Thursday, July 29, 2010




It was a hot summer day, thursday, July 15th 2010 in Queensbridge. To quote the great, M.C. Shan "This is a place where stars are born and where the only other place that can't be worned out". Speaking of stars this maybe an overlooked Q.B. star because he's not ur average Q.B. star. I know most stars from The Bridge are emcees. We have a history going back, starting from M.C. Shan to Marley Marl to Tragedy to Craig G to Shante to Nas to Screwball to Mobb Deep to Nature & the list goes on. Throughout them years we've managed to miss a star not quite known for his emcee skillz but known to Queensbridge more for his basketball skillz. Q.B. followed & accompanied Ron Artest to Queensbridge Park, men, women & children. Ron Artest of the L.A. Lakers return home to Queensbridge after winning this years NBA championship. Funkmaster Flex gets introduced onto the stage. I don't know who gives a rat's ass about Funkmaster Flex but to my surprise Flex got up there and did his thing. It's been a long time since I seen Funkmaster Flex break out the turntablism skillz of course theres always gonna be hater's around. Look, don't get me wrong I'm not a big Flex fan neither but I do show love when he do do something good. It's just that alotta you underground niggaz hate too much. A commercial nigga do something good for 1 day out of the ordinary no one can show love. It gotta be the same ol' comments, I hear, "it wasn't all that!", "so and so or blah blah blah can do much betta". Listen man, STOP THE HATE! I think that dj routine the Funkmaster Flex pulled off was good of course Dj Scratch's routine was much betta but we'll talk about that later. We're going to move onto the 1st act of the night, Superstar B-Baller & emcee, Ron Artest & The World Wide Warriorz. They did a pretty decent job I enjoyed their performance but I prefer Ron to stick with basketball. The World Wide Warriorz if they wanna keep rappin' they can I don't know how far their rap career will go being GARBAGE but who cares. The main event of the night was the group that went real far in their rap careers. The team of Erick & Parrish Making Dollars (EPMD) Did these guys actually make dollars in the 80s/90s. In those days of real hip hop, emcees didn't rap much about the amount of money being made. In those days you had to have talent to make money and these brothers from Brentwood, LI had pure talent. EPMD, beginning their performance with the forever popular James Brown sample to, "It's My Thang" then the proceeding songs, "You Gots To Chill", the Bob Marley inspired & sampled, "Strictly Business", "Time Keeps On Tickin'" and "So What You Sayin'" these were just a few warm ups to awaken the crowd. Then, Erick Sermon blessed us with a raw freestyle. After that it was intermission time for the Brentwood Boyz. There man & dj, The 3x DJ Champion-Dj Scratch stepped on the scene to grace the fanz with wicked turntable wizardry. Dj Scratch performing his dj segment over the popular hip hop classics, M.O.P's "Ante Up" and Black Sheep's "The Choice Is Yours". This is where the show got SICK! Dj Scratch did this turntable trick I know I'm never gonna forget. You have, "The Choice Is Yours" single playing. You hear an adlib of Dres saying, "engine, engine #9" on 1 record and on the next record you have another adlib of dres saying, "pick it up, pick it up". Scratch is going back and forth doing his cuttin' & scratchin' thing. As he does that he starts picking up the turntable on some sort of improntu. Whenever the record plays the part that says, "pick it up, pick it up", Scratch picks up the turntable. The thing that made it look so ILL was the way he did it so sequenced, so choregraphed, SO PERFECT!!! I can only describe but so much I hope I painted a clear picture but if you still can't see it then I guess you just had to be here. Other