Friday, June 29, 2012


NYC GAY PRIDE WEEKEND 2012 DANCE ON THE PIER 5PM-2AM Sunday, June 24th, This isn't quite what I had in mind for my sunday, "GAY PRIDE DAY!". I had plans on being apart of this year's pridefest celebration. Although I was fortunate to attend the Brooklyn Pride Parade, several weeks ago. Today I made plans to seal the deal and join in on the celebration of the New York City Gay Pride followed by a, "Dance on the Pier" scheduled for this evening from 5pm-2am. A, Dance on Pier 57 in the Chelsea section of Manhattan... sounds sweet, sounds fun, sounds romantic, sounds like things will get a little freaky but most importantly sounds "GAY".____________________________________________________________________________________ Okay, everything looks good or at least that's what I thought until I reached the "Dance on the Pier". Only to find out that the cost of this evening's gathering is $90 dollars....... 90 BUCKS!!! was the reaction, once spoken to me by the police officer. The loud reaction to tonight's admission became like an chain reaction amongst each other. Considerably the lesbians, them of all people weren't feelin' the high price the most. Me, on the otherhand. Well, I think everybody or everyone who is at least important knows that, I don't pay for anything regarding admission. No more than $15.00, $20.00 only if I feel like it.______________________________________________________________________________________ Everything doesn't have to come to an end right here. In the moments and spirits of today's pride day I just hung around the vicinity taking in what is good from both, the male and the females. A lot of fine, sexy brothers of all ages and races. Some skinny, some chubby, some short, some tall, some muscular, some white, some black, some asian and some of the latino-descent. "The rainbow umbrellas are wide open everywhere." What a beautiful day?, What a beautiful day? At least, as beautiful that a first timer attending the New York Gay Pride would say. There are reasons, why quotes and sayings are created. They are known to be, food for thought. Quotes such as, "Things never work out the way you planned them", and others such as "Expect the Unexpected". Specific quotes like these were an very dormant part of my life during today's NYC Pride Parade/ Event. It all started, early this morning when I had to go to work. I came with the perfect itinerary. (Or, at least I thought it was perfect until it was ruined.) _____________________________________________________________________________________ ____ I'm scheduled to work from 5am-9am and then afterwards I was hoping to head home and take a shower and catch about 3 hours of sleep. It would have been possible. My job is only 10 minutes away and it could have been possible too. If it weren't for my superviser, "FUCKING ME OVER" and costing me something that I believe to be very monumental to me. Today was scheduled to be my first experience with the gay pride. Now, this is where, "Expect the Unexpected" came into play. It started when my superviser suggested that I be removed from grounds maintenance for the morning and placed onto the packer. To make a long story short. I did appreciate the extra hours that were given to me, this morning. I just wish that my superviser asked me, instead of assuming that I will take a full day. Needlesstosay, once I was officially released from this morning's duties. I knew, the parade will be whinding down soon. There was no way I was going to make it in time. Nor did I schedule a plan "B". The only thing, left for me to do in the meantime was go home and take a shower and wash off all this, Prospect Park filth and trash. I manage to accumulate the most dreadful stench ever within 8 hours. I needed to freshen myself up, a little bit more than usual, unfortunately. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I have made plans to meet a friend of mine at the Dance on the Pier. I've been blowing up her cell phone all day, before and during my arrival and still no answer. I eventually got fed up with her stood up and decided to stand solo. Look like I had no choice regardless. After hearing the cost of the Dance on the Pier, I was not trying to pay $90 BUCKS to dance. For $90 BUCKS, I could get an half of oz of endo, a bottle of P. Masson and dance the night away with any chick or dude inside my crib. Okay, so my first appearance to the Gay Pride haven't turned out all that well. This does not rain on my parade.(Literally Speaking) I'am still going to make this a wonderful day in my life. If I can't get to enjoy, what's on the pier. At least, I can indulge and take it upon myself, what is goin' on outside. It seems there are quite a few others that share my interests about "The Piers" outrageous price. A lot of U-turns had been made by several people. I hung around to check out a few hunks or what one may perceive himself to be a hunk. Let me, just put it to you like this. They're weren't enough beefcakes n poundcakes to make, "BIG" Handspin stand at attention. I guess you can say, they weren't hot enough. In my book, hot doesn't mean a thing. A man have to burn me. I'm talking, "CALIENTE!!!" Feel me but you know what these men here aren't even on my level league. In fact, a lot of them are not even men. Most of the people out here today are kids. The majority of this, Gay Pride I believe festival because the parade is over. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I have walked down, all the way from 14th St. and 11th Ave. to Washington Av. & Bleecker St. I have no idea, how I got here. The streets are blocked off by police and we can only go down certain streets to crossover to the next block. It's too much excess walking, then it hit me to why I'm not having a good time. I realized, "I HATE PARADES!" It's not just this particular parade because of what it stands for that would be an oxymoran. I hate all parades. I'm not a parade person. I only attend these types of affairs when its business orientated. True, I did wanted to attend, this year's gay pride 2012. Technically that was earlier this morning but after my superviser screwed me over and involuntarily extended my morning shift hours. The Gay Pride Parade became an mirage. All you see now, is a grown ass man stuck in The Village with a bunch of Gay teenagers. I needed to leave, this scene. I tried to enter, Gay St. Another street that police officers have blocked off. I remember, several years ago when the, Gay Pride festival use to take place on Gay Street alongside the strip leading down towards the Hudson River Park. I wanted to get out of here and go to my favorite gay bar. Well, one of my favorites "Rockbar". Doesn't look like that's happening. I had other choices but never chose them. Call me, picky, uptight or unreasonable. To me the whole purpose of coming out here, this afternoon was for me to celebrate my newfound sexuality and get drunk in The Village. Where everything was poppin' at? Apparently, things didn't turn out that way for me. Perhaps, I go to an bodega and cop a 40 and get drunk on the street. Might as well, Gay St. won't be open until 10pm. It would have been, best if I just went to work, this evening instead. I know, had I chosen work. I would lose out on the chance to meet someone special (probably) but I didn't meet anyone. In fact, I was so upset for the remainder of the evening. I don't think a man with a angry face is appealing. It was time to go and say "goodbye". I should have gone to work, instead. At least I would of made some money. Besides I pick up trash on the weekends for Prospect Park. I don't think many men want a trash man in their lives. __________________________________________________________________________________________ God, you didn't sabotage my evening on purpose. I know, Christ I told my Mom I was going to be at work, this evening. God, its been a year since my coming out. This night was important to me or at least I thought it was. Anyway, Lord if you did have anything to do with the sabotage of my evening. Your reasons must be good. I can always try again, next year. Although mentioned earlier how I'm not a big fan of parades but the N.Y.C. Gay Pride Parade. I would like to attend at least once, before isolate myself from the parade culture. __________________________________________________________________________________________ I wonder if I would of had better luck, this evening. Had I chosen to attend "The Gay Pride Parade" in Coney Island. I'll keep that in mind for next year. __________________________________________________________________________________________
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


How can I describe the day like the one I had. It all started with a text, this afternoon at 1:23pm from an admirer. Someone whom I've been in contact with secretly for the past several months. I'am glad, today I was fortunate too finally meet him. I spent a good majority of the afternoon with him, getting to know him. It was an God blessing, thank you lord and thank you Prince for finally taking the opportunity to once meet each other from behind the computers. You do not know, what today felt like today? I'm sitting here, wondering boo boo... How did you like our afternoon encounter, today? I hope, as wonderful as I did. This will further enhance our relationship and only move things in a positive direction. I don't know about you but I can not wait until we have another day like the one we've had today.
Okay, I'm sorry rusty jabbers. I didn't mean to get all personal and emotional but being personal and emotional is a part of this issue's blogazine. What happened, earlier was only a start to my happiness for the day. Later on this evening, me and my homie, Sha got a chance to witness the 20th Anniversary to the Lyricist Lounge series. Taking place, this evening at the Prospect Park Bandshell and headlining.... THE GHOSTFACE KILLLLLLEEEEERRRR!!!! and no one else can get ILLER!! I just like introducing, Ghostface like that, lol. My rusty jabbers, give it up to the late, great Ol' Dirty Bastard who came up with that line. Everybody say, "R.I.P.O.D.B."
Everyone reading this knows exactly how the Lyricist Lounge get down. They've been in existence for the past 20 years with one of tonight's founders here with us... Danny Castro. Whenever you attend any type of Lyricist Lounge promotion, you must be prepared to expect a full house. By a full house, I'm talking 10,000 deep standing room inside the bandshell and that's just in here. No telling, the amount of people who just chose to stay outside and around the perimeter surrounding the bandshell.
