Thursday, August 30, 2012


Where have I been, no Rusty Jabbz since Aug. 07th that is like 15 days. If my math is correct, lol. I'm sorry to have abandoned my jabbers for so long. I hope my rusty jabbers been checking in on the site. Oh I see y'all have been. My views are up to 18,948 WHOA!!! I'm definitely sorry for the disappearance for the past couple of days. It's been a hard month of hustling and grinding. Today seems to be the last day for hip hop with the City Parks Foundation. I'm in sort of a rush. I have my heart set on this evening's hip hop finale, coming to you live from The Dome. The place where, Wildstyle was built (East River Park). Let's just hope I make it in time. I had an late start. I needed some quick errands taken care of first. I'm meeting one of my homies there. I hope I catch him. I have something to offer him, something special as a token of our friendship and brotherhood.
I did arrive to "The Dome" no headaches, no hassles but whoa get a look at this crowd. I have neverrrr, everrrr (I'm intimating Chris Jericho) seen the East River Bandshell, this packed. This is only my third appearance at the dome. E.O.W. 10th year anniversary wasn't this packed. Last year's Cold Crush Brother's live show wasn't this packed neither but this right here is a free concert in a park that looks more like an outdoor stadium concert. At least that's how it feels. I'm like gosh, where do I stand. There's hip hop fans and supporters everywhere, all over the grass, all over the bleachers. I'm just trying to get in, where I squeeze in, lol. I did the best I can to pull off an satisfying set up for my Worldwide Jabbz video channel. You can't get much footage with these "refrigerator-sized" speakers blocking my camera's vision. I did, however manage to get some clean footage every now and then of Pete Rock. But, Dj Premier forget about it. There is no way, I can pull that off. He is, so far across stage. I'm not even going to attempt to make my way through this capacity crowd. Someone may go '80s on me and snuff me for stepping on their brand new pair of kix. Where I'm at now is alright. It's not the coolest place to be but its as far as I'm going to go. Besides I'm shocked to even have made it down here, this far down considering the time I arrived.
I wish, I had a lot for y'all. Y'all my jabbers, I don't like to disappoint, nuhmean. I'm sorry but don't get me wrong the party was jumpin'. It's just things aren't what they seem or what we expect. I've been looking forward to this event during this month. I know, my jabbers been looking forward to it as well. As I stand here with a camera in my hand and a screaming crowd around me chanting "HIP HOP!" repeatedly. I'm saying to myself now, "how am I going to explain this to y'all". How am I going to explain, what was meant to be one of hip hop's summer great finales. However, I did enjoy as much as I could see. It was rough being squashed in there. I got my baby shots. I believe I took enough footage for this edition. I don't know if my cameras footage will meet my jabbers standards. After tonight, this event doesn't even meet Dj Handspin's standards.
Just when the hip hop is about to go down. Pete Rock, Premier getting ready to go back and forth, rotating hip hop classics, then this happens. The only thing that you could expect to happen at a hip hop, live show. What do any of y'all think it is? If you guessed, babylon or c-cypher. No, it wasn't them. There weren't any NYPD interruptions tonight. The most disturbing thing that happen tonight was the sound system malfunctioning due to system overload... "FUCK ME!" In fact, FUCK US ALL!!! Right now, this is not the type of crowd you want to fuck. I'm standing, squnch in the dark midst of a crowd I assume to be about 1700+ deep. If not more, who knows. What I do know, the soundman and the technicians, electricians whoever... they need to get to work before this crowd gets ugly. I'm talking, "WATTS RIOT UGLY!". You know, I shouldn't be here anymore. In fact none of us should still be here. It's now, 15 minutes pass the cut off time and they are still working on the sound system. Which is the only reason I chose to stay out pass cut off time. I figure, once they would finally get the system up and running again. They would make up to the crowd for the time that was lost. I mean, c'mon don't y'all feel we deserve it. Everyone out here including myself came out here to see a one on one, free for all, live dj session by two of hip hop's well deserved and decorated djs: Pete Rock and Dj Premier. I wanted this to be another, City Parks event night to remember. Technically, it will be a night to remember just for the wrong reasons.