than that though on the grindside of things, I think Dj Scratch was also trying to shut up Flex. Remember what I mentioned earlier we would talk about this later. Now is the time to talk. Funkmaster Flex, earlier during his segment he looked like he was trying to either impress, show off or maybe call out Dj Scratch. I'm not saying, Funkmaster Flex can not come out to Queensbridge Park and get live on stage and start doing tricks that he rarely do or haven't done in a long time. You start thinking when you see something like that, "Hmmm This is Suspect!" It doesn't matter anyway because DJ SCRATCH SHUT punkmaster flex UP! Scratch just str8 stomped 'em & crushed 'em like a cock a roach. I know I'm goin' to hear it for this. Everybody knows Dj Handspin loves the drama, loves the rumors, loves the beefs. Believe what y' all wanna believe, back to the review. EPMD, back on stage and this time addressing the crowd. EPMD, performing one of their favorite & personal song to them, "Please Listen To My Demo" a song they dedicated to all the aspiring emcees of yesterday & today. After that they performed, JANE. Y' all remember Jane, you can't forget, Jane, "short, haircut like Anita Baker". JANE, was an 5 part song series of a prostitute that Erick & Parrish encountered but later found out. That what they thought was a woman was actually a beautiful CHICK WITH A COCK! This was Jane Part 1 that was being performed by EPMD along with Dj Scratch blending Rick James' original Mary Jane with the EPMD sampled version. That was a great blend and performance of that song. The next song, I remember, EPMD performing is another one of my favorites, "Slow Down Baby". I remember this jam. This was a tight single back then and still is. I just wish LL was there to complete the song with EPMD. I remember, LL being a guest on the single and making that single for what it was worth. After that song, my memory began to fade. As I wandered through the crowd in the park. The night began to whine down I ran into a few homies out there. I wanna give a phat shout out to my dudez, D-biggz, General, Verse E, Ty. Peace to dat nigga, Capone of Capone n Noreaga, who was in da house "CNN WAR REPORT PT 2" in stores now. Dat nigga, Barz was in da house. Holla at dat nigga, Barz on itunes to cop da brand new single, "Da Bridge Aint Over" in stores & online. Oh yeah, you muh' fucka, u didn't think I forgot. I don't know who you are, Investment? Whoever you are that was some real slick shit runnin' up on me and sellin' ur album while I was in the middle of having a seizure. I was totally unaware of what the fuck was going on? I shudn't be putting my biz out there but I gotta let it be known that I did have a seizure at the very beginning of the EPMD concert. Needless to say, Investment imma keep my eyes on you. You seem to be dat type of emcee dats willing to run up on a sick man and sell him ur music that only tells me how determine you are and that you got sumthin' that you want us to hear. Keep doing your thang but keep this in mind. The next time you sell me one of ur cds while I'm in the middle of having a seizure, you betta be prepared to give me my money back when I come out of it. This brings us to the end of the show and the end of the review. It was a good evening out in the middle Queensbridge Park witnessing one of hip hop's greatest groups of the golden era that we very rarely get to see on a regular basis. Everyone give it up to EPMD for coming out tonight. Now give it up to Dj Scratch, Ron Artest, Funkmaster Flex and most importantly give it up to the City Parks Foundation for making these summer events all possible. I just wanna say summer aint over we got a month and 3 weeks left there will be a lot more places to go, people to see and review to read. All courtesy of your favorite writer's favorite writer, Dj Handspin Dinero "PEACE!"

