Saturday, October 19, 2013


RUSTY JABBZ NEWSLETTER PRESENTS THE L MAGAZINE PREVIEW OF, "HAUNTER" AT IFC CENTER TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2013 @ 6PM Can you imagine waking up, every morning to the greetings of "Lisa Johnson, Please meet us down in the secret key. We're going to spend all morning there." Well, I guess the greeting probably wouldn't make any sense if your name doesn't happen to be Lisa Johnson. This evening was a very interesting occasion of tonight's screening of "Haunter". I would like to thank, the L. Magazine for confirming my invitation to the IFC Center. This happen to be my first time appearing here at the IFC Center. There have been several times, where I been in the Village and I walked passed this theater and never did I acknowledge it. It wasn't until today, after being invited to this evening's screening. Tonight's movie is an exclusive preview of "Haunter". Which is kind of funny and odd to me. The reason, I found such an interests in booking a reservation for tonight. It reminds me, of these two current sitcoms I have an appeal for... Disney's Haunted Hathaways and ABC's The Goldbergs. Both, television sitcoms do not have anything in common with one another. It's only up to the viewers, there taste and opinion of the film. My taste and opinion of tonight's screening goes so deeply due to the fact that they created its production with an 1980's horror exploitation, appeal. Right now, we're in the middle of the new millennium. How many of my followers would love to join me on a trip, back into time. You're welcome to follow me, back 28 years to April 23, 1985. The film takes place in the middle of the nineteen 80's. Based on an incident involving, The Johnson Family. The movie opens up with, as I mentioned at the beginning with Lisa Johnson being interrupted during her sleep with this peculiar and strange greeting/ message, "Lisa Johnson, Please meet us down in the secret key. We're going to spend all morning." Throughout the movie, you'll hear multiple changes in the greetings. What makes it funny, is the amount of times, the scene keeps repeating and playing over and over again. While your watching this movie its going to seem like a comedy rather than a horror. Everyone in the theater, cracking up at times to the different scenes of amusement. But, that isn't what "Haunter" is all about. The Johnson family, who were killed in a car crash caused by the possessed father/ husband on April 23, 1985. Possessed by the previous home owner of this so call residence, Edgar Melons. It seems Edgar Melons grew up in the household that the Johnson's currently reside in. Edgar Melon have died in this home, in 1983. His spirit still resides there creating mischief to all intruders. However, it's deeper than just Edgar Melon scaring away, new housing residents. There is a secret and some things stored inside the house that he doesn't want discovered. Edgar Melon, sees to it and finds away to eliminate and seize the residence who dare reside inside his former home. The Johnson family, although they are dead. They were being held captive and didn't realize it. What ended up happening, Lisa discovered the whole matrix they gotten themselves involved in. It was up to Lisa to bring down Edgar Melons and save her family. I want to thank L magazine once again for tonight and thank you to IFC Center. As I mentioned, earlier I never gave myself the opportunity to come inside here before. I'm glad I got that opportunity tonight. This is a nice looking place, a little miniature for a theater. It's alright for me, I don't need the luxury of your typical theaters like Loews, AMC. I'm grateful for this. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog: