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ISSUE # 02

What are disappointments? No one sitting on the otherside of this screen can give me a complete and accurate definition of the word. We all have different meanings to the word, "Disappointments".
Disappointments have been happening to me at the beginning of 2011. I did not begin the new year/new decade off on a good note as expected. Sure a lot of people everyday are in the same predicament as myself. Why should my situation be any different than anyone else.
I didn't come out to write this entry for my latest blog for the hell of it. The purpose of this particular entry is mainly to express an emotion of how's things been with me in the new year.
Some reading this may agree and others may disagree and the rest may simply remove from their inboxes.

I just want a moment of your time for you to read and listen to what I have to say. Then afterwards, if you do not care for my mundane scriptures your welcome to delete it.

My series of disappointments started in January, 2011. On the week of the 9th to the 15th, wasn't a very good week. Indeed a horrible week receiving bad news from my current employment. Friday, Jan. 14th was my worst day receiving a triple decker dosage of bad news. First finding out that my company is getting rid of the kitchen and plan to build offices in its place. It seems the kitchen haven't been bringing in a lot of money lately. That was a straight blow to my right grill. For fifteen years the cooks and chefs serviced serviced me and other co-workers and now they want it removed. I know it doesn't seem that bad. Your probably saying right now, "Dude its just a company cafeteria lighten up".
Which is true, here's the next blow to my grill and this one's aiming for my leftside.
Later that evening, toward the end of the day getting ready to pack up and prepare for clock out. I received a memo from one of my directors placing me on medical leave until further notice. This memo comes in regards to an incident that occurred on my job, 3 weeks prior to that date. (details will not be revealed) Hold on thats not enough the universe is not finish with me yet. Here's the knockout blow to my face. An event that I was supposed to go to that same evening was cancelled. It was an ICW Wrestling event that I been looking forward too and after the day I had it would have been a great cheer me up. They cancelled the wrestling program due to the bad snow weather. Which is understandable but no notification considering I'm a member of their website and email list.
All of this took place on one day, Jan. 14th, 2011 two days before Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday this was a lot for one blackman.

If you read this far I appreciate it. By now some of you probably thinking I'm laying it on a little too thick. Maybe, I'll let you be the judge.
After, January 14th the disappointments didn't stop in fact they kept coming. The only time I had some sort of relief was on Jan. 22nd, when I met one of the hottest strippers I ever met in my life, "Starlight" at a party. (the details between Starlight & I aren't any of your business)
Another night of relief came the day after, Jan. 23rd when one of my homies anointed me to be The Godfather of his child and I had to take part in the baptismal and be sworn in that indeed was an honor. I just want to thank my homie, Damien for offering me such a privilege and honor.
Life is a DEVIL. I would say its a bitch but that phrase is so cliche. I think, life deserve more noriety than that. Earlier, I began discussing the horrific day I experienced on Jan. 14th.
Perhaps, The Lord seeing my troubles from that one day made something extravagant happen for me the following weekend. Some of you reading this may or may not be religious.
My point I'm getting across, "when life gets you down you can always look took the lord for happiness".

This does not wrap up my discussion on today's topic, "Disappointments".
The reason for choosing a topic as such because I consider myself to be a writer. The purpose of my character is to go out to different places and view their settings of the evening and come back and write about the night that I had at the places I've been for the world to see.
It's just since the beginning of the year, Rusty Jabbz Newsletter been off to a very slow start.
I understand the mass amount of snow that we had, "Winter 2010-11" been a tremendous problem. I have no choice but to put it all behind me and move forward.
As we move forward into the third trimester of the new year. It's my understanding there are several events for the month of March.


01. Mohammed Dangerfield/Da Circle Album Release Show
Hosted by Poisen Pen
Live Performances By Mohammed Dangerfield, Da Circle, Math Hoffa and many more
Special Invited Guest Immortal Technique and Diabolic
including live Grindtime Now Battles
Sounds By Dj Static
SOBs 204 Varick St New York, N. Y.
doors open at 8:30 pm showtime at 9pm admission $12.00

02. Impact Championship Wrestling live at The Queensboro Elks Lodge 82-20 Queens blvd
Elmhurst, NY doors open at 7pm pre-show 7:45pm showtime 8pm front row
tickets $40.00 general admission $25.00 ticket info 7184602777
TWO Different Nights: MARCH 04th and MARCH 11th 2011
Guest Starring: Amazing Red, Danny Demanto, The WMD, Robbie E, Joey Jannella,
Untouchables, Bruno Marcianno, Southside Playazzz Club, Justin Toxic & more

03. Dj Rob Swift Live The Documented Moment; Premiere Screening @ Queens World Film
Fest. Jackson Theater-Cinema #3 40-31 82nd St & Roosevelt Av. Jackson Heights, NY
all ages welcomed $6.00 admission MARCH 04, 2011

04. Black Monopoly Records presents "THE GOLDEN AGE OF HIP HOP PART 3"
Birthday Celebration For Eric King @ IRVING PLAZA 17 Irving Plaza Place & 15th St.
New York, NY $25.00 advance, $35.00 at the door Tickets available at 2127776800
Tickets can be purchased at
LIVE PERFORMANCES BY: K-Solo, Special Ed, Chubb Rock, The Crash Crew, Lord
Finesse, Superlover C & Casanova Rudd, MC Shan & King Celeb
Hosted by Kool Dj Red Alert
Music by The Original Jazzy Jay and Rob B. Rob

05. THE WHAT? 1st ANNIVERSARY SHOW at Vibe Lounge 203 Audubon St & 175th St.
Washington Heights, N. Y. Friday, March 04, 2011
Red Clay's Woman's Birthday
Featuring: D-Black, SoSoon, Charan P, Bonafide Rojas, Skematics and special guests
Host: Majesty
doors open at 7pm $7.00 cover @ 7pm, $10.00 cover @ 8pm $3.00 drinks from 7-9pm
Food Catering by Flor La Poeta

06. THE WHAT? at Columbia Social 4009 Broadway and 169th St. Washington Heights,
N. Y. 1, A & C trains to 168th Street
DJ Eva Lucion & Judson Turner playing 80s, 90s and 2000s music hip hop, r&b, reggae,
reggaeton, african house, arab house, arab rock, arab pop, latin rock, latin rock, salsa,
salsa, merengue, bachata and etc
this big ball all take place on SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2011

yeeesh, a lot to look forward too next month. Let's hope there will be no more DISAPPOINTMENTS.

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