Friday, October 30, 2009



Cormega’s “Born and Raised” album release party at SOBs

I left the plantation at 6 o’clock with Cormega bangin’ in my eardrums. Just before I left the office I gave my last tweet to plug tonights event. Cormega’s album release party at SOBs. The sounds of Cormega music pounded in my ears as I sat on the V. train from IRAQ to THE VILLAGE. Wow, I said to myself, unaware of the 45 mp3s imported into my ipod. Dam, near every album of Cormega from “The True Meaning” to “The Realness” to “My Brother’s Keeper” guest starring Lake to “Legal Hustle”. I said, to myself again, “IT’S ON TONIGHT!” I arrived at SOBs at 8pm on da dot. You know gotta get inside, get my throat wet and sit back and chill first to some smooth grooves as I scope out the crowd. The djs spinning all that real classic NYC hip hop from BIG to PUN to EPMD to LL to GROUP HOME to ERIC B & RAKIM to METHOD & REDMAN the vibe was “DYNO-MITE” like JJ.

The crowd started packing in by the bundles. I didn’t know ‘Mega had a “HUGE GER-MAN” following. Alotta ‘Ricans in da building for ‘Mega.

Its been an hour now and I wanna see some “CORMEGA!!” I’m in hur’ fienin like a junkie that need that fix. The only thing that helped maintain my anticipation, I ran into a ol’ homie of mine, Tex from Bayside, Q.U. I hadn’t seen this man inna minute. It was nice to know the god is still around and still into THE REAL HIP HOP! Besides runnin’ into my homie, I thought the show was gonna begin at 9:44pm, when ‘Mega came on the stage. It turns out it was to introduce himself and greet the crowd. I said, “Nigga, I already fuckin’ know you start performing already.” Dam, I wish I had a bottle, I would of threw it at him for teasin’ us like that. But ‘Mega said, “he waiting for a few more people give him about another 20 minutes”.

It is now, 10:13pm the moment have arrived, Cormega takes the stage to announce who is in the house and who is on their way. This cat that Cormega introduced to the stage caught me off guard cause I forgot all about him, its been a New York minute since I heard him. Since anyone heard him. Cormega introduced coming to the stage, SHYHEIM THE RUGGED CHILD. Y’all remember, Shyheim….the hit single, “On and On”, Shaolin, Wu Tang Clan, the movie, Original Gangstas. Shyheim took the stage to perform. He set it off with four exclusive songs. Out of the four songs they were 3, I was feelin’ “The Fast Life” produced by DR Period, “Evil Bitches” and anutha song called, “Pain” I liked the hook on that one. After, Shyheim’s performance anutha 15 minute gap the dj went back to the music. In the meantime and between time, I notice Cormega’s team hard at work slangin’ his “Legal Hustle T-shirts” and “Born and Raised” cds. (I heard by the end of the night, ‘Mega had only 20 cds left.) I wanted to cop one but right now I’m really low on endz but I will copp it soon as my pockets get fat.

