Tuesday, November 11, 2008


DJ HANDSPIN: Welcome everyone to the Rusty Jabbz Newsletter & Blog site. I'am your host, writer, editor in chief and ceo, Dj Handspin. I wanna give a phat shout out to my Rusty Jabbz originals and founders along with myself. Phat shout out to AMOR, DJ QZR, & DJ UNDERSTANDING who help jump start this independent hip hop revolution. Rusty Jabbz was created in 2001 as an alternative to the bias hip hop magazines that do not give the proper and correct recognition of true emceeing and microphone skillz. We at Rusty Jabbz wanted to give all the real emceez that spent their time and hard earned money creating top quality materials to get the proper respect they deserved.
Now we're back and we're online and I wanna thank my true homie, D-Biggz for putting me on to this site to expand my fanbase and spread hip hop love and unity via internet.
With all that being said, let me bring on board my newest writer that goes by the name of JW Writer. JW Writer the keyboard is yours.

JW WRITER: Thank you, DJ Handspin. I like that, you know, "THE KEYBOARD IS YOURS" thing. Dude you acting like we on TV, calm down I know your psyched but its only the internet. It's not like we're celebrities, the most we are is ILEBRITIES! Shit, nowadays to become famous the fastest way would be the internet. THE INTERNET IN 2008 DECLARED AS THE NEW IDIOT BOX!!! Who would of ever thought that the computer and the internet would become cool & fun. Shit, in my day. I hated computers. All I ever did was homework on a cheesy commodore computer. There was no internet in the mid' '80s. All we did on our computer was work & played crappy games like PAC MAN, DONKEY KONG & CENTIPEDE. I feel old just saying this, I talk with kids today they look at me like I'm a fossil and shit. This fucking world keep changing every minute. I just bought me a laptop and cats in my neighborhood looking at me like, I'm Fred Flintstone. Apparently, laptops are obsolete. It seems they created the miniature laptops. Y' all might know them as Iphone, G1 & Blackberry. Now they got a laptop that can fit in your pocket. They should call them, "POCKET TOPS". Like I said the internet is the new idiot box. Remember back in the days when we all used to either be at school or at work and soon as your day was over you couldn't wait to run home and plow yourself on the couch and watch tv with a ice cold beer for the rest of the night till you dosed off. Now, you can bring your tv with you. These blackberries, g1s and iphones their not cellular phones their 24/7 on hand home entertainment systems. You can listen to music, watch videos, surf the web, google all types of information. All of this from in the palm of your hand. Its like afterwork we don't need to rush home and enjoy these things. We can enjoy them everyday, all day. So, instead of being and idiot in the privacy of your own home, you can be an idiot everyday, all day.
As I type this my hands are getting tired but thats the beauty of being online. I can stop and go as I please and come back with new ideas and topics so be sure to log onto http:rustyjabbzentertainment.blogspot.com. Don't log on to support Dj Handspin, log on to support me, JW Writer. A real writer and not some wannabe thug from Brooklyn using writing as a hustle. Like my so called co-writer, Dj Handspin, I actually went to college and got a degree in english and creative writing. I'm just doing this blog thingy because I'm str8 outta college and I'm looking to build and expand my career and the fact that I got fired from the National Equirer. Dat was some real bullshit, how the fuck you get fired from a tabloid. I still ask myself that. It was the stupidest thing why they fired me. They fired me because I asked for a raise. That aint no reason to fire me, I got a BACHELORS! I should be gettin' BACHELORS MONEY not G. E. D. MONEY, the nerve of them.
Now here I'am writing for a blog site for a guy thats won't even give me HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT MONEY. Screw you, Dj Handspin. I'm not even good enuff to write for your newsletter. I have to write on your blog. Oh yeah, thats right, RUSTY JABBZ NEWSLETTER is coming back to the streets in 2009. I don't know why I'm plugging it for him its not like he's gonna let me write in it. Apparently, I'm not good enuff for the newsletter but the blog, "hey JW knock yourself out." Handspin wants the newsletter all to himself but a college graduate who actually knows how to write properly is not good enuff for an New York City bound paper newsletter. Handspin, eat a dick, fuckin' bitch.

