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Hey its the last entry of our monthly Rusty Jabbz Online Mag. This entry I wanna go hard, HARD like my NUTTS when I go to one of Twinn's BBW parties. (Phat shout to Luscious, Lovely and Gi Gi) Anyway our first order of business is to crush XXL for bogus and outlandish lies and disrespect of New York emcees. I'm going to call this piece........



As I look through the recent May issue of XXL 2009 with Rick Ross on the cover. I see this going a controversial issue. I'm not here to talk about Officer Ricky verses 50 Cent. This issue is controversial to me because you angered, Dj Handspin the ceo and editor in chief of Rusty Jabbz.
First thing, I wanna start off by saying, why is the topic of New York emcees bringing the crown back home is still an open case. I been hearing the babble and the criticism from haters on this subject matter for a few years now. Everyone want New York to come back. Come back to what. Newsflash, New York is here, we never left.
I wanna know, What the fuck do you want New York to go back to? You want New York to go back to the future to the year 1973, location 1520 Sedgwick Ave. Bronx, NY. (The birth of Hip Hop) Or maybe you want New York to go back to 1982 the birth of Run DMC, or maybe you want New York to go back to the '90's the birth of the Golden Era. Or betta yet do you want New York hip hop to go back to where you had niggaz on the corner arguing all day about who's their favorite emcee, "Biggie, Jay Z or Nas".
How many times are we going to bring up a topic that is controversial amongst various hip hop groups in the city. Hip Hop has transcended over the last 35 years thanks to New York. If it wasn't for Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Wizard Theodore and Grand Master Flash for birthing this genre and influencing people all throughout the ghettos of America to spread their word and creativity that later spread across the world none of us would be here. None of us would have became emcees, djs, dancers, graff writers, a&r's, producer's, ghostwriters and so forth. None of us would have received Grammies, Source, BET, Vibe awards if it wasn't for New York. New York creating Hip Hop gave ghetto youth hope, self confidence, arts and creativity and now you all wanna stomp on us all because you feel we lost our touch. All of you feel New York isn't poppin' anymore we don't have to pop anymore. New York will always be recognized as the Mecca of Hip Hop. We will always be the originators of this music. So XXL to bring up this article in their recent issue and to have people bad mouth and criticize what we successfully created is a stab in the back as well as a kick in the nutts. (Basically, what I'm saying it hurts)

I would like to know what do these so called new young a&r's who were probably born no more than 21 years ago know what real hip hop is or know, what New York hip hop fans like to listen too. You say we're too hardcore,we're too street and how no one wants to here that street style of hip hop anymore. How would you know what the streets of New York want to here. A good majority of you so called execs and a&r's promote and market todays hip hop to the younger teeny bopping generation. Making hip hop soft and more rap and bullshit. When I was growing up as teen in the late 80's to early 90's we didn't have any hip POP artists. Every hip hop artist that came out rhymed about what was going in the streets as well as the world. Keep in mind, I'm in the seven grade listening to Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers, King Sun, Krs 1, Salt n Pepa. I was listening to records that a seventh grader shouldn't listening too. You guys are probably thinking, "Dam that music was too harsh for a child to listen too". There were no marketing and promotions in the 80s and 90s everything was str8 street. It's you Ivy League-Morehouse type NEGROES gettin' jobs at these label coming into the game and wanting to change the rules of what we created. So is that what you mean when you say you wanna bring New York Rap back. Y' all don't wanna bring New York rap back y' all wanna change New York Rap. Various artists today coming up out of New York do not want to get signed anymore. No artist want to be told what to do and say on album. Sure being a major artist you get major success but a weak heart comes along with it. As an independent emcee you get betta access and say on your own career. I just wanna address this article to XXL and all you label execs like Jimmy Iovine, LA Reid and Jeff Sledge. It sounds like you wanna create another genre other than hip hop. You can do what you wanna do but please do not tamper with THIS THING OF OURS WE CREATED!
Muh fuckaz running around New York saying New York has no leader. We have no savior. Labels looking to emcees like Joell Ortiz, Papoose, Uncle Murda and Tru Life as saviors of New York. Who said that we're looking for savior of New York these emcees was coming up out of NYC to rep their hood and make some money off their talent. No one was going to anoint them as Kings of New York. Who said New York needs a King we got talent coming out of every single street corner of every single borough. No one emcee should be an island. I blame PUFF DADDY and BIGGIE for that whole King of New York status, ever since BIG put that out there so many emcees wanna take his throne. Everything that comes out of my state is all good for my listening pleasure.


