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JULY 2011 ISSUE # 07

The Brooklyn Cyclones Verses The Connecticut Tigers @ MCU PARK
Wed., July 27, 2011 7:00pm
Today I decided to do something way different. Different than my usual. What I'm doing right now has nothing to do with hip hop or any form of music media. This evening, I want to hang up my hip hop hat and take in the sport of the American pass time. Which is baseball. I'm not a big baseball fan. In fact I'm not a fan of any sport. Accept maybe wrestling, boxing and mixed-martial arts. I want to enjoy this evening. This evening, its all about Dj Handspin Dinero "Maxin' and Relaxin'". I got my grub, beverages and trees. I hope they allow smoking in here. Hey, whatever happens, happen. If I get busted and is asked, to leave the premise. I'll just leave but in the meantime. I'm going to continue to kick back and unwind.

This is the last time your going to hear from me for the rest of the night. For the rest of this blog. I would love to continue on with sports commentary. There are two problems. One, I'm not a baseball enthusiast (I wonder, if Prime Minister Pete Nice is here) and two, this is my night off.
Everyone reading this issue. Enjoy the photographs that I layed out in store for you. I have the best seats in the house "Section 1, Row B". My ticket says, sit anywhere. Anywhere includes where I'm stationed, directly behind home plate. "GREAT VIEW, SUPREME FOOTAGE!!!".... smell me.

Its now, 5 minutes to 7(pm). Everyone must rise and show respect to our country as we honor, The United States of America and listen to a female trio named, The Belltones sing, the national anthem. Immediately, after there singin' we heard that famous phrase "Playball!"

Almost through the first hour of the Cyclones vs Tigers game. I'm not feeling the intensity of the crowd. Its not like I've expected. I expected, baseball fans to be more raw and uncut. I feel like I'm sitting on Monday night Raw. This audience is so pg13. Can I get some profanity, some beer tossing onto the fields. I always thought people partied in the stands.

This is an very dull game. I'm not saying that because the Brooklyn Cyclones are an minor league team. As I look around, I've notice there are a lot of people not paying any attention to the game. As I see, everyone having their own conversations among themselves. God, must have been looking over my shoulder. As soon as I written that previous line. A, home run round tripper by Brooklyn Cyclones' #28 Jorge Corea suddenly awoken the crowd.

Around, 8:17pm I finally start to feel the fans from the stands get into it. Everyone started chanting, "LET'S GO CYCLONES!!" all except one guy who continues to chant, "LET'S GO CYCLOPS!!" Since the dawn of tonight's game he's been shoutin' out, "Let's go cyclops". Nuff respect to the soundman for playing, "Let's Go Cyclones" on the midi-organ.

It look like the game turned around a bit. There are a lot of pros and cons in the midst of this game. Nonetheless, the staff of the Brooklyn Cyclones and MCU Park are finding other ways to keep fans in the stand entertained throughout the game. During tonight's game all different types of prizes will be given out to various winners from various contests. Tonight they schedule a theme "CHRISTMAS IN JULY!".
It's going to feel like Christmas in July, when you play and possibly may win on games like "Lucky Seat", "Pass The Pizza" (courtesy of Dominoes Pizza), "TD Bank Wild Zone", "Applebees casadia scream" (lookin' for the loudest fan and whoever it is will win a free casadia courtesy of Applebees), "DIME's Big Pitch", "EBA Wholesaler's Price Is Right", "Nathan's Hot Dog Race" and our "Fan of the Game". All these activities were taking place while the game is going on.

Of course, I didn't score any victories in any of these games. My definition of lucky seat. Is being fortunate to sit behind home plate and capture great close up footage. Not to mention the surprise cheerleaders that cheered and dance alongside of me while they were in the aisle. You can't get any luckier than that. Accept minus this huge net right in front of me.
Trust me if anyone of you reading this were here. You would see, why this net is necessary.
All the batter's bad hits kept ricocheting off of the net. I'm sitting amongst a few people in the section across from me. Everytime that baseball come pounding down onto this net at such a rapid speed. Its as if the ball is coming in 3 dimension. It looks real scary.

