Tuesday, October 7, 2014


MONDAY NIGHT RAW, RETURNS TO BROOKLYN.... LIVE @ THE BARCLAYS CENTER!!!                                                        Oct. 06th, 2014

There isn't a better place where, WWE should be other than New York City.
Brooklyn have always been known to bring in the noise, bring in the funk but tonight we're going to "BRING IN THE PAIN!!"

I'm honored to be attending, the Barclay's center once again on a WWE fringe. I'm looking forward to tonight's performances. Despite the negative remarks I may have said about the organization in the past. Yes, I have been known to speak ill against the WWE but at a default. Only in support of a friend of mine. It's a very long story. I do not want to get into it. Just trust that my heart is still forever with the WWE, no matter what.

I'm diggin' this ish, right here "SECTION 8, ROW 10, SEAT 8" Whoa, man this is the closest I ever sat towards a WWE ring. I would also like to mention, the earliest WOW! No CPT, this evening. I made it in time for the pre-show. Whoopie me, now I get to sit here for a whole 3 hours and a half, lol.
Thank you, Naomi for the pre-show, free show celebration. She really got some buns on her, lol. Anyway, lets get onto our first match.

Kicking off, Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn. A 6 man tag team match between Dolph Ziggler and The Usos facing Cesaro and Gold and Stardust. Seizing tonight's victory, Dolph Ziggler and The Usos. What an awesome match to open up, the show.

This, however happen to be a waste of 5 minutes. Look dude, no one cares about you, Bray Wyatt. Especially, you and your stink Wyatt family. Spear me, the boredom to this promo of Luke Harper zzzzzzzzz.
Speaking of boredom, look who's up next. The so call, BO LIEVER  Bo Dallas. Out seeking revenge for what, Mark Henry did to him last week. Although it was unapproved it was well deserved to a bozo like Bo Dallas.
It look like WWE let Bozo Dallas, get his victory over Mark Henry by capturing it through a count out. Poor, Mark Henry this must be still eating him up. It doesn't matter to Bo Dallas. He BO LIEVES! I guess to him a victory is a victory as long as its a victory.

Why do I feel like I've wasted my money on tonight.
It's about 9 o'clock so far, only one match was good. Which doesn't mean much considering it was only 2 matches.
Okay, perhaps I spoke too soon. Now it look like its going to get ugly. Live face off between Dean Ambrose and John Cena in the middle of the ring. Dean Ambrose confronting John Cena on what occurred last Friday night on Smackdown, as well as which 2 deserve to have their vengeance onto Seth Rollins. It looks as if both, Cena and Ambrose were about to throw down. When Dean Ambrose decided to pay John Cena back by walking out on him tonight. Dean Ambrose, stating he's not in the mood to fight tonight. He's looking for fun in Brooklyn. Dean Ambrose said, he feel like riding the Q train to Coney Island and he just left John Cena stranded in the ring.

Brie's conniving sister Nikki Bella is still a bitch. Tonight, she scheduled her sister Brie Bella in a match in hopes to punish her for all them years of neglect. A scheduled, "one arm tied behind the back" match. Of course, Brie's arm will be the one that's tied. Her scheduled opponent for tonight, Summeraye. Being accompanied with Layla. I'm sorry for your disappointment, Nikki Bella but your sister ended up scoring the win. "YES" "YES" "YES" "YES"
I'm just going along with the crowd, lol.

Next match, Natty's husband lol. I thought that was cute as I heard that shouted out through the audience.... Tyson Kidd and Jack Swagger scheduled to face one another. It wasn't much of a match. I lost all respect for Tyson Kidd. I didn't know his wife (Natalia) became a shield. The way, Tyson Kidd at one point of the match put her into harms way. I'm glad he didn't win the match. Like that was going to happen anyway. Jack Swagger took down Natty's husband and scored the victory.

What the hell is this? These guys fight every week. BOR-RING!!!  BOR-RING!!! I'm with the crowd, this is stupid and of course Los Matadores and El Torito defeat Slater Gator and mini gator. Really,  PUKE!!!