It's not NEW YORK HIP HOP thats on the downfall its all you record labels who are on the downfall and now you come back seeking and begging for NEW YORK to help rebuild all you almost bankrupt labels. You can't lock down real talent. REAL REKONIZE REAL! TRILL REKONIZE TRILL!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Rusty Jabbz is still in the building waging WAR on XX smel L.
Your magazine smell cuz yall full of shit. Perhaps its the articles printed in the current issue (May 2009) Or maybe your shit cuz I wiped my ass with the pages.

Dj Handspin still aiming darts at XXL for trying to crush New York. All industry faggots say that New York is so routine. Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

You say, we do not put out the party records like we used too (The Renaissance Bad Boy Era)
There have been plenty of noteworthy emcees to quote on quote claim that NEW YORK KING OF RAP y' all so desperately want us to capture. I don't know who works at these labels. I don't know what your looking for at these labels. But 1 thing I do know and you need to know is to learn your artists before you sign them to a record deal. Come let's before real ATLANTIC, Saigon and Pretty Toney doing a collabo together, "YEAH RIGHT!" Thats like Tim Dog and Immature doing a collabo together. You fake executives don't really know what the artists on your label and what their particular style hip hop is and you wonder why your projects FLOP! We can't all be party emcees and rapping about nonsense, especially in these economical times. I tell you though since you New York to come, how about the '80s CRACK ERA with gunz, gangz and robberies. Nuthin' says welcome New York like 1980 Reagan administration street tales. Is that what you want, well thats whats coming.
Now let me ask you will that be NEW YORK enuff for yah. I don't wanna go on anymore on this topic, I just wanna end it with these 2 quotes one by a friend of mine, Jalil and one taken from Donna Cappa Goines aka Cappadonna.

"Something people don't know about New York is that it aint dead like people think. We never left. We will never leave. We are built for this. The industry just took the cameras off of us."

"We write lyrics that the streets like. We don't come with that bullshit that y' all thinking is right." Hook taken from "Pistachio" By Cappadonna, King Just & Lugar. Off the SLANG PROSTITUTION LP CHAMBER MUSIK RECORDS. WWW.CHAMBERMUSIK.COM



This is Dj Handspin Dinero coming to you on this Christopher Columbus Day. I got a day off at the plantation. Anyday off from the plantation is a good day to me. I get to kick back and reach out to my readers and followers. I wanted to come out here and let everyone knows what poppin' in the wonderful world of HIP HOP! Even though hip hop wasn't so wonderful for one artist last week. As we all know Rapper Shyne wuz scheduled to be released from prison last tuesday, well he wuz partially released his 9 year bid is up. However, he is being held by the feds for possible deportation. Apparently Shyne is not a U. S. Citizen and you know what happens to a person that is non-U. S. Citizen that commits a crime. Usually after their bid is done they're usually deported back to their country. More severe punishment for ex-cons that are non-U. S. Citizens.

More news in hip hop tomorrow night (tuesday, Oct 13, 2009) is the Def Jam Hip Hop Honors. I been a loyal fan of Def Jam up until when L A Reid took over. I truly believe that Def Jam has lost their souls. Lets hope that tomorrow night, VH1 will honor the real Def Jam from LL to Jay Z. I hope Vh1 will also showcase Def Jam West, for the past decade alotta people have forgotten about the realness of Def Jam West. Y' all remember Warren G, Richie Rich, Jayo Felony what ever happened to them. Thats when Def Jam was about sumthin.

Enuff with the hip hop talk I wanna change gears to TOTAL NON-STOP ACTION WRESTLING, one of my favorite looking TNA Knockouts despite the fact that she's a heel on the show. She's still a dimepiece so lets check out MS TRACIE BROOKS......


