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RUSTY JABBZ NEWSLETTER PRESENTS THE L MAGAZINE PREVIEW OF, "HAUNTER" AT IFC CENTER TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2013 @ 6PM Can you imagine waking up, every morning to the greetings of "Lisa Johnson, Please meet us down in the secret key. We're going to spend all morning there." Well, I guess the greeting probably wouldn't make any sense if your name doesn't happen to be Lisa Johnson. This evening was a very interesting occasion of tonight's screening of "Haunter". I would like to thank, the L. Magazine for confirming my invitation to the IFC Center. This happen to be my first time appearing here at the IFC Center. There have been several times, where I been in the Village and I walked passed this theater and never did I acknowledge it. It wasn't until today, after being invited to this evening's screening. Tonight's movie is an exclusive preview of "Haunter". Which is kind of funny and odd to me. The reason, I found such an interests in booking a reservation for tonight. It reminds me, of these two current sitcoms I have an appeal for... Disney's Haunted Hathaways and ABC's The Goldbergs. Both, television sitcoms do not have anything in common with one another. It's only up to the viewers, there taste and opinion of the film. My taste and opinion of tonight's screening goes so deeply due to the fact that they created its production with an 1980's horror exploitation, appeal. Right now, we're in the middle of the new millennium. How many of my followers would love to join me on a trip, back into time. You're welcome to follow me, back 28 years to April 23, 1985. The film takes place in the middle of the nineteen 80's. Based on an incident involving, The Johnson Family. The movie opens up with, as I mentioned at the beginning with Lisa Johnson being interrupted during her sleep with this peculiar and strange greeting/ message, "Lisa Johnson, Please meet us down in the secret key. We're going to spend all morning." Throughout the movie, you'll hear multiple changes in the greetings. What makes it funny, is the amount of times, the scene keeps repeating and playing over and over again. While your watching this movie its going to seem like a comedy rather than a horror. Everyone in the theater, cracking up at times to the different scenes of amusement. But, that isn't what "Haunter" is all about. The Johnson family, who were killed in a car crash caused by the possessed father/ husband on April 23, 1985. Possessed by the previous home owner of this so call residence, Edgar Melons. It seems Edgar Melons grew up in the household that the Johnson's currently reside in. Edgar Melon have died in this home, in 1983. His spirit still resides there creating mischief to all intruders. However, it's deeper than just Edgar Melon scaring away, new housing residents. There is a secret and some things stored inside the house that he doesn't want discovered. Edgar Melon, sees to it and finds away to eliminate and seize the residence who dare reside inside his former home. The Johnson family, although they are dead. They were being held captive and didn't realize it. What ended up happening, Lisa discovered the whole matrix they gotten themselves involved in. It was up to Lisa to bring down Edgar Melons and save her family. I want to thank L magazine once again for tonight and thank you to IFC Center. As I mentioned, earlier I never gave myself the opportunity to come inside here before. I'm glad I got that opportunity tonight. This is a nice looking place, a little miniature for a theater. It's alright for me, I don't need the luxury of your typical theaters like Loews, AMC. I'm grateful for this. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

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CENTRAL PARK SUMMERSTAGE PRESENTS... "PETE ROCK VS. DJ PREMIER" HOSTED BY: LYRICIST LOUNGE @ EAST RIVER PARK TUESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2013 7PM-9PM This today, happens to be the moment I've been waiting for. A 365 day anticipation since last year's attempt had failed. I waited a whole year to see two of the hottest djs/ producers not just on the East Coast but two of the hottest djs/ producers on this planet. I'am glad that I decided to make an attempt to come out this evening. Everyone knows the pain I've been suffering for this past month over my venous situation. My problems have not yet to be resolved but today by my strength of Christ, I'am ready and willing to go out for one evening. One evening that's all I ask to help build my health and happiness. I'am so psyched, I've been looking forward to this, all day. I wanna thank all my followers on facebook, who acknowledged tonight's event posting. Hope to see some of y'all there. I know, I'm not going to be the one that misses it. I already missed yesterday's event. A wonderful, "Wildstyle 30th Anniversary Celebration". This is the last week for the Central Park Summerstage and for the remainder of the week all there events will remain here inside the East River Park.