Finally, the moment I been waiting for. The moment everyone up in hur’ been waiting for. Cormega finally takes the stage. It is now 10:47pm, I’m tired and hungry but its all worth it to see, “The Crowned Prince of Underground Shit”. Cormega on stage performing a bevy of hits from past albums until him and the dj, Dj J-Supreme (the event dj) decided to run it down the line and compare notes between the 2 albums, meaning his last album “The Realness” and this current album “Born and Raised”. Some of the crowd declaring, “The Realness” to be Cormega’s best album, sleeping on “Born and Raised”. The crowd was hype and going along with that whole compare notes theme. ‘Mega performed some joints like “Therapy”, “Look at my Life”, “Affirmative Action w/ A. Z.” (dats right A. Z. wuz live on stage), “What did I do”, “American Beauty” and he performed my personal favorite Cormega record of all time, “Dirty Game” produced by Dj Premier. “Dirty Game”, that’s my str8 up grindin’ record, you know dat da record dat make you wanna git up & hit the streets and the clubs looking for work. That’s my record right there, “Dirty Game”. He performed some other bangaz I just can’t remember the names to um all. It was a great event. I wanna say, thank you and send my love out to Jackie-O for once again puttin’ me down on the list for a “CORMEGA AFFAIR!” I wanna give a phat shout out to A. Z., Easy Mo Bee, Buckwild & Ayatollah. ( I finally got a chance to meet and see Ayotollah. Ayatollah, my 2nd favorite producer next to Premo.) Anutha phat shout out to Shyheim The Rugged Child who wuz in da house. Glad 2 c u back in da game. It was an all great evening for me, definitely. Imma definitely go out there and copp this new album and y’ all be sure to go out thur’ and copp that “CORMEGA ALBUM, BORN AND RAISED” as well. Its in stores and online right now. And also still available, ask your neighborhood music retailer about past Cormega projects, “THE TRUE MEANING”, “THE REALNESS”, “LEGAL HUSTLE” & “MY BROTHER’S KEEPER F/ LAKE”

Before, I close this review. I got this message for Cormega that I want him to read and hear:


Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Lastnight, I spent the evening down in J & R Music World to witness the release of the "DJ HERO" keep in mind I' am not a videogame junkie. I haven't played a videogame system since collecovision in fact I still have my collecovision game system with all the original games and everything. Yes, I know I'm outta touch, WHUT EVA! But I don't do videogames anyone who knows me know the deal. Despite all that after lastnight and seeing the "DJ HERO" being used live inside the J & R Music World, may bring me back to the videogame world. The game can definitely increase my skillz and skillz of other djs as well. It may even encourage sum lil' one out there to become a dj. The game looks like tons of fun and a thrill to play especially if your already a dj you'll enjoy it even more. I know imma love it.

Thanx to our host of the evening from lastnight, Funkmaster Flex, Mister Cee and The Pitbulls featuring Jazzy Joyce, Bobby Trends, Young Chow, Dj Spynfo, Dj Naim, Mike Session and Ted Smooth along with Hip Hop legend, DMC of Run DMC. Congratulations to DMC for that honor u, Run and The Late, Great JMJ got for the renaming of the street on Hollis Av & 205th St. I'm sorry I missed u. I didn't git a chance to build with you they told me you were gone once I got there.

The DJ HERO game looks fun actually it is fun even though I didn't try it out. They were asking people through out the store if they wanted to come onto the stage and give it a try. I thought about it but then I realized I haven't played a videogame system since collecovision. I know videogames and their system have advanced way beyond that I wasn't trying to go up on stage and look stupid but between Jazzy Joyce and Funkmaster Flex they were having the most fun on stage demonstrating the DJ HERO game system. Especially Jazzy Joyce, she wuz hogging it like she aint wanna git off.

"DJ HERO BUNDLE AND RENEGADE BUNDLE EDITION" cumz highly recommended by yours truly, Dj Handspin and you know MY WORD IZ ALWAYZ BOND!!!



Thurs., Oct. 29th: Cormega's "BORN AND RAISED" album release party w/ special guests: Large Professor, Havoc, Fame, LES, Premier, Pete Rock, DR Period & BuckWild live at SOB's 204 Varick St & W. Houston St NYC doors open at 8pm, showtime at 9pm for tix info 2122434940 or


Thurs., Oct. 29th: Zoolander Halloween Party & Derelict Fashion Show at The Arsenal 153 Roebling St., #4B Brooklyn, NY doors open at 7pm "FREE ADMISSION ALL NIGHT WITH CLOTHING DONATION TO BENEFIT HOUSING WORKS"

Fri., Oct. 30th: Rescue-Zombie Dance Party at Sapphire Lounge 249 El Dridge St. & E. Houston St., New York, NY $5.OO w/ rsvp (LIMITED GIFT SUPPLY WHILE THEY LAST SO DON'T BE TOO LATE) doors open at 10pm