I was just yelling out, stupid with the crowd. Speaking of stupid. These 2 right here couldn't be anymore stupider, Lana and Rusev WWE's biggest bigots. Thank you to this man because if it wasn't for his debut tonight confronting, Rusev. I don't know, what would of turned tonight around. Everybody say, hello to THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPIONNNN, THE ROCK!!!  YES SIR! That is right, The Rock returned tonight and he made an impact. The Rock, really put Rusev in his place and he shut
Lana up. Rusev wasn't getting back in the ring, after being taking down. FIIIIINE-LEE, SOMEBODY KICKED RUSEV ASS AND EMBARRASSED HIM, LMAO!

I think, I owe my apologies to the WWE. I know, earlier I was complaining about the tackiness and the lameness of these matches from earlier. I send my biggest apologies to the WWE. Having, The Rock appear here tonight that make up for everything. "WELCOME BACK TO BROOKLYN, ROCK!!!"
On the otherhand, Rusev and Lana go home "BIGOTS!"

Uhh oh, its time for that match of crazy divas
Paige and Alicia Foxx defeat Aj Lee and Emma
I don't know, is it me. Perhaps, Emma and Aj Lee could have won if Emma wasn't infested with dance fever, so much. Stop dancing in the ring, BITCH!

This next match, I was very disappointed with. Maybe not so much with the match perhaps with the audience. I couldn't believe what I'm hearing and witnessing. Brooklyn is actually cheering for Sandow and that silly move of his, smh!!! BROOKLYN, STOP IT!!! No man, who calls himself Mizdow is awesome.... please!!! And, to think at one point in his career I admired his creativity. Sure it was stupid but at least it was his creativity, and not The Miz.

Okay, Brooklyn look like The Miz and Mizdow screwed Sheamus during this match. That's twice in a row. Sheamus gunning them down with a steel chair out of the, arena. Apparently, I'm the only one in Brooklyn that seems to love that.

Okay, Brooklyn did y'all have fun tonight. We come to our final match. A handicap match schedule to take place with Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins against John Cena in a 3 on 1. It would have been a 3 on 2 match, if Dean Ambrose didn't abandon John Cena from earlier claiming he's going to Coney Island for the night. Which is really a bunch of b.s.? Did he really go to Coney Island? I know they showed the footage of him entering on the Q train. But did he really go? I guess we're going to have to find out.

Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins verses John Cena 3 on 1 Handicap Match John Cena held it down a good majority of the match on his own. Until, this happen. The usual disqualification trick. Nice blow to John Cena's head with the (M.I.T.B.) briefcase, Seth Rollins. The crowd continue to chant "AMBROSE" over the malicious attack, John Cena is receiving from The Authority. Until, our underground Brooklyn King appears. Comes in, pushing along a hot dog cart is the man himself, "DEAN AMBROSE!" LMAO, excuse me does this sound funny to anyone as I write it.

Great ending with John Cena and Dean Ambrose eliminating The Authority. I love what, Ambrose did to Seth Rollins with the ketchup and mustard, squirting it all up in his face, lol. Not to mention, what Ambrose did with the tong squeezing Rollins genital area, lol that's if he has any. This may not have been much of a match due to its disqualification. However, John Cena and Dean Ambrose cleaning house shut things down.

Okay, well not quite. WWE's power couple of The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon entering the arena upset. Who cares about their anger? I swear with these 2, they always got to get the last laugh. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon noticing the tension between John Cena and Dean Ambrose. Cena and Ambrose still want their revenge on Seth Rollins. Triple H initiating a match for the next pay per view, "Hell In A Cell". John Cena verses Dean Ambrose and the winner of the match will get to face, Seth Rollins with just one thing it'll be "hell in a CELL."

Well that is it everyone. I hope everyone will enjoy reading my issue, as much as I enjoyed attending tonight's event of Monday Night Raw.
Before, I go. I would like to send some of my appreciation. First, I must always thank the Barclays Center for allowing this to take place in our borough.... Katie Lee you said it best "Don't nobody party like BROOKLYN!" I would also like to thank, Katie Lee and Hoda of the Today's show for being here with us this evening. In support of the Susan G. Komen fight to breast cancer. I would like to thank, Joan Lunden for being here with us this evening and for fighting breast cancer. All my prayers are with you. Just keep up all the hope and something good will happen. I would also like to send a special birthday shout out to WWE Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino "Happy 79th Birthday to one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time."

I had such a lovely time. This is what sucks about attending affairs that I'm into. When you come to the ending and its time to say goodbye. But, don't fret I'll be back and so will the WWE........

Join, Edge and Christian tonight on the wwe network for a special live broadcast celebrating 15 years of Smackdown history.

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