I shouldn't be crying over split milk anymore and I think the people are starting to dry their tears as well, as they get up and prepare themselves to exit. I can not say, I disagree.... honestly I should have left 20 minutes ago. I had something that I needed to give to a friend of mine. A friend of mine, who was here earlier and had the good sense to leave once all this technical difficulty risen. Dee, I apologize I never got a chance to see you tonight. I know that your birthday is next week and you will be out of town. I had a little present and a card that I wanted to give to you before you left for your trip. I'll just hold onto it till you come back. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip and I'll see you when you get back, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMION and to my rusty jabbz followers and supporters "LOVE, PEACE AND HIP HOP!!!
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


"YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST PART TWO... THE CONCLUSION" Looks like everything is just about coming down. They're dismantling the stage and disconnecting all of the audio equipment in the area. I arrived here, this evening on the S52. I do not feel too safe standing here on Canal St., waiting for the S52 to take me to the ferry. I'm not trying to sound like a wuss but something is telling me that this side of the park is its "live side". It wasn't just the rowdy noise and constant "C's" up hollas that convinced me. I believe the persuasion came more from an resident when he quoted in my passing, "I'm surprised niggaz ain't start shootin'". See you can't be saying stuff like that when there's a stranger in your mist. I'm a stranger to this land. Shit, like that I don't want to hear. Especially, on the late night travelling. I decided to find another, bus route which happen to be the S51 on Bay Street. Over here through Tappen Park and across the street. The S51 goes to the St. George Ferry where everyone catches the Staten Island Ferry. Once I reached to the St. George Ferry, you can see all of tonight's concert attendees awaiting the arrival of the Staten Island Ferry so we can return to the city. I ran into some clown ass dude inside the terminal. Serves me right for asking him for directions. I didn't expect it to lead into a long conversation about his fascination with Lil' Wayne. Once I board onto the ferry, my eyes were mesmerized. I didn't expect to be stepping onto a spaceship. This is a huge machine. Wow!!! I can't even count the amount of seats. The ferry has bathrooms, a pantry, an elevator to take passengers from the lower mezzanine to the upper deck. The only thing that sucks on the ferry. I currently have 4G but no bars is this because of the sea. "NO WIFI ACROSS THE HUDSON!!". Speaking of sea, this ferry is moving kind of slow. I hope I don't get sea sick. Afterall, this is my first time. 10:24pm, we're pulling in the city already. My that was rather quick, afterall. The ferry offers a lot for being free. They should have kept it $.50 at least the city would have some profit. What would I care I wasn't taking the ferry back then, neither. I had a wonderful night, concert and all. My main reason for tonight's voyage. I wanted to finally get the chance to experience a trip to Staten Island on the "Unknown" buses and the ferry for the first time. This is a night I will never forget.
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CITY PARKS FOUNDATION SUMMERSTAGE PRESENTS "KEITH MURRAY/ THE BEATNUTS AND PLENTY MORE LIVE TONIGHT AT THE TAPPEN PARK, STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012" Tappen Park, not quite what I've imagined. Neither is this ghostown area, not what I imagined. The one thing I did love about Tappen Park is the fact that it has no fences surrounding the perimeters. Unlike other parks throughout other inner city boroughs. This park here is an open park, no fences, no gates. If there's any fences or gates, its in specified areas. For instance, rose buds and garden areas. Which still says a lot being able to have a park as such in the hood.