Fri., Oct. 30th: "MISCHIEF NIGHT" FREE BOOZ, SHOW AND PARTY at K & M Bar 225 N. 8th St., Brooklyn, NY doors open at 10pm FREE ADMISSION ALL NIGHT

Sat., Oct. 31st: DEE ULTIMATE HALLOWEEN KIDS AFFAIR at Club Nocturnal 1623 Flatbush Av bet. Ave. H and I Brooklyn, NY $15.00 for the kids, $10.00 for the adults party is from 4pm-10pm

Sat., Oct. 31st: Club Royale B's Halloween Party at 1634 Nostrand Av bet Tilden and Beverly Brooklyn, NY Music By: Killer Instinct doors open at 10pm Admission $10.00

Sat., Oct. 31st: SWAGGAWEEN COSTUME PARTY at Cocoa House 1263 C Edward L. Grant Hwy Bronx, NY party from 9pm-4am $20 adm w/ costume more without costume music by Showtime, Young Lion & Dj Spot

Sat., Oct. 31st: KIDS HALLOWEEN PARTY at Night Flight 578 Albany Ave bet Midwood St and Rutland Rd Brooklyn, NY "PARENTS BRING THE KIDS OUT" "ADULTS FREE WITH A PAYING CHILD" $10 adm party from 2pm-10pm

Dj Handspin recommended events
Finesse Affairs and Urban Written presents OPEN MIC NIGHT at VOO DOO LOUNGE 138 5th Ave. & St John's Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217 Thursday, Nov 19th MUSIC BY DJ FANTOM spinning only the best of the best "last sign up is at 8:30 pm open mic at 9:00pm"

THE LIGHTS, THE CAMERA AND THE ACTION SHOW this is a must see event on Dec 2nd at Club Pyramid 101 Avenue A bet 6th and 7th St NYC, NY doors open at 8pm show starts at 8:30pm the cameras will be rolling while the recording artist compete for tons of prizes from music videos to photoshoots" for more info contact Slims 3477532416

Thursday, October 22, 2009




Dj Handspin Dinero coming to u 1nce again with autha exciting entry of Rusty Jabbz Newz. Last time, in entry# 6 I spoke 2 u all on the grand opening of of the Brooklyn Guitar Center in the Atlantic Center mall. I gave yall my incites & reviews on "GCDJ EXPERIENCE" that went down on thurs, Oct. 15th. 2day, I'm here to deliver, Part Two of that "GCDJ EXPERIENCE" but this time I'm going 2 sit down & have a 1 on 1 convo with THE FATHER OF HIP HOP, THE INVENTOR OF THE PACK UP & GO HOME THEORY, I bring u none other than Dj Kool Herc.
(And If u don't know u betta ask sum body beee atchhhh!!!!!)

Dj Handspin: I just want to say it is an honor 2 b sittin’ here in front of da Legendary Dj Kool Herc. We all

know dat ur considered 2 b, THE FATHER OF HIP HOP. Whut I always found dat were interesting in those times was alotta you dj’s invented different theories. Every dj had their own theory invention including u & ur theory I always enjoyed ‘em I believe it was made 4 amusement. THE PACK UP & GO HOME THEORY! U were da inventor of dat. I want u 2 tell my Rusty Jabb A Holiks anything u recall. Do u have any memorable instances of, “THE PACK UP & GO HOME THEORY!”