Upcoming Events:
Next City Parks Foundation Concert; starring Doug E. FRESH and D.J. Wiz, live Wed., Aug. 11th @ 7pm @ Jackie Robinson Park West 145th St. btw. 7th Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue (Harlem, NYC)

Sunday, July 11, 2010



Before I go on, I just want to thank the people at Brooklyn Bodega that make this event come alive every year and thank you to all the reoccurring sponsors and new sponsors for their support as well. I can't forget the community boards and election committees that make all this possible as well. Now that I got the shout out and gratitude out of the way let's move on to Sat., July 10, 2010 event at hand.

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival is a annual tradition celebrated in BROOKLYN. My boro, the boro of some of the realest emcees. For six years Brooklyn Bodega has been showcasing this weekly event thats right this is actually a weekly event leading up to the main day. It started from mon., Jul. 5th to end with this afternoons grand finale.

I should not say I anticipate this event every year more than other true live hip hop fans. I really do anticipate this event and the whole new york city anticipate this event. New Jersey, Philly, Boston and people travelling across the world anticipate the greatest HIP HOP FESTIVAL given every year by the Brooklyn Bodega. And I'm going to tell you why.

When you attend an event like this on a steaming hot saturday afternoon. The first thing that usually comes to a person's mind is, " this shit betta be good!" I'm sure alot of people would of rather been at home cooling off instead of increasing their perspiration. When you have line ups like Skyzoo, Smif N Wessun, Black Moon, FaShawn, Curren$y, Rakka Iriscience, Masta Ace, Craig G, Marley Marl, J. Period, Group Home, Nice and Smooth, Pete Rock and CL Smooth and our main event, DE LA SOUL. You're going to work up a sweat along with alotta FUNK!
Everyone reading this editorial and everyone who came out to the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, yesterday let me hear you say, " WAS IT WORTH THE SWEAT!!! WAS IT WORTH THE FUNK!!! (LOUDER! LOUDER! LOUDER!)----- repeat

My only downfall to the festival is not being there to see everyone but I put that on myself because there were certain artist I wanted to see perform that I never seen perform. Artist like Black Milk, I never had the honor of witnessing his live performance. Another part of the show I missed was the Tribute to J. Dilla being done by the J.Dilla Ensemble. I also missed Skyzoo's performance another emcee I would love to see grace the stage with their presence. But I showed up as soon as Skyzoo's performance was over. In comes Bucktown's own Original Gun Clappaz' Smif n Wessun to grace the stage followed by Black Moon and Top Dogg.

The main highlight of the event for me was seeing Curren$y perform. I was surprised anyone from Brooklyn Bodega acknowledge his kind of music. Oh by the way, thank you Curren$y for almost getting me and everyone in attendance electricuted when he came on stage. Curren$y, physically made it rain. Anyone that had any type of camera whether digital or video would have felt that electricution. I guess not even THE LORD condone his nonsense rap. Next up, I believe was Rakaa Iriscience of The Dilated Peoples. I wanna give a phat shout out to Rakaa for 2 things, his solo album which scheduled to drop on July 20th and for making a improntu trip to join the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. After coming off of a tour in Germany, see now THAT'S HIP HOP!!

I want to let everyone know I got elite footage of this event I will be installing it to my site in the upcoming weeks so don't worry your gonna see the flava.

I'm going to run down the whole playlist of the people I seen. After Iriscience performance the show got crazy. Everyone's favorite video jock before 106 & park, Vj Ralph Mc Daniels enters the stage and introduces Dj J. Period, to do a set I believe they call that, "BROOKLYN MIXTAPE SHOW" featuring legends like Group Home, Dres of Black Sheep, Masta Ase w/ his prodege Math, Craig G, Marley Marl, Nice & Smooth, (I just wanna say how I love ALLAH because thats 2 times I got to see Nice and Smooth unscheduled. I'm going to explain why. What I'm talking about Nice and Smooth were supposed to do a concert at Betsey Head Park but due to heavy rain the concert was cancelled I was so pissed off because that was a concert I was looking forward too. So I guess I can thank Allah for making it up to me THANK YOU ALLAH, I LOVE YOU) Nice and Smooth they came on stage and did there thing you know they would and why would they do their thing because, "NICE AND SMOOTH IS FUNKY AND ALSO HIP HOP JUNKIES AND ALL THEY WANNA DO IS UHH UHH IN YOU" Pete Rock and CL Smooth were next. Pete Rock and CL Smooth ending the BROOKLYN MIXTAPE SHOW with the live performance of "They Reminisce Over You" dedicated to our recent GIFTED UNLIMITED RHYMES UNIVERSAL. Let me hear you say GURU!, say GURU!

