Sunday, February 23, 2014


I have my heart set on this screening tonight. Showing at the Paley Center in Manhattan. Don't get me confuse, I have no idea where it is. It may seem so by the tone in my writing. I wish, I did I can't believe I forgot to look up the direction and location for this, Paley Center. I'm traveling on the MTA transit line. I may be a tad late. I just have to wait and see, of all the rotten luck. Not to mention, what happened back at my home when I was getting prepared. I don't even want to bring it up. It'll only piss me off again. Let's move on, to this evening.
GLAAD screening of "Facing Fear". Tonight's short film is something everyone among the L.G.B.T descent had to deal with, it's called "Facing Fear!!" How many of us, had to face fear in a situation involving our sexuality. The fear we face generally begins with the confession (coming out the closet) to the people we love about the person, we've become. Which is never easy. One may say, "Why bother putting yourself through all this stress and heartache. If only to receive negative responses and rejections from your peoples and family". Yes, it is alot that us, LGBTeez put ourselves through but one must be willing to stand and face its fears.
Okay, this is not my evening. God, if you didn't want me to attend this screening, this evening. You sure have a f@#K*d up away of showing it. I spent like 50 minutes of the film walking around 5th Avenue trying to find the Paley Center. I did, eventually find it with only 10 minutes remaining onto the film. There wasn't much to see. The trip didn't seem worth it. I should have called this evening off. It already been ruined. Seriously though, how much knowledge do you think I can gain off, only in 10 minutes. Thank God, there is a Q-n-A session after this film. At least I may be able to get some incite from that. Based off the information I've gained from the Q-n-A session. The star of the "Facing Fear" documentary, Matthew happen to be here taking a lot of the audience's questions and giving them back the appropriate answers. I just wish I could of participated in that Q-n-A session.
Based off the information flowing around the room. I've gotten a good idea on what the film, "Facing Fear" was about, as well as its purpose. The reason, why GLAAD invited everyone out here, this evening. The film can be summed up into four words; fear, hate, reconciliation and forgiveness. It tells the real life story of Matthew. Who happens to be here with us, this evening. Matthew suffered a brutal gay bashing attack, 25 years ago. Gay bashing attacks are a very serious thing. This is something, Matthew kept with him for years until he decided to tell his story not just in the film. I'm sure everyone's grateful to see, Matthew tell his story tonight here at the Paley Center on their panel. I mentioned the basis of the film leaning on "fear", "hate", "reconciliation" and "forgiveness". I think, everyone would of love to have seen, Tim. Now, Tim, he's a former Neo-Nazi skinhead and also the one responsible for Matthew's brutal attack. Then again, I understand why Tim did not make an appearance in tonight's "Facing Fear" panel. There's a lot of us (LGBTeez) out here in the audience. Your bound to cross paths with someone who isn't as forgiving as Tim. Who knows what may happen. See that's the thing about us, faggots we protect our own. Despite the friendship and forgiveness pact between Matthew and Tim. OMG, right there that happen to be the twist and the turn of the film.
There are probably a lot of people sitting among me and throughout the rest of the theater. Who have probably faced some form of gay bashing, gay bullying, gay harassment. We've all been there and I'm pretty sure there might be a few in here tonight who've gotten justice on their attackers but I bet you do not know anyone who forgave their attackers and became friends with them. That is exactly what takes place here. According to Matthew, how he encountered his attacker (Tim) and became friends with him. Matthew states, it was at the "Museum Of Tolerance". Where both of them happen to be employed. Sort of a coincidence or at least that's what some would say. Perhaps it was a message from God. According to Matthew, Tim have turned over a new leaf. He wanted to reconcile the wrongs, he have done in his prior life. Meeting, Matthew at the Museum Of Tolerance I guess you can say to Tim that was his moment of truth. Throwing himself at Matthew's mercy and begging for his forgiveness. There are a lot more to the story. That is why, I wish Tim made an appearance. I would have loved to hear his side.
