Sunday, March 29, 2015


Wrestle Mania Pre Show

Match #01
Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defeated The Usos, The Los Matadores and The New Day in a fatal four way match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Cesaro pinned Big E of the New Day to help regain their tag team gold.

Match #02 Andre The Giant Battle Royal
The Big Show, the winner of the Andre The Giant Battle Royal and the first time he ever won a battle royal. "THE 2 GIANTS STAND TALL TOGETHER!"

Competitors Eliminated (in order): Curtis Axel, Alex Riley, Zack Ryder, Bo Dallas, Tom Gung, Los Matadores, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Mark Henry, The Ascension, Darren Young, Heath Slater, Titus O'neill, Jack Swagger, Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier, Erick Rowan, Goldust, Kane, Cesaro, Ryback, The Miz and Mizdow

Wrestle Mania Live Event

Match #01
Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, R-Truth and Stardust in a ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Daniel Bryan, the first title change of the evening plus his first Intercontinental Title victory.

Match #02
Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins
BEATIFUL MATCH - WOOOOO HOOOOO SWEET that's all you need to say about this match........ "AWESOME!"

Match #03
Triple H defeated Sting (BOOOOO!!!!!!!)
This is the match everyone been waiting for. Well, not so much the match. Sting is also someone we've been waiting for. Sting is here in a WWE ring and on a WWE pay per view. Who would have ever thought? Another, thing I wonder what people would of thought. Is perhaps the bizarre introduction of "Terminator H", LOL. What a weird robotic get up Triple H had one. Talk about a man, who loves to make an appearance. I liked Sting's entrance better than Hemsley. A chorus line set up among the stage with each choral member with Sting replica faces. As far as, Sting verses Triple H tonight honestly I don't know how to put it. Yes, I wanted Sting to win but for some reason it wasn't the match I expected. I really loved the whole recap of the Monday Night Wars concept, DX vs NWO. It was cool to go back in time, 20 years. Of course, DX, won again like last time, lol. You know how WWE, do. I want to thank, X-Pac, Shawn Michaels, The New Age Outlawz, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for coming out to Wrestle Mania.

Match #04
Aj Lee and Paige defeated The Bella Twins
Aj Lee manage to pull off that victory over Nikki Bella with the "Black Widow". Even though at the beginning of the match, Aj Lee took a hell of a beating from the Bellas.

WWE Hall of Fame; Class of 2015:
Rakishi, Larry Zbyszko, Alundra Blayze, (RIP) Connor MicHalek, The Bushwackers, Tatsumi Fujinami, (RIP) Macho Man Randy Savage, Arnold Scwartzenegger and Kevin Nash

Match #05
John Cena defeated Rusev for the United States Championship.
The Vulgarian Brute making his entrance. OMG, down the ramp through a tank. Who the hell, this Rusev think he is. I see, Miss Legs is back with Rusev, lol. I heard Lana had to beg him to be by his side at Wrestle Mania, this evening. Lana promises to never undermine him, ever again. Apparently, she may have did that. That's how John Cena became the new United States champion. Thanks a lot to Lana's interference on the ring ropes costing Rusev the match. Rusev wasn't very pleased with Lana again. Anyway, who cares finally that Russian racist was taken down by a worthy opponent and individual.

The Rock and Randa laying the smack down on your candy asses....
This was a fun sketch. I guess, we can say half time. The Authority being introduced to the ring. I knew things were too good to be true. After his earlier match, he finished with a bogus sportsmanship handshake to Sting over his victory. I should always know, there isn't anything sportsman about The Authority. I'm glad The Rock was there. Of course it is starting to be ironic. Why is it that The Rock is showing up at all of WWE's major pay per views. How much y'all want to make a bet he'll be at WWE's next major pay per view "Summer Slam". Anyway, thank you to The Rock and Randa Rousey of UFC for shutting up Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, LMAO HA HA HA HA..... Good for them!

Match #06
The Undertaker defeated Bray Wyatt
The Undertaker has risen, lol. After tonight lets hope Broc Lesnar falls. THE DEADMAN IS BACK!!!

