Saturday, December 31, 2011



Can someone, please get me some organo gold coffee. After the day, I've had New Year's eve isn't turning out to be the day I planned it to be. Of course, nothing is ever what it seems. I scheduled today to be a day where I kick back relax and just write my last article on the 2011's year in review. Yes, that was the plan until I received several interruptions. Starting off with facebook this morning, when I almost thought I lost one of my private groups. I was devastated because I do not want to lose this group nor the group of guys that belong to it. This group been very helpful and behind me throughout the year and I wouldn't know what to do if ever I lost them. Thankful to my good friend, Keyshawn, who just today added me to a new group called "The Blackness". I believe that's our new name and group. I'm so glad I didn't lose my hubbies. For the ones who are unaware, yes I'am the occasional homosexual.

Later I received a phone call from one of my facebook friend's from Oakland, California her name is Ashanti. She's in town, just flew in last night. She gives me a call wanting to know what is good for the New Year. As I mentioned, I made plans just to put together this last issue of Rusty Jabbz. I did take into consideration, I wanted to meet her finally face to face. Ashanti and I, been talking with one another through viral social communication for the past three years or so. I thought to myself, this may kind of put a damper on today's schedule. I have plans for tonight to attend some New Year's eve party. My friend, Ashanti, she's welcome to attend. I would love to have her and her friends accompany me tonight and any other night while they're in town.

If that wasn't all. Total chaos and mayhem inside my home. When I seen tears dripping down my mother's cheek. Apparently some sort of conflict back at home in her native land (Jamaica) between her sisters, my aunts that lead to turmoil. I know, its not the kind of news anyone wants to hear on the final day of the year. I didn't like the way my mother was shaken up from this disturbance. I pray to the lord, that within the next few hours of today. He will intercept some sort of source that will change today's stream of intense events back into a moment of peace and sanity between my family by 12 o'clock midnight. Going into a new year is no way to enter carrying unnecessary baggage.

I'm sitting down in front of my computer, pouring my heart out to you all. It only just begun. Let's go back and visit 2011. My 2011 and at the same time I'm reviewing this past year you all can do the same and review this year as well and see what have 2011 done for you.

Every New Year's eve the clock strikes 12 and it becomes New Years Day. We all gather around and say our New Year's resolutions but we never manage to live up to them. Making our New Year's resolutions, false resolutions. I'm not sure whether or not I made New Year's resolutions, last year but some people had reservations against me at that start of 2011. Making my entry into the New Year, an unpleasant one. It started when I was quote on quote placed on "Involuntary Leave" for one year without pay due to my medical illness. Involuntary Leave, my ass DEP, y'all bustaz suspended me from work with no income. It wasn't an easy survival being out there on my own with only my savings to live off of. I thank my mom, for having my back this whole year. She's been my guardian angel in my moment of trials and tribulations. Things didn't begin to start to turn around for me until I finally got my new insurance plan and social security disability benefits. Which I'm grateful, all these things took about 6 to 8 months to establish.

It wasn't easy being unemployed for an whole year. I had to keep myself occupied. My Rusty Jabbz Newsletter followers and supporters I would like to thank you for helping me keep myself occupied. I figure with this much time on my hands. I had plenty of time to put all my undivided attention into Rusty Jabbz and the music business. Non-stop industry extravaganza than ever.
This year was the year that I'm not going to say, explode but expanded into various direction. Directions of hip hop, art and fashion.

I gotten the opportunity to work with the New York City Parks Department, once again. The position came at a rare time. Right when I was suspended from my current employment. A week later, I get a email for Prospect Park seeking workers to help shovel snow off the Tennis Center, located across the street from Prospect Park. Thank the lord for the big snowstorm on January 27, 2011. If it wasn't for that day I wouldn't have this job. Even though its an seasonal position it still helps out when need be. For example, July 3, 2011 returning to Prospect Park to work the entire summer during their morning weekend shifts. As for right now, the position is currently closed until further notice. It was fun being apart of the Prospect Park Alliance.