I'm not going to beat myself up anymore over the loss of the screening. I really need to see this film. It sounds like a great documentary not just for the LGBT community. This sounds like a documentary for everyone. There's a lot of truth, facts and history in this film and I can not miss something like this. I can't believe, I missed a good portion of this film. As you read on, you can see I've gotten a fair amount of details just off the Q-n-A session. I would like to thank, Oscar nominee and film director, Jason Cohen for this film. I would like to thank, GLAAD for inviting everyone out here this evening to the Paley Center to witness a viewing of "Facing Fear". To Matthew, thank you for coming out here and being with us. Thank you for sharing your life stories. It is indeed inspirational to others. I'am so proud of you. I'am proud of everything you accomplished and the fact that you worked hard and strive for your opportunities. You didn't let anything or anyone stand in your way. You just pulled yourself up from out of the gutter. I totally respect that. I couldn't be anymore happier..... xoxo
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Thursday, February 20, 2014


RUSTY JABBZ NEWSLETTER PRESENTS.... NORTH CAROLINA'S GOLDEN CHILD' SUPASTITION - "HONEST LIVING THE EP" 4.25 JABBZ This is a topic every American can relate too, "Honest Living!" No matter, how bad and offensive and inhumane the job happens to be. Everyone wants to stick with that honest living. I would like to thank, Supastition for making the working class theme song ep, respectfully titled, "Honest Living". This happen to be an 8 track ep produced in its entirety by Croup. Off the soundz that I hear, he's a possible, another North Carolina beat icon (next to 9th Wonder). The ep can be found on, Supastition's own bandcamp, facebook, twitter and other social sites, he may have available. I recommend, you download this album but if you have doubts give it a good thorough listen first before you make that decision. Trust me, you will not be taken for a fool. I rate, this ep with 4 1/4 JABBZ. Why 4.25 if its so good? Why not, 5 Jabbz? I'll tell you. Supastition is a great emcee with that potential to becoming a great lyricist. However, although his ep has a nice theme and premise set for the people. I did not mistake that for anything I haven't heard, before. It takes more than just dope beats and hard rhymes to win for 5 Jabbz. "Honest Living", I'm not denying its appeal. It's an, "Honest Album" but it just so happen to be, I'm an "Honest Writer" ........... Dj Handspin Dinero. Current single' Eardrum's Hook: " While I kick facts, react on funky tracks. This here is something stupid for the eardrums. This is rap, for real. Wanna hear something slick son? Then here it comes. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


"ENDLESS LOVE!", My night of, "Endless of Love" begins now. I was hoping for some, endless company by my side. Apparently, the only "L" word stronger than love is liquor. It seems my companion prefer the warmth bottom, off a bar stool rather than theater chairs. It look like its just me for the night. Before, I continue let me wish everyone a "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!" coming up, this Friday. All the best to everyone, who are in love and out of love. Happy Valentine's to my single people, as well. That is what tonight's film is all about, I'm sorry that I can not speak in full detail of the film. To be honest, I didn't plan to come out here to watch, view and rate, this upcoming movie. I had set this night up, as an Pre-Valentine evening. I didn't have any intentions in watching the film, "Endless Love". I thought, we would of had our own type of endless love. However someone prefer to be a grouch and claim, he's not a movie man. This puts a little damper on my evening. It is okay, I still love him. So, as I mentioned earlier, "Rusty Jabbz", its just you and I at the movies.
Oh please, this is something, I don't need. The screening began 20 minutes ago. I arrived at 7:30pm. I was scheduled to be here at 7pm. I would like to thank, Connie the Usher at Regal E-Walk for giving me a pass and allowing me through, despite my lateness. I have 20 minutes of this film to catch up on. I walked in the theater. I was escorted to the front row. Walked into something I almost assumed, "House Party". For a minute, I thought I had the wrong theater room. I've mentioned this, earlier before. I know, there's a lot of people out there. Who have been in love and out of love. What I would like to talk about is, "first love". This evening's screening, "Endless Love" Starring: Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde set for its official release, this Friday, February 14th (Valentines Day). Tonight's screening was a good movie. I recommend this movie to a lot of different types of couples, not just for this upcoming Friday. It's definitely something you can learn from and help obtain a functioning relationship.
Tonight screening of "Endless Love", comes from an 1981 remake taken from the original version, recreated for Valentines Day. The film is about an young girl, named Jade Butterfield who have never been young nor have she been in love. She's getting ready to take part in the world and taste life. Until, she meets this guy named David, who her father doesn't approve. Jade, after meeting David, she's fallen in love for the first time. Everything have changed now, up until this point. Jade was Daddy's little girl or at least that's what Dr. Butterfield thought. Dr. Butterfield have certain goals and aspirations, he wants his daughter to follow and won't allow anything to stand in its way. Which include, BOYS! Dr. Butterfield is not very fond of Jade's boyfriend, David and wonders what she sees in him. He's willing to try anything he have to if it will tear the two apart and get Jade off to college. Dr. Butterfield, doesn't really care about Jade and the rest of his family. He's being selfish. All he's thinking about is himself. He wants Jade to go on with her medical internship in hopes that one day she'll become a successful doctor like him. As I sit here and watch this film, I begin to notice, Jade is only an replacement. I can tell it looks as if, Dr. Butterfield shared his high hopes with his eldest sibling, who he lost in the film prior to cancer. Apparently, Dr. Butterfield was taken by his death. Its as if, he wants his children to work among his practice. Jade doesn't want to live like that anymore. She's tired of her dad telling her what to do and making decisions for her. Jade, finally found a decision that doesn't involve her father, being in "love". When you meet someone special and you feel that he or she can be the one. You fight for it. Love is something you fight for. Well, in David's case true love. I was happy that he won and claimed his lovely prize, Jade. Its just unfortunate all the turmoil and hassle they encountered to keep there relationship alive. Alive to the point of holy matrimony. This is why, its a great movie and perfect for this season. Don't take my word for it though. Take Gabriella Wilde's word for it "The kind of love, you fight for!! The kind of boy, you fight for!!"