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Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Blog

Dj Handspin Dinero, editor in chief

This entry for the month of March 2009. We are going to look into this week new release of Capone N Noreaga. The dynamic duo from the desert is back with anutha alliance to bring you

Before we go any further I always gotta explain the rules to our rating system. The rate of each album is judged on the basis of NARCOTICS. The more dangerous the drug the better the album is. Do you feel me?


Note: Things said about any album I review is my opinion and is not to be taken personal. I may say alot of harsh things and add insult to injury on artists and their albums. Like the old sayin' goes if you can't stand the heat "STAY THE FUCK OFF THE MICROPHONE BEEATCHHHHH!!!!

3.25 JABBZ

Production Credits: The Alchemist, Dj Premier, Ron Browz, SPK and The Inkredibles

Let's talk about the new CNN album. This is an album we all been waiting for especially Queens niggaz. Queens niggaz love CNN the same they love Mobb Deep. The cd starts off with the declaration track, "United We Stand" lettin everyone know that CNN is here and here to stay. Track 2, the Ron Browz signature sound of "Pop Champagne" and "Arab Money". Browz delivering the current single and video "Rotate f/ Busta Rhymes and Ron Browz". The song is ahight if you like that Pop Champagne soungind appeal. Me, personally I'm sick of it. The cd starts off on a good note then gets kinda topsy turvy like a see-saw. The Dj Premier produced "Grand Royal" brings that NYC flava back what we've been missing. Hearing CNN on a Premo track reminded me of the 90s it was as if I'm listening to Group Home spittin' over a Premo track. CNN's highlight bangaz to bump on heavy rotation in ur ipod or ur whips are, "Grand Royal". The comedic "The Argument" is anutha comedic track where 'Pone n 'Nore exchange harmful words towards 1 anutha of the rumours heard in the media. Other dope songs are, "Mirror" , "Wobble f/ Mobb Deep", and the 2008 underground hit, "My Hood f/ The Clipse, The Dogg Pound and Maino". CNN travelling cross the U.S.A. with Maino from The Desert and Baghdad to V.A. and to L.A. To rep their hood on their turf. Its kinda like a hip hop turf war track. The grand finale of the album, "Addicted". This song touched me cuz its speaking str8 from the heart. I got alotta addictions myself. Its all about addictions not just addictions to drugs addictions to whatever. We all are addicted to alot of things. Things like pussy, dick, clothes, sneakers, stillettos, pocket books, food and the #1 addiction money. The CNN album is not really a must have. I doubt anyone will rush to the store to cop it right away but when do I guarantee you'll remain on CHANNEL 10!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Dj Handspin Dinero back in the house. I wanna thank everyone who been supporting and reading my blogs. I'm glad everyone been enjoying each issue and to those who hate on my issues and my blogs then "MIDDLE FINGER YOU".

Remember feel free to reply to my blog with your comments, criticisms, suggestions or if you have any products or events that needs marketing and promotions via my blog. You can respond to this blog or email me at djhandspindinero@gmail.com.
As we get the March issue on and cracking. We'll be reviewing a series of independent emcees I'm glad my blog is gettin' felt by sum 1 and I'm receiving cds to be reviewed and rated. I got alotta uprising emcees on the agenda for today.
First off, we got Don Julio, Dutch 40, Element 1, Jonathon Thomas, Krill Krak, MC Too Tall, Nemesis and Duchess, No 1, and The Day Laborers. This too much to review in one issue but we have the whole month of March and if I don't get you in this month issue then I'll roll it over to next month issue.
Before we start I always have to explain how RUSTY JABBZ works. Rusty Jabbz is a hip hop blog magazine designed to get the word out on whats real in the streets. Everyone is rated from 1 to 5 JABBZ. 5 JABBZ is the highest.
However, I'm going to try sumthin different. I wanna interact with my readers more. I'm going to start sumthin new where my readers can respond back to me and either agree with my reviews on certain albums or veto my reviews on the certain albums and we'll have one big hip hop debate. SOUNDS COOL I KNOW IT DO!

The segment is going to be called, "WHO'S ON YOUR STREET CORNER?"