First off, I would like to give a phat shout out to the host of the evening, BX's loved one' Big JEFF! At this present time, the name Jeff is a name I don't want to hear. I've been having complications for the past couple weeks with another character of the same name. By the grace of God that Jeff was taken care of. This brother, right here is my man, BX' own "BIG JEFF". He's holding down the fort introducing tonight's guests and performances. Big up to Juju, on the one's and nothing, lmao.... I like that comment, Juju "One's and nothing" that's basically where the dj industry and culture have gone too. Much love to the Djs like myself who still utilize the vinyl and the crates that only shows your strength and pure love for this artform. We got Beatnuts' Juju holding down the one's and nothing for the night and for the performers throughout the evening. Our first guest of tonight goes back to the days of Nice and Smooth. G.P.K., an emcee known for his tung twistin' talent and tonight's single performance "Feel like I'm supposed to learn". He was so so, I don't know how old school and how far his legacy goes back to Nice and Smooth. He could use some work on establishing his legacy. Sure he has a talent to tung twist his words. But, if you heard one emcee that can spit fast then you pretty much heard them all.
The next artist to take the stage is a female emcee that goes by the name "Daminellz". Excuse me ma, I apologize for the misspelling of your name. I googled you various times, your name didn't come up. I had to use my better judgement and attempt to spell it, as it sounds. Please don't let the misspelling of your name figure into what I seen of you this evening. I loved the joint, you performed "Never getting sidetrack" that was on fire. A joint that happens to be produced by Staten Island's Incite. Daminellz who's an aspiring female lyrical emcee. She's backed by producer Blind 13. I'm pretty sure, she can be found somewhere on the internet. Perhaps people will have better luck with the spelling of her name, when trying to track her down.
I want all my rusty jabbers to put their hands together and clap for "TS" alumni' Triple Seis. The man who actually taught Big Pun, how to rhyme. So, if you were thinking Fat Joe was that man all this time. You were thinking, wrong. Triple Seis getting the crowd, crazy. Triple Seis, has a few bangers he layed out tonight. Joints like "Kindness for weakness", "Call me, when you need me". This is a song I think a lot of people can relate too. I believe everyone has that one person in their life that only calls them whenever they need something. This is another, Triple Seis banger a hip hop dancehall stylee featuring Killa Rush called "Champion". Phat shout out to Triple Seis for coming through tonight. Hit up Triple Seis on twitter at @tripseisbx. Let Triple Seis know that Rusty Jabbz gave 'em some props on his blogazine.
Here comes the party! Everybody now, here comes the party! The main event begins starting off with The Beatnuts and Keith Murray... The Beat Nuts setting it off first. It's been a long time since I've seen these brothers perform in the NYC. I've been saying this for the past couple of years "Whatever happened to The Beatnuts?". I'm glad to be here seeing them. I'm glad I made this trip out here this evening. Truthfully I really did enjoy myself. I would have enjoyed myself a whole lot more providing that 'The Nuts performed my alltime favorite classic "Reign of Tec" that was the record that made me fall in love with The Beatnuts. But, I can see they're sticking to the pop rap format. Only performing the material released from their most POPular albums, "A Musical Massacre" and "Take It or Squeeze it". This is a young crowd out here, they don't know pass "A Musical Massacre". Shout out to the few o.geez in the crowd who knows the true 'NUTS!
THE SON OF GOD KNOWN TO MAN IS JESUS CHRIST!!!, yes indeed. How about this then, "THE SON OF THE HIP HOP GOD, IS NOW KNOWN TO MAN TODAY AS TAHMELL!!! Tahmell, the 20th Letter. The son to the 18th Letter, Rakim. Tahmell Griffin made a brief appearance before Mr. Murray to let everyone know that he too can MOVE THE CROWD!. Tahmell, the 20th letter, the son of Rakim, check 'em out at Its our star of the evening, Hit Squad's Central Islip own Keith Murray. This was a great performance by Keith Murray performing some of his songs and verses of guest appearance from other songs. I especially like when he performed his verse to G-Dep's "Special Delivery" remix. I forgot, Keith Murray was on there. Oh yeah, who can forget Keith Murray's classic verse on LL's "I Shot Ya" remix. The downfall though it would have been much better if Keith Murray had some new material. At least one or two new songs. Look at Triple Seis, he performed for us tonight showcasing two new singles. You know what else would have been cool if Keith Murray did his famous stage dive. I know its kind of outrageous. I seen him pull that stunt off last year at the Santos Party House. It was crazy. I wanted him to do that again of course I'm not very sure if this crowd is capable of catching him. Speaking of someone being capable. I'm not capable of capturing him on film, the man moves too quick. Overall the show wasn't that bad until Keith Murray was carted for cursing. Uh oh, whenever you hear that coming from a concert organizer telling you to go easy on the fowl language. You know this isn't hip hop. What's hip hop if it doesn't have profanity?