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Saturday, February 8, 2014


I can't believe it's been 20 years already. I'm starting to sound like a broken record due to the mass amount of time I continue to repeat it. It's just unbelievable and ironic that its been this long. I haven't aged much it wasn't only until about 8 months ago that I received my first grey hair. I'm not looking forward to the others growing in anytime soon. I would like to thank, first off, our host of the evening, Shannon Cruz for making this night what it is and putting everything together. I always have my heart set on any of the New Utrecht reunions I come across. I must admit I'am a person who wasn't very popular in high school. I had one true friend, during the course of high school. Although my popularity and respect was very limited that still doesn't deny my love and respect for the school. The same way I had to earn the students' love and respect. It went that same way, when it came to the school. I had a lovely time out last night. I probably would of had, one much better if I allowed myself to drink. However, I didn't want to take that chance. The whole getting drunk, way out in Bay Ridge not a positive move for a person with epilepsy. However, New Utrecht reunion fun is continuing right now, as I type. I got one bottle of Jack Daniels and 2 bottles of Heinekens. I'm going to adore my 20th reunion over my blog. Forgive me, if I misspell any words or anything is taken out of context. Remember, its not me. It's the liquor talking. Speaking of liquor talking, there were a lot of liquor talking. I promise that I wouldn't mention any names. I was just so happy to meet them. We had a ball. I wish I knew them during my school years, I could of used some excitement. Trust me though, there were plenty of excitement to make up at least, my first two years of New Utrecht. I guess it is, true when people click "maybe" on Facebook. They're really not coming. It's okay who said we've need a room full of 300 to rock the house. A house can be rocked with only 11 to 20 people in the mix. I would like to thank everyone who showed up, last night in honor of our almata. To Shannon Cruz, Melanie Rodriguez, Sophia Karpathios, Maria Villarreal, Celina Haile, Benjamin Haile, Mario Pantoja, Kareem Oliver, Kirk Morris, Walter Garcia, Sean T. Smith, Stacy, Sharlett See we were just a small bunch of people and we still partied like "1994!" Of course, they partied more than me. I made my departure a little early. I didn't plan to break night. I needed to come back home and put this blog in preparation. And, to think I had my doubts earlier about coming out here. I was a tad nervous and skeptical on how the event would play out. I wasn't sure on whether or not, there's a dress code. I admit, I was a tad overdressed. I'm looking like I'm getting ready to go to The Monster, not a HS reunion. I still could of went there. Only last night was all about "NEW UTRECHT AND MY UTES!!! I wouldn't change that for anything. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CEO: Jason "Dj Handspin Dinero" Lamar Rusty Jabbz Entertainment Group Office: 1-347-789-4543 Cellular: 1-646-339-4981 Cellular: 1-347-902-5355 Email: Email: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Social: Site: Site: Site: Vlog: Vlog:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


RUSTY JABBZ NEWSLETTER PROUDLY PRESENTS ONE OF THE FIRST REVIEWS TO THE UPCOMING MOVIE PREMIERE OF "300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE!" Today is going to be a good day. Starting out with my gap in the week from The Gap. Lol, just a little humor. Its okay if you don't think it was funny. Anyway, I have a brief one day off tomorrow. It's an excellent day to look forward into tonight's movie screening, "300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE!!" I would like to thank my brethren, Sha-King for the information on tonight's screening. Good looking out fam, you always know what's the best films to see. I would, also like to thank, Fears magazine for there confirmation to tonight's screening. I have no idea, what I'm install for. I do, realize that Fears magazine is a magazine of Sci-Fi. I know, what to expect. I'm not a big fan of Sci-Fi. What really struck my interests in tonight's screening other than it being Sci-Fi. It happen to be in "3D". A 3D movie is something I don't wan't to turn down. I can't remember, the last time I seen a 3D movie. The last time, I ever seen a 3D movie was back in 1982, I believe. Wow, 32 years ago and that movie happen to be, "The Creature of the Black Lagoon". Which was made 60 years ago (1954). Today, we are in 2014 gathered here at AMC Loews Times Square, New York. We are all here getting ready to visit that 3rd dimension.
Alright, it wasn't what I expected. The so call 3D movie happen to be only for 13 minutes. A brief video promotion that was put together by Warner Bros and IMAX showcasing the upcoming film in 3rd dimension. This is what to look forward to come, March 7, 2014. Although, the whole screening of the movie wasn't played in 3D. Everyone still got the opportunity to utilize the 3D glasses. Unfortunately, we had to return them at the end of the screening, that SUCKED!!! I wasn't too upset. I'm kind of thrilled that they didn't continue the entire screening in 3D. To be honest with you, 3D can be scary. Everything looks so real. They actually do seem as if they're coming towards you. Another thing, I don't think that was an wise decision taking a chance on having all these swords and spheres and shields waving towards my face in 3 dimension. Considering I'm an epileptic. You know what they say about us, and sitting too close to the television set. I don't think watching a film in 3D, helps either. I do notice, some people leaving the theater. Gee, I wonder why? I bet its because there disappointed about not seeing the screening in 3D.
"300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE", debuts in theaters everywhere starting March 07, 2014. "300" happens to be the sequel to the original that debuted back in 2007. You know, I can't believe that its been seven years. I've heard many things about this film. All of it, mainly good things. Lol!, funny thing considering the amount of DVDs I have under my collection. I wouldn't be surprised if, "300" happens to be one of those unseen DVDs of mine. I know, I shouldn't be laughing but I can't help it. Sometimes I deserve to laugh at myself. Especially when I do something foolish.
The movie have officially started now. No disrespect, why am I hearing a lot of talking over the film. I hope, I don't get the wrong impression of a documentary. It turns out to be narration. This will be something taking place during certain portions of the movie. I want everyone to bare with me. As I mentioned moments ago, this is my first time watching the "300" series. I don't have much knowledge of the cast members and storyline. I'll do my best to follow along. I'am a great learner.
The movie, "300" has an Greek/ Roman premise. It gives off that biblical scenery. It remind me of the, "Ten Commandments". Speaking of Jesus Christ, if anyone does give off the imagery of Christ it happen to be this man, the star of the show "Leonidas". Leonidas, the Sparta King and General of the 300. Don't get me wrong, this film had its moments but the movie give off a good vibe. What I loved about the film was its concept and purpose. The film mainly spoke about the key word, FREEDOM! Watching this screening bought back memories to movies such as "Malcolm X", "Do The Right Thing", "School Daze", "Westside Stories" and "The Warriors". You know any movie that had a powerful message. The Spartans were destined for freedom from The Persians. The Spartans were being held captive and underground as slaves along with there wives, children, parents and grandparents. Leonidas, he knows what needs to be done to bring them to justice. Leonidas, establishing a group of "warriors". Notice I typed, warriors instead of just saying soldiers. Trust me, when you see this movie you won't think they're just soldiers. In this film, there known as, "SPARTANS!" "SPARTANS NEVER RETREAT! SPARTANS NEVER SURRENDER!" With all this being said, Leonidas and the 300 were in destine pursuit to conquer, The Persia. The only thing stopping, Leonidas was the counsel. None as, "The Authority". Like I said, I never took the liberty to watch the first edition of the 300 premiere. I have no idea, what took place. I'am so happy for Leonidas, for defying The Authority and going forth with the battle. Ah man, I couldn't believe it. It was like watching a sporting event. This should be a sport. I'll love and respect this more than I do wrestling, I'm telling you that. This was some serious fighting. Which aloud them to dominate, The Immortals and The Persia. In return gaining back there freedom. It's ashame that so many of the 300 had to lose their lives including their leader (R.I.P. LEONIDAS). In honor of his legacy, you can now add... "SPARTANS MULTIPLE!" What was once a group of 300, formed to gain back there freedom. It has now expanded into a group of 10,000 that'll be a great sequel, too. My only downfall to the screening. I didn't like it too much. I'm talking about at the beginning. I mean seriously, a black king. You knew, he wasn't going to live that long. It's kind of like when your watching a horror movie. Who's usually the first one to die? Anyway don't let my one downfall of this movie change your attitude of this movie. It still gets 9.5 Jabbz from me. I think, March 7th I'm going to partake into the 3rd dimension. Good Night everyone hope you enjoy.
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