Dj Kool Herc: 1 story cumz 2 mind. I wuz always known 4 playin’ at The Webster Ave P. A. L., if u have any readers dat are over 50 & from The Bronx dey wud kno about da Webster Ave P. A. L. We had a dj named, Dj Smokie & da Smoke A Trons (BIG UPS 2 DJ SMOKIE!) Dj Smokie wuz also known 4 playin’ at The Webster Ave P. A. L. & it just so happen 2 alwayz b on da same night I wud spin there. Da thing w/ Dj Smokie, he had a crappy dj system & a poor music taste. Everytime, Smokie wud play da crowd neva showed any type of luv. U got 2 keep in mind these days other djs had a right 2 shut down anutha dj who wuzn’t playin’ right. So, Dj Clark Kent, he was in the place along w/ a host of others. Dj Clark Kent grabs the mic & begins 2 say, “DJ SMOKIE TURN DOWN YOUR SYSTEM!” So, Smokie he’s on the wheels got his headphones on he didn’t hear a thing. So, Dj Clark Kent says it again, “DJ SMOKIE TURN DOWN YOUR SYSTEM!” Kent, said it numerous times u cud hear da sound of his voice echo thru out da gym. So, I got onto my system. I made sure all my levels wuz gud cuz as soon as I drop dat needle & started playing da party came back 2 life.

Dj Handspin: Word, where wuz Dj Smokie?

Dj Kool Herc: DJ Smokie wuz still on his set playin’ in the gymnasium no1 can hear his system over mine. He eventually packed up & went home but b4 he did. He made an announcement dat he’s goin’ 2 b throwin’ a party later on 2night, on Weekes Ave & 1-7-6, which is the block he lived on.

Dj Handspin: Whut wuz da big deal about u playin’ da record? Whut wuz da record dat u played dat caused Dj Smokie 2 go home?

Dj Kool Herc: The name of the record is called, “HUSTLER’S CONVENTION” by Eric Gale.

Dj Handspin: I’m not familiar with dat record nor the artist. What kinda record is it?

Dj Kool Herc: U wud have 2 hear da record 2 understand but the point wuzn’t about da record. Back in da dayz, in the Bronx. Djs from the Bronx used 2 do sumthin’ call, “Drowning Out”. Whenever a dj is drowned out, he or she, dats right female djs got drowned out 2. Once dat dj is drowned out dey must pack up & go home.

Dj Handspin: Whut wuz da reason for da drowning out of djs?

Dj Kool Herc: Djs got drowned out for various reasons it wuzn’t just about dj skillz. A dj can git drowned out 4 playin’ a wack music selection, 4 having a poor dj system. Things like dat. It wuz from dat 1 night at Webster Ave P. A. L. where I drowned out, Dj Smokie people declared me the inventor of, “THE PACK UP & GO HOME THEORY”. In fact, later on dat night on Weekes & 1-7-6 , Smokie got drowned out again but this time by sum1 we all know as, The Godfather Of Hip Hop Afrika Bambaataa….. I’m not goin’ 2 say no more.

Dj Handspin: LMAO!!!, WOW!!!, Dj Smokie must of really sucked to get drowned out by 2 djs in 1 day in 1973 at The Birth of Hip Hop. 2 djs who happen 2 b iconic & legendary. At least, the 2nd time when he got drowned out he didn’t have far to walk home. Imagine that, gettin’ drowned out on ur own block. Now all y’ all djs know about “THE PACK UP & GO HOME THEORY” so da next time I run into a busta ass dj imma challenge ‘em & make ‘em pack up & go home. There’s alotta djs out there I wud luv 2 make pack up & go home. I aint gonna mention no names but y’ all who I’ m talking about. I wud like to thank, The Father of Hip Hop, Dj Kool Herc 4 dat lovely story & 4 coming out here 2 Guitar Center & embracing us fans w/ his presence & turntable tenacity. I’m neva gonna 4get dis day, (Oct. 15th, 2009) the day I met & interviewed, Dj Kool Herc.

Friday, October 16, 2009



Dj Handspin is in the house although after last night I don't know if I should call myself a DJ anymore. Last night, (Thurs., Oct. 15th 2009) I was invited to the Grand Opening of the Brooklyn Guitar Center down at the Atlantic Center Mall. It was a new dj experience, well at least thats what they put on the flyer but they were not jivin' it really was a "NEW DJ EXPERIENCE!" An experience that will make your DICK HARD, as you see from my phrase I love dee jaying more than PUSSY!