I want to show some love to all the performers who came out here this evening. Everyone who were out here tonight from G.P.K. to Dominellz to Triple Seis to The Beat Nuts to Tahmell Griffin and Keith Murray. Peace to our host of the evening, Big Jeff. Much love to Juju who provided the music over the one's and nothing, lmao. I love that! I want to thank Jeff D of the Force MD's for being in the house. What up to Staten Island's youngest Wu member, Shyheim the Rugged Child. A definite misconception there's nothing childish about him, anymore. He's all pure "rugged man". Y'all didn't have to do Shyheim like that and cut off the sound to his mic. These City Parks Foundation cats don't play when times up, "TIME'S UP!". Don't fret they're kicking us out the park tonight but be sure to be back here, tomorrow evening same start time and end time (7pm-9pm). Tomorrow night, with the man who knows how to make two make the thing go right... "ROB BASE!!".
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Friday, August 3, 2012


"YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST.... Before, we go into today's Rusty Jabbz editorial. I would like to sit back and discuss for a few minutes. Don't have no worries of boredom. My topic of discussion will lead into tonight's performance at Tappen Park. What I would like to know is, how many of my readers sometimes feel their is something in your life you haven't done yet. No matter, how big or small it is. For example, let's talk about me and all of the things that I feel I haven't done yet. Okay, we're not going to talk about all my problems. After all that is, what Mom's are for. Anyway I was just thinking about tonight's event in Staten Island at Tappen Park. The Beat Nuts and Keith Murray are performing tonight, live in the park. I knew about this event for the whole month. Tonight you could say, is sort of like a grand finale of hip hop doing it up "Shaolin Style" for the City Parks Foundation. This whole month I've been contemplating on, whether or not I should attend. The only reason, I had such strong thoughts and its okay with me if you all think my thoughts are silly or perhaps pointless. Always remember, "One man's silly thoughts is another man's goal". I have never been to the Borough of STATEN.... sort of, but its not the same thing. My early recalls date back to my early childhood but I don't recognize and acknowledge camping/ school bus trip to Staten Island. If you want to look at it in that perspective. To me though, this is what my first truly means... My first experience utilizing the Staten Island' ground and services from the "Unknown" buses to the regular Staten Island MTA and Ferry transportation. I take pride in my city. Although I must admit for all the years I lived here, I never bothered to take advantage of it prior. Tonight I have an opportunity to see The Beat Nuts and Keith Murray, live at Tappen Park going down at 7pm. It just so happens to take place on the Island. Am I looking forward to it, sort of but my mind is set more on the journey. In the meantime, I would like to thank the, "FATMAN FOR BEING IN TOWN"... The fatman is in town. Which gives me some reassurance in case I decide to get cold feet. Rick Ross, is down here signing autographs at J&R Music World. I wouldn't mine, seeing him. I'm not sure if J&R Music World will have him perform, this evening. I would love to film Rick Ross performing somewhere in New York City for Worldwide Jabbz that would mean a whole lot to me. I mean, that's about all I want from him. Well, maybe a picture of him and him and his crew. I'll take that but as far as an autographs he can keep his stanking signature. You know what, "FUCK RICK ROSS" he sounds much better on bootleg. Don't let me break that chain. I didn't bother to hang around J&R Music World, any further and proceeded to walk towards Bowling Green & Battery Place. I'm going to call this, "The Unknown Block". A lot of my readers now, are like WHAT? I know, y'all know what "Unknown" means or better yet, the symbol for it. It's the "X". My black people and muslim people should know this. Anyway, as I was saying I walked down to Bowling Green & Battery Place. On Battery Place that's all you see are people standing at various Staten Island bus stops. There were other, MTA special type buses that only travel to outreach areas (boondox) in boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens. My focus is on finding the X1. Which took me quite awhile to find. I eventually found the bus stop for the X1. Once I found the bus stop I decided to wait for the next X1 bus. One X1 bus stopped and the passengers all but me boarded. I was still uncertain on whether or not I should still go. Shortly after another, X1 bus came and that's when I exhumed my courage and got on the bus. First rule of the "Unknown Buses"..."UNLIMITED CARDS ARE NOT ALLOWED, CASH CARDS ONLY!!" Wow, that is something totally different already. Well, that and the fare ($5.50). Oh my lord, I think one of the best things Mayor Bloomberg ever did for this city was making the ferry ride to Staten Island free. I want to thank the bus driver, for letting me slide cause all I had was an, unlimited pass that was very nice of him. I got on the bus at 7:03pm, by now the concert should be starting. I don't know if I'm going to make it. I would like to but this journey is more about my first official trip to the Borough of Shaolin.