Phat shout out to Dj Premier who wuz in the building. And this brother was in the building also peep game let me test your hip hop knowledge I wanna see how many real hip hoppers I got reading my blog ......
" MC am I people call me MILK when I'm busting up a party I feel no guilt Gizmo cuttin up for me. To be one of us you have to be down where gifted and where going far down the road and to the bank while I'm here I'll like to thank Mom and Dad they knew the time. Gizmo cuttin and Milk Dee rhyme.... Milk is chillin Gizmo chillin what more can I say TOP BILLIN thats what we get we got it good since you understood would you..........."

Ahight I song enuff I think my true hip hop niggaz reading this review get the gist of the person I'm talking about. I might of fuck up on a couple of lines but its all good.
This year's Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival was a great one they always put on a great one they never failed us yet. I wanna thank all my dudes I bumped into while I was up in there my nigga, Imahn J, Sav Killz, J Ronin and the nigga I never thought I was gonna see again cuz I heard he got into some illegal drama in Indiana, my dude C Ray Walz.. C ray Walz back in NYC July 25th check the god out performing w/ Mic Geronimo and Royal Flush at the Santos Party House 96 Lafayette St
Like I was saying every good day or in this case every good event must come to an end. Brooklyn Bodega brings us The Stars of The Day, let me hear you say DE LA SOUL.
De La Soul these dudes one of hip hop's elite and definitely legendary by all means. They rocked for about an hour. Dove on 1 leg he claimed he had an accident I didn't feel his motivation but PLUG 1 he look like he wanted to keep on rocking and why not they had plenty of jamz but too many to give away for free they were saving there true performaance for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival after party. I didn't go to the after party, I rarely do go. I just support BROOKLYN BODEGA, THE BROOKLYN HIP HOP FESTIVAL and anything that has the name BROOKLYN, BROOKLYN, thats my borough and my borough is thorough! AND THATS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU BROOKLYN!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010



Hello Brooklyn, Happy Post-Independence day to everyone out there. Brooklyn was on FIRE dis 4th of July weekend. Starting thingz off with friday having TNA Impact visit Brooklyn for the first time in Brooklyn and wrestling history at Coney Island's MCU Park followed by the 3 day annual International African Arts Festival at Commodore Barry Park. But the show stopper, the weekend dropper, the event of all events to smash this 4th of July was the one that took place at the Ft Hamilton Military Base in Ft Hamilton, Brooklyn. An Independence day I will never forget. Dedicated to our U. S. Military troops and their families.

A Independence Day Celebration was going down starring recording artists, B. O. B. and MONICA.
There were other headliners like Concrete Rain, Soul Mafia and Esa that all did such a great job but I will talk about each of their performances later on. Also, I can not forget the lady who started as the mouth of the radio and is now the mouth of the television, the special celebrity guest host for the evening, MRS HOW YOU DOING? WENDY WILLIAMS.