I arrived at the spot and the first person I see is one of my coolest homies, Concept up in there. I didn't expect to see him up in there. There weren't alotta people in there that I knew but the place was packed wall to wall a party goin' down in the mall. Dj Chotchie was on the wheels as the opening dj (ma, pardon self if I missed spelled your name). One thing to expect when you are invited to a DJ Event featuring class acts like Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grand Mixer DXT, The Original Jazzy Jay and so forth. Events like this your gonna go back to the future to 1973. I felt like the show of 'Life On Mars'. Y' all remember "Life On Mars", that police show that came out last year with the police who was shot and ended up in a coma and woke up in 1973. Well, lastnight was 1973, even though I was born 2 years later but it felt like THE BEGINNING OF HIP HOP!!! Believe what I say when I tell you, me being a hip hop enthusiast it was a great moment for me. I love moments like this.

There were alotta surprises and guests I didn't expect but it made the night even more interesting. Before, I begin this blog I just wanna start off by saying, "Dam, how did djs make their names?" Djs from that era had the most longest names sometimes 3 or 4 words to make a name and to top it all off they had aliases and titles of themselves. To some people you may take it as ego trippin' or just over exaggerating their selves and their talent. Which brings me to the host of the evening, The GrandMixer DXT. I was like come on how many Grands were djing in that era we got GrandMaster Flash, GrandWizzard Theodore but if that wasn't enuff you had pioneer djs there like The Imperial Jaycee, The Original Jazzy Jay is all that really necessary to add on these adjectives. I know and understand they are the pioneers of this thing we call "HIP HOP!" I just think it was a little too much. Maybe I should add an adjective to my name, how about "THE MUSIC SELEKTAH, DJ HANDSPIN DINERO!" Can you imagine seeing all that printed on a party flyer.

Grandmixer DXT was the host for the night to introduce and give stories of each dj that were scheduled to perform and boy were there some stories. I got some stories I want to share with y' all. I may not get it all in this blog. I may have to hit y' all with an continuation we will see. After, Dj Chotchie finished her opening set, THE FATHER OF HIP HOP/THE CREATOR OF THE PACK UP & GO HOME THEORY, DJ KOOL HERC. It was a pleasure seeing Kool Herc on the wheels I was confused at first I thought Kool Herc was gonna do a dj scratching set but he didn't he played more music. The music, Kool Herc played was good I filmed his whole set. This was probably my first seeing Dj Kool Herc on the wheels, he played alotta different types of music mainly obscure and for required viewers with a required taste in music. Next up to the decks was Dj Chuck Chillout another Hip Hop DJ Icon. I don't think Dj Chuck Chillout was scheduled to appear I think he came on the strength because when asked to do a dj set Chuck looked like he didn't understand the computer dj system. He had to use Dj Chotchie's dj system because he didn't have his own dj set up. Dj Chotchie was no were around to help assist Mr Chuck Chillout but eventually she was found and came to Chuck's assistance. Once all of that was out the way Dj Chuck Chillout began to spin RUFF RHYMEZ while his main man, STIK-E from STIK-E and The HOODZ took the microphone and played the m. c. and got the crowd hype. Chuck banged out those golden era raps joints like Smoothe The Hustla "Broken Language" and Blahzay Blahzay "Danger", I remember those 2 joints str8 BROOKLYN in the early 90s there were other flavas but those 2 touched me at the moment of the evening. After, Dj Chuck Chillout's set was finished the show began.

1. Dj GrandWizard Theodore aka The Jimi Hendrix Of The Turntable aka The Inventor Of The Scratch

2. The Imperial Jay Cee, The Inventor Of The STOP WATCH THEORY. The Stop Watch Theory was invented by Jay Cee as some sort of a 1 upsmanship battle toward GrandMaster Flash. We all know GrandMaster Flash was the 1st and only dj to use Chic's "Goodtimes" 12" and event, The Clock Theory. The Clock Theory was when you juggle the record back n forth and forth n back. GrandMaster Flash was the 1st to do that so The Imperial Jay Cee decided to takes that same record by Chic and invent his own theory naming it, The Stop Watch. Which is pretty much the same as The Clock Theory but faster. Hence 1 upping GrandMaster Flash and his theory.

