Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rusty Jabbz Newsletter July 2017 Issue #04 "Summerstage Presents Lisa Lisa @ St. Mary's Park!"

You ever have one of them days, where there's so much things going on in the city all at once. Today, just happen to be one of those days. I find it very hard to make a choice between the 40th Anniversary of the Rocksteady Crew taking place at Rumsey Field, Central Park and Lisa Lisa, live performance will take place later on this evening at St. Mary's Park. Today sounds like it'll be a good day no matter which event you happen to choose. It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon in New York City. The sun is shining. I made my choice to witness both venues. However, it is impossible considering the fact. If I were to attend the Rocksteady 40th Anniversary, first. Which happen to be taking place as I write. How much of the Rocksteady Anniversary will I get to see. Rocksteady Anniversary taking place in the Rumsey Field from 2pm-7pm. However, Lisa Lisa and Dj Marlon B performance will be later on this evening at 5pm in the Bronx.

That is another thing, The Bronx. It is going to be a little difficult and frustrating to get to the Bronx. I need the #06 train for service to 3rd Ave./E. 149th St. I believe they are doing construction this weekend. I understand that the #06 will be skipping several stations and E. 149th St., just happen to be one of them. According to my MTA research, everyone is required to take the #06 train to the Hunts Point station and take the #06 on the Manhattan side going back towards the stops that were skipped. I apologize, I didn't mean to give you a rundown on the MTA Weekend Bulletin. I just want to know, Rusty Jabbers. Do you think, Lisa Lisa is worth all of this MTA hassle? Or, should I just call it a day and enjoy myself for the last time at a Rocksteady summer event. I shall see, how my day turn out. I'm on my way to the Rumsey Field, right now.

Okay, I did not expect this upon my arrival to the park. I shouldn't be too surprised considering the conceitedness of Central Park/Manhattan. Apparently, there have been some rules and regulations made. Rules and regulations that may have some affect on me. It seems, I'm not allowed inside the park. No one is allowed inside the park carrying video cameras or video equipment, which include selfie sticks. Once I seen that posting in the park. I didn't bother to argue with any security nor Summerstage staff. I just want to thank, Rocksteady for making my decision much easier. Now, I can go where I truly wanted to go and that's to St. Mary's Park to see my #01 B-Girl, Double L (Lisa Lisa). No disrespect to Rocksteady, I really wanted to hear some good music sung by a real and beautiful, woman. I can not wait to get there.

I never thought that was going to happen, after what I went through with the #06 train. I'am thankful to the Lord that I did make it and get a chance to witness my very first crush, live on stage. But that isn't all I'm thankful for, I'm thankful to the mass amount of people who came out here to St. Mary's Park for Lisa Lisa. It was crazy and difficult to find a place to set up my camera for my recording. I just love that support for Lisa Lisa. I never seen so many people attend a Summerstage event. No room to walk, barely any standing room. Everyone out here sitting in the park on their folding chairs. It look like these people were out here today, 02 hours prior before the original kick off time. Give it up to everyone who came out this afternoon.

Looking beautiful and fine after all these years. My girl, Lisa Lisa coming out on stage performing some of her classic hits. Hit song like, "Can You Feel The Beat", "Lost In Emotion", "I Wonder If I Take You Home", "Head To Toe", "All Cried Out" and "Little Jackie Wants To Be A Star". Mami, still got her voice. Totally awesome afternoon, definitely worth the trip from Bucktown. That's right, LISA LISA, EVERYBODY!!! Give it up, Rusty Jabbz!

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