Don Julio are new LATINS SOON TO BE GOING PLATINUM. Hailing from the Home of Hip Hop (THE BRONX) A three man tag team bringing dat real New York Hip Hop Shit back to the essence. Don Julio on the frontline of hip hop to put the Boricuas back in the game. This group can be compared with any latino rap act of the past but the best comparrison I would say, is The Beat Nuts meets M. O. P. You hear that real New York shit. The low down, gritty and grimey tales of these triflin' NYC streets da shit you don't hear anymore. On songs like, "Bronx Bullies", "Stop Greeding", "I Got That", "Hustle Everyday", "You", "Tryin' to be a man", "Truth Hurts" and they're plenty of other joints you will like. To get in contact with Don Julio to sample their music and other info check them out on myspace. www.myspace.com/donjuliobxny.

This cd I came across was a surprise to me. I always accept or try to support real hip hop. I got this artist, I want to talk about named, Element 1. The name of the cd that was given to me is titled, "El-luminati" Its an independent cd but thats no matter sum times the realness are just on your street corner. Before, I go any further I just want to say, I didn't know anything about Albuquerque, New Mexico until I seen the USA network premiere of In Plain Sight. Now I see on a street corner somewhere in Albuquerque aka THE SAND BOX. There are emcees and this particular I guess mid western or central emcee I don't fuckin know I failed geography. El-1 comes thru actually reppin the real to real or guess for ur side of town the trill to trill either its hot. El's cd can be viewed on his myspace page, www.myspace.com/elementone. You will enjoy the flava that enjoy. I enjoyed the whole cd but their are my favs like, "She's gone", "I'm on my way", "Abq 2 Chi", "Ayy Yo", "Blunts n Mic", "Yall need 2 stop" and "Burn da stage up". Its nice 2 c hip hop keeps spreading from NYC to ABQ. Like I mentioned this section is called, "Who's on your street corner?" From city to city, state to state there is always a dope emcee on the street corner waiting for their moment of fame. This review goes out to you, El and to any nigga in ya cru dat want spotlight. Just holla at Dj Handspin Dinero. Until then 505 keep kicking it live.

Nemesis and Duchess Presents Public Execution Mixtape. I picked this cd up from Fat Beats to check it out. I usually try and stay up on the new and soon to come. It was nice to see what is poppin' on my street corners. The street corners of FLATBUSH, yesss SIRRRR! I always support real hip hop but I also support my stomping grounds of THE BUSH from the UTFO to Talib Kweli. Before I go in with the review I just wanna ask my readers first, what is a Nemesis and Duchess. A NEMESIS is an enemy and/or rival and a DUCHESS is a boss bitch and/or queen bitch. Which brings us to the FLATBUSH version of Bonnie and Clyde, a mixed tag team out for the gold and a mark in hip hop. Can that goal be accomplished you can check their resume at www.myspace.com/nemesisandduchess and/or www.nemandduchess.blogspot.com and view their audio editorial of real lyrics. Although I haven't viewed their sites yet but I heard this new "Public Execution" mix cd. The cd is put together traditional style where u have the emcees spittin their hot 16s over todays hip hop artists beats. There isn't alotta original material from Nem and Duch except for the final track, "Gassed You" which is storytelling of lies portrayed by Nem and Duch that the naive people tend to believe and in the end they end up gettin' GASSEDDD!!! that was a cool record kinda a update version to 3rd Bass's Gas Face. I like the introduction to the cd with MC Doohickey sketch (a message for you fake emcees). There were some key highlights that hit a home run with me like "Super Lyrical 08" and the Flatbush traditional, "Bam Bam" with the Shelly Thunder sample in the background. Like I mentioned earlier, the cd is dope despite the lack of the groups own original music. The cd still gets props over here and besides every now and then you wanna spit on anutha nigga's track 2 let dem know u can sound betta their shit. Nem and Duch, I like whut I heard maybe next time I come across your cd you'll be signed and on a shelf in Best Buy or Target.

I wanna say a phat shout to the following artists who've I reviewed today, Don Julio, Element 1 and Nems and Duch. At this point of the review I rate the lps.