Getting ready to put it down for tonight's Lyricist Lounge Series 20th Anniversary... Scheduled to perform, we have... Astro, Farrah Burns, Rah Digga, Camp Lo, Kid Capri, Prodigy, Cappadonna and Ghostface Killer It look like I've missed the early onset of tonight's celebration. I came in a nick of time, before the main ensemble. I had my heart set on seeing, Ghost tonight. At the same time, it would have been nice if I seen Camp Lo as well. A group I always enjoyed for their eccentric style of clothing and unique lyrics. Camp Lo were always that hip hop funk. I missed, Rah Digga's performance as well. She wasn't a big deal because I seen enough of Rah Digga, last year at Public Assembly.
I didn't expect, Prodigy to perform tonight. I don't think anyone expected Prodigy considering his name was not on the original bill. Thank, Ghost for this surprise visit by Sheek Louch "WU-BLOCK" "WU-BLOCK" "WU-BLOCK" "WU-BLOCK" "WU-BLOCK" that's what's up right there Sheek Louch in the house tonight. The WU-BLOCK ALBUM IN STORES COMING SEPT Prodigy's album H.N.I.C.3 in stores July 3rd
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Thursday, June 21, 2012


LYRICIST LOUNGE 20TH ANNIVERSARY IN RED HOOK PARK FEAT BRAND NUBIAN 6/20/12 "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" LMAO!!!, just getting into my Brand Nubian, zone. I'm all ol' skooled up from head to toe. Sitting here, riding the B8 bus pumping Brand Nubian's "One For All" cassette in my walkman. Yeah, that's right I broke out the walkman, straight "Ol' Skool" for real. Sitting here riding the B8 reminiscent to my (New Utrecht) high school days. Rusty Jabbz getting ready to do it again. Last night it was Das Racist, Action Bronson and Trouble Andrews live in Red Hook Park. We gonna party tonight. City Parks Foundation celebrating the 20th Anniversary to the Lyricist Lounge. They have schedule tonight to perform Game Rebellion and Brand Nubian "KNOWLEDGE" "KNOWLEDGE". In the meantime, during my journey I'll get to enjoy the pleasant sounds of the Nubian brother's various archives blasting in my ears. Can anyone name their favorite, Brand Nubian record and/ or album? I dug through my crates of tapes and cds and these are what popped up, "One For All", "In God We Trust", "Everything Is Everything" and "Foundation". What y'all young negroes know about that? I'm almost to my destination, early than expected. I hope, I get a good spot in front of the stage. DAM!!, I'm mad early it's 6pm ain't no one out here yet. The park and stage area is set up. The dj, he's doing his thing on the laptop, no what I'm saying, lol. I would hit up, my ex on the westside. She's probably in the middle of coming from work, as I type. This is really a long ride. All the times I travelled to Red Hook in the pass. I just got finish, listening to the whole "One For All" album. I know, I'm crazy early. I'm about to move onto "In God We Trust" to hold me down for this next hour. THIS IS BRAND NUBIAN DAY. WHERE MY NUBIANS AT? Tweet Dj Handspin (@djhandspin) and let me know, your proud to be NUBIAN! The crowd is flowing in, looks like I'm going to get a good spot for viewing. Oh shit, hold on my jam is on "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" "BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET" Sorry about that I still have my walkman in my ears. Yo, duke that's fucked up. Your not going to give me a fan. Gosh, even as a queer I'm still intimidating. I'm just stating the obvious, sun came over here and handed everyone a fan except me. I wonder why, its either a BLACK THING! or a GAY THING! I'm going to go with a, black thing. Which is kind of messed up being that we all here at a Brand Nubian concert in Red Hook. I'm coming to the ending of "In God We Trust". Lyricist Lounge 20th Anniversary doing it up in Red Hook Park with Brand Nubian and Game Rebellion free concert is about to start in a few minutes, right now the dj still rocking. I take it that, everyone is here only to see Brand Nubian. Why, I say that because Game Rebellion is currently on stage performing and everyone just remained sitting on the bleachers. Let me not jump to conclusions afterall it is blazing hot out here today, the first day of summer. It could simply be, they wanted to stay under the tree and out of the sun. I like Game Rebellion, other than that fact that he performed topless and has a whole bunch of sexy tattoos. That's not the only reason, I actually dig his music. The whole rock n hip hop fusion so Limpbizkit. Oh I'm sorry, Netic I hope didn't offend you and the band. I know, how people felt about Limpbizkit during their time. He has more of an Ice T n 2pac thing going on. The reason I say that 2Pac because of his sexy tattoos. I remember, 2Pac himself had a lot of sexy tattoos, as well. Netic also has that Ice T and Body Count thing, sort of a new generation thing. I think, Game Rebellion is cool. He definitely got flava and y'all already know if Rusty Jabbz likes it. It's HIP HOP!! So everyone in the back that's still sitting on them bleachers y'all