Boy was I stunned by the destination time. The trip only took 30 minutes. Even, when I transferred between the X1 and the S52 it still only took 30 minutes. The bus driver dropped me off on Canal St. (I guess, there's a Canal St in every borough). I wasn't really feeling, this side of the park that the driver dropped me off at. I see, brothers wilding out over here. If my hearing haven't failed me, I do hear some "C's" up, calls. Speaking of UP, What are up with all these vacant businesses. I could tell, I'm in the hood. Ain't no big time corporations bought these small mom n pop shops out. From my eyes and what I'm seeing now. This look like straight hoods may have ran them out of here, instead. This is only my opinion, I'm not here to criticize the landscape and community of Shaolin. Besides this looks like a much better place than where I'm living now (No Disrespect to Flatbush). Ooooh, I get an welcoming. This is cute. I wonder if my father (God, Rest his Soul) ever knew about this street. See my dad, he was a travelling man, a business man. Although, he had his business registered in New Jersey. I happen to know for a fact that my father did keep certain New York clientele in particular areas and Staten Island would be one of those particulars. I know, if my father was still alive and standing beside me here he would be proud. We both would be proud, looking up and gazing happy at the street sign with the "WRIGHT" name branded on it. Our family take pride in our name. It's not that often I get to travel to places with streets named, after the "WRIGHT" family, generation and ancestry....
REST IN PEACE N PARADISE FATHER!!!! Pardon to anyone who thinks I may have gotten a bit too emotional. This conclude part one of "YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST...."
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Thursday, August 2, 2012


New York's home to a lot of Reggae artists but never with a place to all covene under one roof festival style. It's long overdue but New York is finally launching the first Annual New York City Reggae Festival conceived by NY's MANKINDUNITED It's taking place on Saturday, August 4th in the downtown E. Village at a venue called DROM The Reggae Festival features many wicked Reggae Artists plus a very rare performance from the Original Queen of Dancehall- Sister Nancy. Sister Nancy's career span over 2 decades. Her most famous song "Bam Bam" is labelled as a well-known Reggae Album and a classic. She explained her absence in the recording scene over the last years as she wanted to give other female artists a chance. Also on the bill is ILLSPREE who brings hardcore roots and vibes with 100% originality Ras T straight from JAMAICA with fearless Lyrics, Vibes and Riddims. Music Provided by one of the heaviest sound systems out of Brooklyn called The Majestic Twinsound. The festival happens to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica's Independence (Aug. 6th) and this may be one of the only concerts recognizing this important piece of history in NY- however, around the Globe, the world will be celebrating. Honoring 50 years of Jamaica's Independence - Come celebrate at DROM. August 4th- The 1st Annual NYC Reggae Festival. You don't want to miss it!
$20.00 at door, $15.00 w/ rsvp with 21+ 10-4am Sponsors include: ConsciousNYC For press inquiries, interviews and photos please contact Fiona Bloom at ___________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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