Monday, October 26, 2015



What a good way to begin off with tonight's pay per view. Starting it off with the return of, Zeb Colter. Who have been out of action for quite some time. By the looks of things I can see why. Zeb Colter returning tonight operating a mobile vehicle. It seems to be that Zeb Colter is having problems with his legs. Apparently, he's unable to walk but that doesn't stop him from being the Zeb Colter, everyone in the WWE universe despise. In fact, I believe we're going to despise him even more after you see what this man done.

01. Open, United States Championship challenge:
Alberto Del Rio defeat John Cena
Alberto Del Rio, The New United States Champion

02. Roman Reigns defeat Bray Wyatt
                    "Hell In A Cell"
Roman Reigns finally expelled this Bray Wyatt curse.

03. The New Day defeat The Dudley Boyz
"WWE Tag Team Championship Title Match"

04. Charlotte defeat Nikki Bella
          "Divas Championship Title Match"

05. Seth Rollins defeat Demon Kane
"WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Title Match"

06. Kevin Owens defeat Ryback
"WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Match"

07. Broc Lesnar defeat The Undertaker
                       "Hell In A Cell"

The Undertaker is left, laying in the ring flat on his back. When who decides to show up and stir up trouble.
The Wyatt Family making there entrance down the ramp and surrounding the ring. The Wyatt Family taking down "the Deadman". The Wyatt Family lifting up and caring The Undertaker out of the arena.

This is how, Hell In Cell ended not a very good way to end tonight's pay per view.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Okay, this isn't how I planned my evening. I had a perfect evening set up between me and another gentleman. Until, at the last minute, he decided to stab me in the back by calling off our date. My date bailed out on me, this evening. We were scheduled to attend the free screening of "Ghost Dimension". When, he looked at me and said he's not in the mood. He doesn't feel like going, anymore. This was something that I have planned and he agreed to accompany me. I do not know, what may have changed his mind. But, he wasn't going to put a damper onto my evening just because he's feeling glum. You know that old saying, "LIFE GOES ON!" Sure, I was pissed for what he had done to me. I wasn't going to let that stop me from having fun. I can still go out by myself and entertain and amuse myself. I don't need a man. How many times have a man, double crossed me? Going back to this past, Tuesday. The supposedly, one night stand that never happened. Why, do men do things like this? It only hurts us even more.

Simply, no consideration to my thoughts or feelings. After, everything I went through this afternoon with the grooming of myself. Making sure I looked a certain way for this evening's date. Only to have it get all, stomped all over at the very last minute.

I just wish people would say, what they mean and mean what they say. I can't speak for life but I do know, it would make relationships alot easier. 

I would like to apologize to my Rusty Jabbers. I know this is a bit off track and I'm stirring away from tonight's topic. I just felt I had to say, something about that bastard.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm watching here, this evening. I'm not really a big fan of 3-D movies. Nor, am I a big fan of Sci-fi films either but tonight's screening struck my interest. I don't know, call it the mood and its spirit of Halloween that struck that interest.

Tonight's screening of Ghost Dimension taking place in three parts of the city, this evening. You can catch it in the East Village @ AMC Kips Bay. You can catch it, Uptown this evening in Harlem @ the Magic Johnson Theatre. And, you'll find tonight's screening where I'm currently standing on line, here at AMC 34th Street theatre.

The film is about a family who recently moved into a new home among the holiday season. Don't you just hate it when previous residents leave things behind. That seems to be one of the main points of tonight's screening. There are others but this one in particular that kind of set that tone throughout the movie. It started when the current residents stumbled upon several boxes left in the garage by the previous residents. Some would take these unfamiliar items and get rid of them. While others would keep them. That isn't what happened here. Inside the boxes happen to be 20 year old items. A vcr along with vhs tapes and a camera was one of these items.

It seems that whatever was found in these boxes had some sort of an curse or rather it was creating a curse on to the home of the new family who had taken occupancy.

This is where everything become confusing. I have never been an scholar of the sciences or anything with the word sci in it for that matter.

I understand people's need to curiosity. It is true that curiosity kills the cat. In this case, curiosity almost killed there daughter, Lela. It was the moment when the father found the boxes and decided to interfer with the supernatural spirits.

Forgive me, if I may seem distracted. I'll be honest, I wasn't looking forward to this screening anymore once my date have been crushed. I took getting dumped like a man or at least I thought I did. Deep down, I was really upset with what, Jamal had done to me. However, don't let my depression put a damper on tonight's screening. It was still a wonderful movie, regardless. I manage to have a good time and enjoy tonight's screening. 

Like I said, I don't need a man to have a good time. Thank you to my, Rusty Jabbers for taking the time out to listen to me. 


Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I never understood, why people arrive to these things so early. You'll never catch me standing out here on these movie screening lines for two hours. An hour waiting that's all I can give to these things. From what I'm seeing there's going to be standing all over this place. There's a line outside of the theater. A line to get into the room of the theater. Oh yeah, can't forget the line everyone love's to hate, the concession line. I don't have any idea, what tonight's movie is all about. That doesn't stop people from attending a free movie. Free is that magic word.