As you can see just like everybody when they enter a brand new year there's ups and there's downs. I have maybe two moments this year that meant a lot to me. This past, March, we celebrated a decade long anniversary of Rusty Jabbz. Rusty Jabbz was started in 2001. Our first issue debuted, March 2001. When we started, Rusty Jabbz we were a team of writers looking for a voice for New York Cities Underground Hip Hop. Magazines like The Source, XXL and Vibe weren't representing the true essence of hip hop. So, we decided to give our underground emcees and djs a voice, a media, a outlet. Things haven't changed since ten years ago except maybe we're no longer a paper newsletter and the staff is now six minus five. Leaving me to be a one man hip hop group. Which is cool, the other members have moved on to other agendas. They'll always be, Rusty Jabbz in my book. Taking care of everything all by myself showed I have versatility and the skills to multi-task. I'm proud of the ten year accomplishments with Rusty Jabbz. The start of Worldwide Jabbz and Rusty Photos. Rusty Jabbz allows me to be that journalist I never could be but at the same time prove it to the world via blogspot. Worldwide Jabbz on the other hand allows me to be that video director I could never be but at the same time prove it to the world via youtube. I will never forget the anniversary of Rusty Jabbz, 10th year. I'm already looking forward to the 20th. I'm going to keep my newsletter running as long as I'm breathing because I'm only doing this for one... and that's HIP HOP!!!

That was an upper right, quite an upper. Now here are one of those downers I mentioned earlier. This one touched me hard and hit me and my family hard. It was on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 the day I loss my father. He died in the hospital I'm not quite sure what exactly happen. The one thing I do know, I miss him so much and I love him and I still wish he was still here. It's been hard on myself and my mother and brother. I'm thankful that we are all here together to share and mourn the loss over my father's death. My father, Samuel Marvin Wright Sr came as an surprise to us. To my mom specifically, considering she was with my dad inside the hospital during his unexpected final days. The loss of my father still taunts me. Can't a day go by and I don't think about him. I don't want to stop thinking about him. I know it was rough losing my father but the good thing about death are the memories we get to hold onto forever. Whenever I think of him its as if he's still with us. I already lost my dad, I be dammed if I lose my memories of him.

I'm about to wrap this up but before I do let's give one last brief rundown of 2011.
I'm going to set up a timeline of all the details of 2011.

January, 2011 - I was placed on suspension with my current job for one year.
January/ February 2011 - I was hired with the NYC Parks Dept - Prospect Park Alliance
March 2011 - The 10th Anniversary of Rusty Jabbz Newsletter
March 2011 - Applied for Social Security Benefits
July 2011 - The Month, I came out of the closet and admitted I'm a bi-sexual.
July 2011 - Joined, VESID, The Office of Vocational and Educational Services for
Individuals with Disabilities.
August 2011 - I was approved for Social Security Benefits.
September 2011 - I received my first Social Security Disability Check.
September 2011 - My father passed away, Sept.13th
December 2011 - Joined the Rusk Institute

These are a few of the serious encounters that took over part of my life during this year. As you see, my year started off on a very rough note and I had to struggle to get it at a mediocre level. Only to have my year end not so great. That is how our world works, on a 360 degree angle. It basically spun its way back to darkness. At least for me, other people 2011 may have been paradise to them. But, 2011 was nothing paradise here for me.

Before I go, I would like to wish everyone. A happy and safe New Year. All the best into 2012 and throughout the year. Remember, tomorrow will also be Imani the final day of Kwanzaa. Imani meaning Faith, something we should all carry with us. Take heed to the words I spent hours on typing. I wish everyone all the best, Good night. Once again, HAPPY 2012!!!

01. Talib Kweli - "Gutter Rainbows" January 25, 2011
02. Raekwon - "Shaolin Vs Wu Tang" March 08, 2011
03. Travis Barker - "Give The Drummer Some" March 15, 2011
04. Gucci Mane - "The Return Of Mr Zone 6" March 15, 2011
05. E40 - "Revenue Retrievin' Graveyard Shift" March 29, 2011
06. Snoop Dogg - "Doggumentary" March 29, 2011
07. Wiz Khalifa - "Rolling Papers" March 29, 2011
08. Jim Jones - "Capo" April 05, 2011
09. Mack 10 & Glasses Malone - Money Music April 12, 2011
10. Cam'ron & Vado - Gunz n Butta April 19, 2011
11. Beastie Boys - Hot Source Committee Part 2 May 03, 2011
12. Neek The Exotic & Large Professor - Still On The Hustle May 17, 2011
13. Brownbag - Brownbag Season Volume One May 17, 2011
14. Jadakiss - I Love You (A Dedication To My Fans) May 25, 2011
15. Rick Ross - MMG Presents: Self Made Volume One May 25, 2011
16. Verse Essential - Ingenious Deluxe Edition May 31, 2011
17. Vast Aire - Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey May 31, 2011
18. Krs One and Bumpy Knuckles - Royalty Check May 31, 2011
19. Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's June 07, 2011
20. Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel June 14, 2011
21. Gorilla Zoe - King Kong June 14, 2011
22. Jesse Abraham - One Day June 14, 2011
23. Pitbull - Planet Pit June 21, 2011
24. LMFAO - Sorry For The Party Rocking June 21, 2011
25. Big Sean - Finally Famous June 28, 2011
26. Curren$y - Weekend At Burnies June 28, 2011
27. Pete Rock and Smif n' Wessun - Monumental July 5, 2011
28. Pimp C. - Still Pimping July 12, 2011
29. Dj Khaled - We The Best Forever July 19, 2011
30. W.U. Tang Clan - Legendary Weapons July 26, 2011
31. Ace Hood - Blood, Sweat & Tears August 09, 2011
32. Gucci Mane & Wakaflocka Flame - 1017 Brick squad Presents Ferrari Boyz
August 09. 2011
33. The Game - The R. E. D. Album August 23, 2011
34. Jay Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne August 23, 2011
35. Lil' Wayne - The Carter 4 August 30, 2011
36. Timbo King - From Babylon To Timbuk2 August 30, 2011
37. J. Cole - Cole World September 27, 2011
38. Styles P. - Master Of Ceremonies October 04, 2011
39. D.J. Drama - Third Power October 11, 2011
40. Drake - Take Care October 25, 2011
41. Wale - Ambition November 01, 2011
42. Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park November 08, 2011
43. Tech N9ne - Welcome To Strangeland November 08, 2011
44. Webbie - Savage Life 3 November 15, 2011
45. Mobb Deep - Black Cocaine November 21, 2011
46. Yelawolf - Radioactive November 21, 2011
47. T- Pain - Revolver December 06, 2011
48. The Roots - Undun December 06, 2011
49. Gucci Mane & V-Nasty - Baytl December 13, 2011
50. Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg = Music from and inspired by movie: Mac & Devin Go To
High School December 13, 2011
51. Common - The Dreamer/ The Believer December 20, 2011
52. Young Jeezy - TM103: Hustlerz Ambition December 20, 2011

01. The Roots - Undun
02. Pete Rock/ Smif N' Wessun - Monumental
03. Raekwon - Shaolin Vs Wu Tang
04. Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel
05. Neek The Exotic n Large Professor - Still On The Hustle
06. Mobb Deep - Black Cocaine
07. Timbo King - From Babylon To Timbuk2
08. Wu Tang Clan - Legendary Weapons
09. The Game - The R. E. D. Album
10. Jay Z N Kanye West - Watch The Throne
11. E40 - Revenue Retrievin' Graveyard Shift
12. Lil' Wayne - The Carter 4
13. Young Jeezy - TM103: Hustlerz Ambition

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Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group
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Thursday, December 22, 2011


WED., DECEMBER 21, 2011
I finally get to break out my Ipad and show off its net worth. Actually that should read, gross worth after all this item is expensive. I just made my arrival to the Brooklyn Bodega and Rocksmith Holiday Party in boondox, Manhattan. Wow, who would of thought being mugged or raped in Soho. The reason, why I say these things because of the place that have been chosen to set up tonight's event. A deserted, Soho block not a soul in sight and its only 7:30pm. Talk about suspect. However, I did come out here to show my love and support to the Brooklyn Bodega family as always. As well, the Rocksmith's family. I will try and have an open mind and a good time.