8:58pm at the top of the 7th inning. Brooklyn Cyclone #29, Travis Tyrone up to bat. More, "Let's Go Cyclone!" chants begin to raw. By now I'm lost, I've got caught up in the paparazzi and the sport's journalism of tonight's game. I know, earlier I mentioned that tonight would be my day off but I still feel the need to blog about tonight's game. I have readers and viewers that would love to know the days in the life of Dj Handspin Dinero.

9:15pm in the middle of the 7th inning, in honor of Christmas in July. Santa Claus is on the field singing a very special version of "Take me out to the Ball Game" followed by the showgirl dance stylings from the Brooklyn Cyclone's Beach Buns. It looks like the Brooklyn Cyclones have a lot of love and support on their side. Let's hope our love and support can pull off a victory tonight.

Business did begin to pick up between 9:20pm - 9:30pm for the Brooklyn Cyclones. When two home run trippers were scored, back to back. Congratulations to Brooklyn Cyclone player, #28 Jorge Corea and Brooklyn Cyclone player, #10 Richard Lucas for scoring those home run hitters.

We're reaching towards the end of the game. The last person of the Brooklyn Cyclones I remembered at bat is, #9 Brian Harrison.
By now I'm ready to go home. I can't believe I've been here all night. I didn't expect to stay this long at an baseball game.
Of course our dedicated, Brooklyn Cyclone's fans didn't expect this as the final score.
Connecticut' Tigers 09 - Brooklyn' Cyclone 06

Tigers 09 14
Cyclones 06 09

Our, Cyclones fans not pleased with the results of tonight's game but we as Brooklynites, "WE STILL GO HARD!!!"

The baseball game maybe finally over, approximate time three hours and twenty minutes.
There is one more field game left for the fans. Followed by a raffle. Everyone that came out here tonight get to partake in the fun of running around the bases. Everyone here tonight will get to have a moment on the field. As each individual will get to run around the bases.

That is not the icing on the cake however, one lucky fan sitting amongst us will have the opportunity to win 3 million pennies.
Three million pennies isn't that something, awesome.
How many people reading this issue knows how much 3 million pennies will come out too?
The amount is $30, 000.00.
Thirty grand that's a lot to have in pennies. Everyday us silly, New Yorkers throw away pennies like there nothing. Imagine how much money you can accumulate just walking around picking up pennies off the ground on a daily.
I got to stay on top of my penny collecting, there is going to come a time when I will need to exchange them for paper cash.

Indeed that is a lovely contest an I wish I could participate. Knowing me, I do not have the lucky ticket. I just want to thank the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Connecticut Tigers for a lovely game. To TNA Wrestling, thank you because if it wasn't for the purchase of the July 1st, tickets the day your company came to the MCU Park I would have never partaking in tonight's event. Thank you to everyone responsible for tonight's game and event. To all the fans get home safely.
Good night!

Dj Handspin Dinero

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


JULY 2011 ISSUE # 06

"This is the place where stars are born"

How many people reading this newsletter heard that phrase mentioned numerous times?
Who was the artist that created this phrase?
Give it up to Queens veteran emcee, M. C. Shan. I can't forget, Legendary dj/ producer Marley Marl. Marley Marl, the man responsible for a lot of hip hop created out this castle that we refer to as, "The Bridge". Queensbridge, the home to legendary and phenomenal emcees such as M. C. Shan, Roxanne Shante, Craig G, Tragedy Khadafi, Nas, Mobb Deep, Cormega, Nature, Imam Thug, Mike Delorian. The list goes on as long as, Queensbridge goes on.

This week, we're out here inside, Queensbridge Park to celebrate the Central Park "Salute To Hip Hop!" This week they planned performances by two Queens emcees. One in which is a 1980's hip hop legend, Kool Moe Dee who performed on Tuesday, July 19th. The Second is an, well I'm not sure if its appropriate to refer to this artist as a hip hop legend quite yet. This, Thursday, July 21st Noreaga will be performing at Queensbridge Park. I'll let the audience determine the status to place, Noreaga as.

Kool Moe Dee live at Queensbridge Park Tues, July 19, 2011:
Off to another late start, just like this past sat. (July 16th) I'm on my way to the, "The Bridge" to see the performance of Kool Moe Dee.