Dj Handspin will talk about all of that. I just wanna switch gears for a moment and talk about my experience and how I felt attending this event. This was my first time visiting the Fort Hamilton army base and most definitely my last time. I was totally unfamiliar with this area I was told to take the B8 bus to the last stop. I was like, "DAM, last stop I never went passed 79th St on the B8 before." I used to attend New Utrecht High School when I was a youngun see I gave y' all some Dj Handspin history.
Once I arrived on the scene I had to get searched at the front gate. I just wanna say and I'm not saying this to brag or nuthin. Who am I kiddin' yes I' am. I probably was the first person in history to ever sneak a brass knuckle onto an army base. "WOW, WHAT A RUSH THAT WAS!"
Once inside that army base its like a whole other world. A world just for soldiers and soldier's families to live. They had everything on this base, their own burger king, subway, dry cleaners, gas stations, chapels, housing and nicely mowed lawn with an irritating aroma that kept making my nose itch.
This was a little army town or gated community just for soldiers. This would be a cool place to have this concert. Think about it, you don't need bouncers you have U. S. soldiers and Military police. (Not for nuthin' I don't think anyone would wanna fuck with Military 5-0)
But even though the vicinity may have been a cool ground for this concert I tell you, what wuzn't cool. This dam walking trying to find the community club. The community club is where the concert was being held at. Coming from where I live this place is considered to be a boondox but now that I'm here this place itself is like a boondox inside of a boondox.
I eventually did finally find the community club and they tried to give me hassle at the gate. Apparently the event was reserved for military, dod, fire and law enforcement personnel and their families. I didn't know that. It wasn't stressed fully clear on the email flyer but on the physical flyer they showed me I seen what they were talking about. You all know me normally, Dj Handspin would be ready to spazz out on a gatekeeper who is fronting on lettin' me thru the doors. Let me give you guys a little word of advice, "DON'T TRY THAT SPAZZING OUT ON A MILITARY BASE THE MILITARY GOT GUNZ BIGGER THAN NYPD". I had to maintain and act like an intelligent blackman for once.
I explained my situation and told them who placed me on the VIP list. (I WANNA GIVE A PHAT SHOUT OUT TO LAZARA PEREZ OF LERER MEDIA FOR DOING THAT FOR ME---THANK YOU)
Now I'm finally inside, I done lost like 2 lbs walking around this base trying to find this community club. I was hungry than a muthafucka. Of course, fucking me again once I got inside they ran out of food and no water but they had plenty of liquor they had liquor for days. All these dudes selling up in hur' was mad booz all types of liquor. Dats a dam shame, str8 teasing me, muthafuckaz know I don't drink no more. Just teasing me with the liquor. Eventually water did come out and they gave out the water for free to everyone but I'm still HUNGRY!
I just stood around waiting and waiting until the show finally began. It was a great show well at least the parts of the show I wanted to see and that I thought were great.
I did it all for B. O. B., yesterday was my first time hearing his album and seeing his performance I guess you can say it was like a double feature thing going on for me.
Anyway I wanna thank you all for taking the time to listen to my bitching. I just needed to get that off my chest.

On to the show as promised up first were these two lovely ladies from Tampa, Fl called Concrete Rain, thats actually a cool name that will stand out. I believe they got off tour with Black Eyed Peas I think I remember the host saying that. They're biological sisters they both braced the stage with a song with a familiar title and hook you may have heard from another artist not to say that they're biting. The song performed by Concrete Rain was called "I know what boys like". In all actuality the song is more of a female version to Jay Z's "I know what girls like". Whether or not these 2 lovely ladies intend for it to be that way is merely up to them. It was still a great song and a lovely performance. After that they performed a tribute song to the US Troops.

The next act on stage, was Soul Mafia I heard about them before this was my first time seeing them as well. They got the rock-rap fusion band thing going on. That style is okay not my scene but I'm not a hater to it neither they did they're thing. I even have footage from one of the soldiers coming onto the stage and rapping with them. They even have a beat boxer performing on stage with them. Leave it up to the white folks to always represent the originality of hip hop than us black folks.

Next on the set, I'm not sure who they are but I have footage on that. I will post at a later time. This group is from ATL, (of course they are were else would they be from nowadays) Esa (am I spelling it right, whutever) They were good, I guess. I'm sorry they're kinda young and I'm grown man. I can't see myself being a fan of their music but the little children and teenagers in the audience loved them.