Don Julio "Da Street Album" 3.5 JABBZ
Element One "El-luminati" 3.5 JABBZ
Nemesis and Duchess "Public Execution Mixtape" 3.5 JABBZ

I have a triple header. Hopefully next time I review an album from any of you guys the rate will increase, good luck.
Well this wraps up this edition of Rusty Jabbz I wanna thank you for taking time out to read this and always read my magazine blogs that shows luv and respect in the name of hip hop. Dj Handspin signing off stay tuned!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Dj Handspin back in the house for our March issue of Rusty Jabbz. Today we going to talk about the new releases of B-Real "Smoke n Mirrors" and Joe Budden "Padded Room". Let's start it off with the 2009 starters.


It's a been along time since we've heard a Cypress Hill album. The Cypress Hill/Soul Assassin family endured success with Muggs, Sen Dog, Psycho Realm and The Alchemist doing individual work. It was a surprise to find out that B-Real was releasing a solo album. This is B-Real's first solo album ever. Cypress Hill been on the scene for 18 years and we never heard a B-Real solo album. B-Real returns as if its his Cypress Hill debut. You all remember back in 1990/91, when Cypress Hills "How could I
just kill a man?" single burst on the streets of New York. Heads out here thinking Cypress Hill were from East New York reppin' to what we thought was their pjs. The shock to find out that they were west coast rhyme slingers. Nineteen years later, B-Real back on the scene with one of hip hop's survivin' the times independent hip hop label, "Duck Down records". B-Real pulled it off for his first go round but at the same time he's a veteran there really were no doubts. The cd is str8 up west coast gee shit. This lp has so many bangaz. B-Real doesn't come alone as he introduces new comer, Young De who rapped along side with B-Real on dam near every track. B-Real also has a tight cast of premiere producers and emcees on deck as well. Producers like Soopafly, Alchemist, Sick Jacken, J. Turner to name a few. I'm not going to sit here and tell you whut to bang cuz to me its all good. If Rusty Jabbz love it then I know you all will love it too.

4.25 JABBZ

What happened to Joe Budden? After all his trials and tribualation we found out that Joe Budden isn't your average JOE. He's not Joe Thomas. He's not Fat Joe. He's Joe Budden. Mr Pump Pump it up man. Who had an promising career with Def Jam records in the early 2000s. Joe Buddens 2003 debut of "Jersey City" but due to contract disputes with On Top Management and Def Jam, hatred, laziness and lack of promotions Joe Budden didn't make the cut. Well according to Def Jam he didn't. To me it was a sabotage. Joe Budden had the radio rocking and clubs jumping. He was even elected 2002 #1 draft pick. Then he disappeared but just like that he reappears like a bat outta hell. After staying on the low and working the underground scene by releasing a series of mixtapes from "Halfway House" to "Mood Muzic Volume 1, 2 and 3". Those mix cds gave you a prequel of what to expect from Joe Buddens in the future. Crafting a new style and format. After a six year hiatus, Joe Budden releases his 2nd album titled, "Padded Room" . A new look into the minds of Joe Budden not as club friendly as his last go round but still good and mystique. The songs on the album give you an eerie feelin'. The songs are more deeper showing heart and emotion songs like "If I gotta go", "Blood on the wall" "In my sleep" "Exxxes" "Happy holidays" and "Pray for me". The production on the album is not as great as his first offspring using known unknown producers. This album makes you block out the subpar production and focus strictly on his lyrical testaments. Emcees rarely do an album these days where the lyrics are the key point of the album. Joe Budden will make an excellent horror script writer someday. If he chooses an change of profession. There you have it JUMP OFF JOE BUDDEN still earned the right to be labelled as East Coast's #1 draft pick. Even though he's independent now. The label might have changed but the heart is still there. So git FOCUSED maaaan and cop JOE BUDDENS ALBUM IF YOU OVERSTAND, WOOOEEE!!! WHETHER BOOTLEGGED OR OFFICIAL maaaan, just feel the.......

Dj Handspin got more treats for you coming for the rest of this month just stay tuned and I'll keep feeding you and feeding you. Until next time , PEACE!