Right now, we're sitting in the backyard of the nightclub. Where a Rocksmith table is set up with merchandise for sale. There will be a raffle taking place for one of there items as the evening progress. I'm here sitting in the cut, blogging as I speak to everyone. I always wanted to do this. Sit inside the corner of a party typing and have maybe a few eyes on me wondering, who am I, what is he doing or what is he saying about us? Anyone who would like to know, what Dj Handspin says. Your welcome to visit,

So, far I haven't seen anyone I know yet. Besides, Fiona Bloom of The Bloom Effect. Then again, it's kind of hard to find out if you have any recognizable faces in the place when your glued to the corner of a club, blogging.

The crowd is starting to swarm right in, now. I can see this yard is getting packed. We can not stay out here the whole time. I know, the event is only going till 10pm. I'm already feeling closure phobic. I sense my lungs closings in from the tons of cigarette smoke in the air. I can't think about cancer air blowing in my face. I have the cure, ALCOHOL! I won't get too wasted just enough to hold me down.

In case everyone will start to wonder, why am I yapping so much. It have gotten to that point where this party maybe too wack. No disrespect, to Brooklyn Bodega and Rocksmith but its been an hour so far. Nothing occurred yet. I'm not quite sure, what is in store. From where I'm sitting, all I see are a bunch of trendy looking b-boys standing around. A few ladies, which is primarily the norm at hip hop gatherings. Besides getting a beer, I did take four pictures of the crowd. Not sure if this crowd, is camera friendly or in my case blog friendly.

I did my part and came through to show love and support for tonight's event. I'm going to keep it real, this shit is wack. If it wasn't for this raffle that Rocksmith set up I wouldn't be here this long. They put together a raffle tonight. It would be nice if y'all would call the numbers now. Let's just hope I'm the winner tonight unlike this past Monday night at Professor Thoms. More than likely I won't win but it'll be okay. I could have actually jacked one of those raffle bags. There were a moment when the table was clear. No one around maintaining the fort. LOL! Because the old, Dj Handspin would not have hesitated to do something like that.

Can you feel it? I know I can...It's beginning to rain again. It's only drops for the moment. At some point it may get hard and start tumbling down, like London Bridge.

I thought, the raffle had never happened. According to Rocksmith's staff there was a first part of the raffle reading conducted inside the club. Where was I? Where was anyone? According, to them no one claimed the first ticket reading. CLAIM! What about announcing the first ticket reading is more like it. I didn't hear anyone do that.

By now, time was cutting close and near to the end of the party. It's now, 9:45pm when they told me, the second raffle reading will happen in the next half. I thought about it and decline. I decided to close my blog and exit the event.

I would like to thank the Brooklyn Bodega and Rocksmith family for inviting me here tonight. I really appreciate it. Happy Holidays to you and your family. I wish everyone who attended tonight's affair a safe and healthy holiday season. All the best as we journey into Y2K12!

Although I may not have had a good time tonight. I still manage to keep an open mind.

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Monday, December 19, 2011



Monday night fun isn't on my normal schedule. You can usually find me, monday nights cuddled up in my bed watching a series of my favorite monday night delights: "2Broke Girls", "Hawaii 5.0", "The Closer" "Rizzoli & Isles" "Love That Girl" and WWE's Monday Night Raw". Your probably, wondering "how does he manage to get them all in". I believe, I've been asked that same question on other occasions, lol. However, the key is DVR! Without him my monday nights and nights to follow would have been miserable.

This monday is different, I decided to take a backseat on the television watching and cruise the streets of the New York. For, I have been invited tonight to an Filter Magazine party. I'm not quite certain what that is but its an holiday party and I'm in the holiday spirit. Only six day, left until Christ's born day. I would like to spend it with family, friends, party goers and just random New Yorkers who have the yule tide flavor in them.