The movie is called, "The Truth!" It stars; Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford, Topher Grace, Elisabeth Moss and Dennis Quaid. This is probably, my most interesting blog to come to date. This film gave me a run for my money. There were many occasions where I thought I couldn't take it. The film goes back a decade to 2004. It revolves around a huge scandal taken place that badly effected network CBS, 60 minutes and several of its journalists. What the scandal entailed was about these memos that were created by Jerry Killian. Jerry Killian came up with some sort of a scheme, writing in these memos of certain things involving former President George W. Bush. The memos were pertaining to George W. Bush and the Vietnam War, dated August 1, 1972. Jerry Killian manage to get these documents in the hands of retired lieutenant of the military, Bill Burkett.

It only takes one person to create a scandal. That is what happened, a scandal being perpetrated by Jerry Killian and lead on by Bill Burkett. Bill Burkett had came to Mary Mapes with these memos in regards to George W. Bush. Mary Mapes believe the information received from Bill Burkett, she never expected this. Bill Burkett was trying to get his story aired on 60 minutes with Dan Rather. Bill Burkett manage to do so. The memos were carefully examined by document examiners who declared the memos as false. What Jerry Killian and Bill Burkett have created just steered one big mess within CBS.

Right here, is where the movie lost me. Let's just say for a good hour an a half, this film didn't appeal to me. I'm not going to sit here and write a blog and lie to you. I want to be honest. This film was a tad boring. No offense, but politics isn't something that I ever related too. However, everything started to make sense once the scandal got underway. It was a lot more clear of what was going on here. A lot of real names and references were used in this film. The film is designed around CBS journalist, Mary Mapes who gotten herself involved in a scandal that affected her career in journalism. Mary Mapes haven't worked in journalism since 2004. If this is a true story these events that occurred are wicked.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Stipulation for tonight's match. The winner get an opportunity to pick which title, he wants to go after.
Participants in the match:
Mr Anderson
Jessie Godderz
Eli Drake
Al Snow
Aiden O' Shea
Robbie E
Mahabali Shera
Chris Melendez
Tommy Dreamer
The Pope  (Lol, what a joke. He changed his mind once he came across Tirus and Abyss, lmao.)

Tyrus pinned Mr Anderson

Hold up, hold up what's this Tyrus actually speaks, lol. Pay close attention it seems he has a message for EC3. Something tells me, Ethan isn't going to like it. Boo hoo, lol. It look like Ethan's so call good friend is turning on him. Being that he just won tonight's match. Well I don't have to tell you, what title Tyrus will be choosing, lmao.

The Wolves defeat Brian Myers & Trevor Lee

Bobby Roode defeat Bobby Lashley

Tonight Impact pay homage to an amazing, referee Earl Hebner.... Our 2015 Inductee into the Hall of the Fame "CONGRATULATIONS!"

Gail Kim defeat Awesome Kong

Kurt Angle defeat Eric Young
INJURY: Kurt Angle can not continue according to the doctor. Eric Young won't allow it. He's continuing with the beat down. Kurt Angle manage to go into defense mode and land the German suplex on Eric Young over concrete. Kurt Angle is going to try and fight the rest of this match.
Eric Young have been defeated. E.Y. your no God. You are the devil. Kurt Angle pulled this match off despite the doctor's orders.

Special Guest Referee: Jeff Hardy
Participants: Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy & Ethan Carter the 3
Matt Hardy defeat EC3 & Drew Galloway
Matt Hardy pinned Drew Galloway
EC3 leaves defeated but he still have his 714 days of not being pinned.

Jeff Hardy has the authority tonight. Jeff Hardy sending Tyrus to the back. I can't believe it, Tyrus seems to be leaving with no problem and no attitude.
How much you want to make a bet that Matt Hardy becomes World Heavyweight Champion tonight due to the fact that tonight's payper view is taking place. 1. Tonight's payper view is in Matt Hardy's hometown, 2. Matt's whole family in the audience, 3. Matt Hardy never had a World Heavyweight Championship before. This is his chance to earn one and 4. Most important his brother, Jeff Hardy is the special guest referee in the following match.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


WWE LIVE @ THE GARDEN Sat., Oct. 03rd

Zack Ryder defeat Bo Dallas

Mark Henry defeat Brad Maddox

Dolph Ziggler & Randy Orton defeat Sheamus & Rusev

Neville defeat Stardust

Team Bella defeat Team P. C. B.
Team P. C. B. stabbed Paige in the back, seeking their revenge.

Kevin Owens defeat Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship

Dudley Boyz defeat The New Day by disqualification... The New Day are still tag team champions.

Broc Lesnar defeat The Big Show, that was a quick match.

Steel Cage Main Event:
John Cena defeat Seth Rollins for the United States Championship Title with a lil' help coming from the Demon Kane, lol.