About a month ago, I was enthused to hear that Kool Moe Dee will be making an appearance in New York City during the Central Park Summerstage. Only because I' ve never had the honor of witnessing the legendary emcee live on stage. Since, saturday afternoon's spectacular of the Brooklyn Bodega's 7th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival starring Q-Tip turned out to be a mega phenomenon. There isn't anything within the next few weeks that will top that event. Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival is the correct event of the summer. I really felt it. It'll be like a dishonor to already jump on another's event bandwagon only three days after the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

I decided to head out to, "The Bridge" and view the performance of Kool Moe Dee. I'm on my way getting my work out on pumping, "Skyzoo's The Great Debater" out the pod, not wise in 97 degree weather. Skyzoo, just bring out that adrenaline rush. There's a reason why, he refer to himself as, "The Great Debater".

I arrived at Queensbridge Park at 7:30pm, walking toward the park. I can hear that annoying voice. The distinctive voice in the same class as Fran Dretcher. It was, Roxanne Shante performing live on stage. She performs here every year unnoticed and unbooked by the original card. I can't complain, this is her hood. She's the Queen of Queensbridge.
Earlier, this evening I was made aware that Craig G and Dj Polo were on stage.
Dj Marley Marl, the host of tonight's event. As we proceed to enter the main stage of the event. Starting it off with Grandmaster Caz of The Legendary Cold Crush Brothers. Grandmaster Caz introducing his nephews and the son's of The World Greatest Entertainer, Doug E. Fresh' "Square Off". Square Off, birthed into hip hop royalty from the day they were born. Square Off pullin' off an excellent performance mainly freestyles over legendary Queensbridge emcees beats out of respect to the turf we're on

Up next, the moment I' ve been waiting for. For the past 36 years, I never once seen Kool Moe Dee in an performance, before. Kool Moe Dee entering the stage in a dance routine setting it off old school style. Kool Moe Dee on stage backed by L. A. Sunshine of the Treacherous Three, The Mighty Mike C of the Fearless Four and Grandmaster Caz and JBL of the Cold Crush Brothers.

Kool Moe Dee, breaking out his classic tunes: "I Go To Work", "Go See The Doctor", "How You Like Me Now" and "Wild Wild West".
Kool Moe Dee also schedule a series of routine records that usually require crowd participation. Kool Moe Dee taken us back to 1982 and previous. In the days when hip hop meant djing.
It was a great day spent in Q. B., my only downfall was not being able to take pictures of the event. I'm stuck in the middle of filming but caught great footage for Check out my page when your done.

SALUTE TO HIP HOP F/ Funkmaster Flex and Noreaga live at Queensbridge Park Thu., July 21, 2011:
On my way to another, Salute to Hip Hop series at the place where stars are born, the infamous Queensbridge.
Tonight's event stars: Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex and the Invincible, Untouchable C N N, Noreaga. I wonder if Nore's p-n-c, Capone will be there. I'm aware of the official demise of C. N. N. It would be nice to see a one time, Thugged Out Militainment reunion with Capone, Maze, Musaliny, Imam Thug. "REST IN PEACE TO E-MONEY BAGS". What's up with Tragedy, the god still up north. Whatever goes down, its going to be something fun for the evening to soak in.

"Married to marijuana, smoke mad trees. I only fuck a bitch twice if she gets on her knees"
"N. O. R. E., Nore stand for "Niggaz On the Run Eatin' no matter if your still cheating"

Feel the adrenaline rush of Dj Handspin on the G-Train on my way to the concert. Getting myself in the mood for tonight's event. Just spazzin' out without a care in this world. Not giving a fuck who on the train thinks I'm crazy. Hip Hop makes you feel and act this way. The way it supposed too.

I got there in a nick of time. Funkmaster Flex, setting it off old school style taking it back to The Bronx's renaissance hip hop era. Followed by Dj Hot Day introducing one of Q. B's latest soldiers in recent history. A fellow who goes by the name of Mike Delorian.
After that we've had an improntu intermission due to the crashing of the laptops....smh. This is what happens when dj's want to keep up with the Jones. You get yourself embarrassed in public and forced to take an unscheduled intermission. Which causes time waste in the program.
Despite all of that, Noreaga kept the crowd entertained from behind the curtains with his ghetto comedy stylings.

The main event is now underway, which I will say no more. For exclusive live video footage of tonight's event. Feel free to view, Remember you can visit, worldwidejabbz on at anytime.