I'm on my way now to catch up with my homie, Dee who plugged me into tonight's extravaganza. Forgive me just a moment I need to step inside Best Buy to purchase a cover for my brand new Ipad. Right now, I'm standing in front of Best Buy in the Union Square section. After this, quick stop I'll be on my way.

I did retrieve the proper, book cover to fit perfectly with my brand new, Ipad. As I proceed onto tonight's holiday party sponsored in part by U.G. Once again I must apologize and stop at this Dunkin Donuts. I need to load up on some dosage of sugar. I hear tonight is an, Heineken open bar, sugar blends well with booze.

I have no idea, what I' am walking! Which is primarily the case at every function I attend. People just wish they had that smooth swagger, where a person enters a bar all stuffed eating donuts. Sugar-N-Beer has always been a fine mixture to me. No one can avoid and fight the feeling of being, both high strung and intoxicated. Speaking of being, high strung and intoxicated I think, I might be. Remember what I've said, earlier about my monday nights. I need someone to reach out to me and let me know if I'm still sane. Today doesn't feel like a monday up in here. It feels more like a sunday. Part of that stem from the booze I've been drinking all night.

Apparently in addition to the holiday festivities. There seem to be some sort of adult cartoon love thing going on. How many of my readers, watch The Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama. Taking place tonight there will be a series of raffles of the following cartoon's boxed set collection I've just mentioned. As well as viewing the cartoons among the few big screens set up in the bar.

Although, I'am not a die hard fan of any of these cartoon series. In the past, I must admit I've enjoyed quite a few seasons of The Simpsons and Family Guy. Futurama, on the other hand is a cartoon I'm unfamiliar with. Needless to say, tonight's event was something totally different. A holiday party/ Fox Cartoon Tribute Party. I'm not quite sure, how I would name an event as such. Wait!, duh I forgot from the heading at the top of my email, "FILTER MAGAZINE HOLIDAY PARTY". Technically, this is who the event is for.

I would like to take this time and say, thank you to Filter Magazine for tonight's invitation. Thank you, of course to U. G. for making tonight possible. Thank you to Professor Thoms for conducting tonight's open bar and buffet service. I'm always appreciative of complimentary alcoholic beverages.

I would like to extend my congratulations to everyone who won a boxed set collection. Well, at least everyone who stayed some just came for the open bar and didn't bother to stick around for the raffle. Congratulation to you all.

I would like to thank that lovely man, who gave me his 5 raffle tickets before leaving the bar. Even though neither one of them were the winning raffle ticket. It still was a nice gesture and good gracious coming from your heart. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

The last raffle of the night was for The Simpsons Boxed Collection, the winning ticket was 720027.... If only they called out, 720047, it would have been mine.

I'm not going to let one discretion ruin the night that I just had. A night that I didn't expect to have. It ended up being an unforgettable monday, after all.

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Monday, December 12, 2011



rusty jabbz entertainment group presents.... F. O. K. U. S. PILLARS OF HIP-HOP: COMMUNITY

CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar
Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group
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Sunday, December 11, 2011



F. O. K. U. S. presents PILLARS OF HIP-HOP: COMMUNITY Featuring Artwork by Bishop 203, D-Cross and Flor Mancha live tonight at Scratch Dj Academy Sat., Dec. 10, 2011
This is sort of an improntu event, call it what you feel. I knew, about tonight's event from last month. (November)
I would like to shout out my man, T.T.K. for the invitation of the last art show, which took place here at the Scratch Dj Academy. It was, T.T.K.'s art show how I came across tonight's information.
Continuing the Rusty Jabbz legacy of Arts and Entertainment. Although, rather uncertain on what exactly will take place. I have an idea, tonight will consist and involve in graff and graffiti artists. I'm on my way down there now. My readers, reading this your always welcome to come but first. It's $5.00 or clothing/ canned foods for suggested donations as admissions. We doing real, charity for the holiday season.

Is this possible to be at an event for 45 minutes and already you've want to go home. Forgive me, for being blunt. I'm just saying, let's be real readers.. why do any of us participate in attending art shows. Now there isn't anything specifically wrong with this event. There were a lot of flaws. I can't quite put my finger onto it but I'm going to pin point each situation to the best of my ability.