3. The Original Jazzy Jay

4. This next dj was a big surprise to me because this dj is from my generation and I grew up on him and alwayz wanted to be like him but cudn't quite get it. Dj Scratch was introduced to the stage to do his set and no disrespect to the other legendary djs but I think Dj Scratch killed it. (Later I got a funny story but true story about Dj Scratch I'll share that with you next blog)

5. GrandMixer DXT (the host for the night) was going to take the set but declined. Due to every other dj that played prior pretty much played and cutted up the same records he was going to play so he went onto introduce the DJ BATTLE-THE GRAND FINALE OF THE NIGHT.

Dj Battle was a theme of Old School vs New School. The participants involved were Dj Stevie D, The Creator of Beat Juggling, Dj Precision, Dj Rob Swift and Dj CutMaster DC. I didn't catch much of the battle because time wuz among me. I been posted up in a hot ass Guitar Center for 4 hours with no food, tired, sweaty, faint, aching back and feet. I do not need to share all that info with you guys but I'm going to email the manager of Guitar Center and let him know what I went through for four hours and they never announced the raffle. They probably did announce but I had to bounce I got plantation in the morning. I probably didn't win anyway but thats besides the point. There were alot of interuptions and constant stalling. Nonetheless I had a lovely time. Dj Rob Swift did a wonderful set that knocked me and the crowd off of our feet. He dedicated that to Roc Raida and Mr Magic. It was definitely a DJ NIGHT!

I want to thank you for reading this Rusty Jabbz Newsletter October 2009 Entry# 06 this is only PART ONE. PART TWO COMING SOON!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Hey its Dj Handspin Dinero in the house and I'm here to pay homage to one of the most illest hip hop record label still standing today, if you aint guess by now whut I'm talking about its DEF JAM!!! Today's the big day, the day I been looking forward too ever since Vh1 announced that they will be paying homage to Def Jam records. I know everyone is watching Vh1's Hip Hop Honors right now. And if your not watching it then your nuthin' but a busta. I gotta say and I admit, I only been watching Vh1s Hip Hop Honors for only 2 years. 2008 was my first time watching it and I enjoyed it ever since it totally blew my mind. So you can manage my surprise when I heard they were coming on tonight and to top it off do a salute to Def Jam.

Vh1s Hip Hop Honors is way better than BET HIP FLOP AWARDS!. I could love and appreciate Vh1s Hip Hop Honors because it respects its conglomerates.

Tonight, Vh1s Hip Hop Honors will be respecting the Def Jam conglomerates. Def Jam, the first successful rap/hip hop label that is still standing today. Def Jam, a record label originally founded, owned & operated by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin and the label still lives as Hip Hop lives. Over the years, Def Jam went through many owners and operators such as Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles to Shakir Stewart (Rest In Peace), Jermaine Dupri, Jay Z and L. A.Reid. L. A. Reid, is the current C. E. O. of Def Jam records even though I do not like L. A. Reid's operating skillz toward Def Jam records, he still is amongst the past executives that are still keeping its legacy alive.

L. A. Reid may not run Def Jam forever, who knows pretty soon there maybe another muti-millionaire mogul waiting to take Def Jam over and continue its legacy. Who ever it is may Def Jam records remain dormant as the powerhouse label it is this rap game.

Today, I was on my own little Def Jam tribute. I started out the day bangin' the Def Jam Greatest Hits cd then switched over to Jay Z, first Def Jam release, " In My Lifetime Vol 1" and from there I started pumpin' LL Cool J "Mr Smith" and later ending my day with Onyx "Shut Em Down", which was probably the best album Onyx ever released. I wish my Def Jam tribute I cudda banged more today but I had alotta obstacles in my way.