Why is it, that every hip hop event I attend. I get myself lost for some reason. I don't know, its strange. I generally know the direction to where I'm going until the day of the event and I arrive in the area. I'm just saying, all of this because as I mentioned my foot illness from earlier. Now, isn't the time to be doing all this excess walking on my feet. I know, these concerts are an annual thing. Which makes it hard to remember, street signs and locations of the vicinity we're in. I know, after tonight I won't forget this night. I know, you've probably heard me say that on past hip hop occasions but this night is special. It goes deeper than my 365 day anticipation. To me, out of all the hip hop concerts I ever seen out here on the East River aka The Dome; "PETE ROCK VS. DJ PREMIER" happens to be the best: I could be getting a little ahead of myself. I must admit, I only seen about two hip hop shows on The Dome prior to tonight's event. It is possible that there's another, hip hop show that can top tonight's event.... ("CENTRAL PARK SUMMERSTAGE, AUGUST 27, 2013") but until I do, you can't tell me nothing. It'll remain the best I ever seen.
I'am so glad to be able to capture so much footage. I found it hard to believe once I arrived to see available seating in the front towards the stage. The more closer you are, the better the viewing. There are probably some people behind me who are a bit upset with the fact that I'm conducting this film production of tonight's event. I know, cameras block people's vision. The same thing goes to those people who have an ex-tendency to intentionally block your camera lens in the middle of recordings. Sort of look at this tonight as an, "what goes around, comes around" behavior.
The party getting ready to start. Oh wow, its starting early, 7 on the dot. I wanna give a shout out to Lyricist Lounge for hosting tonight's extravaganza. I also, wanna thank 'em again for four weeks ago. The hosting of the Jungle Bros show at Marcus Garvey Park. I'm looking forward to tonight, let's see what's about to go down. DJ's: Pete Rock and Premier, both are being introduced to the stage. As I can remember from last year they both are set up in the same dj setting. Pete Rock to the right, Premier to the left. It look like its about to get ugly. As I look around, I don't know but it seems to be more people than last year. In fact, there's also a lot of older people as well. Which perhaps happen to be a plus, according to the opening Dj Premier setting off. Dj Premier, starting everything off with an introduction and greeting. Out of respect, Pete Rock offered the first needle drop. Pete Rock setting it off with ""Love & Happiness" bought to you by the legendary love vocalsmith, Al Green. Next needle drop, following in behind, Dj Premier releasing a popular team of love vocalsmiths, "The O' Jays "For The Love Of Money". And, the vibe just continued from here with such classics like The Staples Sisters - "I'll Take You There" to Curtis Mayfield - "Superfly" to Isley Bros - "For The Love Of You" to Sade - "Sweetest Tabou" to Rick James - "Mary Jane" to Stevie Wonder - "Thinking About You" to various MJ Classics . Uh man, there playin' some joints. This is an old tyme moment going on. Although, there's nothing wrong with old tymers. There are so much you can gain from your elders. I find love and blessings in our old tymers. What truly fascinate me about old people are there love and phenomenon on they're type of music, "S.O.U.L.!" Do not confuse that with R&B/Soul which is something that people always fail to do. Soul music is music and instrumentation composed and conducted from the heart. One hundred and plus percent filled with pure art, talent and its characteristics. I'am terribly sorry, if I have to sit here and speak about what's going on out here this evening. You should be apologizing to yourself if you were unable to make it out here.
It is really hot out here, part of that is from all this massive amount of sweat. OMG, I have no idea where I accumulated it from these days. Although, the one's I can perhaps account for. Are the perspiration coming off of my body from these dancesteps and maneuvers. I would first like to apologize to everyone standing behind me. The Chocolateboy Wonder and Premo have gotten me onto the dancefloor. Which is something that very seldom happens with a person like me. I would, also like to apologize but this is a pre-apology for now. It's for my, WorldwideJabbz video viewers. I apologize after tonight's taping if my screening doesn't come out clear on behalf of my dance interruptions that may have caused interference. Believe me, when I tell you this. If you were standing in my place, you to would be in the groove of the Pete Rock -N- Premier Whindhouse. This right here, probably going to be one of the best recordings, this year. But, the recording isn't over it only began. It's great, what two sensational djs can do within two hours. What's even better, is what I can do of those two hours with the chopping n slicing of multiple video charts. Central Park Summerstage, thank you so much for what you've instored. It's a tad, early to pay my salute. It doesn't hurt me one bit to acknowledge everyone involved in today's affair. They knew, how disappointed we were last year. You can tell by the high-powered generator they have placed out here. It's really making up from last year. Talk about doing, good!! I need me a generator like that. Yeah man, when is it goin' to be my turn for that exclusive park jam. Although looking around at all these people here. I don't think, half of the East River Park would attend my park jam. I bet the old geezers wouldn't come either. I know, I'm No Pete Rock and Premier but I know if given that opportunity. I know, I can yank the rims down and I'm not even a ballplayer.