Let's start things off by talking about the open bar. I' am not, down playing open bars. Anyone who knows Dj Handspin, know my history with open bars. Open bars are not something I'm against. I' am all for open bars but what I'm not for is the menu they chose... Heineken, Corona, Izze Sparkling Water and Poland Springs Water. Really beer, are those the proper beverages we would utilize at an art show. An art show should be a little more classy. I'm talking champagne, wine you get the understanding at where I'm coming from but that's not all.

Where is it written that tipping is a mandated requirement when retrieving liquor of any kind. They made that a requirement of tonight. Sometimes I think I'm just too dam nice when I want to be. Earlier, I gave the bar maiden a $5.00 tip which is rather steep. Ok, you may think $5.00 isn't anything. More than likely its not which explains, why the bar maiden tried to take an extra $5.00 off of me. When I asked her to break this, $20.00, she claimed I was tipping $10.00. Once again we go back to my readers and you all know the type of person, Dj Handspin is when it comes to dashing out money.

I don't want to dwell too much on the liquor situation. It is, what it is? Moving on, into the actual event sponsored in part by F. O. K. U. S. This art show felt a little different than, "The Great Adventures of T.T.K." (Nov. 18, 2011)
For starters not that much artwork are hung. I'm seeing a lot of T.T.K's artwork hung up as if it was left behind from his art show.
As the night went on, it began to look more like a party than a art show. Random people throughout the night came through the front door.

Tonight is a holiday party in the spirit of the holiday season. F. O. K. U. S., celebrating their last party/ event of the year. We come together, tonight with the artwork on the wall done by esteem artists.... T.T.K, Bishop 203, Flor Mancha and D-Cross.

Artwork that require more than a sense of humor. Intelligence is always an important factor when dealing with art of any stature. From modern to contemporary to street art to sculptures.

F. O. K. U. S. uses the arts to educate, inspire, empower and unite diverse communities. These workshops and events that I attend, they were originally set up to insight the importance of the art life.

I had the honor of meeting one of the artist that refers to himself by the name, D-Cross. He's the owner of several paintings on display here tonight. He's has five paintings on display here, right now... "It's Yours (Hey Young World)", "Electric Relaxation", "Sound Check" "One Mic" and "Mic Check". My two favorite crafted artistry done by D-Cross happen to be "One Mic" and "Mic Check". There just old vinyl that were taken and made into something beautiful. Okay, beautiful may not be an appropriate word if your an alpha male reading this. However, I'm a dj so seeing the decorative vinyl. I think, it is a great job that D-Cross have done and displayed for us tonight. He should take that more to an advance level. Possibly designing dj slip mats.

Tonight have been a great night. I would like to thank, F. O. K. U. S. for extending their invitation to the Rusty Jabbz Ent Group. I would like to thank, Scratch Dj Academy for offering the vicinity to have tonight's affair.

Ceo: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar
Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group
Office: 1347789-4543
Cellular: 1646339-4981

Saturday, December 3, 2011



Kevin Powell's 11th Annual Holiday Party and Clothing Drive - Friday, Dec. 2, 2011 @ Le Poissen Rouge
It's that time of the year again. Where everyone gets fresh and dipped and bring there loved one out for an evening on the town. As well as show their compassion for the homeless and unfortunate people who suffer through our New York winter months, without coats, clothing and shelter. This event is something I've been participating in, and had tremendous dedication in, the same amount of years my company been in existence.

I met, Kevin Powell as an Community Activist, on Marcus Garvey Blvd and 125th St., he used to hold a monthly community meeting/ poetry reading/ open mic in Harlem. I wasn't a writer or photographer then. Back then, I was a struggling dj looking for talented emcees. Kevin Powell made that happen that's the type of person he was. He always stayed connected via hip hop, politics, social media outlets. Its safe to call, Kevin Powell the, "IT MAN" or the "GO TO GUY", he's definitely the man with the plan. If, he doesn't has a plan he can definitely lead you to someone who does.