Welcoming to the stage to become the special celebrity guest host for the remainder of the night was, MRS HOW YOU DOING? WENDY WILLIAMS!
Wendy Williams received the US Flag and US Coin by the Major of the Ft Hamilton Military Base.
Wendy Williams had the honor of introducing B. O. B. on to the stage (A BIG TIME STAR INTRODUCING A SOON TO BE BIG TIME STAR)
It finally reached the moment I've been waiting for. The man I came to see to make my 4th of July light up. Check me out I just heard this man's album and already I caught the vapors.
Anyway, all my readers if your reading along with me give it up to B. O. B.
This man rocked a 41 min set, he actually killed the battery on my camera but it was all worth it. Who you think I was going to save the battery for Monica, "Yeah Right" I stopped listening to Monica since her stale beef Brandy in the 90s.
B. O. B. ended his stage performance with "Nothin On U" along with a crowd participation.
Of course the little young teenage heart throbbers knew the words to the song.
Before B. O. B., could leave the stage he to was presented with the US Flag and US Coin by the Major of Ft Hamilton Military Base.
My night came to an end. I didn't wanna see anymore FUCK Staph love, Mickey Factz and Monica.
I left the community club and as I was leaving I seen one food truck parked on the base. I was so heated, oh now they decide to get food I been standing on my feet in the hot sun for 4 and 1/2 hours. You ever stood on your feet for 4 and 1/2 hours in the hot sun holding a camera on a empty stomach. I just wanna say thank you to ALLAH for not letting anything happen to me today and for making this the best Independence day I ever had in my life.

To the soldiers in in Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East, Dj Handspin love y'all, Rusty Jabbz love yall and the US love y'all come back home safe.

Friday, July 2, 2010




Dj Handspin sitting here on a beautiful B K evening about to enjoy for the first time ever in wrestling history, WRESTLING has invaded CROOKLYN!!! CROOKLYN!!!

I'm here in Coney Island, Brooklyn home to the former street gang, The Warriors, Astroland Park and the Steeple Chase Park which now have been converted into the MCU Park home to our new Brooklyn Minor League baseball team, The Cyclones, named after Coney Island's scariest and wildest ride, THE CYCLONE!

But tonight its all about wrestling, no hip hop talk STRICTLY TOTAL NON STOP ACTION!
Coming to the ring, Jeremy Borash the host with the most of the night asking for the loudest TNA fan to make the loudest noise to win a grand prize an escort to meet the whole TNA roster in the dug out for later after the show is over at the end of the night.

First match of the night to set it off is a fatal four way. The match happen to include 2 of TNA's Brooklynites Homicide and Amazin' Red. Bushwick own' Homicide entering the field with a strictly hardcore rap song. Just doing it the BROOKLYN WAY! Next to enter the field, Brian
Kendricks. Brian Kendricks takes a run around the baseball field from base to base to get himself warmed up before the match. The final participant to enter is Elizabeth, NJ own' Jay Lethal (NJ IS KOOL WITH US ITS ONLY ACROSS THE WATER)
Once all 4 men were finally in the ring the match got underway, a grueling match as the fans roared. Roared all the way up to the winner of the match, Amazin Red pinnin' Brian Kendricks.

The next match wasn't my favorite it was starring "EX BEAUTIFUL BIMBO CHAMP VS NEW BEAUTIFUL BIMBO CHAMP" Angelina Love came to the ring she got crazy pops from the audience. I guess its that whole "FACE" thing, that's what Ms Love is still until she gets her title back. Ms Madison Rayne will not hear of that well at least not for tonight. Entering the field making an announcement that there will not be a TNA Knockout Championship title match, tonight. The dumb bitch wanted to this match non-title. Of course, Angelina Love wins the match whenever its a non title match the "face" always win but let's see if Angelina Love will defeat Madison Rayne come July 11th at Victory Road.

I wanna give a phat shout out to the King of the Mountain-The 12x World Champion Jeff Jarrett, who came onto the field and into the ring to make a speech as he greeted the TNA fans for supporting his organization for the last 8 years. I really appreciate TNA for all its done for the last 8 years. Although at times some of the storylines never make any sense but thats too little a problem to stop the love and support of the organization. So from Dj Handspin to Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter and the rest of the TNA staff, "THANK YOU!"

Next match, Desmond Wolfe entering the field without Chelsea and of course getting boo'd but then again from where I was sitting in the stands. There were a few DESMOND LOVAZ! Wolfe opponent for the billionth time, Kurt Angle and for the billionth time guess who won. And if you can't guess who won you need to have ur head examined.