Match #07
Roman Reigns Vs. Broc Lesnar
Seth Rollins defeated Broc Lesnar and Roman Reigns to be the new, WWE World Heavy Weight Champion
OMG, I swear can't Paul Heyman ever just go on a program without people hearing his big mouth, GOD. Roman Reigns busted in early on Broc Lesnar. Broc Lesnar manage to get on Reigns. Lesnar letting him have it. Whoa, I hope I'm not wrong. I'm one of those people that actually think, "Roman Reigns Can Do It! I don't want to be wrong. Although, you can never tell by the way Roman Reigns took a nice residency in "Suplex City". Roman Reigns already picked up 5 F5's and 10 German suplexes from Broc Lesnar. Roman Reigns did manage to make a come back, going after Broc Lesnar with 4 superman punches and 2 spears and it just wouldn't lay the beast down. However, a look of concern did come across the "Paulrus", lmao. Sneak attack when both men were laid out flat onto the canvas. "The Wrestler We All Love To Hate, Seth Rollins came storming down the ramp with that look of anxiety and anticipation. It was time to cash his "Money in the Bank" briefcase in. It's about time, although I'm not proud of his victory but I'm glad he got rid of that dam briefcase. So there you have it, Seth Rollins is our new WWE World Heavy Weight Champion - (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

Thanks to tonight's performances:
Aloe Blacc,
Skylar Grey and Kid Ink

What a wonderful evening its been out here in the Levi Stadium. "LEVI", I wonder if this stadium is named after my favorite jeans, LOL. I would like to thank everyone who came out to tonight's Wrestle Mania 31. What a lovely, event not so bad after all. Only 2 of the matches were crappy involving Triple H and Seth Rollins. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people who didn't agree with those victories. However, those 2 matches couldn't have bought down tonight's event. It was a spectacular affair. Congratulations to the WWE of their broken record of $12.3 million dollars and their full capacity arena of 76,976 people in the stands. What a blessing it must have been to the WWE? I know, there are times when I have said, negative words against the WWE but this time is one of its proudest moments in the WWE. Wrestle Mania is probably one of my favorite pay per views. I see myself to be a true wrestling fan. Although it isn't often you'll find me placed here in front of an computer device for 5 hours. The same went for last night, as I enjoyed 5 hours of WWE's Class of 2015 - Hall of Fame. I didn't quite enjoy the whole 5 hours. The same for this evening. I want to talk about and rate the following matches of tonight's Wrestle Mania 31. I know there are some people who are disappointed by Roman Reigns loss but on the other hand I'am happy that Broc Lesnar is no longer the champion. It is just unfortunate that Seth Rollins cashed in his briefcase. Like we didn't see it coming. Look forward in seeing our new champion, tomorrow morning on the Morning Show and don't forget his 30 minute inauguration on Monday Night Raw. Oh God, I really hope that doesn't happen, LOL. Anyway on a scale of 1 to 10. I would like to rate tonight's Wrestle Mania 31... 8.5



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Thursday, March 26, 2015


There have been so many different types of movie screenings broadcasting throughout the streets of New York. Tonight I'm in for a surprise by NBC's latest premiere. Schedule for television broadcasting/ debut, Sunday April 5th. New York, tonight we are in for a surprise. I hope everyone enjoys tonight's screening of the "American Odyssey". In the meantime, have a "HAPPY EASTER!"

Okay, I manage to have gotten myself in, along with free soda and popcorn courtesy of NBC, I assume. You can say, this makes up for the rejection of my last screening attempt to see my baby daddy, Idris Elba in "The Gunman", lol. I must be honest. No matter how good this film turns out to be. It won't get added to my dvr list come April 5th. I mean that by no disrespect. It's just that I have enough to watch already on television. Trust me, I don't need anymore additions placed on my dvr.

We haven't watched the film, yet. We are still sitting here in our seats. At least, we're sitting here for some good purpose. I would like to take this time and show my appreciation here tonight to Commissioner Sutton of the U.S. Armed Forces. It's such a privilege having Commissioner Sutton here with us. As we take part in the acknowledgements of a few worthy "Woman Warriors" who happen to sit among us in this theater, right now. After indulging in the contribution taking part by Commissioner Sutton. I was ready to see the film. I guess, you say Commissioner Sutton was sort of like an opening act, so to speak. The things she mentioned and addressed in regards to women being in the U.S. Armed Forces. Especially, on one particular topic... "Woman Warriors!"
What exactly is a Woman Warrior? Women warriors are females in the military. Females being part of an military service extends back 3,000 years in time. Woman have served many different roles in the military. That is what tonight's screening is all about. It's about Sgt Odelle Ballard (played by Anna Friel) who just lost her platoon (Task 24). They were ambushed and taken out by Special OPS forces. Sgt Ballard was fortunate to escape. She happen to be on a potty break when the ambush occurred. I guess, nature at times can save someone's life, lol. Now, Sgt Ballard finds herself stranded somewhere in Mali (Africa). Wait, that isn't all. The film gets better. There happens to be a price on her head. It seems she's still alive. Apparently, the whole Task were not killed. See, this is where it gets interesting that whole concept of paying soldiers to kill other soldiers. Meanwhile, back at the states. In lower Manhattan a devastating demonstration is taking place being conducted by Harrison Walters. They are taken by the news of the death of Task 24 and the missing soldier, Sgt Ballard. They can't believe someone would do this to heroes. Especially, after what Task 24 accomplished in their assassination of Mali dictator, Abass. I don't think I can tell you anymore. If you would love to enjoy it. The film is schedule to debut once again, Sunday, April 5th @ 10pm after, "The Bible". I would suggest y'all watch both programs.