I spent dam near my whole week in Queensbridge. Do you know, why I love Queens so much. Queens is like a second home. It's my second borough. I went to school in Queens. I' ve worked in Queens for fifteen years. I developed a relationship with the people of Queens. People like my dudes: D-Biggz, E-Biggz, Dj Understanding, Tex, Verse E, Abacus, Dj Fantom, Dj Sincere, Sammy B, Dion, The Southside Babe, Mz Atta Tood, Bhumika and of course I can't forget my muslim homies even though we aint tight like we used to be, Muhammed and Khalil.
I can't forget, Rest In Peace to my Queens dudes that's been forced over to the eternal light: R.I.P. Danny Durham, R.I.P. Metaphysics, R.I.P. Stack Bundles.

I always found, Queens to be like my escape borough. At a time in my life I wasn't gettin' along with certain Kats from my borough (Brooklyn). We would be on the block with the constant verbal aggression. I didn't want it to expand further than that so I used too just tell niggaz in my hood. "You know what, Fuck y' all! Y' all niggaz aint worth it! Y' all aint shit! Imma go chill with some real niggaz".
It just so happen that the real niggaz were from certain parts of the "Q" boro that I'm cool with. It's been real ever since. You know what else been real, this Queensbridge week.

I want to thank everyone who participated this week in making this Queensbridge event. Nuff respect to Marley Marl, Bob Lee, Roxanne Shante, Craig G, Dj Polo, Square Off, Grandmaster Caz, JBL, L. A. Sunshine, The Mighty Mike C, Funkmaster Flex, Dj Hot Day, Dj Butch Rock, Mike Delorian and give it up and show lots of love to our main event's this week: Queensvillage own Kool Moe Dee and Lefrak City own Noreaga. Queens was most definitely in the building.

You know I can't end this issue without everyone shouting me out. Give it up to, "Your Favorite Writer's Favorite Writer" Dj Handspin Dinero. You know, you wouldn't have any of this without me. None of this are made possible. Always remember to respect the architect.

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JULY 2011, ISSUE # 05

Before I get into the reviewing of tonight's event of the 7th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. I just want to take this time to thank each party involved individually. I know it would be easier to just say thank you to Brooklyn Bodega for an outstanding extravaganza. Each member of the Brooklyn Bodega company deserves its credit and I want it acknowledged. Thank you to the following staff members at Brooklyn Bodega: Wes Jackson, Ebonie Jackson, Pamela Bishop, Kelli Jones, Jon Heredia, Simone Elicia, Marilyn Alonzo, Justin Hunte, Ray H, Javier Martinez, Bianca Thelmo, Ajua, Catherine, Gregori, Amenan and Marilyn Sasha. These are the few people I know at Brooklyn Bodega. The same few people that been responsible for the organization of this event every year and turning this house into a "home". A home for everyone to enjoy family day and the reality of real hip hop. Everyone reading this newsletter, stop a moment to give them a round of applause.

Rusty Jabbz, back in business! Kind of a late start off to the Hip Hop Festival Main Stage. I fell back on the family day. I just wasn't in a family mood. I needed some early afternoon alone time to myself to help battle the demons I've been battling for this past week. I'm ready now to take part in the hip hop atmosphere that Brooklyn Bodega has set up for the Dumbo Brooklyn community. This event have been going on for the past seven years. I make the Brooklyn Bodega Hip Hop Festival's annual event, my annual event. There has never been a year that went by where I missed out on. I try to keep it religious like someone who practice going to church every Sunday morning.

A, Yo! You see this line. This shit is hella long going way down the block and wrapping around the corner. Oh my bad, this line is for the LOOOOSERS!!! who didn't have the good sense to purchase their tickets in advance. Bye, bye losers, hope none of y' all miss the show its like 4:43pm now.

I should never get myself gassed. Even though I had an physical ticket it still took me a long time to get through the gates. Apparently, anything that is physical these days hold no weight. It seems I was the only one on line with a physical ticket. The cashier's were honoring and collecting the internet tickets that the majority of the line was holding. There were some people paying out of pocket, straight cash at the gate. I had to post up on the side for a moment until they were ready to service me. That must have been pay back for callin' the senseless, losers.