need to get off it right now. Unless that's some psychological thing that's been implanted into your brain from high school, from sitting on the sideline instead of the being in the game. I wanna say, peace and thanx to Game Rebellion for rocking out with us. I most definitely enjoyed, this much better than the band (Trouble Andrews) from yesterday. This I can get it into a little bit, its more on my level. I think my favorite two joints from Game Rebellion was this song, I'm not quite sure of the exact title. I think its called, "Crush it in a mosh pit" or "Stomp it in a mosh pit". I don't have clue to the exact title but whatever its called, the song is still slamming. There is also, another one I liked... This song was dedicated to the late great Tupac Shakur. Now I'm going to go out on a limb and assume this is how you spelled the song in honor of 2Pac..."hiPACracy". This is a nice song in honor of 2Pac, I know the god was smiling. What is it with this free refrigerator full of ice tea? I don't need anymore, ice tea. I have enough, ice tea in my crib. They're doing some kind of raffle, who cares. Just bring on, Brand Nubian already. They're setting up now for, Brand Nubian. I hope it's Brand Nubian, coming out now... "NO SURPRISE OPENERS!" Let's get thing's started. Okay, here comes Lord Jamar our first Nubian entry to the stage.... Up next, Sadat X coming through with "The Lump The Lump". Oh shit y'all remember this one... (singing: I've been doin' my own thing) That was my joint, right there. Last but not least, third and final Nubian entry, Rusty Jabbz give a big hand of applause to the Grand Puba, ba ba "Step to the rear, Grand Pu on arrival. Raised in the ghetto singing songs for survival.....". They say, the GODZ MUST STILL BE CRAZY!!!! After, 22 years of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding this is a blessing to see the GOD BODY QUARTET... Grand Puba, Sadat X, Lord Jamar and Dj Alamo. I want to thank the brothers from Now Rule. Lol, Now Rule you know it took me 19 years to figure out that stood for New Rochelle. Lord Jamar has an part in the new Ice T independent film "The Art of Hip Hop". Word up, support that's a must for all you fake, fast food emcees out there, nuhmean. Anyone who would like to know about, "The Art of Hip Hop" just look at Ice T as the "Sun Tzu of Hip Hop". Is it me or does, Lord Jamar look hott! Okay, I know its inappropriate hip hop talk and nontheless inappropriate god body talk. I can't help it, if you were seeing what I'm seeing I'm pretty sure you would have these same exact thoughts. Lord Jamar, just look so sexy topless. Oooh, speaking of topless, what about Netic, the lead to Game Rebellion wasn't he something. That's what I'm talking about, baby bareskin n tattoos, oh my!!! Okay, I'm shifting off course my reason for this is because tonight I was originally to celebrate a gay pride event on the Hudson River Park. I actually was looking forward to it. At the same time, I was looking forward to seeing Brand Nubian, as well. I was caught between a crossroads. I needed to choose, "HIP HOP" or "GAY PRIDE". Of course, I chose hip hop. HIP HOP will always reign supreme, even over things in my personal life. Besides, Gay Pride will be continuing on for the rest of the week. Tonight is for the BRAND NUBIAN! I want to talk about the their performance. There wasn't as much people here this evening like there were yesterday for Das Racist and Action Bronson. Come on, man you mean to tell me the late 30 year olds/ early 40 year olds are too lazy to come out to Red Hook and see, Brand Nubian perform. I'm here and Allah bless, those who came out. Allah bless, the few youngins that came through this evening. Youngins, today need as much Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding. If it weren't for groups like Brand Nubian, Poor Righteous Teachers, X-Clan... I would be in prison, right now. The things they said and rapped about sparked an interests of concern. It was enough interests to convert me to Islam. Tonight's crowd may not be a packed and rowdy like last night's crowd at least, Brand Nubian got a chance to rock until the closing of Lyricist Lounge/ Summerstage. I would like to thank Freedom Bradley and Danny Castro for putting together tonight's event for the Lyricist Lounge celebrating 20 years in the game. 20 years of hip hop dominance. 20 years of opening doors and showcasing some of hip hop's elite. Check out, this Saturday as we "Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park" BUD LIGHT MUSIC SERIES 20TH ANNIVERSARY FOR LYRICIST LOUNGE SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2012 7:30PM AT THE PROSPECT PARK BANDSHELL FEATURING: GHOSTFACE KILLAH, CAMPLO, ASTRO AND MORE ___________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1347789-4543 Cellular: 1646339-4981 Cellular: 1347902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