Today have been a little more of an learning experience. I'm so glad, I was looking forward in coming. I learned a lot between both, Pete Rock and Dj Premier. I've been taking notes all day. I'm standing among a small percentage of 70's/80's generation babies, out here. There are a lot of 1960's ladies and gents in the house. So what, Premo you were born in the 1960's. Bragging about how good your decade's music is. Why won't you brag about your age, "MR. 47", LOL! HaHaHa, I'm having a good time out here. It's lovely out here, especially Dj Premier on the wheels in addition to his MCing of the evening. That's what's up, my man Pete Rock is great on the 1 & 2's but he's not much of a talker. He doesn't utilize the M.I.C. as much as, Premier or other djs. Well, earlier on there was an exception but P.R. had no choice. Thanks to Dj Premier putting him on blast and airing out the classic, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth single "The Creator". Ya man, Premier wanted Pete Rock to take 'em back just one time with one of them verses, LOL!! See this what I'm talking about, when I say Premier is good for MCing not to be confused with the general concept of MCing. Although the way, the rap era have gone lately. I wouldn't be surprised if Premier can rap circles around half the cats spitting today. And, that's the GOD HONEST TRUTH!!
Speaking of that word "TRUTH". The highlight of the evening appeared when Pete Rock and Premier decided to get a little truthful. Everyone knows behind every producer or should I say, every hip hop producer's music production there's truth to their music. The truth can be found simply by playing the original recording that they sampled from to make there "something else". "Something Else", is basically whatever original sample, break or loop that was used from another recording to create there recording. It's almost like taking something old and making it all new again, so to speak. What Pete Rock and Premier are scheduled to do in this next segment is sort of like an break beat session. Where they would play the original recording and then mix it in with the "something else" that was created out of it. Both of them took turns. I thought this indeed is an cool idea. There were more ideas. This one was even splendid. I'm going to try and explain the best way I can because sometimes it still gets confusing to me. This was more like a battle, a "BATTLE OF THE BEATS!" The idea is to have Dj Premier play all of Pete Rock's production and vice-versa Pete Rock will play all of Dj Premier's production. This set right here is awesome. Even though I'am unfamiliar to a lot of these original recordings. Maybe I can ask, this old chick sitting next to me. She look like, she was born in the '60's LOL!
This part of the show was a good battle. If it was a battle. Both parties played a lot of material. Premier aired out a lot of Pete Rock's "dirty laundry" across the tables. The same went for Pete Rock airing out Premier's "bones" across the viral vinyl. What killed it, was when P.R. dropped Royce Da 5"9 "Boom" and Notorious BIG "Ten Crack Commandments". Premier scored with those two bangers right there. P.R. have some bangers too. Let me see, what Pete Rock' bangers, Premier layed out tonight that I liked. My favorite Pete Rock joints of the tonight. I only have three, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth "The Creator", Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth "Straighten It Out" and Run DMC "Down with the King. P.R., he killed it on those. It is just so much going down still from here Pete Rock and Premier they moved onto there next segment, a live performance session. Introducing a whole heap of live performers and guest appearances. Setting it off first, Boston's finest (that might be stretching it a bit, lol) Freddie Foxxx. It turns out there were more surprises than that. Uh, man I couldn't believe it. How long are they going to stay on this guilt trip. It was just a broken generator from last year. Look like they're really paying everyone back tonight. Tonight's gathering, up until this point have been satisfying or at least that's what I thought. I can always use some more, some more of anything. Let's keep this party going live!!! I never expected live entertainment. Perhaps I should have known. I wasn't able to capture everyone under the flashing lights. I would like to thank all the emcees who came out to perform. I hope I'll remember all of you. Forgive me for my bad memory, LOL. I would like to thank Freddie Foxxx (Oh who can forget him), to Camp-Lo, Lil Fame, Sadat X, Hakim, SmootheHustler, Greg Nice, Tony Touch, D.Stroy, Rob.O and my personal favorite. I'm really glad, he came out tonight... "THE FATHER OF HIP HOP", KOOL HERC! It was great seeing, Kool Herc out here tonight. I guess, I should thank Jesus for making that happen for me. A couple of weeks ago I was unfortunate to attend the "40th Anniversary Of Hip Hop In Central Park". I even missed the "40th Anniversary Of Hip Hop At 5Pointz in Queens Both, events were being hosted by legendary, Father of Hip Hop Kool Herc. You can say, tonight somewhat makes up for it. It surely does, I'm just ashamed that I have to leave right about now. I can't believe I'm still here. Just like the last Summerstage event I attended, this is only a test. I have work first thing in the early morning. I'm still trying to manage and balance my occupation and my social media lifestyle. I have had a splendid evening out. So what if my work, the next morning might possibly face "chopped and screwed" due to lack of sleep. Like I've been mentioning, all throughout today's issue. It was worth the wait. ALL 365 DAYS OF IT!!!
Whoooo, it may have been worth it to me. I just hope my feet were able to stand the pain. I'm just gonna say, goodnight. Thanks a lot to the Central Park Summerstage/ City Parks Foundation and Lyricist Lounge for tonight's event. Thanks once again to Central Park Summerstage for a marvelous, Summer 2013. Y'all always know how to put on the best shows. Most Importantly, I must say thank you to our guests of honor. My heart and love goes out to both, Dj Pete Rock and Dj Premier for reinventing tonight. Not to mention, keeping your words and promises about making this night happen because of what happened last year..... "ONE LOVE!"
This is the last week for Central Park Summerstage. Central Park Summerstage has plans to continue throughout the rest of the week inside East River Park. I hope everyone enjoyed the fun, the excitement, the various entertainment and performances throughout the different community parks from the different boroughs. I hope anyone who did attend any of the Summerstage's events did find some joy, satisfaction and fulfillment from them. This is usually the worse part of the summer, when its coming to an end. I know, you all will be back next year. And, I know if Summerstage know any better...."PETE ROCK VERSES DJ PREMIER PART THREE, WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR TOO!!!!
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RUSTY JABBZ NEWSLETTER PRESENTS THE JUNGLE BROTHERS & THE ZHIGGE CREW LIVE AT MARCUS GARVEY PARK, NYC TUESDAY, AUGUST 06, 2013 I see a lot of brothas and sistas out here. Yeah that's right, thats what I love to see. That's what I luv about HARLEM. They got some spanish people, up here. A few white people up here, as well. Although that might be the gentrified white people of the area, lol. I'm not going to walk all the way into the regine. I'm going to just stand right here, high up on these steps where I can see everything with a good view of today's performances.
Uh man, it feels strange doing this. Something I haven't done in such a longtime. Something like attending a concert or any type of event on a week day. A week day when I know I have work scheduled the next morning. It have been rough ever since I gotten this new job but all that about to change in a bit. Tonight I want to indulge into "The Jungle", "The Brothers", "The Zulu", "The Nation", "The Native", The Tongue". This is going to be my first time seeing, The Jungle Bros. I would like to thank the person who thought about adding, The Jungle Bros to this year's Central Park Summerstage roster. Growing up, I was a huge J.B's fan. I had all they're albums from "Straight Out Tha Jungle" to "Done By The Forces of Nature" to "Raw Deluxe". It have been 20+ years since I've heard any of their classic material. I actually feel the honor and privilege to come out here this evening to take part in another, hip hop legacy.
I just hope, these youngens who always tend to come out to events as such can take heed from artists/ performers like The Jungle Brothers. I really, hate these so call, know-it-all kids of 2013. They have no respect at these shows and for the pioneers. Several weeks ago I dabbled in a fair share of disrespect towards Rocksteady's 36th Anniversary. I know, it wasn't Rocksteady. I just wanted to speak briefly about the inconsiderate people I surrounded myself with. The constant bumping into me. People walking in front of my camera and crossing the lens, back and forth while I'm recording. Everyone could have walked around me but no they all wanted to be dicks. However, I'm not going to continue making remarks on that past hip hop event and its audience's poor etiquette.
Dam, it really is a lot of brothas n sistas out here. Maybe I should reconsider and step down deeper into the regine afterall. We're out here today in Marcus Garvey Park. I hope everyone on facebook knew to come here. The benches are packed. I don't think, I can find a place for my tushy. I don't wanna sit anyway. I must be honest. I know, as much as I said, I wanted to see, The Jungle Bros perform tonight. Which is indeed true. However, this also a test. I haven't been out anywhere since I started working my new job. The real reason for being here is because of my work hours. I just want to know if I can still participate among certain nightlife if permitted too and make it back to my residence at a decent hour. It's ashame that there'll be a limit to my nightly pleasures. There'll be no more hangin' out after mid-night for me. Anyway that's enough of my personal life. Let's get back into discussing tonight's performance.
As you can see, my mind started out, not to be into it. I only walked so far up the stairs and stopped. Actually it was better, posting from this angle. As I mentioned from before this was just a brief visit. Don't mean to sound like a downer. I want to thank once again and give them, a big salute.... The Zhigge Crew. It was only a week and half ago, I witnessed them perform live at Rocksteady's 36th Anniversary. It was such a fantastic ordeal and I'am glad that I was there to witness them "IN FULL EFFECT!" This time they didn't let me down. They came through and performed my favorite song, "Rakin' In The Dough"..... WHAT? They even killed it on the reggae tip. How many people reading, this remember The Zhigge Crew "Rakin' In The Dough (Dancehall Version)"? The Chaka Demus and Pliers "Murder She Wrote" riddim.
There's another brother, who I had the pleasure of dealing with a week and half a ago courtesy of the Rocksteady 36th Anniversary.... Rusty Jabbz' Put Ya Handz, together for SPECIAL ED. I wanna thank The Zhigge Crew on this one. He came out on their behalf performing his #1 hit "I Got It Made". I like the uniqueness of Special Ed's performance with "I Got It Made". How, he utilize the audience for a sing-a-long. I love that concept of the whole crowd getting involved with the artist and his record. I like the idea of a sing-a-long. This is something, artists and audiences should seldom do.
The moment has arrived, as everyone watched D.J. Sammy B put his laptop together, lol. I can't believe I said that. C'mon its 2013 you know the deal. In fact, his laptop and the soundsystem are giving him trouble. That's the downfall for laptop djing, lol. This is the new millennium, this is how everyone want it, "fast and easy". Seriously, though I didn't come here to make fun of Dj Sammy B. Although, I would have been the one more made fun of and insulted. If, Dj Sammy B, was introduced onto the stage by his other alias/ stage name, "Uncle Sam". (REST IN PEACE DAD!) Uncle Sam that has been a phenomenon appellation amongst the Wright family before my father's demise from earth. The last thing I would want to hear, is the disrespect of my father's name and legacy. Speaking of legacy, everyone reading this, repeat after me... "PORK CHOP!", "PORK CHOP!", "PORK CHOP!", "PORK CHOP!", "PORK CHOP!" LOL, ha ha how many of y'all remember that classic. Jungle Brothers' smash self-title hit off their debut album "Straight Out Tha Jungle". I told, everyone that I'am only here for a brief time. I admit, it was a bit of a downer not staying for the full Jungle Brothers' set. I'am not going to deny, the 30 minutes that I was able to enjoy I'm thankful. I'm also, thankful for making an attempt to come out here this evening. I was a huge fan of the Jungle Brothers growing up. Although, my fanship may have faded. There are reasons, why that probably happened. As the music expands and new artists evolve. Your preference of your past emcees maybe seen as being benched. Let's face it, as much of a fan I was to The Jungle Brothers. I can tell, my fanship faded. First off, let's start with their albums. Jungle Brothers released, six albums "Straight Out Tha Jungle", "Done By The Forces Of Nature", "Raw Deluxe", "J.Beez Wit The Remedy", "V.I.P.", and "All That We Do". As much as I love, The Jungle Brothers. I must admit, my love and fanship faded at album #4 "J.Beez Wit The Remedy". This is something that I go through with other artist and groups, as well. I'm pretty sure there are people out there who experience and understand what I'am saying in regards to the whole "fanship" fading out concept. Anyway I would like to thank once again Central Park Summerstage for putting on tonight's event. Thank you to Ant Marshall and Danny Castro of the Lyricist Lounge for coming out here to host tonight's event. Thank you to tonight's performers; The Zhigge Crew, Special Ed and The Jungle Brothers. This is Dj Handspin Dinero/ Rusty Jabbz Ent saying that I had a great time tonight. If anyone missed tonight, you assed out.
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RUSTY JABBZ NEWSLETTER PRESENTS ROCKSTEADY 36TH ANNIVERSARY, LIVE AT CENTRAL PARK SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013 STARRING: PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH Uh man, it have been a long time since I've engaged myself into a "Rocksteady Anniversary". It's been about two years. My last journey was to Lincoln Park, Newark, New Jersey. Which was actually my first time attending, Lincoln Park as well. Who can forget that day. In fact, I would like to thank my youtube followers and viewers for those constant reminders of that day. Especially, the performance everyone complimented highly on towards brother, Wise Intelligent. He gotten one of the most views off of my page. Today, the Rocksteady Anniversary is going down, live in Central Park from 3-7pm. I'am on my way there, hoping to catch today's headliners. What does Rocksteady have in store for us, New Yorkers this afternoon. Its everything from the musical to the talented stylings of "Homeboy Sandman", "Torae", "Rasheed Chappell", "Craig-G", "Special Ed", "Brand Nubians" and "Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth". WOW, WHEE ain't it. Another, hip hop classic evening on another weekend. I'm still scheduled to work later as always. I don't know, if I should go to work later. That have been something I've been contemplating on all weekend. We're just going to have to wait and see, how this concert goes. The only answer, I can give you for right now. Worse comes to worse, I may have to take a loss for the night.
There isn't a smile on my face or at least, where it should be. Don't get me wrong, I'am grateful for coming out here this evening to the Rocksteady 36th Anniversary. Perhaps, this wasn't something I was looking forward too, after all. Let's face it, I'm not showing the same passion like I did several weeks ago at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. I know, I said its been a long time since I've attended a Rocksteady Anniversary. I believe now, that was all mental. Just in my head. I knew, I should have listened to my inner-self and stayed home. Despite my misconceptions, I still manage to have a little bit of fun. I didn't do much, video work for my youtube ("Worldwidejabbz") channel. I just focused, more on artists/ performance photography.
I showed up, during the performance of one of my favorite, Arsonist' Q-Unique with Dj Eclipse on the 1 & 2s and Jise One. Is it me, or have Jise One put on a few pounds. He must be eating off his success, both him and Q-Unique. I enjoyed the set of Q-Unique, specifically the song "Street Metal". That was an awesome record. I love the way, Q-Unique was tuning his ears like a radio knob while Dj Eclipse would play various records of various genres. To make himself, sound like a human radio. I like that way Q-Unique challenged his brain between different music. He claims, he hears various music on his daily travels. The inspiration to that song came from an recent tour, he went on with legendary Metal group, Metallica. That's even more awesome for someone like Q-Unique. Especially, being that he's a member of the Zulu Nation. I would take that as some form of pride and honor. To be able to politic with Afrika Bambaataa, one minute and politic with Metallica the next minute. That is something most emcees do not get to do.
I could always use a little refresher course on this subject. Especially if its being taught by this teacher. I was never great in science but there was only one emcee, good at "DROPPIN' SCIENCE!" "THE UNDISPUTED FREESTYLE KING, CRAIG-G" Craig-G, he's someone I rarely get to see. Oooh, I notice he bought a friend along, QB's own "CORMEGA MONTANA"..... Ooooh, Ow!!! How many times have I seen, Cormega? It doesn't matter. The more times I do. The more intriguing it gets. Intriguing like that song, you just performed about numbers. Super awesome, Mr Montana. Cormega did his thing and graced, Craig-G's stage with some fire exclusives. Craig-G, however turned up today's anniversary. Turned it up, another notch. Lettin' out all types of classics and freestyles. They just don't call him, the Undisputed Freestyle King for nothing.
I know, earlier I said I was having doubts about this event and doubts about being here. I know, I said this event perhaps wasn't what I expected. It is true, I guess you can say I should have stayed home. Until, this man arrived and made it all better. My hometown hero, childhood emcee, Flatbush/ Erasmus Hall representer "MR I GOT IT MADE", SPECIAL ED... Whoo, hoo you can see the frown turn right side, up. (Big Ass, Kool Aid smile on my face). Now, I know how girls feel when their panties get wet. I know, guys "TMI"!. Special Ed, set probably was the best here. Even better than, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and we'll get to that later and why. Special Ed came with company, shout out to the Zhigge Crew for coming through and "Tossing It Up". How many hip hop readers, remember that song by the Zhigge Crew "Toss It Up"? That was one of my joints. However, I wish they had the opportunity to perform my favorite record, hip hop dancehall stylee "Rakin' in the dough". That's a Zhigge classic, right there. I wanna thank, Special Ed for definitely coming through here, today and not coming alone either. I know, as people stand here and listen to Special Ed, on stage. Some might be wondering, does he have any new material or is this it for him. Then, on the other hand you have others like myself, who are grateful for his presence and classics such as....."The Magnificent", "Think About It", "Crooklyn Dodgers 93", "The Mission", "C'mon, Let's Move It", "I Got It Made" "AND, YOU SAY NEW YORK CITY!!!!"
A' SALAAM, A' LACUUM "NEW YORK, PUT YA HANDZ TOGETHER FOR THE NOW RU MOB.... ALAMO WITH THE A, SADAT X, LORD JAMMAR AND GRAND PUBA" Unfortunately, Grand Puba couldn't be with us today. That's okay, the X and Jammar, built an name for themselves over the years. This isn't my first, Brand Nubian set minus Grand Puba that I'm attending. I feel a case of deja vu coming on. Doesn't this seem oh so familiar, say two weeks ago at the Brooklyn Bridge Park watching E.P.M.D., live at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, LOL! I'm sorry for the laughter. I will try and behave while the camera is recording. I promise, "NO BOOTY SHAKING" to disrupt the camera this afternoon. Uh shit, they're performing my joint "Love Me or Leave Me Alone". I apologize, if you hear me singing over the camera, LOL! This is my shit, it was only this week. I was coming home from work. I had, Brand Nubian's "IN GOD WE TRUST" album bopping in my ears. I can't forget the way, I was acting once my Ipod reached to "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone". I started, spazzing out on the train, as I began to sing-a-long. LOL, thankfully it was morning and there weren't too many people on the train. I didn't embarrass myself too much.
Okay, Fuck me!! Sorry, Rusty Jabbers something horrible just happened. I don't want to tell you what it is, then you all are going to think I'm an moran.....
You can find video footage of Rocksteady 36th Anniversary at
I'm starting to get a little dehydrated and lightheaded. I know, I don't normally do this and I'm going to regret it. In times like these its an emergency. I need some food, and right now. The only place to get it is from these expensive ass food vendors. Don't get me wrong, as much as I love hip hop. I'm not a fan of crowds and humid sunlight. I have no idea, what I'm eating but it looks decent or at least better than that mushroom crap there pushing. Whatever, this crap is, it look like something more people are choosing to purchase to eat. It doesn't matter, I just need something to quickly rejuvenate myself. I'm going to sit this one out until our main event. I know, I said its been a long time since I've attended a Rocksteady Anniversary. The last one, was two years at Lincoln Park in Newark, N.J. I'm starting to think, there was a reason why they did it in New Jersey for those past few years. I know, there are a lot of people here today, who are happy and pleased with the return of Rocksteady Anniversary to New York City. I thought, I was one of them. I met a guy earlier today, who flew in from Belgium. Just so he can attend, Rocksteady's 36th Anniversary, this afternoon. Talk about crazy. I know, some of the readers may agree with what I'am saying and then there are others who won't. I just want to be honest. I think, Rocksteady should take there anniversaries, back to New Jersey.
Geesh!!!, I swear man this is why, I hate niggers. Niggers are a bunch of bitchaz. A little water, comes down they start crying like babies. Right about now, normally I would be mentioning this is the moment I've been waiting for. It's kind of hard to do so, with all these umbrellas, up in the air blocking my vision and everyone else's vision. We finally, reach to the grand finale of the day, "PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH" and we're blind. See this is what I was talking about, niggers are a bunch of bitches. Muh' Fuckaz, afraid of a little water. Its not even raining that hard. I admit, it may not be sprinkling, right now. C'mon guys, its only a shower. It's not like we're in the middle of a thunderstorm or heavy rain. Calm down you coward ass niggers and lower your fucking umbrellas. For weather like these I swear, headz need to start wearing raincoats. I respect the few people out in the crowd, rocking ponchos. Know what, I'm saying that's the way to go. They ain't come out here with no umbrella with the attempt to block fellow audience members' visions. I understand, that the weatherman said there'll be rain this afternoon. Unfortunately it came at a disturbed time. However, the amount of rain, we are currently receiving isn't necessary for all these umbrellas in the air.
By now, everyone is going to ask " Yo Spin, Why you keep talking about rain and umbrellas instead of the Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth performance?" My response, of course will be, "I can't talk about something that I didn't see." But, to those who were able to see it and kept on blocking my vision with your umbrellas, "FUCK YOU!!!" You sure, didn't show any consideration to the one's denied! Good Night, Rocksteady.............
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