Sunday, November 22, 2015



There go my fly Spanish mami, Lillian Garcia settin' it off for Survivor Series pay per view with her beauty and her vocals slangin' them keys over the Star Spangled Banner... Wooo, sing it girl. Ohhh ma, ma.

Roman Reigns defeat Alberto Del Rio
This was a real cutthroat match. Talk about do or die action. It was like seeing 2 superstars going at one another with nothing else on their mind except, "I must win this match. I got to win this match."

Dean Ambrose defeat Kevin Owens
Just like I told everyone. I know there's a lot of people out there whom expected this as well.

Ryback, The Lucha Dragons & The Usos meet The New Day, Sheamus & King Barrett
King Barrett 1st to be eliminated
Jimmy Uso  2nd to be eliminated
Sin Cara       3rd to be eliminated
Big E             4th to be eliminated
Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods took Big E out the match & arena seeking medical attention for him. The New Day, just left Sheamus hanging by himself inside the ring. Of course, The New Day never returned to the ring so I take it that everyone knows that outcome.
Sheamus     5th to be eliminated
The victory automatically went to Ryback's team. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods never returned to the match.

Charlotte defeat Paige
It's the moment of truth! Okay, its my truth.
"CHARLOTTE IS STILL DIVAS CHAMPION" FUCKIN' AWESOME WOOO!!! That's what I'm talking about... "GO CHARLOTTE, GO CHARLOTTE" Screw that U.K. blabber mouth brat known as Paige. It look like all those insults and attacks had no effect on Charlotte. It only made her stronger built around aggression and her physical being.

Tyler Breeze defeat Dolph Ziggler
Big Whoop, former NXT superstar scores his first victory in a WWE pay per view that is great for Mr Purple, Tyler Breeze but it doesn't mean a dam thing to Dolph Ziggler. This guy, Tyler Breeze he don't even need Summeraye. I believe he's getting good love assistance from his selfie stick, Lol.

The Brother's of Destruction defeat The Wyatt Family
This match was a complete waste of time. How many people sitting here reading this actually thought that The Wyatt Family would score tonight's victory. If anyone of y'all been thinking something like that, y'all don't know wrestling. I just want to take this time to wish The Undertaker a Happy 25 years in the WWE. An Un, seriously dude you could chill now. I think the WWE had their fair share of the Undertaker. After 25 years you don't have anything to prove.

Roman Reigns defeat Dean Ambrose
This was the match I was finally waiting for. It came down to my last 2. My prediction of the night, Roman Reigns verses Dean Ambrose. The audience was crazy live. People fighting in the crowd. One side, you have a group of people chanting "LET'S GO AMBROSE!" Then on the other side, you have another group of people chanting "LET'S GO ROMAN!" This actually could have been a much better match. Apparently I thought too much of it. It wasn't the match I expected, after Roman Reigns defeating Dean Ambrose in 12 minutes. I broke out in a fit. "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS THAT'S ALL!" Y'all just didn't know how much I had in this match. I didn't just see, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose fighting in the ring. I thought that match meant something. It served some sort of purpose behind it. The whole, best friend verses best friend, brother verses brother concept that I wanted to see elevate for more than 12 minutes. It wasn't until this man entered himself into the arena and down the ramp, Triple H. You ain't foolin' me Hunter coming down the ramp with your fake smile and gratitude towards Roman Reigns. Honestly, can you blame Roman Reigns for doing what he did. Some may say it was stupid but at the end of the evening you have about thousand plus fans inside these seats and I bet there's alot of people sitting here tonight wish they could do something like that  (spear) to their boss.

Sheamus cashes in the M.I.T.B. contract
Sheamus defeat Roman Reigns
This wasn't bullshit right here. Even if Sheamus only knocked out Roman with only two brogue kicks in such a short short period of time. It's still not bullshit. I seen this coming. This was actually my second prediction of the night. I seen this coming. No thank you to Triple H for making it more obvious once he entered the ring.
Sheamus is now the 4X WWE World Heavy Weight Champion. As far as, Roman Reigns is considered he'll eventually cash in his rematch clause on Sheamus. We still can count tonight's victory for Roman Reigns and place it in his record. Even though, he had his title for only 3 minutes. A win is still a win.

Congratulations to Roman Reigns on tonight. Once again, congratulations to The Undertaker on his 25 year reign in the WWE. My condolences to the family of Nick Bockwinkel (RIP)

Thursday, November 12, 2015


"MY ALL AMERICAN" Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Finn Wittrock, Robin Tunney, Sarah Bolger, Rett Terrell and Juston Street Directed By: Angelo Pizzo

Okay, perhaps I've gotten a little bit carried away. Maybe I didn't need this folding chair, after all. I never expected to arrive to the screening so early. On top of that, I didn't expect this neither. They let us in earlier than usual into the theater. About an hour early, I had a lot of time to kill sitting down inside the theater. Which happen to be good for a change. I was able to take care of my seating arrangements and concession stand business without any hustling and bustling.

I admit, this right here will probably be the closest you ever get me into watching anything in regards to sports. I'am not a sports person neither am I, a athletic person but this doesn't mean you won't find me somewhere enjoying a remarkable film filtered around, America's pass time (football). Tonight's film tells the story about a young man who worked so hard and achieved his dream, only to have it taken away.