HANDSPIN: This is DJ Handspin Dinero coming to you live on line to let you know that JW Writer will not be writing for the remainder of this blog. We have some employer/employee grievances to work out. But I hope you enjoyed what you read so far. I'll see you next time, hopefully with JW or without JW. Perhaps, I'll get someone on my team thats not more mad and hateful as I'am.
This has been your favorite mad hater writer, Dj Handspin Dinero

"RUSTY JABBZ 2009!!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I just can't stop congratulating the man, its just so historic and such a special time for our black people.
Let me get down to the real knitty, gritty. Barack, you are now president of the United States thats a great honor for our young african-americans on the come up. Barack, we didn't vote for you because you are black even though your millatto. Although 90% of the african-american race did but whatever the reason was for their vote. We voted you in. Now, listen muh' fucken Barack O'Bama, you betta not fuck this country up. Barack, I swear to ALLAH if you make me regret not voting for John Mc Cain, its on brother. Me and my crew will be all over over you like blacks on fried chicken and 40 ounces. We gonna make sure you meant what you said and said what you meant, while you are in power, you betta believe that.
Barack, I know your millatto and sometimes you may act out your different sides. O'Bama, fuck your multi-racial ass when you get inside the "BLACK HOUSE" you act like a humanbeing. "DON'T YOU DARE ACT LIKE A NIGGER OR A CRACKER!"
Believe it or not you got both the whites and the blacks behind your campaign. Behind your presidential administration. I know you don't wanna disappoint neither side. If you disappoint the black side you and your family aint going back to Chi-town, thinking they're gonna be safe. But if you disappoint your white side that will be blasphemy cuz they'll make sure that not another blackman will ever be president of the United States ever again. Then, again Barack if you fuck up this country and disappoint your white side. Your half people white people probably won't even consider having a blackman in the presidential race. Whether, he be millatto or 100% african-american. You don't wanna piss off the whities, white people are vicious. Knowing them they'll probably reinstate slavery, invoke our voting priviledges, reinstate Jim Crow all as punishment on our black people because a nigger president that they believed in fucked up America.
If history was to repeat itself, I think the only thing black people would be cool with is riding the back of the bus, hell we do it anyway.
On a serious note, congratulations once again to Barack O'Bama and his lovely family for making history and spraying the white house, BLACK. YES WE CAN AND WE SURE DID!
This has been your favorite mad hater writer, Dj Handspin Dinero

P. S. Barack, let me holla at u on the q.t. I heard your campaign raised like 7 billion dollars. Dats alotta bread. I hope you gonna use it to put towards the redevelopment of this country if not you can send some to me. I'll be more than happy to accept a small portion like 1 billion dollars. Think about it and when you done thinking, hit me on my email address at, djhandspindinero@gmail.com You betta email me imma be waitin' by my computer 24/7. I understand if you too bizy cuz of the whole president thing. You could have your fine ass wife, Michelle hit me on the email with an answer. I wouldn't mine kicking it to Mrs O'Bama.
If y'all don't email me, FUCK IT at least I made $200. off ebay for your campaign T-Shirt. I figure now that your in office, FUCK I need this SHIT for. Imma sell those collectible Barack O'Bama newspapers too. I got tons of Barack O'Bama buttons left over. Theres alotta Barack O'Bama dick riders in this city. I knew, I made the right decision, voting for you. You in the BLACK HOUSE for only 2 days and already I made extra bread. Imma be stacking mad bundles for the rest of this month.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Good evening everyone, its Dj Handspin Dinero coming to you live via internet. I want to take this time to shout out my H. N. I. C. excuse me our H. N. I. C. Our Head Nigger In Charge, Barack O'bama.
Yes sir, yes we can and we did. I want to send a phat shout out to my country, the United fuckin' States of America. The fucking state and city I rep for being behind me and Barack O'bama. HELLO BROOKLYN AND THANK YOU NEW YORK for bringing a real nigger in the white house. I never thought I would wake today on Nov. 5, 2008 the day after election day to a African American president. I never thought I would ever see that. HELL, I never thought my kids would ever see that. It was was a great day, yesterday a great night, last night. Let's all continue to celebrate our newly president-elect, Barack O'bama. As the week continues on imma be ecstatic. I aint never forgeting Nov. 4, 2008, the day the original man became a president of this country.(USA)
I want to take this time to shout out my closet peoples. To my mother for encouraging & showing me the importance to vote. To my brother Sha-Born , my cousin Chuckles & my homie Sha-King who now lost their right to vote due to incarceration. Maybe our new president will pass a bill to allow ex-cons to gain the rights to vote. My vote went out to Barack O'bama and all the incarcerated scarfaces who no longer have a right to vote. I did it for all of yall. Every vote counts. I wanna send some love and shouts to my lovely lady, Shavella who I love dearly, to my homie Lance for gettin' me involved with this election year. I never been a man about politics. I never gave a shit about politians and politics. I took interests in this election year because I wanted to help get the first African American male into the white house which is now gonna be called the black house for the next four years. I wanted to be apart of history by contributing and showing support to have our 44th president of the United States to be a black man. I'm glad I voted for Barack O'bama, originally I wanted Hilary Clinton in office. I thought it would of been easier to get a caucasian woman in the white house rather than a black man either way I would of been apart of history. Neither female or black male been a president of this country. I feel great that I helped change the world.
Nov. 4, 2008 is a day that will go down in history. It's true, through prayer, faith and belief all things are possible. We showed just that yesterday. I wanna give a phat shout out to my hood Vanderveer houses. All the people in my hood that was out there on the block since 5am in the morning doing sumthin productive besides slangin'. Y'all muh' fuckaz was out there standing on line all tired and shit but yall stood there with the sore legs, aching backs and wobbly knees but yall waited till it was your turn to vote. The whole 33 years of my life on this planet, I aint never been more prouder for my hood (Vanderveer houses). Not just my hood, black people everywhere. We all got together left the guns, knives and drugs alone and we stood out there as one nation under Allah on the frontline. We aint give up till Barack O'bama was finally announced president-elect at 11pm tuesday night. All my black, nubian people throw your fist up!