This match made up for that wack match, seeing The Monster Abyss in BUCKTOWN. ABYSS = BUCKTOWN it kinda fit in there. This was a rematch from this past thursday night impact, it was Abyss vs Jeff Hardy in a Monster ball match. For the first time a monster ball match in Brooklyn, we have monster ball match's in Brooklyn all the time some maybe a little more brutal and bloody compared to the ones you see on thursday night Impact. Nonetheless it was all good especially when Jeff Hardy came out. Jeff Hardy got the super pop of the night. I think its safe to say now that Aj Styles is no longer the posterboy for TNA. There's a new king in his throne. The match was so awesome to the point I don't ever think I seen Abyss lose in his own signature match. I guess retribution for the abuse received on Impact the night before, Jeff Hardy just handed that beat down back to Abyss. It was so bad, Abyss had to be carried out of the field thats how badly bruised he was.

I feel bad for these guys. These guys are supposed to be faces but no1 shows them any love or respect and the group I'm talking about is Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal) Ink Inc going up against Team 3D. Team 3D was a shocker they came thru the crowd. They were happy to be back in their hometown on N Y C THAT'S RIGHT! I got a couple of shots of them. The crowd went nuts for Team 3D especially D von, I never heard the crowd yell so loud for D von. Of course, Team 3D had to put it down not just for TNA but NEW YORK CITY taking out Ink Inc with the TABLESSS!!!! Fucking awesome match, I felt bad for Ink Inc but they suck what can you do?

This next match was the moment of truth, the main event starring ROB VAN DAM THE WHOLE FUCKING SHOW AGAINST Aj Styles.
RVD burst on da scene next to Jeff Hardy, he got a super duper huge pop from the fans, The fans in the audience including myself was screaming "ROB VAN DAM THE WHOLE FUCKING SHOW" to his theme song. There was a lil' girl sittin' next to me singing along with the crowd and her mom was beside her. I leaned over and asked her, "your mother let you talk like that".
Here cumz Mr Buzz Kill aka AJ Styles tellin the sound man to kill the music. AJ begins bashing RVD's theme by saying, "IT SUCKS!" (it doesn't suck AJ was jealous because the crowd didn't give him that same reaction)
Aj Styles did piss me off though he started bashing my borough. Aj Styles is a guest, not even a guest he's a vistor in Brooklyn for the first time and he wanna come here and throw dirt on it by
grabbing the mic and putting down the Coney Island fans, putting down Nathan's famous franks and on top of that putting down Brooklyn's famous emcee JAY - (u know the rest)
I know its all scripted and everything but thank god he aint say nuthin' bad about Biggie dat would of been blasphemy. I would have to set it on AJ and his Gainsville, Georgia Red Necks.
At the end of the night and match there would have been no need for any attack on Aj Styles because thankx to Mr THE WHOLE FUCKING SHOW, he took care of bizness with the 1 -2-3.

That was the main event and the end of the show I had nice gathering. I'm hoping that TNA will come again to MCU Park again before summer comes to a close. More than likely they will not but there is another wrestling organization that is coming to Brooklyn's MCU Park.
All my wrestling fans be on the look out for FCW (FORGOTTEN CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING) coming Aug. 20th 2010 to MCU Park. On the card Tito Santana, Nikolai Volkoff, The Tank, La Parka, Little Greatness, Romeo Roselli and much, much more. Tickets are $20.00, VIP meet and greet are $100.00 For ticket info check: or 718 507 TIXX

I hope everyone enjoyed TNA's first appearance in Brooklyn because I know I did. If ur a tru TNA fan I know ur going to enjoy there 2nd appearance back to New York City. TNA coming back to New York's Hammerstein Ballroom Sept. 23rd 2010 tickets are currently on sale right now.

New York, we got all HARDCORE wrestling (notice how I emphasized the word hardcore not to be mistaken with that PG crap that comes on usa and my9) coming to our town within the next month or 2. Do you wanna be down and feel the blows of the WRESTLING JABBZ?