The story is about a young athlete from Denver, Colorado Freddie Steinmark whose dream to accomplish wasn't anything else but playing professional football. Of course, you know before you play professional football. You first must play college football. Which was something in the beginning that Freddie didn't think he was going to achieve. Apparently to some college recruiters it doesn't matter how well you do on the field. You still must have some sense of weight and height. According to a lot of these recruiters Freddie Steinmark didn't pass the requirement in the weight and height department to become a football player for their team. When you watch this movie, you'll see this man. He couldn't be no more than 5"6', 5"7' and his weight I guess about 145 lbs. He's a very small man. However, for a small man, he happen to be one of the best players on the Longhorns.

The Longhorns are the football team of University of Texas. Freddie Steinmark and his best friend, Bobby Mitchell recruited out of high school, straight from Denver, Colorado by Coach Darrell Royal. Darrell Royal, the coach of the Longhorns. This is where I was talking early when I mentioned I wasn't a sport's person. Seeing the hard practice and training each player had to deal with I couldn't put myself in their shoes. A lot of physical and verbal abuse coming from the coach, coaches assistants and teammates. Despite all of that. One man stood tall, it always came back to Freddie Steinmark. He was like the "Man of steel of Football!" The love, Freddie possessed for the game there weren't anything standing in his way. Pretty soon, Coach Royal began to notice his determination and changed Freddie's offensive line. Rusty jabbers don't ask me, what that mean. I was going along with the screening but it sounding like a good thing that have happened to Freddie on the team.

Indeed good things have begun for Freddie Steinmark and the Longhorns, the constant victories from game to game. As you know, when the good things come they also go. Coach Royal started to notice the constant limping Freddie have been doing on the field. Coach Royal in fear of the team's loss, he removed Freddie from the offensive line. This was during the University of Texas verses Texas Tech game.

My views of Freddie Steinmark, he's tough, quick, sharp, thinks on his feet, very religious and sensitive these are excellent qualities to have in a person. Although the one thing he has and I do not approve of is being stubborn. There is a stubborn side to Freddie Steinmark. He is aware of this constant pain in his leg. It's been annoying him for weeks and he haven't seen a doctor yet. All he could think about is his next game, Texas verses Arkansas. Coach Royal, even suggested that Freddie must seek medical attention after their big game with Arkansas. It was after the big game with Arkansas that Freddie's girlfriend Linda made sure that he sought that medical attention.

Now, this is where things change. We come to the sole purpose of the film. Up until now, everyone is in here having a good time enjoying tonight's screening. This is a news no one wants to hear. Freddie received the news from Dr Julian. Freddie Sreinmark have been suffering from a tumor which can mean possible cancer. Freddie was rushed to an Texas Oncologist for further testing and verification. It turns out Freddie have bone cancer. OMG, a tear nearly dropped out of my eye after hearing that bad news result. That is disgusting, bone cancer. Those many weeks the team, the coach and his girlfriend seen Freddie limping around on the field, it wasn't your typical limp. He's been suffering from a cancerus tumor that has the ability to grow to the same size as a baseball. You know, what just typing this review make me want to puke. I guess that is, what makes this a great a movie and review.

This is the greatest part of the film. As I mentioned, in the early beginning. This review is being written about a young athlete who never fully accomplished his dreams. It's just so sad, at the early goings of his life and career to have it all taken away just like that. These are things where people would say, "how can God be so cruel?" That is a question that can not, be answered. This isn't the work of the almighty, God. I understand, how people may feel and they will take it that way. I myself felt that way at the loss of my career due to my sickness.

Unfortunately, Freddie's leg needed to be amputated all the way up to his hip. He had to remain inside the hospital for the next 30 days for recovery. This didn't sit well with Freddie. It only meant, he would miss the Cottonbowl game, the Longhorns verses Notre Dame. Freddie had his heart set on playing in that game. Talk about bad timing. The days in the facility, Freddie spent in recovery with his family and his girlfriend. I extremely like this part Longhorn teammate and high school friend, Bobby Mitchell spent his days training Freddie on how to walk on crutches. Forget the tear drops, I want to cry now. Forgive me if I seem too emotional. This is a very emotional film I'm watching not my traditional type of film. I'm glad I had this change for the evening.

This is a great movie. I had a good time, tonight. I hope everyone will agree this Friday and take my opinion by its word. I'm not just saying all of this because I seen it for free. In fact, I should support this movie and see it again. I'll probably take my beau, we've been having a hard time lately. He'll enjoy something like this.

"My All American" In Theaters, Friday, November 13, 2015"

Sunday, November 1, 2015


"THE 33" Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Coto De Pablo, Mario Casas, Juliette Binoche, Jennifer Lopez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Kate Del Castillo, James Brolin, Gabriel Byrne, Juan Pablo Raba, Bob Gunton, Martin Sheen, Paulina Garcia, Oscar Nunez, Adriana Barraza

I just would like to take this moment. I want to discuss an upcoming film, scheduled to be aired November 13th. It's a film called, "The 33". I was invited to the screening of this movie a few days ago. The movie is about 33 miners who have gotten themselves stuck inside of a mime. This incident was caused during an accident while they were in the middle of working. Some sort of an collision had struck the mime causing the collapse. The miners had to survive on whatever little bit of oxygen and food for the next 69 days. What I think made these miners stand tall and come together as one. Of course, God is number one in these situations to rely on. However, in this case. I put everything on the wives. The strength and prayers of the wives to those miners trapped. Just being out there everyday, every night for the next 69 days. Until, they were finally rescued and released. This is a very powerful film. It really means something. When watching this film, your not just watching any other film. This film has set some sort of precedence. I really enjoyed this past week being at the screening of "33". I recommend this film on my behalf. I understand, it won't be in theaters until another two weeks. Trust me, it is worth that wait.