Perhaps, I'm going to be wrong. After what I've just finish watching. It is safe to say and give a warm welcome to "American Odyssey" onto my dvr list. Sunday nights, just keep on getting hooked up. It was merely, three weeks ago when ABC's newest drama "Secrets and Lies" came into my life for my Sunday night line up. I would to thank, NBC and Gofobo for tonight's screening event. However, I must apologize to Kevin Powell and the BK Nation. Originally, I scheduled myself to attend the rally in honor of the late Trayvon Martin at the Judson Memorial Church. I submit my apologies deeply to you all.

****************************************"HAPPY EASTER!"************************************

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


What a beautiful day taking place. I just finish enjoying my early half of the day with all the amounts of my dvr collection over the past week. I had a good time with ABC Families' "Switched at Birth" and "The Fosters", CBS' "Madame Secretary", Destination Americas' "TNA's Greatest Wrestling", WLNY's "PWS Wrestling", Teen Nick's "Open Heart" and ABC's newest Sunday night drama/ thriller "Secret & Lies". Ah' man this show is crazy. I can't believe, I've been 3 weeks behind schedule. I'm glad, I'm all caught up today. Thank, God I kept everything held inside here until it was a good time to view them all. I have plenty more sitting inside my dvr and plenty more on its way tonight.

I have an special interests in tonight's movie screening. I was invited to view, Friday's premiere of "The Gunman" starring Sean Penn and Idris Elba. I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not really into the movie. I have no idea, what the movie is all about. However, hearing that my sugardaddy, "IDRIS" is starring inside tonight's screening is enough to grab my attention. I can not wait.

Okay, this isn't what I expected. What a long ass line, oh my God. Forget it, I ain't gettin' in. This is the first time, I ever seen a line, this long at the AMC Loews theater. Particularly, the 34th street branch. I understand, tonight is a free screening. For some reason, I think everyone is here the same reason I'm here, to see Idris Elba.

I know, they are. It's unfortunate the rest of us had to be sent home. Due to the number of capacity. We never gotten our chance at a seat. It's all good. I shouldn't be too upset. I expected something would happen, as soon as I arrived up in front. There will be more screenings to come, as always. Enough with all this mess. Let me, return myself back home and pick up where I left off with my dvr collection.

Good Night!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter March 2015 Issue #03 "Latoya's New Home"

















What a lovely weekend, I had today. It wasn't something I was expecting. I want to thank my homegurl, Latoya for today, not to mention congratulations on your new and lovely home. What a lovely place it happen to be. Too big for one girl. I can't believe its all for you. Good luck with it. I don't know if I can live inside a house all by myself. I'm too lonely. I must have dick by my side at all times, lol.

I hope, Latoya, is staying with somebody up there from time to time. I don't know if she's seeing anyone. I assume, she has a boyfriend in her life. I ain't kidding y'all. If this were me, I wouldn't live up there at all without a man in my life. Perhaps, if I didn't have a man. I wouldn't have this place at all. I'll consider myself more as an landlord and rent out the property.

However, whatever the case happens to be for my darling friend, Latoya I' am still proud of her for what she accomplished. I want everyone to take a good look at what you see. I manage to take the liberty of taking several pictures of various images throughout her new home. This is something I would like to share with everyone.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter March 2015 Issue #02 "ROAD TO WRESTLE MANIA!"


This happen to be the first match of the evening. Not really, technically its my first match of the evening. I have no idea, who kicked off tonight's event. After all the money I spend on these wrestling tickets you think I would at least come on time. This is a tag team championship match taking place. The New Day, you have the support of Brooklyn but that doesn't mean a thing. It's who's walking out of here with the championship that matters. I rest my case. Hate 'em and Love 'em, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro still manage to get the job done.


Okay, this sounds awesome a street fight involving The Big Show. OMG, how awesome that was. We all know, how Roman Reigns enters the arena through the audience. That was so cool, coming across Roman Reigns making his entrance through my section. Awesome match taking place in the progress. Along with some comedy being done by The Big Show. That's right, Big Show you tell 'em. Your not fat, your big boned. Lol, The Big Show having his nice comedy routine with the audience. Well, he needed to have something. He wasn't planning on lasting very long against Roman Reigns, after the superman punch.