I don't know, what G. V. stands for but he always gives me luck among these fine ladies, wherever I go. G. V. is this navy blue suit I have I consider it my favorite suit. G. V. are the initials for men's clothing designer' Gianni Vironi. I didn't know this suit was such an attraction. The ladies looking at me, as if I'm someone important. One lady thought I was with Kevin Powell and Safe Horizon. Another, two ladies thought I was security. I never knew this suit absorbed so much power and attention.

Tonight, we have Dj Misbehavior rocking on the laptop. Lol, I like saying that... I know some of y'all djs out there still say 1 and 2's but c'mon now. Y' all wanna live in this new millennium computer generation. Let's keep it real and use the proper terminology.

Kevin Powell, got a lot goin' on here tonight. You can't never come to a, Kevin Powell party and say you ain't had a good time. An excellent example of a Kevin Powell holiday party, good time are what's going down tonight. We got open bar for about one hour going on, courtesy of Hypnotiq but don't drink it. It taste like caramel and beer, YUKK!. We got art battles courtesy of The Solo Foundation along with our main dj of the night, the legendary Dj Pete Rock. Dj Pete Rock will be here to shed some holiday cheers and mixes for the grown and sexy that came out to Le Poissen Rouge.

This just the main room but in case some of y' all get bored and feel like leaving. We got some performances poppin' off upstairs in the acoustic room.

I don't know, you can correct me if I'm wrong. Inside the acoustic room they're offering free massages courtesy of Gospa! Mobile Wellness. Which is all good? There isn't anything wrong with gettin' a massage. Everyone has stress and tension that they need to relieve. My point is, our purpose for coming here tonight is to get down on the dancefloor. Actually, our purpose for coming are to donate to the less fortunate. Being on the dancefloor of Le Poissen Rouge however, is almost like laying on a massage table. If ever, anyone would like to come to a place and unwind just to release their tension and frustration of New York City, this is the place to do it at.

Everybody, its 9 o'clock put 10 jabbz together for my main man, Heavy D who recently passed away. Then put another, 10 jabbz, together for my main man, Dj Pete Rock who's about to come on and hold it down for us for the rest of the evening.
I wanna say, thank you to Pete Rock for coming through and blessing us with his presence of greatness.... The Heavy D Tribute, The Biggie Tribute. He even went in there and did his own Pete Rock Tribute, now that's what's up.
How many people remember these jams, 17 year old, Pete Rock produced this record dedicated to his older cousin Troy Meyers "They Reminisce Over You".
What about 19 year old, Pete Rock producing this jam for Public Enemy "Shut 'Em Down Remix"
Y' all remember these too....
Nas "The World Is Yours", Run DMC "Down with the king" and I know y'all know this one. If y'all don't know, this one. I don't know, what to tell y'all. Y'all must be a crack baby or something. Or y'all, just don't like hip hop.... Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "Straighten It Out".
These were a few joints I could remember, the mighty Pete Rock playing tonight from his vault for his tribute.

Pete Rock, did his thing and went over time, right into Dj Cosi's Freedom Party. We aint gonna talk about that. You know and this is one of the reason, why I love Kevin Powell. He knows, how to keep a good thing going. Let's just say, this Le Poissen Rouge its only part one. There's an afterparty, immediately following this. You can call that part two. We're taken this party over to the eastside at Butta 415 Lafayette & E. 4th St. Pete Rock, not coming with us though.

I didn't come over right away, wanted to chill for awhile. I heard there about to have a, Torae album release party/ European Kick Off Tour. I figure let me, see what this be about before I continue.

All in all, it was a great night as usual. You'll never have a bad night with Kevin Powell, he's a cool down to earth brother to know. Don't just take my word for it. Get to know the man, yourself at You'll see from there that my words are bond.

Safe Horizon is a wonderful organization that helps the victims of violence become at one and at peace with themselves again. Safe Horizon is definitely an organization, everyone should learn more about as well. You can look them up at
They offer a lot of services to the people who need them: emergency housing, legal services, showers, laundry, wellness services, hiv/aids services, food pantry, medical care, meals and plenty more. Just get connected and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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