QUOTE: "They didn't want to give us 40 acres & a mule, so DAM IT we took
50 states and a white house." quoted by; D.Biggz

If it wasn't for my sun, D Biggz, I wouldn't be writing this testimony cuz the GOD put me on to this site.

I prepared a brief rhyme dedicating to Barack Obama, titled "SWAGGA LIKE HIM"

RHYME: "Oh my my my, I thank GOD it was him. Barack does how it feels to wake up to be
the SHIT and URINE. OOOOO BAAMMAAAA, standing wit' da
souljahz, cruzin' in his rover. Did y'all have any doubts dat it'll
be over!! No1 in this country got SWAGGA LIKE HIM!
Written by; Dj Handspin Dinero

This is Dj Handspin Dinero, signing off with the Internet's Chocolate News.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yessss Sirrrrr. This is JW Writer kicking it with you, earlier my dude Dj Handspin posted his blog on the excitement of having a black president in office. Although this is not my account my man gave me access to his blog account to post some views, opinions and thoughts. Handspin is actually doing whut he said he was gonna do if Barack won, he's banging his lady to Public Enemy's Fight The Power A blackman in office. Excuse me a blackman in the white house. Excuse me again a blackman in black house. I' am so happy so proud so glad that I'm alive to witness this. I had faith that one day. All it takes is one day. We're here. You know we as black people gotta do our part now to rep ourselves in a professional manner. No more thuggin', slangin' and bangin'. We can rise above the ghetto mentality and prosper to new heights. A blackman as president, aint dat some shit. I'm trying not to cry because I'm typing I may get electricuted. All my niggaz out there listen up we have the power we fought the power and we won its up to us to keep that power. We can do it don't let anyone tell you, you can't be #1. A blackman as president of the United States. I know at times it felt heaven sent but YES A BLACK MAN CAN BE PRESIDENT!!! Congrats goes out to Barack O'bama, Michelle O'bama and every fucking body in the United States that supported my dude. All my niggaz and niggettes tomorrow and for the rest of the week I want you to say, scream, shout, yell YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! AND GOD DAM IT WE DID! This has been a message from JW Writer your ghetto publisher, HOLLA BACK!!1



Oh what a day. What a beautiful day. I woke up and the first thing I did was go out an vote. In next couple of hours we're going to have a nigger as a president. Wow, never thought this day would come. Black people everywhere we finally made it. We have N W A (Nigger With Attitude) in the white house. We have H N I C (Head Nigger In Charge) in the white house. These were the things N W A rapped about, "the white house will be sprayed black w/ 2 coats" I maybe jumping the gun a little bit it aint time to tally up the poles yet. But I know my nigger. BARACK O'BAMA DRAMA got this maan! I'am so sure he gonna win I invited my lady to come over tonight. I know if O'bama wins me and my chick gonna be fucking to Public Enemy's Fight The Power alnight. Cuz after tonight we done fought the power and won but do remember a fight can easily be won but now its the war we need to survive. The war is keeping O'bama alive for the next 4 years and hope he makes to his re-election. Think about young geez and geezettes. Imagine the upgrade of our black race if we can keep a black male president and his black female wife in the white house for 8 years. Now thats what I call an accomplishment.