Right now, Vh1s Hip Hop Honors is on for the 2nd time and I'm unable to watch it but its okay though cuz I'm DVRing it and imma save it 4 da weekend just me and my lil' lady. I just wanted to write this brief blog showing my love for Def Jam. Well, showing my love for early Def Jam. All my real niggaz and niggettes in the streetz know which era was the real Def Jam. You know the T-La Rocks, the Nice and Smooths, the Slick Ricks, the Beastie Boyz's, the LLs, the PEs, the Onyx's, the 3rd Basses, the Redmans, The Method Mans, the Def Squads, the Jay Zs you know whut I'm sayin' now that wuz a DEF JAM ERA! All this bullshit Def Jam puttin' out now I don't know what the fuck it is. But whatever it is I wish it would stop.

I could sit here and salute Def Jam and bomb on Def Jam all night but before I do that. In fact I'm not going to do that imma let Def Jam have their night. I just wanna know are there any real hip hop niggaz out there. If so, I got some hip hop trivia questions for ya.


01. Name the first artist and release on Def Jam records?
02. Who was the first artist on Def Jam to go platinum?
03. Where was Def Jam originally built and operated from?
04. Who were the first distributors of Def Jam records?

Thats all imma give yall for now if yall a real hip hop nigga like me yall should know these answers. Submit all your answers to The winners get a prize. Male winners get a bag of boom and the female winners get to date a real nigga with a PHD!!!

I know, I gotta lotta love for Def Jam and I'm very happy about the Vh1s Hip Hop Honors paying homage and respect to them but I still think DEF JAM LOST THEIR SOOOOUUUULLLLSSSS!!!! boooyaaaa




Thursday, October 8, 2009


Dj Handspin Dinero in the house and I'm here to send my love and grats out 2 Jackie and Cormega for inviting to his listening session at THE WORLD FAMOUS D & D STUDIOS a place where stars are born just like QUEENSBRIDGE, home to this artist. I had a splendid time, me and homie D$ wuz up there along with several other industry heads and hip hop enthusiasts. I wanna give a phat shout out to DJ Premier, Stakik Selectah and Blaq Poet for cummin' thru. Especially Blaq Poet, thanx 4 gittin me tipsy off dat AUSTRALIAN WINE. I don't even drink wine but dats all the liks they had, you know beggers can't be choosers. Its all good. We all sat down in the studio to listen, review and comment about Cormega's forthcoming album "BORN AND RAISED" in stores October 20th. Lets see whut negative things I had to say about the album.

Before I go any further with the review I think I should explain THE RUSTY JABBZ ENT RATING SYSTEM......
I just wanna let everyone know, I gotta let people know that I rate albums on a DRUG SCALE. The more stronger the narcotics, the better the album.

Any artist or group that receive HEROIN as a rating is the top album on the scale.
Cormega – Born and Raised Listening Session At D & D Studios Monday, October 5, 2009:

Track# 1 The Intro (The 3rd Coming)

Track# 2 “Girl” a hard hittin’ thunderous bassline of a beat excellently composed by LES. The song revolves around the concept of crack-cocaine but rhyming as if one is referring to a lady. Produced by: LES

Track# 3 “Love Your Family” f/ Havoc Produced by Havoc: A smooth mellow type track made for those summer days and nights when your loungin’ with your family and friends. This song makes a good barbeque record. Or, even betta the song gives you that 64 tippin’ candy paint drippin’ cruising da down street kinda feel. The song is a positive song coming str8 from the mind’s Mega & Havoc. You definitely gonna wanna relax to this.

Track# 4 “Get It In” f/ Lil’ Fame Produced by Easy Mo Bee, this is a str8 up record for the streets aint no real pizzazz. Just that record to wild out too. The hook is tellin’ you to, “Get it in so Get it in” NIGGGAAA!!!

