Blitz The Ambassador is in my continent out of respect for my boo, I'm going to document and record this evening for her. Baby girl, Cec I hope you enjoy this.

I arrived, Downtown one hour prior to Blitz The Ambassador's performance. Giving me leigh way to go to Best Buy and purchase additional SD cards. I'm planning on doing some intense recording, this afternoon. Once, arrived at the final destination (Albee Square). The next to last performer was on stage. Everybody give it up for, "that girl from africa". Okay, before everyone start deleting this email and boycotting my newsletter. I'm not offending her, "that girl from africa" is the name of the website too, Iyadede. You all should check out her website and music discography.

What does it mean? When your standing up at a concert? Your legs begin to lock from all the hours of standing. Your hands begin to stiffen from holding up the camera. Your lower back is in such excruciating pain. These are all signs of a great show that was just performed. If your body receives any of these following symptoms during a live show but you still chose to stay that can only mean one thing, "IT WAS WORTH THE PAIN!!!" These were all symptoms I received standing out here awaiting the arrival of our main event, Blitz The Ambassador and The Embassy Mvmt. Not just me, everyone who is out here right now are standing awaiting the arrival of Blitz The Ambassador. In the meantime, we have an honorary privilege to indulge in the global musical dj stylings of Dj Hard Hittin' Harry.

An improntu, 40 minute dance party so to speak. Hard Hittin' Harry kept the people out of their seats while the soundmen and technicians were figuring out the problem during the soundcheck. Did anyone, notice besides me. I don't think so, you know how we do BROOKLYN CAME TO PARTY!!!
The party, officially began once this man was finally introduced to the stage. Everybody make some noise for.... BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR!!!

Brooklyn, New York City where they paint murals of Biggie. I believe the next mural of an Brooklyn artist should be of, Blitz The Ambassador. Never have I experienced such great performance and talent from an emcee/ singer/ instrumentalist. The brother is a multi-tasker when it comes to his art.

His band consist of, a drummer, a guitarist, a saxophonist, a bongo drummer and two horns men. That is a lot of instruments to have floating around the stage but it creates such a dynamic sound that can not really be described. We all know, Blitz is a die hard hip hop fan and lover from Ghana, West Africa. Blitz and The Embassy Mvmt incorporate that original hip hop sound of the early 1970s. From the days of 1570 Sedgwick Avenue type of sound. Its blended and goes well with the African style music that their accustom to playing. Creating a sort of, "Afro Hip Hop Jazz".

To everyone who came out and participated in showing love to Blitz The Ambassador and The Embassy Mvmt. I know, y' all had a good time. True indeed, this is the last summer sounds concert. Blitz, let us know that and feel that by having everyone gettin' out their seats to party.

As, Blitz The Ambassador and the Embassy Mvmt prepare now for their upcoming 15 city U. S. tour followed by a 15 city European tour. He left all of us, New Yorkers preferably Brooklynites with a magical moment that we shall cherish until his return.

What I did tonight with these cameras is something I never did before. What I did, takes dexterity. Maneuvering, 2 cameras one camera I have set and focused towards the stage. The other camera, is set and aimed at the audience. It took some craftmanship but I believe I knocked it out on my first run.

Footage of tonight's event are available at
Also, footage available on dvd at Rusty Jabbz Merchandise. Contact information down below.

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Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group
Office: 1347789-4543
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