"JOBBER!" "JOBBER!" "JOBBER!" "JOBBER!" "JOBBER!" "JOBBER!" "JOBBER!" "JOBBER!" I'm not necessarily sure what that means but according to the WWE universe its an negative word. Here is our winner, Sin Cara. Of course, here comes our sore loser Heath Slater with an attack on Sin Cara followed by an impromptu match demanding a rematch. Of course, he lost again. I'm starting to think that's what "Jobber" means. Those wrestlers who get paid to throw matches so to speak.


Oh man, I don't think I ever heard this entrance music and that man standing in the ring waiting for him. I just got a rush. You can tell these 2 have never fought before. These 2 seem like 2 people meeting on a date for the first time. Bray Wyatt worrying about Randy Orton pulling on his beard. I believe, he's going to have a lot more worries if The Undertaker accepts his challenge for Wrestle Mania 31. You believe that, that is actually the first time I ever smiled and clapped for Randy Orton in a victory. I must admit, as much as I hate Randy Orton. I like him much more than that Bray Wyatt.


Two people, Brooklyn do not want to see. In fact, Lana and Rusev just happen to be 2 people you'll find dumped somewhere in a lot in Brooklyn. Why did they show up tonight. They just ruined my evening. Brooklyn do not want to see, Rusev and Lana. Oh Lord, this is great another asshole joining us out here tonight at the Barclay's Center. Seth Rollins and Rusev, these 2 are perfect for each other. A tag team match getting ready to take place against Ryback and John Cena. It look like a lot of the fans from the audience knew, who happen to be Ryback's partner. I thought maybe it would of been Dolph Ziggler or Dean Ambrose. I haven't seen neither one of them all evening. John Cena out here going crazy. He haven't been tagged in yet by his partner. Ryback taking all the beating. This is an awesome match I hope Ryback and John Cena win. I'm getting sick and tired of Seth Rollins and Rusev. YES!!!, John Cena finally got himself tagged in. John Cena taking down Seth Rollins and pinning him.

It's only 10:15 pm that's early, especially for WWE. Nonetheless, I still had an good time. Shocker not too many WWE house shows are this good. I guess, I can say I got my monies worth. Well, good night everyone, good night Barclay's Center. I hope everyone enjoyed the road they've taken to Wrestle Mania. Let's do this again in 5 months, "SUMMERSLAM @ THE BARCLAY'S CENTER AUG. 23RD!!!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Welcome to Rusty Jabbz Newsletter March, Issue #01. A classy, fancy, dancy theater for a movie. I don't know, if it fit its criteria. We're all about to find out. I'm not a person who's known for judging books by its cover. Uh huh that's right, perfect for tonight's screening affair an Ice Cube mixtape bumping on the eardrums. Tonight's screening is titled, "Bloodline". As of right now, I have no idea what tonight's screening is all about until I get there. Regardless with a name given to a flick, as such. I see a lot of action, gangsta, drama and can not forget "THE BLOOD!" Let's hope there is. I'm not going to be very happy if I don't come across any of these things. I'm missing, the return of, "Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.".

I showed up at the SVA theater. Whoever these people are they're doing it up big tonight. Talk about class and luxury. This theater is looking, Hollywood red carpet style. Despite the fact that there are red carpets all over the place. What I mean, this is an actual film release party sponsored in part by Netflix for their next online series, "Bloodline". "Bloodline" is an online series about a southern family' The Rayburns who can't seem to get along with one of their own bloodline, Danny Rayburn. It came to that point where they decided to take drastic measures to get rid of him. Off of what I seen from the two episodes that were shown this evening. "Bloodline" give you that spark and adrenalin. It have been a very longtime since a family drama show with such intense nature came across our paths not since the days of Dallas and Dynasty. Only this will be 10 times better.

I really had a wonderful time. I would like to thank, once again Netflix for tonight's affair. Thank you to Netflix, lovely series look like you found yourself another person glued to that screen. I would also like to thank. Some of the "Bloodline" cast and staff who have shown up here, this evening. Thank you to Ben Mendelsen, Thank you to Enrique Murciano, Thank you to Jamie Mc Shane. There were other cast members here, thank you to those as well. I also want to thank once again whoever was in charge of the concession stand. Thanks a lot for all those free popcorns, caramels, sodas and waters. Finally, I got my monies worth by coming to a theater.

"Oh it's like that now," that is how we are going to close out the screenings. The closing of episode #02 will have you in anticipation for episode #03. "BLOODLINE" online Netflix, Friday, March 20th 2015.