Once I got inside amazed by all the sponsors coming from Decon Records, Redbull, Budlight, 7eleven, etc. A lot of food vendors but you know me I don't eat that crap. I manage to work my way over towards the mainstage I wanted to secure a spot. I knew at this late in the afternoon I wasn't going to get a great spot but whatever I get I'll work with it.

I seen a few of my homies that were there. Peace to my dudes, Danny Sun, Abacus and LIFE long I know y' all enjoyed the show I'm not even gonna ask.

Vj Ralph Mc Daniels, the host of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Main Stage.... I heard there were some real talent here earlier. Maybe so but like a good friend once told me, you don't have too record everything. You only record the good things. This is why, I came at this time. After six previous Brooklyn Hip Hop Festivals you can say I got Brooklyn Bodega's itinerary down pat. I was supposed to be on the Brooklyn Bodega volunteer team for this afternoon's event but something beyond my control occurred on the day of the orientation. I had a seizure it wasn't pretty and it wasn't something that anyone should have seen. I already submitted a formal apology email letter to the Brooklyn Bodega staff in regards to that situation.

The show is about to begin. I'm about to show true videography techniques by maneuvering back and forth, forth and back between a video camera and a digital camera in concurrent.
I have a feeling that what's about to go down is going to be something monumental. The concert of all concert. We owe it all to this one man who taken the liberty to work on and release a film based on the life, the history, the career, the success, the decline of hip hop's legendary group from Queens, A Tribe Called Quest. Give it up to, Michael Rapaport. Michael Rapaport wanted to do a documentary based on his favorite hip hop group. From the mass crowd here with us today, its safe to say our favorite hip hop group as well.

Right now, we are witnessing the dj stylings of A Tribe Called Quest dj' Ali Shaheed Muhammed doing the opening set playin' smooth hits. Shaheed got that mellow vibe going, sort of jazzing up the crowd. I see, Shaheed still got Lucy Pearl in him.

We're at the tip off of the, Q-Tip and Friends Main Stage. First act is a group that Q-Tip is currently working with. They're on the rise straight outta Washington, DC introducing the Diamond District. This group is kind of new to me they have some sort of a Tribe Called Quest appeal. The whole time during there performance I couldn't help but to think, "Check The Rhime". Diamond District just sent off that radiance. The fact that there also under Q-Tip may play apart into style of music. It's a three man crew, I couldn't keep my eyes off one of the members of Diamond District. A short, diesel brother with a slight resemblance to Phife Dawg. I'm admiring his Rocksmith jersey, it looks cute on him. Diamond District have this one jam that will get you in the groove, "The Streets won't let me chill."

Next act, Brownsville's Mash Out Posse. M. O. P., no question their muh fucken name fits the bill. You can't book, M. O. P. on a card and not expect total chaos and mass confusion. The crowd is just gonna crunk it up and if you just happen to be in the way your getting fucked up. The best thing to do is just crunk along with the crowd.

I wanna give around of applause to both groups, Diamond District and M. O. P. for their opening sets. You know its hot out here, even though I arrived mid day. I know wasn't here early like these other folks. What is starting to piss me off is the stalling. The stalling by our host, Vj Ralph Mc Daniels. Hey, Ralph "SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU DO THIS BULLSHIT EVERY TIME YOU HOST AN EVENT, NIGGA YOU AINT FUNNY! JUST START THE SHOW ALREADY YOU FUCKIN' FAT TUB OF LARD!".
Sorry, I didn't mean too bring the ghetto out of me. Muh Fuckaz, when they hosting stall too much. No disrespect to Dana Dane. I was a huge Dana Dane fan. You know, "Delancey St"
"Cinderfella Dana Dane", "DEF Beat" and all that. Today's event isn't about Dana Dane. Ralph was it really necessary to put Dana Dane on stage for 1:00 minute to do a commercial pluggin his website. This what I'm talking about stalling. Earlier, Ralph Mc Daniels had the nerve to say, he always wanted to host the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Main Stage event. Why, so you can come out here and stall.

The stalling eventually stopped and there were no more interruptions. Finally the moment of truth have arrived. What everyone here today came to see. The Q-Tip and Friends concert is now underway. (for exclusive live footage of today's event visit

On stage, Q-Tip's band and Dj J-Period setting the ambiance with percussion sounds. Enters, The Ummah..... Q-Tip The Abstract Poetic, looking so sexy with his shades on and cap turned backwards along with his muscle shirt just showing off them nicely toned arms of his. The crowd roaring at the top of their lungs, girls boiling hot and drooling. Check 'em out and give him his 'spect as he set it off with that particular song.

I'm in the midst of all this, A Tribe Called Quest/ Q-Tip infatuation and only wishing I can participate. Coming to an pulse racing, adrenaline rushing event like this are normally hard especially when your the one holding the camera. You must always keep the camera focused on the artist's every single move. Keep the camera at an still position at all times. Its not an easy task. Right now, I pity myself and favor the crowd. My involvement in crowd participation here today is non-n-void. It is alright though, I'll live through and feed off the energy of the crowd. I want everyone reading this issue. To believe what I tell you and feed off the crowd's energy by checking it out yourself at

I think its really awesome whenever an artist specifically an emcee performs live on stage being backed by a band. It brings out the rockstar in them. All the emcees I ever seen perform backed by a live band from Lauryn Hill to Mos Def to Common. This, Q-Tip and Friends phenomenon just so happen to be one of the best live performance I've ever seen well produced and

Q-Tip's first friend on the scene. The Queen of the Native Tongue' Monie Love. Entered the stage, right in the middle of "BUDDY" to perform her famous line, "oooooh child, things are goin' to get easier". After, her verse Q-Tip wouldn't let Monie leave the stage until she performed another one of her famous hits "Monie in the Middle". Q-Tip, threatened to have the security take Monie Love away if she didn't comply. Of course, she would oblige. We all know she was going to perform the song anyway. It was just cool for a moment watching their little comedy segment. I want to give a phat shout and salute to Monie Love for accepting my friendship on facebook a few months ago.

This next friend of Q-Tip goes by the name, Shawn Penn not to be confused with the actor. This particular friend is from my neck of the woods. Even though I'm upset with my neck of the woods for something that happened to me recently. But I'll always love, "FLATBUSH". Everybody give it up to the Mr Hickeys on her Chest man, Lil' Shawn.
HIP HOP QUOTABLE: "Get a bitch drunk off the dom perignon can I put hickeys on her chest like Lil' Shawn".
Y' all remember that, classic. After that friend, there were no tellin' who Q-Tip was bound to bring on next. From Black Thought to Busta Rhymes to this man, "a Chi-town nigga with a Nas flow". Once you heard the needle drop and song played, "Can It Get No Higher" it was over. Kanye West, one of Q-Tip's friends. I'm not saying that's impossible but Kanye West performing live on a hot Brooklyn Saturday afternoon is more likely to be.

This is where shit got ugly. Kanye West divin' off the stage with a heavy police and security presence following him throughout the crowd. I'm like, what the fuck is Kanye doing he trying to get heads killed in B. K. at a Brooklyn Bodega concert. You should of seen it the crowd went nuts. Breaking down and dismantling barricades not to mention myself. I'm caught in the middle of all this Kanye West chaos. I believe there was a year when Brooklyn Bodega's Hip Hop Festival broke a record of concealing 80,000 people within this Tobacco Warehouse area.
I don't know, how many people are here today but perish the thought if because of the Kanye West craze I get myself trampled by 80,000 or more people in a stampede.

You know what I'm Dj Handspin Dinero, Your Favorite Writer's Favorite Writer. I could go on for paragraph after paragraph after paragraph speaking on this monumental afternoon. I prefer you visit, for all the exclusive footage right at a click of a button. I've plugged my youtube channel three times during this review that's right Dana Dane. You think you the only one that can pull a plug off. I got a lil' song for all my readers and viewers to remember too, "worldwidejabbz" "worldwidejabbz" "worldwidejabbz" go to youtube and backslash worldwidejabbz".

This afternoon was great. Brooklyn Bodega earned 5 JABBZ this is the best, Hip Hop Family Day and Main Stage Festival I've ever been too.
I want to tell Wes Jackson and the rest of the Brooklyn Bodega staff that they must beat this event next year. You guys are on a roll and you can only keep going higher and higher until you can't get anymore higher.
This is a 5 JABBZ event. I don't normally throw out 5 JABBZ to just anyone like there frisbees.

CEO: Dj Handspin Dinero
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