Track#5 “The Other Side” Produced by Lil’ Fame featuring live saxophone instrumentation. This is a different change for Cormega, it shows expansion in his artistic talent. According to Cormega he had gotten someone from the New York City subways to perform on this record. It turned out to be a Subway Performer who did an excellent job with the saxophone. This record may not be for the clubs or the streets but you can lounge in the crib with a shawty on your arm and a blunt in ur hand. Or just lounge and think, this is good thinking, relaxation kinda music. This track will blow ur mind. (LITERALLY!!)

Track#6 “Live and Learn” Produced by Pete Rock. This record started off kinda iffy at the beginning I wasn’t feelin’ the beginning of the track but once dat bass dropped I was like WHOA!!! This that real Pete Rock artifact dat we all love. This might be my favorite joint off the album and I’m not saying that cause its produced by Pete Rock. I’m saying it because IT’S HOT!

Track#7 “Make It Clear” Produced by Dj Premier According to Cormega he said he recorded this live here in D&D Studios so we got a FRESH record with a D&D STAMP OF APPROVAL! As we sit here in D&D Studios and view the record.

Track#8 “Journey” Produced by Large Professor Mega just hittin’ us headz with pure cut COKE-COCAINE RAP! This is a smooth track showing Cormega going back in time to his yester-years. Reminiscing of his days on the streets of Queens.

Track# 9 “Define Yourself” f/ Tragedy Khadafi & Havoc Produced by (Cormega neva announced the producer of the track) This song may not be the best song on the album but this song means sumthin’ to Cormega and every emcee cummin’ outta Queensbridge. According to Cormega, there will be a remix to this song featuring Nature.

Track# 10 “What Did I Do” Produced by Nottz I like the piano rub or piano keys swipe at the very beginning of the record then followed by a cymbal and a drum riff. That was a cool way to set off the track. This song is dedicated to all the haters. I might love this song not only for the production but for the concept as well. This song is REAL TALK cuz we all go thru hate everyday, allday. We experience hate from people we know and people we don’t know. We experience hate from people for no reason. So to all the haters out there this song is DEFINITELY FOR YOU! And to all my peeps that experience hate from other people next time someone is mad at you or hate you. You just simply ask, “WHAT DID I DO!!”

Track# 11 “Dirty Game” Produced by Dj Premier, this is a classic I love this track. This was previously released on the Cormega Presents Lake “My Brother’s Keeper” album. “A DAMN SHAME THE STREETS IZ A DIRTY GAME MY HEART STILL ROME IN THE STREETS!” Da bassline is sick, da beat is sick, da lyrics are sick DA WHOLE DAMN SONG IS SICKWIDDIT!!!

Track# 12 “One Purpose” This is just a str8 freestyle no music strictly acapella as Cormega spits a str8 16.

Track# 13 “Rapture” Produced by Ayatollah. That freestyle led us to this song produced by Ayatollah this song and maybe the only song on the album. I don’t really care what Cormega is spitting. I just wanna hear Ayatollah’s production, his tracks give you that I wanna git high or I just wanna git layed whip appeal to it. I would of prefer if Mega just left this track a str8 instrumental. (No Disrespect ‘Mega)

Track# 14 “Mega Fresh X” Produced by Buckwild Introduced by Red Alert Featuring PMD, Grand Puba, KRS 1 and Big Daddy Kane This is sum Cormega paying homage to the old school and thanking them for paving the way cuz without the old school none of us would be here. This sounds like a str8 up Buckwild track. This track was saved last for a reason. You always save the best for last and close the show out with a GRAND FINALE! THIS IS THAT NEW MILLENIUM SYMPHONY!!!!

That was pretty much it a solid 14 TRACK ALBUM that I'm looking forward too when it is released. However, these songs may not be for all ears. Cormega showed growth on this album. This is GROWN MAN RAP. When you hear this album it shows alot more lyricism than his past projects of Cormega but I think what really makes this album stand on top is the production. Beats from A-LIST PRODUCERS like Premo, Extra P, Hav, The Chocolate Boy Wonda, LES and my personal fav' Ayatollah. This album will be a must have, a must spin in the cars, the clubs, the radio and the mp3s.