LIVE AT RED HOOK PARK; ARAAB MUZIK/DAS RACIST AND ACTION BRONSON I don't know much about, Das Racist but I do know what I did earlier, das foul (maybe) ditchin' my homie, Sha in front of Burlington Coat Factory just so I can make it to Red Hook for this live, City Parks Foundation concert. Performing, this evening are Trouble Andrews, Action Bronson and these guys from Flushing, Queens "DAS RACIST". I came here specifically to see them. I would like to know, how racist are they, LOL! Sorry, Sha for ditchin' you but Rusty Jabbz pride themselves for being tardy. Although, perhaps I could have waited a little longer in front of Burlington. I showed up to the park, only to capture Trouble Andrews in the middle of his set. I'm not quite sure who he is, but it's not HIP HOP! No disrespect to other people and their musical genres but that alternative rock, is not my steelo. OMG, what the hell is that? That was my reaction when I seen a 320 lb white man enter the stage with a mic in his hand. In case anyone was looking for Philadelphia Freeway for the past few years. I think, I've found him. He's here with us, this evening performing live on stage appearing in a form of a 320 lb, white man with a thick, big and bushy beard. As some of you might as guessed, this is my first time seeing Action Bronson. Hey guys, don't go too crazy for the weed that he's throwing off the stage. Action Bronson, tossing nickels bags like it ain't nuthin, the crowd going wild. LMAO, I'm sorry I just had to laugh this crowd going crazy for the "so call weed" Action Bronson is tossing. It would be fucked up that it turns out to be oregano. I'm just saying, that's a lot of weed sun threw off the stage. Either your man, Action is mad generous or he's straight up growing endo, himself. Thank, Action Bronson for that weed love. Bronson didn't travel alone, this evening. He had a few of his partners... Mayhem Larue, Smoke DZA and AG Da Coroner. I think, I'm missing someone I believe he's not a emcee but he's still a HUNK. This one guy, Action bought onto the stage. He never mentioned his name. I'm just going to call him, MR SIX PACK. Everything that is going on, this stage right now is raw n pure uncut live hip hop. There was a time where Red Hook wouldn't be that place to travel too, especially for an real hip hop outdoor concert. Even if it was only for one evening. But, this is awesome. I guess if I was to say, Action Bronson is garbage.... is Das Racist, LOL! Now, I'm about to get racist. Finally, we've come to the end of the evening, the main event as some would say. As I mentioned, earlier I don't know much about Das Racist that is why tonight was so important. I want to try and stay on top of the hip hop independent scene. I know, I've been slacking in that area lately and I apologize to all my readers. This particular group struck me, simply just by its name. You have a group that comes from Flushing, Queens that goes around calling themselves "Das Racist" it will strike attention in anyone. This is what it did with me, I wanted to know more about, Das Racist other than the internet. I just need to say something though. I think, my eyes need checking either that or I can't spell because this can't be the same group I seen on youtube. First thing, when I first came across Das Racist I swore it was only one man. Now I'm standing and watching 3 skinny guys who appear to be Arabic on stage rapping. Maybe the group is an duet, I understand Araabmuzik is their producer. Anyway mislead or not, I'm having such a great time. If Das Racist happen to be Arabic. It doesn't matter after this evening from the crowd's response they are well loved. So well loved that someone grabbed my neck, while members of the crowd were hanging him high. This guy being slid above and across everyone's head. That is something I didn't expect. A lot of people crave attention at these type of shows. I just didn't know that Das Racist were at the level of magnitude that incite such pandemonium in people. That is definitely a first, I rarely get people grabbing my neck at a concert. I didn't expect this amount of love. The energy was crazy. It came to the point, where Das Racist needed to cut their performance short, they couldn't go to the maximum limit. Let me, tell you guys something, the way the crowd responded. You would think, everyone was about to start A RIOT! A RIOT!. It's ashame I didn't get to film any of this evening's performances. I was on some straight reporter shit tonight. Gettin' my Connie Chong On! The vibe tonight was something, serious. I was feelin' this and lovin' this. Give it up to Trouble Andrews, who performed earlier. Action Bronson, Mayhem Larue and tonight's main event and crowd pleaser, Araab Muzik/ Das Racist. Everything that went down here tonight was on some pure hip hop, live in the park. This my Summer Jam, right here live in Red Hook Park. We're doing it up again tomorrow, inside Red Hook Park with Brand Nubian and Game Rebellion 7 to 9 We out, Dj Handspin, Rusty Jabbz, RJE, We love y'all "PEACE!" ________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1347789-4543 Cellular: 1646339-4981 Cellular: 1347902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog: